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Found 90 results

  1. Hi All, Me and my spouse weren't living together while in the process of I130. He was in US and I was back in my home country. Do we need to submit correspondence between us during that period as evidence for I751? And what about I130 approval notice etc from USCIS, do we need to submit that as well? Thank you! Best
  2. Hey everyone, My ex husband and I were married in November 2014 and lived in Chicago together for two years. Without going to in too much detail, we separated in November 2016 and consequently divorced soon after. He is now being very spiteful and is accusing me of marrying him for a green card (completely untrue) and has told me that he has called USCIS to report me. I left our home in Chicago and moved to Nashville in quite a hurry and he is refusing to let me come back to collect anything that I left behind. Unfortunately all of the bills in both our names and anything official that links us in that way, is there. I have plenty of evidence as far as anniversary cards, wedding invitations from others, little notes we would send each other and things like that (I'm very sentimental) but I am worried that I may be rejected. Also, I have had a read through some of the topics on here and have seen that I will have to file on my own. This is a relief, as I have had to block my ex in order to stop getting his abusive messages and the idea of asking him to do anything towards this is quite scary to me. I just have no idea how to go about this. I would love to get some recommendations for an immigration lawyer as there are so many and a lot of them will charge you hundreds of dollars just for a consultation. Do you think I should hire a lawyer or will I be able to do this on my own? Also, on another note, I would like to buy a house here in Nashville and am a little worried about my visa status. Am I going to have to wait until I have my conditions removed? It's all so very confusing and seeming to all happen at once. Any advice or just a link to a similar story would be so very appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. Stay happy!
  3. Hey everyone, Sadly my American husband and I are getting a divorce I have 6 weeks left until my 2 years permanent green expires. I am okay going back to my country, but if I wanted to stay, how successful would it be for me to try to adjust my status and remove conditionS if I do this alone once we get a divorce decree. I love this country and it's people and it would be great to stay, I would love to know if anyone knows a successful case doing this after a divorce. Thank you so much!!
  4. We just received a letter for my husband's biometrics appointment. It just so happens that I will be out of town at the time he is scheduled to go. Is it necessary for me, the USC, to attend the appointment, or will he be fine going alone? I know I'll have to go for the interview, but is it required for the biometrics? Also, has anyone gone early into the Kansas City office for their a walk in...and been successful?
  5. Hi guys, I'm a February 2017 filer and I'm done with biometrics and all. When I filed, I got the NOA 1 and letter for biometrics appointment pretty fast but now after the biometrics - all got silent. I checked at the USCIS website and my case status doesn't get updated. I know they're probably loaded with cases and probably back logged but how long is too long for us to be waiting on an update? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi folks - How risky do you think divorce waivers are, on i-751? Vs joint petitions? I posted another question along these lines, but I think my wording was too convoluted. I'm at a junction in a loving but disfunctional marriage where we have to make a decision about the next several years (whether or not to stay together).
  7. Good luck October filers. California Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- Vermont Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- IMPORTANT! * Make sure that your VJ Text Editor setting is set to Rich Text Editor. * Go to the MOST RECENTLY POSTED VERSION of this list (go to the last post and scroll UP) and "Reply" to it, deleting the "quote" tags in your reply. * Please DO NOT change the font, font size, add colors, stuff like that. * Please PREVIEW before posting to make sure it is properly formatted. * Please check that you have not deleted anyone's NAME & DATA. Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly. * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so.
  8. Adding myself I-751 August 2015 Filers California Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- Vermont Service Center (1 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved usernamebilly..........08/28/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- IMPORTANT! * Make sure that your VJ Text Editor setting is set to Rich Text Editor. * Go to the MOST RECENTLY POSTED VERSION of this list (go to the last post and scroll UP) and "Reply" to it, deleting the "quote" tags in your reply. * Please DO NOT change the font, font size, add colors, stuff like that. * Please PREVIEW before posting to make sure it is properly formatted. * Please check that you have not deleted anyone's NAME & DATA. Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly. * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so.
  9. We filed jointly for RoC and my biometrics appointment is on Monday. Can I go alone at the biometrics appointment even though we filed jointly or does my husband need to be present since we filed jointly? Thank you!
  10. Dear all, wanted to get some feedback about possibly applying for citizenship while we wait to get the approval for our 10 yr green card. So, my husband entered the US in May 2014, and we have applied to remove the conditions on his residency in Feb 2016 (in the 90 days window before his 2yr GC expired). As of now, we haven't gotten a decision, and I checked on the USCIS website, and the delay is typical. We are now considering filing for citizenship based on our marriage. My question is: do we have to wait until May 2017 (when he would have been in the US for three years), or can we submit our application in Feb 2017 (within 90 days window like we did when we filed for ROC)? Also, would the N400 adversely affect our ROC petition, since we haven't officially received a decision about it yet? Thanks for for all of your help!
  11. Hi guys, I filed my ROC last August 2016. My wife and I recently got separated (Feb 2017) , literally still moving out of the house. This is all still very fresh and we haven't decided if we truly do want to get a divorce. I plan on moving out March 1st and getting my own place in another state. I'll be in PA and she'll be in NJ at our original address. I called USCIS regarding my current petition and they said I have 5-6 months before processing. What are my options here? I think the divorce will eventually happen but I don't want to rush into anything and risk screwing everything up if we ever do end up getting back together (again, very fresh so this is concern). Do I inform the UCSIS that we have separated? I've read they'll ask for a divorce decree before accepting the ROC in this case before approval. Or do I wait it out? I feel nervous about waiting it out as I'll be moving to another state and we won't technically won't be together. I don't want this to become an issue with citizenship. What are best options without rushing into anything, whilst still remaining completely legal in the ROC petition?
  12. Hi everybody, My GC expires 04/14 so I'm within the 90-day period to apply for ROC, which I'm going to do within the next couple of weeks. My wife and I bought tickets to Paris for our anniversary early June, but now I just realized that my GC will be expired by then and most likely I won't have my 10-year GC before the trip. After looking up online, some people said that the NOA1 automatically extends the GC by a year until they make their decision. Is that accurate? Thanks, Greg & Molly
  13. First of all, thanks a lot for this awesome forum and its members. My wife and I are going to get a divorce. We grew apart this last several months. She started seeing another man. We tried to work it out, but we didn't managed to. She is now leaving me for him and wants to divorce ASAP. I am still a conditional permanent resident. I am 6-7 months away from being able to apply for ROC. As I am doing an online business, I can do it from wherever. I am thinking of moving back home - Lyon in France -, but the U.S. is truly so much better to start a business. Taxes and regulations are really a breeze. Lots of smart people. And I love the culture and the mentality. I would live to stay here if possible. From what I am reading here, I should still be able to apply for a divorce waiver as soon as I got the final divorce decree and submit enough evidences about when we were together in a bona-fide marriage. We live in Round Rock, Texas. From my understanding of our marriage situation and being TX residents, we can either get a divorce for "unsupportable" marriage - no fault - or I can get a lawyer, gather evidences and ask to divorce for adultery. I wonder is the kind of divorce we are getting matter for ROC with divorce waiver? I am leaning towards keeping it civil and quiet, I still want to hang out with her and I think it's better for both of us to not have "adultery" in our records. She might also be willing to help gather documentation and maybe write affidavits from her and her brother.
  14. Since I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere online, here's our experience for future reference: It *is* possible to apply for Global Entry during RoC. Problem: The Global Entry online application portal asks for the green card expiration date. Her card expired a few months ago; we have the extension letter. We weren't sure what to enter for the expiration date and didn't want to throw $100 down the drain by doing it wrong. Tentative solution: At my GE interview a few months ago, I asked the officer, who said she should add one year to the old green card expiration date. Since officers are not known to be 100% reliable, we didn't know if it would work, but we tried... Report back on solution: It worked. She was conditionally approved after a week, and she passed the interview today.
  15. So my situation goes like this: got married last January 2016 but we were together since 2011, had two kids prior to the marriage, petitioned and got a green card by my husband, moved to the NJ, USA last June -- unfortunately (or fortunately), my husband left and moved to WA due to irreconcilable differences and in an abusive relationship. Bottom line is, the marriage went south. I stayed here in NJ since we were living with my side of the family. I'm planning to file for a divorce this July (to complete to 1-year residency requirement), but how will this affect my green card status? I have proof that the marriage was bona fide: * we had two kids (obviously) * my car insurance shows that he is one the drivers * he was under my health insurance * we had a joint Bank of America checking account * My Driver's License and his GDL permit shows the same address I don't know if this will be enough to prove the government that the marriage was bona fide. Also, I need help on how to file for child support since ever since he moved out, he is not helping with the finances to raise our kids. My situation is really rocky right now, especially I'm worried that I might be deported and I am planning to go to school this fall for a new beginning. I am very clueless on where to start and how to do things on my own, but I have to. I have no idea how divorce works (I'm in NJ, if that helps), how to start the process, and how to process my ROC... Please help me
  16. An old friend of mine's fiancee just arrived from the Philippines (CONGRATS MY FRIEND!) He asked me what was next...well...This is what I came up with over the last couple of hours. I thought it might be helpful in general, so I left all names out (except for Joan!). I hope this helps. Please follow the links provided for more information. Copy and paste the links if they are not "live." Please excuse any/all typos! Step One: RELAX and enjoy each other for a few days! Step Two: Go online and download her Form I-94 ( Step Three: Go to the Social Security Administration with the Form I-94 AFTER about 10-14 days from her date of entry (it takes a while for her to get into the system) and get her Social Security Number—-BUT DON’T wait until the end of her 90 day status…SSA needs at least a two week window before her I-94 expires. Deal with any name changes later…get the SSN NOW! Read this: Step Four: Take her new SSN to the bank and set up a joint bank account (you will need this later, so start now!) Step Five: Get Married within 90 days off her date of entry. Step Six: File for Adjustment of Status (AOS)—Form I-485—as soon as you can after the wedding (find out how long it takes to get an official copy of your marriage certificate—not license—and plan accordingly). TECHNICALLY, there is no real deadline to file AOS, but she will be “Out of Status” until you file if you file after the 90 day window. The good news is that all accrued out of status days are “forgiven” when you file for AOS as married to a US Citizen and the odds of any real problem arising from her being out of status is slim, but why chance it? The other things are that she cannot work in the US without EITHER her Employment Authorization Document (EAD)—Form I-766—or her Green Card (EAD normally takes up to 90 days and the GC could take much longer) AND she cannot travel outside of the US without her Advanced Parole (AP) card—Form I-131—or Green Card. AP and EAD are usually issued as a combo card of you apply for them at the same time. The filing fees for the I-766 and I-131 are included if you file for them with your I-484 application. NOTE: This stage is for a TWO-YEAR CONDITIONAL GREEN CARD, NOT THE TEN-YEAR PERMANENT GREEN CARD! THE NOA1 (NOTICE OF ACTION 1) IS YOUR RECEIPT AND ESTABLISHES HER CONTINUED LEGAL PRESENCE IN THE US! DON’T LOSE IT! Step Seven (actually this one needs to be ongoing from today on): Start creating/gathering evidence of a bonafide marriage (read: evidence of co-mingling of assets). You won’t need much for the AOS because the marriage is new, but you will need a LOT for the next stage, so start now. Here is an excellent place to start: This is what we sent: A—Form G-1145 B—AOS Cover Letter C—Form I-485 D—Copy of Joan’s Passport E—Copy of Joan’s Visa and entry stamp F—2 Passport style photos for I-485 G—G-325A (Joan and Steve) H—Copy of NOA2 I—I-94 (printed from online form) for I-485 J— Copy of Joan’s Birth Certificate K—Temporary Certificate of Marriage L—Printout of Hawaii DOH website stating 60 to 120 day wait for “Official” Certificate of Marriage M—DS-3025 N—Printout of USCIS instructions regarding K-1 I-693 exemption O—I-864 P—Copy of DOE Form 5 (evidence of employment) Q—Copies of pay stubs (April, May, June, July, August 2013 R—2012 ITR S—2012 W2 T—I-765 U—2 Passport style photos for I-765 V—I-94 for I-764 W—I-131 X—2 Passport style photos for I-131 Y—I-94 for I-131 We BROUGHT the following to our interview: Life insurance policies with each other as beneficiary Health insurance documents showing Joan on my policy Joint bank account statements The examiner commented that these were excellent for the ROC (next) step, so I knew that our AOS was approved! REVIEW the requirements or the need to see a Civil Surgeon for a new medical or to get her immunizations transcribed! You NEED to review THIS: Step Eight: Settled in for what could be a long wait. Get her involved in the community or in school to keep her from going stir-crazy at home! When her EAD card arrives then start the process of getting driver’s license, etc. You might be able to use the EAD to change her name at SSA, but you might need her Green Card…I forgot which we used because Joan’s GC came right after her EAD in our case. Follow the instructions on the biometrics appointment letter for fingerprinting, etc. (not a big deal). Step Nine: The Interview (if you are called for an interview—50-50 shot)—You BOTH must appear, but don’t worry. It is normally very routine and a cake walk. Step Ten: Conditional Green Card arrives! Congratulations….she is now a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) of the US! (Make note of the official date that she became an LPR—you will need that later!) RELAX! You are FREE for two years! Step Eleven: Here we go again! Time to file for Removal of Conditions (ROC)—Form I-751. THIS is for her permanent green card (which needs to be renewed every ten years unless she is granted US Citizen status later). MAKE SURE YOU FILE BEFORE HER TWO-YEAR GREEN CARD EXPIRES—The window opens 90 days before her conditional card expires. This is the phase where you need evidence of a good faith marriage (again, read co-mingling of assets) and a LOT of it that spans the whole time of your marriage (so, like I said earlier, START NOW!). Do NOT take this phase lightly. It is very easy, but you need the evidence! Set-up wills and/or medical power of attorneys. They are great for ROC and for life. READ THIS for a good starting point: This is what we sent and had no problems: A—Front and Back of Joan’s 2-Year Green Card B—Revised Condo Title Showing Stephen’s Marriage to Joan C—Copies of Our Driver’s License/Learner’s Permit (showing same name and address) and American Express and Visa cards (Visa cards with the same number) D—Stephen’s Last Will and Testament with Joan as main heir E—Joan’s Life Insurance Policy with Stephen as beneficiary F—Stephen’s Life Insurance Policy with Joan as beneficiary G—Stephen’s annuity with Joan as beneficiary H—2013 and 2014 Tax Transcripts showing Joint Married Filing; E-file signature page and copy of 2014 Federal Tax Return check in both names I—Joint bank account statements spanning from September 2013 to present (samples—not every statement) J—Joint investment statement (Started 2/2015) K—Joint publishing contract with copy of our book cover L—Insurance policy for Joan’s engagement ring in both our names M—Copies of American Express bills (summary pages with both names) N—Copies of cable bill with chat transcript with company explaining that Joan has been on the account since 2014, but her name appears on the bill only starting in February 2015 O—A few copies of the electric bill in both names (only starting in February 2015 for the same reason as the cable account) P —Miscellaneous travel arrangements and /or boarding passes from 2013 to present Q—Photos of us at home on O’ahu; traveling to different islands in Hawai;i; and two trips to New York to see mom Interviews at this phase are rare, but don’t freak out if you are called for one. Step Twelve: Settle in for a LONG wait, but don’t worry…the NOA1 receipt extends her conditional green card for one year, so she can work and travel as she did for the prior two years. There is one minor hiccup at this phase: Your biometrics appointment letter (again) will have a DIFFERENT receipt number than your NOA1 (Different NOA1 than you got for the AOS phase—confused yet!-nah, it really isn’t so bad!) Step Thirteen: Celebrate the arrival of her Permanent Green Card and start thinking about citizenship! She is eligible to file for US Citizenship anytime AFTER 90 days BEFORE her third anniversary of becoming a Legal Permanent Resident while married to a US Citizen (5 years otherwise). I know that sounds confusing, but let’s say that the she becomes a LPR on September 1, 2017. She could file her Form N-400 (“Application for Naturalization”) in June of 2020 (whatever actual date is 90 days before September 1st). NOTE: She can STILL apply for US Citizenship in the same time frame even if her 10-year green card is delayed. This is rare, but int does happen. You will force the adjudication of the I-751 application by filing the N-400 in this unlikely event. She will be interviewed (alone this time) and they will go over routine questions about her application and then give her a simple English reading and writing test followed by a US History/Civics exam. She will be asked 10 questions (out of 100 possible questions) and she needs to answer 6 correctly to pass. They GIVE you the questions in advance! (We are at this phase—we are “in line” for Joan’s interview). Read THIS: and make sure to bring the required documents to the interview. WATCH the video here: This is also REQUIRED reading, at least for the US spouse of the soon to be US citizen (the current applicant). It is fall off your chair funny! Step Fourteen: Participate in the Oath Ceremony (bring the required documents— and officially become a US Citizen! GOOD LUCK! OH!! Don’t freak out if you get a dreaded RFE or RFIE (“Request For Evidence”)! It means someone touched your file! Respond to exact requests listed and your case will be adjudicated soon.
  17. Hello,My name is Sumit.I am on Conditional PR. We got married on June 2015. My wife (USC) filed for my conditional PR.I received my Conditional PR on April 2016 and valid till April 2018.Our relationship is not well now. After being in 1 and half year in marriage, we both don’t want continue anymore. My wife(USC) took all his stuff and vacated our apartment last week when I was at work. Now we don’t have any communication. How can I make sure I can secure my Permanent PR? There was physical abuse involved where she hit me and I got 3 sutures. But I did not involved cops, I cannot handle this mental stress anymore.We have lot of evidences showing ours is real marriage.Like lot of photos, air tickets to many destinations, rental lease documents, joint auto insurances, Lots and lots of email communications, affidavits from her parents that our marriage is valid and we lived at their place for 6 months etc.If I apply for divorce, will that affect my chances of getting permanent PR?Please advice, I am in lot of stress and anxiety. I am in verge of loosing my job. I only have 1 more year of conditional pr.So my questions are, can I file divorce (non-USC) ?Will that impact my I - 751 approval decision?What are the chances of me getting a waiver for join petitioning?
  18. Just wanted to know if affidavits submitted with ROC needs to be notarized? my name is not on the rental agreement for the apartment so i'm thinking of letting the apartment manager sign an affidavit stating that I lived there with my wife. Can we do this? Thank you. as far as evidence for ROC we have: -joint tax returns - joint bank account and credit cards - Bank statements showing separate deposits of our individual salary on the same account - Used checks with our name on it to pay for house rent - health insurance cards -Health bill info with we as beneficiary and our son - Dental plans -DL and letter showing same address - retirement plan showing me as a beneficiary and our son -birth certificate of our son - Colonial Disability Plan with me as a beneficiary - Several pictures Question: - Phone Bills ( she also added me recently but before that I was under her mom's plan,whay to do with this?) Do we need will or Dpoa? Answers are much appreciated . Thank you ? 0 Quote
  19. OK - here's a question for those whose I-751 NOA extension date has come and gone, and who have gotten the I-551 stamp before your 10-year Green Card arrives. How far in advance of the 2-year Green Card Expiration Date do you think our local ACS (Albany, NY) will issue an I-551 stamp? How far in advance did you get yours? Facts: Two-year Green Card expires on 7/15/17 Flying to Australia on 5/29/17 for medical procedure We're thinking of trying for an InfoPass appointment around 5/15/17. So that's trying for an I-551 stamp two months before the card expires. We are April 2016 Vermont filers, and I don't think we'll have the 10-year card by May 29th. Do you think we should show them our airline tickets to help our case? What do you guys think? Sukie in NY
  20. Hello all, Was just wondering if anyone had the chance to travel to Egypt with the extension letter that you get when you apply for removal of conditions and your green card is expired? Thanks!
  21. My wife immigrated to the US in 2015 on a CR1 visa. She didn't have vaccination records and was pregnant at the time she had her medical exam so she was not immunized. She was granted a waiver as annotated in her visa: 212(g)(2)(B). Does she need to visit a civil surgeon to get her immunizations before we file the I-751? Or do we wait until after we file the I-751 to see if the USCIS requests it?
  22. Hello, HELP! I got my Biometrics Appointment in the mail today and it is scheduled to be this month, I won't be able to go on the date it is specified because I'll be in Mexico, I was wondering if I could do a walk-in tomorrow with the appointment letter and try to get my fingerprints done or is it "too early"? I'm in Los Angeles and I was wondering if the ASC that is here accepts walk-in ? I read rescheduling can make a delay on the case for a few months. Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello! It's been a while since I last posted and 2 years passed by so fast. I recently sent my i-751 form (about 2 weeks ago) and I just got some questions. One of my siblings, my Brother wants to visit me here in the states and he's thinking of applying for a Tourist visa. Will this affect my Removal of Conditions if he lists my address and my information about a relative living in the U.S? Thanks!
  24. Hello all, i have been a member of this group for a while, though i have not been participating actively, but i do follow most topics every now and then. I moved here in 2012, after being married to my USC spouse for almost 2 years. We had a baby 2 years later, but we later separated , when baby was barely 6 weeks old. This was her decision, all efforts too get her to reconcile with me was unsuccessful and she filed for divorce a few months later. I really dont want to go into to much details here, but due to the nature of our separation and also because our divorce was not final , when it was time to remove my conditional 2 year GC, i ticked the 3 options, including VAWA. i did not get an interview until Feb 2016 and till today i have no heard a word from USCIS. Just to let you know, though my ex has since remarried, our separation was very messy, as i mentioned before, i really don want to bog you all with too many details, but she attempted to remove me from the country, by filing several bogus criminal charges and calling ICE and DHS several times. Her communication was revealed to me during the interview. During our numerous court appearances , she also accused me of marriage fraud. Well fast forward 2017, i have been cleared of all criminal charges, i have since expunged all traces of criminal complicity in order to enable me get a job, We have joint custody of our child , whom i see 2 times a week,including biweekly weekend visits, though i pay child support and have never defaulted. When my divorce was final, i sent in my divorce certificate and i thought my application will be taken away from vawa and moved to separation due to divorce, but i was wrong. Since my ex was in touch with USCIS and wrote bogus letters accusing me of every thing in living day light, from theft, to rape to fraud, though i am an accomplished professional, i am of the opinion that my 10 year GC is being delayed because i am currently under investigation. I have written , called and tried all efforts to communicate with USCIS, but i keep being told that due to nature of my case, they cannot respond to me directly. Its been more than 2 years and by the end of this year, i will be due to file my citizenship. I will like to request advice from learned members on what my next steps and options are. I cant afford an attorney at the moment and i cherish the bond between me and my daughter, so leaving the country may not be an option. Thanks.
  25. I noticed I have 2 profiles, can I request a moderator to merge my accounts. Seems I am the only one left from December 2016. Still don't have an approval.