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Found 165 results

  1. I am writing because I need both some legal and emotional support. I fell in love and loved unconditionally a law enforcement officer (federal employee). He is a USC at the age of 44, while I am a GC holder at the age of 26. After 1 year of dating, and 2 years of marriage, he told me he was no longer in love with me, but he loved me and that life was comfortable with me. There was chemistry and passion at the beginning of our relationship, but they faded away from his side. I still loved him, and wanted to be intimate with him, but he couldn't. He filed for divorce, which is emotionally devastating for me. A bit more about him: As a child, my husband's mother’s partner was emotionally and physically abusive toward him. His mom knew about the abuse, but she still sided with her partner. My husband was shamed on a consistent basis. He had to learn how to put a mask to pretend someone he was not. Though the relationship with dad is now better, his biological dad also ridiculed his good grades and his interest in books, education and history. He never felt comfortable at home, and he was never able to have stable and loving relationships. He found his "home" with the law enforcement. In the past year, he moved 1000 miles away for a job, he told me not to move with him, and he divorced me. However, he said he wanted to continue a relationship with me, and, after 8 months of separation, tells me he wanted me close to him. After divorce has been heard and signed off on (final divorce decree will be in November), I moved for him across the country because I wanted to be closer to him (and I wanted to work on our relationships), and he wanted me close to him. He seemed to have cared about me. He spent a lot of his free time with me, doing weekend trips and what not. He also helped me a lot in moving closer to him. However, once I moved here, I discovered he was on hook-up and dating applications. Unfortunately, I saw text messages between him and his new "lover." He denied the existence of those texts. I was extremely disappointed. I confronted him about this, and he told me he liked the idea of dating other people. He understood I felt unsettled to see him date other people, and he would feel the same about me. He also said it would be unsettling for him to commit to me. At the same time, he would also make some long term plans with me, like taking days off when my family comes to visit next year, he would ask me to sign cards that he was sending to his family (who I have met and they are wonderful human beings), and he would plan my naturalization ceremony. I ended up setting the boundary with him, because the pain was too great for me. I love him unconditionally, and I wanted to grow with him together. I just could not continue living in this insecurity. I lost trust in him, and I pain a lot. I told him that I cared about his happiness and needs, but it seemed like we had to be friends as he wanted to date other people and be on his own to figure out what he wants. It has been 2 weeks now, and I have not heard anything from him. Emotional support questions: Did I do a right thing to let him go? Why did he string me a long for so long? What was his purpose in making long term plans with me if he was not ready to commit? What are the chances he will come around? Is there anything else I can do to win him back? Why did he choose fantasy over a real, loving and stable relationship with me? Why has he not contacted me? Legal support questions: I do have screenshots of his activity on dating profiles before divorce (but during separation). I also have screenshots of his activity on hook-up applications from before the divorce has been finalized. Should I include them in the package? Will they have any positive bearing on my application, as a proof that he simply needed something other than my love? I have also written up my own statement detailing the relationship and my interactions with my husband. Since my ex-husband works for the law enforcement, he has a pretty high security clearance. While my statement is true and correct , I do not want any of that to affect his security clearance now or in the future. Will my statement have any bearing on his background screen?
  2. I am losing my mind lol. USCIS won't accept my I-751 removal of conditions petition because the "Resident since" date on my green card is wrong: I was admitted in late Dec 2015 but the GC date is Apr 2016. I filed an I-90 earlier this year, but it's taking more than a year to process those. Just to be sure: Does your green card "Resident since" date match your POE date? (Not for K1s who did AOS)
  3. I on ROC process with extension letter 1 year, I have to travel to Mexico for work next month. Today, I went to Mexican consulate and they said they won't except my expire GC and I797A extension to enter Mexico & they can't issue me a Mexico visa if i apply one either... They said i need I551 stamp on my passport to enter Mexico... (I'm not from the country that "no visa require list" either) Not sure what to do now..... My case is still within 1 year, would USCIS give a a stamp ?
  4. Good luck October filers. California Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- Vermont Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- IMPORTANT! * Make sure that your VJ Text Editor setting is set to Rich Text Editor. * Go to the MOST RECENTLY POSTED VERSION of this list (go to the last post and scroll UP) and "Reply" to it, deleting the "quote" tags in your reply. * Please DO NOT change the font, font size, add colors, stuff like that. * Please PREVIEW before posting to make sure it is properly formatted. * Please check that you have not deleted anyone's NAME & DATA. Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly. * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so.
  5. Here's our experience, in case it helps other searching for this topic. Situation: - We recently moved to Illinois. - 2-year green card will expire in 2 weeks (along with old driver's license from previous state on same day) - NOA1 extension letter received a few weeks ago. - We went to the downtown DMV to get new licenses. Mine was easy-peasy (USC), but spouse was told she would have to take the driving test, even though she is coming in with a valid license from another US State. We don't even have a car here, so we rented one & went to the North facility on Elston. There, the gatekeeper took one look at her documents, said "Why did they say you have to take a driving test? You have a valid license from state X. You shouldn't have to do the driving test. Go check with the supervisor over there." Supervisor concurred, said no driving test was needed. She was able to get the license issued on the spot. Outcome: License is on its way in the mail. They took the extension letter at face value, no questions asked. We think the license will expire one year from current green card expiry date, and hopefully 10-year card will have arrived by then. Moral of the story: Different DMVs do say different things. We got unexpectedly good news!
  6. Myself and my son (14yr old) green cards expired on the 17th of July this year. We applied for the conditions removal (I-751) a couple of months before the expiration, as instructed. We received the I-797 (notice of action) for myself and my son. We did not make info pass appointments to get stamps because we had the letters. My son has visitation with his father 4 times a year in Ireland. This is a court order that has to be followed otherwise I can get in serious trouble for international kidnapping. My son was due to travel to Ireland on Friday evening (4 days ago). On Friday we were leaving for the airport and I could not locate my son's I-797 (extention letter). Due to the court order, we were advised by our attorney to send my son to Ireland and to contact the embassy in Dublin to arrange for either a stamp in his passport or some sort of temporary travel visa to allow him back into the United States. It being the weekend I had to wait until today to contact the Embassy in Dublin Ireland. The U.S. Embassy in Dublin simply said there was nothing that they could do, all travel related issues were handled by USCIS at the airport in Dublin. Dublin is unique in that it has a full customs office and clears passengers in Dublin before entering the United States. We were then advised to contact the USCIS stateside. USCIS told us over the phone that there was nothing they could do and that we should visit the USCIS field office. We visited the field office where we were informed that there was also nothing that they could do and that we should call the USCIS phone number again and ask to speak to a supervisor immediately so that our request to reissue the I-797(extention letter) could be expedited. The call was returned about an hour and a half later. The person on the phone said they would not expedite the request, but submitted a reissue today and that it would take around 4 weeks. My son is due to travel back to America on Saturday. I'm going to tell him to go to the airport and try. With customs/immigration officers being at the airport I'm hoping the airline will let him through. I'm also hoping because he's a minor traveling on his own that when they scan his passport they will see he had an extension letter issued and let him come home. Has anyone any experience with traveling back to America with expired green card, no extention letter and no stamp?
  7. So I'm happy after all the stress which most of you knew I finally have enough money after this week to file for ROC so I'm putting my package together with one month and a week before expiration date left I know it's super late to be putting it together but honestly I didn't get most guidelines so far we have advocates of support adleast 5 joint credit card bill phone bill bank account all last 2 YEARS some 3 showing co mingling and that all bills are paid from joint account join gym membership which also comes out of joint account photos previous conversations from the beginning emergency contact info recipes for gifts for each other ECT. What else should I do we don't have MED insurance couldn't afford it due to everything I don't drive only him our house owned by father in law honestly we have just been living and going each day by day I just wish there was a way to show the officers how much my husband means to me
  8. I am going through divorce with my wife and it is completely her who stepped out from relation. First 2 months she was okay and we were trying to work on our relation. But shockingly she filed for divorce all on a sudden 3 months ago and some of our common friends informed me that she went to USCIS field office either to complain against me or to withdraw her I864. Nothing to hide; to be honest- I never had any bad or wrong acts from my side; I don't even have any answer why she turned so hostile. The informers were not sure what she was doing but it is sure: She went to USCIS field office 3 times. I am on my 2 years Conditional GC; she knows I am in process of filing ROC with waiver. My question is: Can she jeopardize my ROC through her complains to USCIS? We don't have any good communication now; she is doing all in my back and I am really on blind side. Please help. Also my evidences at hands are: 2 Joint Bank accounts, 2 years joint tax return, our joint home lease-light-water bills; joint motor insurance, 3 joint car loans where 2 already paid off and one more joint car, 2 months joint health insurance, a lot letters from schools-works-financial organizations-govt organizations under our name to same address; several counseling for marriage with 2 different counselors, 3 affidavits from neighbor-landlord-common friend and one affidavit from her, our many pictures and mexico tours (she is mexican american), her amazon credit card under her name and our many purchases through that and pay off from joint account, our family T-mobile plan with her brothers, our driving license showing same address, our many correspondences and emails (email from me only coz she always replied my email in FB/ Whats app chat), joint walmart and sams club card since she started working with Walmart. Are these evidences okay or I am missing some other required important evidences? Please advice.
  9. Hello all, I am in a very complicated situation. I applied for abuse waiver. Biometrics done. My spouse already applied for divorce Now my spouse want to reconcile. Spouse is saying, she realised her mistakes. We were truly in love for 2 years, even I liked her very much and misses her. Now my question is, if we reconcile, how to handle my immigration status? Do, I need to withdraw my I 751 and file a joint one later? or can I leave it as it is?
  10. I have a strange problem. I filed for RoC to switch from a CR-1 to IR-1. After the whole process, got a letter from the USCIS (attached) saying it has happened successfully and I now have an IR-1. However, the actual green card had a validity of just two years, and said CR-1 as Visa Type. If I were in the US and just noticed it, I would have contacted the USCIS office in Houston, where I was. The problem is I'm in India, and more importantly, I've been outside the country for 13 months. I was considering abandoning my current GC and refiling with DCF for a new i130 from here. I just noticed this error in the Green Card and am wondering if it can help me in any way. Since it is an error of the USCIS, if they reissue a new IR1 Green Card, could it allow me entry in USA despite being outside for over 12 months? Attached - Old Green Card (CR1) Letter saying I have an IR1 New Green Card (CR1 instead of IR1)
  11. Long story short- Came USA on F1, dated 4 months and married USC. Received CGC which will expire 09/2018. After a year and half; she decided not to be with me anymore. I know she loved me and I do her as well till now. But all situations went against our love and marriage; she decided to end up marriage. She does not want to be with me because she does not love me any more. All my attempts, counseling, family persuasion and love went to drains where she ended up filing divorce. Divorce will be settled within 10/2017 and CGC expires in 09/2018. Honestly I don't have any passion to live here at USA since I lost her and ended up in psychological disaster. But I need 4 more years to finish my education here. So I need to apply for condition removal with no other choice left. I have some evidences (may be not that much). My questions are: 1. Do I need to apply for ROC immediately after divorce settlement? Or I can take some time till 90 day window of 2 year CGC expiration? 2. I know about us and our relation. We were in real marriage and nothing fake/pretended, she was my everything; she changed terribly in 3 months March-June 2017. Do I need to hire a lawyer for better comfort for filing ROC with waiver? Or I can file by myself with waiver and good faith marriage evidences? I talked to a lawyer and he asked for $2,000 fixed fee for him plus the Government fee. 3. My little evidences are: 2 Joint Bank accounts, 2 years joint tax return, our joint home lease-light-water bills; joint motor insurance, 3 joint car loans where 2 already paid off and one more joint car, 2 months joint health insurance, a lot letters from schools-works-financial organizations-govt organizations under our name to same address; several counseling for marriage with 2 different counselors, 3 affidavits from neighbor-landlord-common friend and one affidavit from her, our many pictures and mexico tours (she is mexican american), her amazon credit card under her name and our many purchases through that and pay off from joint account, our family T-mobile plan with her brothers, our driving license showing same address, our many correspondences and emails (email from me only coz she always replied my email in FB/ Whats app chat), joint walmart and sams club card since she started working with Walmart. Are these okay or I am missing some other required evidences? Oh- I missed a point. A mutual close friend of us informed me that my wife is trying to jeopardize my GC process and she wants to do everything to get me deported. Honestly I did nothing; I just found some ugly and very questionable communications by her with some one and I have printed evidences. I just told her once: I will go to your parents and all our relatives; I will show them what you are doing and I will blow your cover. I did not do that because I love her and I kept all these secret for her own respect. But she told that friend she is scared if I ever do that; so she wants me to get deported! She called and went USCIS office, and told many lies just to harm my file or my status. I did not hear anything so far from USCIS. Honestly I did nothing wrong so far. Can she really jeopardize my conditional green card? I don't have anyone at USA; the situations I am going through was never expected. Anyway, I am just accepting the truth, accepting her leaving me, fixing myself alone now and asking for advice here. Any help will be helpful for me. God bless everyone; God bless my wife.
  12. as the title says, my son came a year after me on his K2 visa, mine expire next month ( 2 years ) but him doesn't expire till dec 2018 this is the explanation on the letter i received : " children not linkable : 595 and 85 $ for bio fee $, " child name " cannot be included in a joint petition filed by your biological parent and step parent due to the fact that you did not acquired conditional resident status concurrently with the parent or within 90 days from the date that they obtained conditional residence, children therefore will require their own Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence. " i suppose i have to his own ROC i-751 which means i will have to pay the 595 fee + 85 fee for biometrics .....now my question is, can i do this whenever i want before 90 before his green card expire or do i have to wait for the 90 days pre green card expiration ??? thanks in advance !!
  13. Hey every one!! Please could someone point me in the direction of a thread that could answer this question (I can't find one) or if you have the answer that would be awesome! My green card will expire on the 18th Aug 2017 and as of that day so will all of my government ID's (drivers license, state ID). Is there any way to renew these IDs with the extension letter? I don't really want to carry my passport around with me as I have a tendency to loose things and getting a new one would be rather annoying. Thank you so much in advance!! Helene xx
  14. So after all the recent events about the end of the DACA program, and how the program slowed down the process for Removal of Conditions of many people, what are the implications now that the program will be ended? I've read in so many places that DACA was the cause all the ROCs were delayed up to a year when they usually took 6 months or less to complete, is there a reason to believe that now things will speed up if DACA ends? I am currently waiting for my ROC to be approved, but the wait is killing me and I want to know how DACA is affecting us. What is your opinion on this matter?
  15. Hi! I received my greencard this year and i'm probably not gonna fix my requirements for ROC until the end of next year but i just have one question.. My husband has been so tired of working and probably resigning this week without any back up jobs. (I know it's risky specially we live in California and have a new baby). He's the only one working and he's not paid a lot. I haven't had a job since 3 years ago and after we got married, I got pregnant and hindered me to work until now. Our baby is 9 months. My question is.. What would happen if the petitioner is unemployed and the beneficiary is the one making an income? I'm planning to step it up since my husband really doesn't want to work anymore. Please share your thoughts. and please don't be rude. Thanks!
  16. Hi I have already completed my biometrics after submitting my i-751 for RoC. On the form I received for the ASC appointment, I see that there are two application numbers; One starts with I751 - EACxxxxxxxxx (Application Number 1) and the other application number starts with CRI89 - EACxxxxxxxxx (Application Number 2) . Both the EAC numbers are different. I am able to see the current status of only Application Number 2. I do not have any dependents. It's just me and my citizen spouse. Those of you, who have already gone through this process, would you be able to explain what these two application numbers are and how soon after the biometrics can we expect to get the 10 year GC?
  17. Just wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with this when accepting a new job...
  18. Hi Folks, My husband (the USC) and I (the UKC) were married in California in May 2016. We had planned on filing an immigration petition shortly thereafter but business and family obligations (mine) impinged upon the process. So he acquired a 29 month spousal visa from UK and we have been living here together in UK since Nov 2016. My obligations will be fulfilled by August 2018 and we intend now to leave for US shortly thereafter. We are eligible to use DCF and so thought we'd get that underway but it seems the Consulate in London is very efficient and is processing applications in a matter of weeks - we were thinking it would be quite a few months. For any number of reasons, political and practical, we're like to get an IR1 status and avoid having to file for ROC. For this to occur we cannot go through a POE in US before 20 May 2018, the date of our second year wedding anniversary. We understand that visa expiration is tied directly to the date of the medical. That being the case we would not want that medical to occur prior to 20 December 2017 and just to be safe probably not before 1 Jan 2018. So two questions: Are our assumptions about the timing of the process correct - medical expiry dates, POE dates? If we file the 130/130a the second week of September and get a quick approval (which seems likely) do we have any control over when the medical appointment is scheduled? I suppose what we're wondering is whether we should just hold off filing until say November or December. All we really want to do is ensure that we'll be properly positioned to leave England for US late summer next year. -Jo
  19. It will be 30 days tomorrow from my I-751 NOA1 date (July 26th) and I'm going to call USCIS tomorrow. Many of us late July filers are still waiting and no one in the August group have received their bio letter. I want to find out what's going on with my case. My question is, what's the fastest way currently to talk to a live person? (I'm saying currently because I have seen many variations on this site before but some of them seem to be outdated.) What numbers do I have to press? I know that once I get hold of a Tier 1, I will have to ask to be tranferred to a Tier 2 officer and from what I understand the Tier 2 officer will be able open a service request for me since the 30 day mark has passed. Has anyone called USCIS before about the same thing recently? How did you get to talk to a live person? I have never called USCIS before so I'm clueless.
  20. Dear All, I am going through this situation right now, and I hope anyone here can help me with any advice. Here is some information of my application. - My husband is an USC, and we filed I-751 jointly. - Submitted I-751 jointly in July 2016 in California. - Took my biometrics in August 2016 and received 1 year extension on my GC, which will expire in August 2017. - As of today, USCIS office is still processing applications submitted in June 2016. So it's only a matter of time before they get to mine. We dated for 1 year and 4 months before we got married. It's been 3 years and 3 months since we were married. However, things have not been great, and we have always tried to work it out in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, he has decided that he wanted a divorce. We are going to court next week (5/15/2017) to file for a divorce. It will take at least 6 months for the divorce to finalize in Southern California. I consulted several lawyers and they all told me to file the divorce now if he really wants to but just wait for immigration’s notice before further action. I feel I should notify immigration office right after we file a divorce, but I really don’t know how that will affect my application. Every lawyer told me, once we file for a divorce, not to have any actions right now but wait. I think Immigration Office will get to my application in 2-3 months. I went through several posts on VJ and some people also suggested to wait first and if I did get RFE, that's when I should notify IO about divorce process and maybe then switch to a waiver? What's your opinion? I am also likely to move out once we file for a divorce, should I change my address too? Will changing my address affect my application? Thank you in advance!
  21. My husband got his extension letter today after sending his I-751. I'm assuming his HR rep at work will know he can still work with the letter. Does he turn in a copy? Or do they need to see the original? I don't want him to lose it or have it stolen. Also does he keep the original in his wallet or a photo copy?
  22. Hi guys! I received my approval letter last week dated 08/03 but I haven't had any online updates to my card being produced. How long does it usually takes?
  23. My GC expired on early Aug ... I have applied for ROC, Since my new job require some travel.........I wonder if i can apply for Global Entry ?
  24. Has anyone actually had their ROC and N-400 adjudicated at the same time? I've seen people say they've been told it will happen...but does it actually happen that way? My wife's ROC is now 14 months old (June 20, 2016) and her N-400 was filed in June 2017. We had an Infopass appointment today to get a stamp in her passport since her one year extension expires on September 12th, 2017. In the course of the conversation, we were told that her N-400 would be adjudicated before the I-751. I find it hard to believe that they will simply let the ROC linger until Jan or Feb of next year while the N-400 proceeds.
  25. After ROC Filling

    Hi guys , I've done ,my biometric last July 2017 for my ROC and I have a question ,what is next going to happen after the biometric done , when they usually send the 10 years GC? can I still be able to out in state to go other country while waiting the 10 years green car? What papers I need If my green card not arrive on the day I leave ? I leave this December 2 and I'm waiting for my green card and I don't know what paper do I need to bring with me for re-entry to the US. Help guys