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Found 174 results

  1. This thread is for everyone who filed 10 before their GC expiration date or after their GC expired. Please post your experiences!
  2. Hello, my conditional card is expiring 09/2018. My divorced got final 10/2017. Today I went to lawyer's office to open contract for I-751 filing. During that time I informed him that my ex-wife complained/wrote to USCIS about cancellation of her petition (after divorce). I am informed that she bashed me in her writing there and also wrote enough true and lies to unhook her Affidavit of Support. My marriage was fine; we loved each other till we fell a part. Some stinky things happened from her side which made us unable to continue the relation (regarding fidelity). Anyway, when I told the lawyer about her writing then he told me that my chances for getting approved is very low since she wrote to USCIS and also mentioned now it is 10 times harder to get approved because of her complain. Also he said: He will charge me double because filing for me will cost him extra time. He also said: If I file by myself my chances are 10% only. He mentioned: "You were staying here because of your ex-wife; if you are divorced then you have no right to stay; immigration will ask you to go back home." To be honest, I am very frustrated now. I have all the evidences of my bonafide marriages. Plus the most important thing-- I loved her truly and I do still. Whatever happened those were not expected from a loyal wife. And also I could not support whatever had been going on between us. Long story short-- We were divorced after 23 months of marriage life; she ended up being aggressive and hostile-- she tried to withdraw her sponsorship and wrote whatever she could. What you guys advice? Can I try by myself? or Hire lawyer? Or just for her writing -- I am done with Condition removal? I opened my business here; started new life after lots of depression, started school again-- I can move out from USA but I will make financial loss, academic loss and most importantly-- in my country it will be seriously difficult for me to get a good Job at my age (I am 31) coz I have to start from fresh as not experienced! If any of you can advice me properly I will be blessed. Thanks in advance
  3. Dear All, Has anyone used their office/work address as their 'mailing address' on the I-751 form instead of their home address? I am planning to move to a pet-friendly apartment in August 2018 (When my lease begins) and my 2-year GC expires on August 9. It would give me peace of mind to apply after May 9, when I am eligible for submitting the I-751 but would like to avoid sending a 'change of address' form to the USCIS. This is because they might lose track and send documents to my previous home address. So, has anyone used their work address as the mailing address and physical address? If so, were there any issues? Thanks, J
  4. Hello all, and thanks in advance! My wife is applying to remove her conditions for her conditional permanent residency in about three months (I-751). We just want to see if we should improve on a few points. We married in January 2016; received the green card in August 2016. At the moment we have: 1. Joint Tax Return 2016 (W-2, tax form, and just requested transcript from IRS by mail); will file jointly in 2017, so this will be included (not sure if enough time to include the transcript) 2. Joint Lease for apartment since marriage 3. Renter's insurance (both names on this since Jan 2017) 4. Bank Checking & Savings account with both names since Jan 2016 5. Bealls Credit Card and Victoria Secret Credit Card (her name only, but with our address) 6. 3-year subscription for academic journal for her (her name only) with our address (the invoice dated Nov 2017) 7. Hotel Invoices for three vacations (two in my name, one in her old name because the Green Card was sent back (I-90, USCIS error) and she was traveling on her Passport) (we have pictures for all three vacations) 8. Tickets for events around town (some in both names, some in only mine; pictures accompany these as well) 9. Two invoices from 1-800-Flowers for our anniversary showing delivery to our address from florist (flowers from me to her) 10. Many, many pictures of us together with her family and my family 11. We will have affidavits from my father, my mother (my parents are divorced), my father's wife, my wife's mother, and my wife's sister. Issues: 1. She does not yet have a driver's license (she's taking the exam this month), so she is currently not on my car insurance. We expect to have the license and her to be on the insurance by the end of this month. 2. To save money, she kept her old phone company, Telcel from Mexico. I just added her on my line this month, so she should be on the next bill. 3. From July - December 2016, we used a cash back credit card to save money to make almost all purchases (it was paid each month from our joint bank account). From December 2016 until February 2018, we used a different cash back credit card (higher %) to make most of our purchases (it also was paid each month from our joint bank account). For both of these, only my name was on it. I just added her this month for the one we currently use, so her name should be on it next month. Based on this, is there anything to improve on? Should we send in any credit card statements even if it was only in my name OR only send in joint bank account statements? Can affidavits be sent by individuals living outside of the US? (My wife and her sister live in Mexico, but just 15 miles from where we live.) Thanks!!
  5. Hi VJers, We filed to remove conditions on my husband's green card at the end of November 2016. That was at the CSC, so we have a ways to wait still. His extension letter has now expired, and so we have made an appointment to go to our nearest field office (3 hour drive, ugh) for a passport stamp. However, his passport from his home country will expire in May of this year. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the stamped passport will be valid for proof of legal residency in the US (substitute for a greencard) even if the passport itself is expired. Can someone confirm that for me? He is not planning to travel internationally until he has the new card, but is concerned about having proof of residency. It seems like getting the passport renewed will be a longer and more arduous process. Thanks!
  6. I dont have it in hand yet, but per the digital scan of the outside provided by USPS, my NOA should be arriving today. So thats great news. But from the scan I noticed the NOA is addressed to my wife via her MAIDEN name? Is that cause of concern? Do I need an infopass appt?? I checked the scan of our submission and cover letter et al and its correct with her present name as we referenced the maiden name appropriately.? Everything since initial AOS submission has always been address to her current married name (w/ my last name)...including the last NOA which was the 120 day reminder to file Roc?
  7. Hiii, If anyone has any advice about my question please feel free to share. so if you are divorced and you waited pretty much a year, the last 90 days period to file the I -751 is it still okay to travel? at the POE , the airport will you have any problem entering? there is no way to figure out if ex notified uscis about the divorce, so its like a 50-50 chance. please share any experiences. thank youu. appreciate it
  8. Hi all, My husband received his NOA Extension Letter for i751 ROC this week. His GC expires in April. Logistically, what is the best thing to do with with the extension letter once his GC expires? It is two very thick sheets of paper, which would be impossible to keep in his wallet along with his GC. Would it be okay to scan the letter into a PDF and keep on his phone and maybe also keep a photocopy in the car? And if for some reason he was asked for it explain thats a scan or photocopy and the original is in our firesafe? I know if we plan to travel he needs the original for reentry, but I just don't want that letter to get destroyed being folded up in his wallet or something. Any ideas are welcome!
  9. Dear Visa Journey MIlitary/Veteran/military families community first of all thank you to those who served/are serving. So I am currently waiting on my Removal of conditions I am a June 2017 filer on the California Service Center so unfortunately judging by other folk's experiences I am looking at a looooong wait 14-18 Months The issue is that I am scheduled to ship to Marines Bootcamp this coming early August and if current trends continue I fully expect for my ROC application to still be pending by then. In light of that I am a little concerned about possible Requests for evidence sent in my absence and God forbid even an interview. I know it sounds ridiculous but they (I have seen it with many people) wait literally over a year to start reviewing your application and oftentimes they send you a RFE after over a year of backlog. Also, I know I-751 interviews are rare, but what would happen if they call me and my wife for an interview while I am in bootcamp, what can I do? Is not possible for me to request a leave of absence from training. Also with regard to RFE's I am the one who has always taken care of all the immigration paperwork. Any advice as to how to prepare everything for my spouse who is inexperienced on this processes, so she can successfully respond to an hypothetical RFE? By the way for those curious about it the Marines does take in recruits for enlistment with conditional I-55's 1 the only difference is that due to newly passed regulations their waiting period is way more extensive than regular (citizens) applicants. Thanks! Quote
  10. Hello everybody So I am currently waiting on my Removal of conditions I am a June 2017 filer on the California Service Center so unfortunately judging by other folk's experiences I am looking at a looooong wait 14-18 Months The issue is that I am schedule to ship to Marines Bootcamp this coming early August and if current trends continue I fully expect for my ROC application to still be pending by then. In light of that I am a little concerned about possible Requests for evidence sent in my absence and God forbid even an interview. I know it sounds ridiculous but they (I have seen it with many people) wait literally over a year to start reviewing your application and oftentimes they send you a RFE after over a year of backlog. Also, I know I-751 interviews are rare, but what would happen if they call me and my wife for an interview while I am in bootcamp, what can I do? Is not possible for me to request a leave of absence from training. Also with regard to RFE's I am the one who has always taken care of all the immigration paperwork. Any advice as to how to prepare everything for my spouse who is inexperienced on this processes, so she can successfully respond to an hypothetical RFE?
  11. I got a I551 stamp on my passport awhile ago. It will expire on OCT2018 my ROC case still pending... and my passport is expiring on AUG2018 I plan to travel outside US for 2 weeks on this April which i need at least 6 months for valid passport. I will get the new passport with my consulate. my question is do i have to get USCIS the I551 stamp again ?
  12. Hi VJ Friends, I honestly don’t know if I’m in the appropriate forum but here we go: My husband is about to have 2 years since entering the USA under the CR-1. I know we need to do paper work before his conditional gc expires. I just honestly don’t know how this work. Am I suppose to receive a notice when should we start? What is the process?! Is it considered AOS or ROC? Those are are 3 of my main questions as of now. I will greatly appreciate any information. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello, I found a similar case in the past threads, but I would like to ask many of you for your opinions/experience. I got a criminal traffic ticket in Arizona 2016. I hired a lawyer and fought for the case. He brought the case down to a regular civil traffic ticket. The fine was over $500. The payment has already been made. I'm little confused with the question 20 in part 1 on the form I-751. The question is "Have you ever been arrested, detained, charged, indicted, fined, or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or ordinance (excluding traffic regulations), or committed any crime which you were not arrested in the United States or abroad?" I was being fined over $500, but it also says that "Excluding traffic regulation". Does this mean I check "No" or "Yes"? According to the direction provided by USCIS, it says "Unless a traffic incident was alcohol or drug related, you do not need to submit documentation for traffic fines and incidents that did not involve an actual arrest if the only penalty was a fine of less than $500 and/or points on your driver’s license." Therefore, I have already requested court certified copies of citation, Plea/Order, and the receipt, and I will still need to submit these documents. Please share your thoughts/experience.
  14. My spouse and I live in different States due to School and Employment opportunities for the Spouse. We did live together for 11 months after our marriage. Then I got acceptance for 3 year medical training in an area where there is literally zero scope for spouse's career. So we were always nervous when we started the process. We never thought our situation would be special until it came time to start filling I751. And especially after reading these forum posts we realized our financial co-mingling was very poor. Which was due to our trust for each other. I have ZERO idea about details of our finances. We usually just discuss big picture stuff. Managing accounts, buying/registering vehicles, paying bills, signing up for utilities...my spouse takes care of that. When I moved away (11 months after marriage) Spouse got the lease and Utilities at the new place in my name alone (I just blindly signed stuff). Spouse's thought process was to build my credit because I had no credit history. I just had a secured credit card. Until that point we only had 1 joint account at Bank A. And at the same Bank A Spouse had another joint account with my mother-in-law as well. And statements used to be addressed to the two of them because our account was newer and other account was original. So it would seem very very fishy to someone who was not privy to our daily life. When we realized the horrible situation we were in, Spouse added me to Spouse's Bank B and Bank C accounts. Added me as third person in the Bank A account which had my mother-in-law + Spose. Then we waited 2 months (thereby delaying) to get some bank statements before filing I751. Also added spouse to the utility bill. Cannot recall why we didn't add to the lease. I stayed as sole lease responsible party. Here was the list of proof items when we filed: 1.List of Travels. Where I visit the spouse or Spouse Visits me with attached Actual Boarding passes (boarding pass proves you didn't cancel a ticket. Also if they want they can check the flight manifest with the airline, whether the passenger boarded or not) 2. 30 Photographs (with Facebook screenshots. Showed Date and FB friend comments). Other Photos printed with EXIF data showing date and location (This can be faked but I felt its better than a picture without any). Also wrote on back of photos the situation/location/event 3. Bank Staements from 3 joint Accounts (2 months only for each) 4. Auto Insurance with both listed 5. 100% designated Beneficiary for insurance policy for spouse's policy 6. One utility Bill 7. 2 Notarized Affidavits 8. IRS Tax Transcripts for 2 years (the 2 years that we were married for and filed together) Note we never got vehicles registered together. Both are in Spouse's name. We decided to take that risk because it would have been very inconvenient to accomplish that. We ended up filing N400 while waiting for I751 so we had a combo interview We went in with updated evidence for all the items listed above. A lot more boarding passes. Our new evidence paper stack was 3 times larger than what we had mailed in. We also had a baby born to us 2 months ago. So we took baby's birth related documents. And of course more photos (about 80). Also took evidence of job search results which show zero opportunities for spouse where I live. Also took material which explained why I was stuck in this city vs joining my spouse back home where we lived intially for 11 months. Officer DID say we are not supposed to file N400 while waiting for I751 (From what I read its fine to do so and I believe that still and would do it again , but I wasn't going to start arguing). After that it was super easy. Spouse offered to show new evidence. Officer waved it away. I'm Happy we were prepared but disappointed all the hardwork put in collecting new evidence. all the printer paper But Anyways from what I could tell, the officer was convinced from our file before we even came in. From his comments he probably saw our wedding pictures from our 485 AOS file. We had a large wedding 300+ guests in US. Its hard to fake something like that I suppose. We didn't care to ask him any questions other than make small talk, which he seemed more interested in the entire time. I don't know what the lesson is, but maybe something will help you after reading this.
  15. Hello, I just have a quick question that maybe someone could answer for me. During the first year of our marriage, my husband and I lived with my parents. My husband gained employment in September of 2016 in Orlando so we moved to Orlando and signed a lease, which we have included a copy of in our packet. In January 2017 his position was eliminated and we had to break our lease and move back to my parents place. So on our application under address and previous addresses in shows parents address Oct 2015- Oct 2016, Orlando with lease Oct 2016-Feb 2017, parents place feb 2017-present. My husband has since gained employment again and we will be moving to our own place in a few months but we still reside with my parents and we pay them monthly for utilities which are in THIER names. Should I have one of my parents sign a sworn affidavit attesting to this and explaining the address change and send a copy of their ID or just not even mention it and send what we have? I'm starting to think I am overthinking things but I just wanted someone else's advice. I just don't want USCIS to see 1 address for 1 year, another for 4 months, and then the first address again for a year to present. Thanks, Cody
  16. Been a while since I've posted, and I know I have a couple of months before sending off my husbands ROC, but I want to make sure that I have everything now since as far as I can tell, there won't be any new info to add to the bundle. Just want to get a judgement on how strong it is. PAYMENT COVERPAGE I-751 GREEN CARD COPY, FRONT AND BACK EVIDENCE: Joint Car loan for 2016 Nissan Rogue in both our names Document showing we are each others beneficiaries for our own 401Ks and stock plans Documents showing we are each others beneficiary to life insurance plans 2016 and 2017 tax returns filled jointly Cable bill in his name to our home address Electric bill in my name to our home address Paystubs showing same home address Apartment lease in both of our names School registration showing that he is an emergency contact for my daughter Car insurance in both of our names Joint bank account where all of the money goes in both of our names Christmas cards addressed to us Pictures of us on vacation, out with my daughter, family gatherings etc. Hotel bill from vacation Also, one thing I never did was change my last name. I haven't done it yet as my daughter has the same last name as me and is disabled, and with the amount of doctors we go to and such I didn't want there to be any confusion as to who I am to her. Will this be a problem, or should I write a little statement in there explaining why I never changed my last name. Lastly, is there no financial proof form of any kind like with the I-864? We used my mother as a joint-sponsor for AOS, but now we make more than enough on our own. Wasn't sure if we needed to show that, or if they don't care, or if just sending the joint tax returns as proof were enough. Thanks!
  17. Hello everyone, I know this sound maybe strange or odd but, I have a very long and hurtful journey behind me and been through some really rough times that are still going on and I don’t want to mention here any further due to personal reasons. Facts are that I am going through the ROC process since almost a year and haven’t heard anything from USCIS yet. I am going through this process by myself with an immigration lawyer due to the marriage not working out. (I have all my evidence of certified and faithful marriage together and I am not worried about this, the marriage with my ex husband was faithful),.... Long story short I have met someone in this past year and unfortunately he got arrested (US citizen) for burglary. Now the time is coming up for him to get in front of the Parole Board and I would like to help him writing a letter to the Parole Board, that I am here for him and want to have a family with this man in my future (I don’t have any kids yet; neither does he)..... So here is my question : With my ROC status still pending, could it hurt my case because I write a support letter to the Parole Board for him? Would they look me up (Name, Address, maybe see that I am a foreign nationality) in the system and maybe inform USCIS about me supporting a “criminal”??? I don’t know what to do, because I want to help him and feel aweful, by the thought that I might can’t help him due to my status pending? Please help me and sorry for the long post...
  18. Hi everyone! I am sorry we has to pass through this but I went to the local office and the IO didn't want to stamp my passport because she said its not proof of citizenship. I born in a country X and I got the dual citizenship with Italy. I have been traveling since 25 years now with my Italian passport and residing in Europe with my italian passport . I never used my X passport country and all the paperwork for inmigration I did with the italian passport. the IO said if I dont have a birth certificate from Italy she cant stamp my ITALIAN passport. my answer: I have dual citizenship I born in X country not in Italy but I am italian. she refused to stamp the I 551she said they dont have all my papers at the local office. DARN! can she make a phone call? what are my rights here?
  19. Hello! My green card expired In May 2017, i sent my package to remove conditions In March 2017 but still have not heard anything. I also have lived in the same place for the past 3 years but have never received the extension letter. I called USCIS about 4 months after i filed and they said they cannot resend it and if i needed something as proof of extension they could put a stamp on my passport. Well I never got the stamp because i didn't need it but my grandfather passed away a couple days ago and i need to make an emergency trip to my country so i made an appointment on Jan. 18 to get the stamp and my trip is Jan 23, do you think it's ok to travel with the stamp only or would they not be able to verify and not let me back in? I'm actually so stressed right now. I'd like to know if anyone successfully used the stamp only. I'm flying from Miami to Uruguay, with a connecting flight in Panama City. Any thoughts would be great! Thank You!
  20. Hello VJ, We sent our ROC and have received our NOA1 and NOA2. We have our ASC Biomertic Appointment in a few days. I had a few questions. 1.) We only need our NOA2 - ASC Appointment letter and Photo ID (Green Card)? Do we need the NOA1 - extension letter of our green card also? 2.) Is my wife suppose to go alone inside the building or can we both go? 3.) Do they ask any questions during the procedure? 4.) I'm guessing it is similar to the bio metric procedure she had done before coming to the USA? 5.) Do we need to come few hours before appointment time? Or bring anything else? Sorry if these questions are obvious questions. CSC: NOA1 Date: Dec. 8, 2017 NOA2 Date: Dec 15, 2017 Thanks!
  21. Hi! Glad i found this forum. I have unusual situation and looking for a help. I got H1B visa in 2011 and a year after the Embassy sent me an email saying visa is revoked. No reasons given. Contacted Senator, some time later the Embassy gave him an answer that consular officer had a concerns about the visa ( not specified what type of concerns), however the petition is still valid and my status was not affected by such revocation, however i need to apply again for visa if travel. I was extremely anxious and spent long nights up guessing what it might be ( i have not violated any visa terms, stayed with the same employer, but did had a minor misdemeanor charge which got dismissed with not guilty plea) Lawyer i went to highly doubted that is the reason for revocation as the charge was totally dismissed and its not an issue in terms of immigration law, so until this day its a mystery. About a year later i proposed my USC girlfriend at that time, and we got married in 2013, filed for Adjustment of Status, which was approved without any issue. After i got a green card, my family back in Ukraine applied for a tourist visa to visit us, in the visa application they mentioned me as a relative living in US. During their interview consular officer asked them which status do i have and they told them i have a marriage based green card. Visa was approved and they traveled to visit us 2 times during the 3 year period of their visa , each time for 2 weeks, never overstayed or worked in US. Now, im curently in ROC process and got i 551 stamp ( after extention letter expired) and was planning to go to Ukraine for vacation with my spouse. At the same time, my parents 3 year tourist visa came to the end and they applied for another one. Based on consular proceedings at Ukraine, if they apply for another tourist visa prior expiration of the previous one, the interview is waived if the life situations have not changed during these 3 years. However they just got responce from Embassy that they need to come in for an interview. It VERY not common and only happens if signigicant life changes happened after filing for a previous visa. I can only blame it to my visa revocation but oh well, they only will find it out on actual interview. Now i was planning to go to visit my old grandma back in Ukraine, but the fact that my parents got interview notice at Embassy totally triggered anxiety and panic attacks i experienced when revocation took a place. Now my huge concerns i cant stop thinking about: 1)Can Department Of State revoke a residency? 2) If the Embassy was going through my paretns visa application and bumped into my visa revovation for the reason only they know, can they also revoke my temporary residency ( as im in ROC now)? 2) in USICS manual it says if the visa was revoked, the information about it is entered to CLASS and sent to all carriers to prohibit boarding. Is this relared to residency as well ( as it an immigrant visa)? Can i possibly face troubles coming back home in US on my i 551 stamp because of that previous issue? Even thoiugh i got AOS and my parents were approved for a tourist vide AFTER the revocation took place, im still bounced back to the stress level i went through yers ago and worry about any travel. Please help
  22. Hello everyone, I'm filing for ROC next April. My husband and I are separated, and we can do either "filing jointly while in separation" or "divorce waiver". We plan to divorce. Our state North Carolina stipulates legal divorce procedure be initiated after a year of separation. We're not sure when spouse clearly made the decision of not getting back. It could be any time this year. My question: Can I file divorce waiver while just separated, waiting for divorce? I read in this forum that other people file divorce waiver and wait RFE to submit the final decree. I'd like to do that if possible. Many thanks for your advice! MatchaRyokucha PS. I'm new here. Filling out timeline soon.
  23. Hi Everyone, We are still months away from filing removal of conditions, but just gathering evidences ahead of time to have them organized so we won't have to cram in geting things gathered when we get closer to our window time. Here is a list of our current evidences and just want to confirm if we should be fine: A. Evidence of communal residence: Both our driver's licenses showing same address Apartment lease (I wasn't added to the lease till like 5 months after our marriage as I was waiting for ssn and my driver's license. When lease expired our landlady did not require us to sign a new lease and allowed us to continue to living at our apartment as long as we pay our month to month rent) Our proofs of continued joint communal residences though are: Electric bill under wife's name (3 of them) --one for each year Internet bill under husband's name (3 of them) -- at least one for each year Joint Home Renters Insurance (we did not think of getting one till recently so by the time we file for ROC, we only have a year's worth period of renter's insurance) B. Evidences of joint finances and liabilities: Tax Account Transcripts for the past 2 years Copy of actual credit cards to show wife as primary user and husband as authorized (no statement as statement only shows her name on it) Joint Bank Checking Account Statements from date of marriage till ROC (bi monthly) -- We have our own separate accounts, but we use our joint checking to pay bills, insurances, transfers to each other and donations with probably an average of $1000 as total deposits per month Joint Auto Insurance (We only got it joint mid-way because wife is using her company's vehicle and they use to pay for her insurance until they told her that she needs to get one for herself) Joint Vision Insurance (supporting doc so only copies of joint card and policy) Joint Dental Insurance Policy, Cards, and Bills (bills start from 3 months after our marriage till ROC) C. Affidavits -one from Aunt and Uncle -one from Grant Aunt D. Pictures -We can produce a timeline from marriage to ROC of pictures of us celebrating occasions together and with friends and family (ex. Birthdays, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas) E. Joint Travels -1st year (went to Seattle to visit family for Thanksgiving) --tickets with both our names and pictures -2nd year (went to Oakland/San Francisco to for Gran-Uncle's memorial service & to roam around San Francisco) --tickets with both our names, hotel, and pictures -2nd year (went to Seattle and Cannon Beach-- this was a road trip with pictures -3rd year (planning on going to Las Vegas with friends and possible also go to New York) F. Greeting cards sent to couple at our communal residence possibly 2-3 cards with stamps for each year (spanning from Wedding Congratulatory cards to us on our wedding up to whatever comes before ROC such as anniversary greeting card from family) I hope this would be enough. I was thinking of getting life insurance as well and make her my beneficiary. We aren't really at that stage in our marriage yet as we are still in our 20s. I know that this would be good for us but perhaps haven't really considered this yet, and we don't want to completely shift our lives just for the sake of immigration as we are happily married. Your confirmation and comments would be appreciated. Thank you!
  24. So I've noticed the past week a slowdown in approvals or maybe people aren't posting it. I also have the USCIS case status app and it used to refresh every day however it hasn't almost a week. What are your thoughts on this? Seems like USCIS is slowing down due to the upcoming holidays. Your thoughts/ input?
  25. I was wondering what happens if I file for divorce late (right before adjudication), or my spouse does not show up for the interview, or whatever the case may be. What happens if I refile I-751 with the divorce waiver, but I do not have enough time to receive my final divorce decree. Does that mean that I will be deported or do I still have any options?