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    March of 2012 was the year I truly found out what love truly meant. My mother went to Haiti for vacation to meet her family and friends when one of her friends decided to introduce her to his cousins. He took my mother to his younger cousinís house and introduced her them. That same day he went out to run some errands and left my mother with the boys. Upon staying with his cousins my mother fell in love with the way both these young men carried themselves especially Marcson. He and my mother got along very well and loved each otherís company. During the week that my mother was in Haiti she and Marcson began seeing each other every day and talked about everything. Then one day Marcson asked my mother if she had any kids. My mother replied with a yes and started name us all from the youngest to the oldest and explaining our different characteristics. When she got to my name, Marcson without hesitation said that he wanted me for him. My mother laughed and said she doesnít know if that would be easy because of the type of person I was. Yet Marcson was so persistent that my mother said that she would try but didnít guarantee that I would say yes. When my mother came from Haiti I received a friend request on Facebook from a person, but I wasnít able to see who the person was because I had too many things to do. The day that my mother came home she was sitting on a couch and started talking to me about Marcson and how he was so sweet and how he liked me before he she could say anything about me. But I wasnít interested. Later that they I went back into my room and saw that I had a message from someone on Facebook. I noticed it was the person who sent me a friend request. We started talking and getting to know one another. Days went by and I really started to like the way this guy talked and his personality. Then one day he asked me how my mother was doing; right when he said that I asked him how he knew my mother and he replied saying that he met her when she was in Haiti. In that instant I looked through his pictures, ran to my motherís room, showed her the picture and asked her if he was Marcson, and she said yes. I was so surprised because I realized I never asked him his name and that he asked to speak to me the day my mother came from her trip. I wondered why he didnít tell me it was him, and when I asked him why he didnít tell me when we started talking on facebook , he said it was because he wanted me to like him and see how he was before he told me he was Marcson. That day I liked him more and I respected the fact that he did that. And after two weeks on March 20, 2012 Marcson asked me to be his girlfriend and without any hesitation I said yes; and right after I said yes my like for him became love. We chatted on Facebook every day and he would call me every morning before I went to school and after I came from school. We continued like this until the day I finally went to see him in Haiti December 29, 2012. The first day I got to Haiti he gave me a kiss on lips. I asked him how he knew it was me, he replied saying, ďI know my future wife when I see her.Ē and thatís how Marcson and I met each other. We spent every day together, he introduce me to his family, and friends, and I was so Happy that I got to spent New Yearís with my first and my last boyfriend.

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