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Found 21 results

  1. My (now) wife came into the US from Canada on December 1st and was given until March 1, 2018 to find a job on her I-94 which is attached to her passport. On Feb 16th, we got married, however we need to wait for the Marriage Certificate to get processed before we send in the paperwork as we need to attach a copy of said Marriage Certificate to the packet. We also need to send a copy of the I-94 that is attached to her passport. Will she be deportable since the packet will be sent after March 1?
  2. Salaam Everyone I have created this topic so we all may benefit from it. My friend recently got an appointment at DIJABOUTI for his I-130 petition for Alien relative. In other words he got an appointment for his wife. He traveled to Dijabouti and did his appointment but was not issued the visa. He spent over 4 months in Dijabouti awaiting his visa. His petition was under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING and still is. My question is what’s going on with the travel Ban? How long will his case be under administrative processing? Dijabouti is costly for the average Yemenie and many yemenies are suffering trying to bring their family members into the United States. Is there a lawyer or an immigration specialist out there who can help? Are there people out there of yemenie decent with the same issue? What can we do? Help help help!
  3. I married my husband 10/12/13 in sudan, received approval of I-130 10/2014, my husband interview was july 2015, but his visa was denied Nov 2016 because they said his birth certificate was fake. My husband was born in a refugge camp in sudan but returned to our country Eritrea after the war ended. His nationality is Eritrean. When he went to get birth certificate from Sudan government, they denied him because he is not a sudan citizen. They someone in the office told him they would help him if he paid them. So with no other choice he did. The Us embassy said the birth certificate is not real and asked him to get another one. My husband got his birth certificate from eritrea which stated he was born in Sudan, and got the cetificate authenticate, but Nov 2016 the US embassy denied my husbands visa because they said he committed fraud and needs to get birth certificate from Sudan because he was born in Sudan. My case was sent to USCIS 4/31/17 for review. I file a 1-601 waiver accepted 9/17. And yesterday I received a update i will receive a letter of intent to revoke my I-130. My husband and I are so sad and tired over all of this. My lawyer said they will fight it but does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas of what me and my husband can do. I just want him here with me so we can start our family, as soon as possible. I am at an age were my window for child bearing is get late. And i want to have a baby asap with my husband. But I want us to be together when it happens.
  4. Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post as this is my first time to this site. I have been married to my wife which lives in Canada for a little over a year now. We are going to go through with the sponsorship through form I -130 but I got one concern and a few questions. My concern is about my income. I was working earlier this year, in August, but I left that place and am just focusing on school as am I wrapping up with my studies. With that being said, I know that you need to be 125% above poverty level (correct me if I am wrong) which I am not at since I don't have an income. Should I be getting a job right now because if I don't start having an income then we have a higher chance of refusal? Or is there ways around having no income / being below the threshold? Currently I am living with my family here in the US and that is why I do not have an income currently because my family is helping me out while I finish school. Another question I have is about moving. If I currently am living in NY, and I sponsor my wife, when she gets accepted are we able to move to lets say Cali later down the road? Or do we have restrictions that we need to stay in the same state that we started the sponsorship in? Thank you anyone and everyone for the help in advanced.
  5. Our love story and or brief Time line Met on Facebook in June in a comment section Conversed on whatsapp He asked to marry in July, planned and executed small private wedding I traveled to Jamaica to marry Mr. , Married in August 21st 2017 I then returned home to New York. Then visited Mr. again in September returned home to New York. Mr. recently changed jobs and home address, his current address is temporary, because its too far away from the new job. My question is should I wait to file the I130 for when he has a permanent address. Does the beneficiary receive mail during the process.
  6. Hi Guys , how long will take to get interview if u send the IV PACKAGE I applied for my wife , PD July 2016 . I did send the IV Package today , how long you thnik now when she will get the interview in algeria ? I hope its before 2018 thank you
  7. Hi I have a case I-130 from USCIS in Nebraska Service Center is now passed my PD date (At December 9th 2016 now) and my PD is Dec 6th 2016. I am a US Citizen filing for my wife. Well its been almost 10 months wait, called USCIS even to Tier 1 and Tier 2 (Although its hard to get to Tier 2 because they will keep saying its the same), and no good response. I already submitted inquiry last week and USCIS says to wait 30 days for it. also submitted letter to senator/congressman last week, no response from either one. Does anyone know any other way to get by this or any other tips? are they gona send me any NOA-2 noticed from E-mail, Text OR physical mail OR the USCIS app? and is there a chance that they might send an RFE because I am hoping not even after this long period of wait. Im already waiting 10 months almost and im just told to wait, and if they send me a physical mail how long is that and is it from a letter from USPS or UPS?. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello Everyone and thanks in advance for the help and apologies if Im not providing enough information, presenting the question improperly or in the wrong forum. I am an American citizen by birth and my wife is Canadian. You can see my original post here : K1 VISA, now Pregnant can we get Married Prior to Approval My now Wife and I were going to file for a K1 Visa when she arrived here, shortly after we arrived here we had a happy surprise and found out she was pregnant and decided to marry earlier then originally intended. Now she is currently in the country legally however her tourist visa will expire in a few days. Im assuming we need to file for adjustment of status and the steps for a K3? She is due in October so traveling is a no go at this time! Sorry between the wedding, a death in family, and baby preparations its all been a whirlwind and trying to get everything sorted. Please and thank you for the help! K
  9. My visa has been issued for 10 business days now and I still haven't heard anything from anyone letting me know when i can pick up my passport with my visa. What am I supposed to do? I can't call the embassy because this is an immigrant visa case, and i tried emailing them and no answer after 8 days...
  10. My husband and I got married in Sweden a few weeks ago. He lives in Sweden and has been there for a few years. He currently has a travel document (originally from Syria) and will be applying for his Swedish citizenship summer of 2018. If we apply for the spouse visa (CR-1) now and hopefully get the application approved by next summer, he will be in the process of getting a new Swedish passport. My question is, how will this affect his visa because he will no longer have his travel document and will have a new passport?
  11. Hi, I filed for my Wife Petition and received NOA-1 on December 6th 2016. I was following USCIS processing times and within a month they only process 10-11 days worth of cases for an I-130 from November 15-26 2016 right now on their website. Is anyone taking longer than expected to get their NOA-2. I hear others only took a month or 2 for NOA2 on an I-130 spousal petition and Im just patiently waiting and nothing I can do at this point and thats what USCIS keeps telling me everytime I call them about my case. Its no help. Is talking to a Senator going to help at all?? like how long are they gona take..I am just worried that im waiting this long and doing something else will just delay my wait even more. Does someone have experience or can help me with this manner? I know the only response i keep getting is "keep waiting" from USCIS. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Hi all. Does anyone remember what questions they asked you at your interview appointment for spouse visa, if you don't mind me asking? I've researched but i'd like to know from your personal experience. I am an american girl married to a pakistani. -Thanks
  13. Hi all. Does anyone remember what questions they asked you at your interview appointment for spouse visa, if you don't mind me asking? I've researched but i'd like to know from your personal experience. I am an american girl married to a pakistani. -Thanks
  14. Hi, I am still awaiting a pending CR-1 Spouse Visa for my Wife at Indonesia and well its been since Dec 6th 2016 on my Priority Date and as of now I have no heard anything from NOA2 and its been 7 months. I am just patiently waiting but I am worried if the travel ban that takes affect will slow every Visa down from anyone. I heard something about Fiance is not Bonafide but Spouse is? but i already sent USCIS my marriage certificate from country of Indonesia and translated it from family members. I was wondering is there any other Bona-fide proof needed or they might send an RFE to me and the delay is even longer? I sent what the USCIS needs when they say "bona-fide" relationship. I am just curious about all this because I know they say Supreme Court will hear more about this case in the fall, Thanks in advance for any answers or experience from anyone that knows whats going on right now in this immigration law.
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum and would like some input from anyone that has experience. I am a US citizen filing an I-130 (CR-1 spouse) for my wife who currently resides at Indonesia now. I live in Los Angeles, and I was wondering if the LA times are slower than other states due to population? I had other friends from NC who got their CR-1 approved more quickly than mines. I am waiting for NOA2 and I received NOA1 on December 6th 2016 which is my priority date. I wanted to know if anyone has an experience from this or is currently waiting as well. My case is at the Nebraska Center. I wonder if the USCIS Service Processing time is really accurate on the website or if anyone knows the actual processing time range from Nebraska Service Center. I also wonder if USCIS puts cases randomly throughout the different Service Centers? Thanks in regards
  16. Hi everyone, So my wife (Argentinian) and I received our K1 fiancee visa this January and were living together until she had to leave the country for a family emergency and we had not yet applied for AOP, thus she left and cannot come back until we have a new visa. I now have all the materials ready to apply for a CR1 Conditional Residence Visa but have one question, if she were to apply for a B2 tourist visa before I send in the CR1 Petition, would it be likely that she is denied either of the visas? Or would it work for her to get the B2 while the CR1 is processed, and return to her country if and when an interview is scheduled for the CR1? Thanks so much VJ Community!
  17. Hi guys, another "dumb" question, I have completed the I 130, both G325A's, and G1145 for the I 130 Petition for my wife to come to the US and I am currently having friends and family sign affidavits of proof of a Bona fide marriage as further proof to our marriage. The question I have now is : Do I also need to attach my I-864 Affidavit of Support to my I 130 package before sending it into the Chicago Lockbox? Or do I wait until my wife has been scheduled for her interview abroad in Argentina? If I do wait until it's scheduled, how do I get it to her? Just travel there before her interview and bring it with me? Is there anything else I have missing from my petition?
  18. I am about to file a petition application for my wife, what should I do first? and should I send everything all at once? or is there something that I should send first?

    Hi there. Hoping you all could help me. I am the petitioning USA Citizen sponsoring my husband from Vietnam. We are in the process of filing all our paperwork to NVC. Im currently pregnant and my husband who lives in Vietnam wants to send me money to help support me until he gets his Visa. What are some ways he's able to send money from Vietnam to the USA
  20. I got this back when i sent in all of my wife's packet. "This in in reference to the I-485, Application to register permanent residence or adjust status, you submitted. Your I-485 fees, and any supporting documentation is being returned to you for the following reason(s). Based on the information you provided, your priority date could not be established.Please, resubmit your application with the proper documentation to the address listed on the bottom of this notice." I read a bit about priority date but i just don't know what to do or why they sent it back. Any advice?
  21. Hi there, I have received my case number after a few months of contacting NVC and apparently that is the only thing I have gotten a case number. "In addition a packet containing the Affidavit of Support Processing Fee Bill Invoice was sent to the petitioner or attorney of record for this case. The fee must be received before the petition can be processed further." However I did not receive any letter as of yet and still no invoice number so that I can go pay my fees online. Please advise or if anyone is in the same boat as me let me know. Thank You!