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Found 131 results

  1. Hello all, I am at the lowest point of my life. Last week, my wife/her parents kicked me out. In the past there are 4 to 5 instances of her abusing me. I have taken photos of my injuries as well. My conditional green card expires Dec 2017. Ours is a real marriage, I have many documents like leases, deed, Health/auto/home insurances, photos, air tickets, etc. She applied for divorce this week. It takes 6 months to get divorce finalized in my state. It will extend longer for sure, as she will argue on everything. I met with an Immigration attorney, he is suggesting to apply I-751 in extreme cruelty waiver category. He do not want me to check 'Divorce' category. My question is, can I check both the boxes even divorce is not final yet? 1) Extreme cruelty and Divorce 2) If I check both the boxes, do I need to prove both? 3) If I check only cruelty now, can I update my application to divorce also, once divorce is finalized? 4) I read somewhere that, once I-751 deadline is crossed (Conditional LPR expiration date), I cannot re apply for a new i 751 application or update my existing application with 'Divorce' category. I want to check both the boxes. In case my proof's are not enough for extreme cruelty, my application can also be considered in 'Divorce' But my attorney says, as I will not have divorce decree until next 6 to 12 months, I might get RFE and may be rejected. Please confirm.
  2. Me and my spouse are not in any position to fight and scream each other. She is threatening me now about I-751 petition. Summary: She messed us with her Ex when I was out of town and now she does not want to confess or does not want to continue; she already left our home. It is my real and true marriage; But I can not tolerate her infidelity, cruelty and actions outside of marriage as a wife. She even now started telling me: I need her to remove my condition; so for that I need to keep quiet and not to tell her parents anything about her all mess that she did. She presented me to her parents: I left her alone in town, she was paying everything, I don't care her financial needs or I am not caring. All are lied and she does not want me to blow up her cover and show her parents her real things that she did. She said: If u want divorce go for it or wait till u remove condition. I did not marry her for Green card; so how can I hold this dead horse for my condition removal? Some of her friends scared me: USCIS will never remove condition if you get divorce and have no evidence of ABUSE from her. But I have my self respect, I can not tolerate all these any more. Here is the list what I have: Evidences: Ø Copy of Cond. GC Self Ø Copy of Passport Self & USC Spouse Ø Copy of DL Self & USC Spouse Ø Certified copy of Marriage Certificate Ø Copy of Divorce petition and Divorce decree Ø Copy of Birth Certificate Self & USC Spouse Ø Joint lease and rent payment receipts Ø Joint Light Bills Ø Joint water bills Ø Joint Cell phone bills Ø Joint bank A/C 1 Ø Joint Bank A/C 2 Ø One joint credit card statement Ø Joint Vehicle insurance Ø Joint two vehicles Ø Joint motor loans Ø Joint 2 years Tax returns & certificates Ø Our Pictures Ø Affidavit from roommates Ø Affidavit from USC spouse Ø Affidavit from mutual friend Ø Affidavit from neighbor Ø Affidavit from land lord Ø Receipts of marriage counselling Ø Certificate of marriage counselor Ø Communications with marriage counselor- Two counselors Ø Prescriptions from psychiatrist regarding mental abuse Ø Our thousands chats and texts during relation Ø Proof of psychological tortures Ø Proof of abandonment Ø Proof of threats Ø Proof of infidelity Ø Police report of her abandoning home Ø My complete long statement saying all details from beginning to reasons for divorce Based on all these; Can any one honestly advice me if I can take risk of filing I-751 with divorce waiver? Help please; I can not see my wife going out with that guy anymore. It is extremely insulting and pathetic for a husband who gave her all his heart and love.
  3. Dear All, I am going through this situation right now, and I hope anyone here can help me with any advice. Here is some information of my application. - My husband is an USC, and we filed I-751 jointly. - Submitted I-751 jointly in July 2016 in California. - Took my biometrics in August 2016 and received 1 year extension on my GC, which will expire in August 2017. - As of today, USCIS office is still processing applications submitted in June 2016. So it's only a matter of time before they get to mine. We dated for 1 year and 4 months before we got married. It's been 3 years and 3 months since we were married. However, things have not been great, and we have always tried to work it out in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, he has decided that he wanted a divorce. We are going to court next week (5/15/2017) to file for a divorce. It will take at least 6 months for the divorce to finalize in Southern California. I consulted several lawyers and they all told me to file the divorce now if he really wants to but just wait for immigration’s notice before further action. I feel I should notify immigration office right after we file a divorce, but I really don’t know how that will affect my application. Every lawyer told me, once we file for a divorce, not to have any actions right now but wait. I think Immigration Office will get to my application in 2-3 months. I went through several posts on VJ and some people also suggested to wait first and if I did get RFE, that's when I should notify IO about divorce process and maybe then switch to a waiver? What's your opinion? I am also likely to move out once we file for a divorce, should I change my address too? Will changing my address affect my application? Thank you in advance!
  4. I expect the answer to be no but I wanted to ask if anyone thinks it's possible to get the I-551 stamp at the border following a trip abroad. When we re-enter the U.S., it will be 3½ months before the expiration date I-797 Notice of Action (which extends one year past the green card). So too early to get an InfoPass appointment. However it will only be 1½ months before the one year mark from receipt date on her NoA. I mention this because my state's DMV (erroneously, in my opinion) issued her driver license to expire one year from the receipt date and not one year from the green card expiration date. Although I will request an InfoPass appointment as we approach the weeks preceding the one-year mark from the NoA, I'm afraid USCIS will say that's too far out to get the I-551 stamp, despite the fact that without it my wife won't have a valid driver license in the interim. Does CBP have the authority to issue an I-551 ADIT stamp to a green card holder undergoing Removal of Conditions? If not, has anyone successfully gotten an I-551 stamp well before the one-year mark from the green card expiration date? We filed 89 days before the green card expiration date so in order to have continued proof of her residency we'd need the I-551 almost three months early.
  5. Hello folks, My I-751 is pending and I will be moving to a new place soon. When I go to change my address online, and after providing my new physical address, can I use a PO box for the mailing address? The PO box is in the same town. Can I do this or will it cause issues or raise some flags? Thanks,
  6. Hi all, A question for those of you who have gotten an I-551 passport stamp because the extension letter is expiring. I'm reading that sometimes the green card is taken away, and sometimes it isn't. Legally, one must carry the green card at all times. (I know some people do photocopies.) But if USCIS takes away the (expired) green card, are you legally obligated to carry the passport w/ I-551 stamp all the time? Has anyone gotten instructions about this? Thanks!
  7. Me and my USC wife dated like 6 months and got married in 2015. Got Cond. GC on 08/2016. We had our all life and everything together. I loved her and she as well; still I love her but as per her statement she does not any more like before. We were living in same home till December 2016 and I started school & working in another city 600 miles from our location. I could not move her with me at beginning because her school and work. We were in all plans to move this August to my place. Long story short- From March 2017 she started changing quick; like rapidly. It started with her breaking communication with me like- Lack of intimacy, if i sent texts severals she replies one or two, if i call she does not pick the phone like this. I was in work and with full course loads of school. During my living in different city i used to visit her for a week every month. On April mid and May 2017 she got kind of real rude, weird and hostile to me at her every attitude. She started saying like- she does not want to be with me because she is not happy or she is not even willing to continue life with me because I am not perfect for her that she can realize now. Okay; I stayed cool, assisted her to understand and tried through marriage counseling. At counseling when she was asked why she want to leave me, she could not answer properly- that was fishy. Her all excuses were like- I shout at her grades, I ask her about financial expenditure and reasons, I ask her where she is going like that I mean what are very commons in our life she made those issues. I was also shocked as well at her bluntness. I used to trust her alot; so it was hard for me to start investigation. Guess what? She started chatting and talking (I found) with her Ex-BF where she deleted the chat when i took her phone. When the counselor asked her why she deleted the chat her reply: I was just trying to see his expression after I delete!! I was speechless. Okay, she is living separate now and she is not cooperating me with any meeting or does not even pick my phone. She is more rude now after I collected the guy's number and contact with him. she misinformed her parents and moved their home, I believe she moved out so that she can see the guy. After I talked to that guy I believe he got ashamed and he is not contacting with her properly (in her expected ways). Latest update today- Guess what? I opened one of our old laptop where she had her email saved; I opened that and found- She started communication with Craigslist guys from last night and fixing meeting at starbucks!!! I just cried all day. I was asking her today : babe , i need to move and start working; you can take some break and we can continue counseling. but i have to work. I need an affidavit from you to update USCIS honestly that we are in marriage but we are living separate due to some issues. I did not say her yet what I found today morning. she is not willing to help or cooperate; she was asking me- why I am so worried?? Any immigrant here at USA is worried if they are in continuation of education and attached to work income for living. Her mentality is like I want to keep him in suffering. I am just saying here honestly- We both loved each other and all these mess happened when she started chatting with that guy, slowly moved out mentally for him, and now she is desperate!! We do have joint lease, joint bills, joint insurance, joint cars, joint bank a/c, joint tax return, numerous pictures, texts and communications. I do have my self respect. I don't want to vow to her for my condition removal if she does not come back as proper wife or if i can find out any confirm evidence of cheating on me. Without her affidavit or her family, can i submit affidavit from our neighbors, our 8 months room-mate, our mutual friends? I am kind of in middle of sea coz the way she is acting outside marriage as a sensible husband i can not accept that. Any advice in this situation based of waiver application? Does waiver get approved now a days? Please help.
  8. I went to the local DMV to renew my driving license today and I am located in Salem NH. So I would like to share my experience. Here was my situation: 1) I applied driving license in MA in 06/2015 with 5 year valid date as I came here on F1 visa; 2) I transferred my driving license from MA to NH in 09/2015 and they have gave me two year valid based on my conditional permanent residency, which is expiring in 08/2017; And I applied to remove condition in 06/2017 and received the regular I-797C letter of extending one year this month and went to renew my driving license. What I have brought: 1) Green Card; 2) Driving license; 3) Extension letter; Here are what they told me(they are very nice): 1) I can keep using my current license until 08/2017; 2) DMV will mail me an new card in 08/2017 without charging me renewing fee; 3) Next year when I get the 10-yr green card or citizenship, I can just go back and update information. I am pretty happy with that I don't need to pay extra to get a new driving license and will update if I receive my renewed driving license.
  9. Hi good morning guys . Really depressed and looking for some advice. got married 1 year ago but my husband is controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive. He shove me a few times and pushed me down when I was walking up the stairs. He uses profanities to me and call me names. A few months ago I told him I wanted to get certified as a Home Health Aide he told me if I did that he would send me back home or call USCIS to tell lies on me. When I told him I don't like the profanities he said he is the man and I shouldn't tell him what to do, and that I am being disrespectful. He tell me everything that I should do, if I don't always do what he says he says it's because I am ungrateful. I love my Husband so I tried to tell him he need to exercise (he has underlying illness) he curses me. He will take away my phone, take away the key so I can't leave the house, I can't use his computer or his wifi, and he tell me I can get back the phone only if I behave myself. I have to hide and watch certain reality shows because he says he doesn't want certain shows to watch in his house. I ask him for us to go counseling but he refuses to go. Even though I can't use his things, I still have to wash, cook, clean, iron every thing as before, he told me he is still giving me food. I take care of him, everyone who knows him says it's the healthiest he have looked in years because I keep him eating clean, he doesn't appreciate it and treats me more like a slave than his wife. He verbally abuses me constantly and threatened to call USCIS, even though he know we both married for love. if I decide to try and stay would it be possible, I don't have much evidence. What I do have: 1. One year tax return 2. Joint bank account 3. Health Insurance 4. Postcards from both Of us 5. Emails and text messages 6. Photos of us. 7. Electricity bills He had his home before we met. i don't know if I should even try as I don't have much evidence. He told me if I don't behave myself and do certain things, ( 1 thing I couldn't do) he won't put my name on his bills so I don't have much. I got my 2 year green card 9 months ago so I know it look bad, but I have tried to make it work to seek counseling and he refuses. He told me Sunday it's not going to work because I told him it can't be okay to speak to his wife that way, he said it's disrespectful to say that to him. I don't know if he files for divorce yet. He refuses me to work but don't give me any allowance, I love and want to work when I tell him I want to work, he says it's because I don't appreciate what he is doing to support us. I feel like I am going crazy can't believe he is treating me this way. he says he will file for divorce, have not happen yet but just want to know what my choices and chances are. sorry my writing is not cohesive Thanks in advance for your help it will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi VJ community, Looking for some advice please. Filed a joint petition with my UCS in July'16 to CSC, had no issues at all.... Then in the winter things fell apart. We tried marriage counselling, but it didn't work. We are now separated, and I currently have a domestic violence restraining order against him in place. We haven't filed for a divorce yet. Our state requires a six months waiting period between divorce filing and adjudication. What do I do? Do I need to notify USCIS? If yes, do I notify them when I file or when the divorce is final? Thank you for all the help!!!
  11. We've just successfully got through our ROC process! My spouse's passport will expire soon, and she is getting a new one. We are currently in Australia while she does this. Do we need to notify USCIS of her new passport number before we come back to the US? I cannot find anything that says we need to, but I don't want her to get stuck in secondary because something looks funny when we come back into the States. Anyone know? Sukie in NY
  12. So my husband and I are planning to go to the IRS office to get our IRS Tax Transcripts printed for ROC as proof that we filed our 2015 and 2016 taxes jointly. (I know that there is an option to get them in mail but we prefer to get them in person). Anyway, I read on the IRS website that there are multiple types of IRS Tax transcripts: 1. Tax Return Transcript 2. Tax Account Transcript 3. Record of Account Transcript 4. Wage and Income Transcript Which type(s) is/are needed for ROC? For AOS we sent Tax Return Transcripts but I just want to be sure. Thanks!
  13. Hey VJ friends, I am currently waiting for my conditional green card but I am just looking through the forms for ROC and Naturalization and came across part three, joint filing. I was wondering if there are multiple forms I am submitting? I read the guide and it only provides one form. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into what this means? I know it is WAY in advance but my husband and I just started new jobs, we are looking at plots of land to build a house, and I really just want the ROC process to be as smooth as possible. Also, when applying for ROC, do I also apply for a new employment authorization document when sending in my paperwork for ROC? Thank you in advance, and any additional tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! shayden10
  14. I really need some help please. I made a mistake on the money order by putting the wrong name instead of USDHS. What will happen to my application and my money order? Will they send back the money order? Has this happen to anyone before?
  15. Hi everyone, I just want to ask if did anyone of you tried to get their driver's license for the first time using their I-797 extension letter? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a DL during my 2-year stay here in the US since I did became busy at work and got pregnant. I'm wondering if I can still get a permit and DL using the extension letter. I've been reading some reviews and said that DMV officers are giving others a hard time even for just renewing their licenses. Any advice and sharing your experience would be really helpful. Thanks!
  16. Hi All, Me and my spouse weren't living together while in the process of I130. He was in US and I was back in my home country. Do we need to submit correspondence between us during that period as evidence for I751? And what about I130 approval notice etc from USCIS, do we need to submit that as well? Thank you! Best
  17. Wow this site has changed alot and hope this gets to the right forum. My GC expires end of Sept and I know that I need to do ROC within 90days of the expiration date. Can someone confirm for me that the GC is valid up to that last day and I should be able to back into the US after spending a week in CAnada? I did ask a US Customs officer at Pearson early Jan and he said GC is valid up to the last day from his understanding. thanks in advance
  18. Just wondering if anyone has started a june 2017 thread yet? We are getting ready to mail ours. So if the 90 days prior is 6/3/17 with shipping time it would arrive after that date if sent this week, OR does uscis go off of the postmark?
  19. In March, my husband and I filed for the Removal of Conditions for his green card. It expires June 4, 2017. Within a few weeks of applying he received his extension letter, so we know travel is possible for us. However, we are becoming a little more cautious... Last year we drove through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, entered Canada for two days, and returned to the US. When we returned in our car, the border control outside decided to have us go into the office for secondary inspection. The officers inside were very friendly, asked a few questions, then sent us on our way. We didn't think anything more of it. Well, last week we decided to go to Japan on vacation for just the week. When we returned, the border police sent my husband to secondary again. I had to wait outside as we entered through an airport. The officer was very professional, asked us when we last left the country (prior to the Japan trip), then told my husband because he was stopped last time, he needed to go to secondary again. Once we were reunited, my husband told me they didn't ask any questions of him. An officer made a phone call, my husband did not know if it was regarding him or not, and within 10 minutes they welcomed him to America and sent him on his way. With both those experiences there's now this concern that my husband will have to go through secondary each time he leaves the country then returns. Additionally, with the conditional green card expired, and extension letter in hand, there's concern things might not be so smooth next time. The question here is: Should we travel? and/or Is there a limit to how much international vacation time we should take while his ROC is in process? I'm a teacher with a month of vacation in July. My husband works for an airline that provides very inexpensive travel for their employees and spouses. We love to travel, have the time, and would love to spend some time in July traveling outside the borders again. He'd like to visit family in Egypt in June while I'm finishing summer school, and then we'd like to take a trip at the end of July to an undecided location. We know, in theory, it's okay. However, would it be best for us to just keep our feet on US soil until his ROC is approved?
  20. Hi everyone I searched a lot about this topic but every case is different. I came to the US on K1 visa, I got married less than a year ago and got my conditional green card 2 months ago. Our marriage was based on love. We loved each other and everything was good until my husband told me he feels unhappy and wants a divorce. I don't want to divorce him, I still love him. But if we are going to divorce eventually, I would like to know about my future in the US. I left all my life in my home country, I didn't continue my career there because I knew soon i'll leave the country. Now i'm in the US and i am thinking of staying here. My main reason for not wanting to go back is that in my home country it is much harder for a divorced woman to remarry again. I don't want to stay alone for all my life because of this failed marriage. I read that ROC with divorce waiver are very often approved. In my case, not only divorce after several months after getting a green card may be suspicious for USCIS, when i look at the proves they want for good faith marriage, i don't have much to send them. I didn't work during this period, i don't have a bank account, we live in a family home (no lease documents), all the bills were paid by my husband. I can present only a joint tax return with my husband, a credit card under his bank amount, a lot of photos. i am not sure if i can provide affidavit of friends/relative affidavit of proof (only my family can write it, i don't know if his family would write such a thing and we don't have friends here). What do you think do I have chances to get 10 year green card? I would appreciate any help. thank you
  21. I'm in the process of preparing my I 751 package and have a question regarding the affidavits of friends and family. We filed for divorce so im filing a waiver. Regarding the affidavits, i was wondering if they should just state that they knew us during our marriage and talk about all the good stuff or should they also talk about how things turned bad and how we started to have issues, etc.? Another question I have which hope you guys can help me with, is if I should send letters and emails we exchanged after we seperated. He was the one who initially filed but then decided he wanted me back and send me a bunch of emails and letters where he talks about how he ###### up and how sorry he is and that he wants me back. He also sent my mom an email asking her for forgiveness and that he's sorry how he treated me. Should I include any of that or just emails from before the separation? Thank you guys in advance for help, I been googling but I can't find any exact answers to my questions. Visajourney always been amazing throughout my whole visa process so I really appreciate all of you.
  22. I wish someone with proper knowledge will read my post and give me right advice. I (29) came to USA in 01/2015 with 5 years of F1 visa. Started my MS, met my present wife (24), got in love and relation for 3 months and got married in 10/2015. Received my Conditional green card on 09/2016. We were happily married couple had all and everything together and nice. Joint lease, Joint car loan, Joint bills, Joint Insurance, Joint Bank Ac, Millions of chats and symbols of love, pictures. We lived together in same home till 12/2016 I am more career ambitious and moved to Dallas 12/2016 for my MS+PhD. She is student of Bachelors of my old city. She was registered for Spring 2017 and we were in plan to move her to Dallas after Spring 2017 and during summer break. Even I was working on her transferring credit. She was living in our home and I was visiting her every month despite my severe academic loads and work pressure. From 03/27/2017 something went wrong with her and she started breaking the communication first. She started getting irritated and mad easily, behaving rude every now and then, stopped responding my texts and calls (just a minimum response from her), started saying she does not like the person I am because she feels I am tough guy. My life has been my school, work and her. I don't have anyone here at USA. She started turning real rude and brutal to me through her behavior. I was just crying and trying to discover why she was doing like that suddenly. I told her to visit me in Dallas after my semester and planned to come back together. When she was visiting me in Dallas for two days in the mean time she gave our home keys to her parents and they moved all her staffs while she was there. When I came back home I was just thundered watching our gifts, rings and cards on the shelf and nothing of her stuffs. She just said she is feeling more easy to live as daughter with her parents than living as a wife with me. I cried and cried. Now her parents are pursuing her to give me divorce and wants their daughter at their home because she is working now and she can contribute there! I am just thundered, smashed and broke at all these brutality. She started saying me she does not love me any more. I took her for marriage and relationship counseling and she said she is not sure what she will do. She does not want to go Dallas because her family is here and she was brought up here. She is completely ignoring my educational future and career prospect. She is saying not to count on her; Just to lead my life by myself. I can't eat or sleep; I am getting sick. I am saying here honestly- She had been my everything and I love her for real. Its both out 1st marriage. I don't know what she will do. My ROC is within 06/2018-09/2018. I have my student loans, car loans everything and I can not pay off immediately if my ROC gets denied based on possible divorce from her. I am trying my all best to get her back in life and save my marriage. Any advice is welcome. God bless you all.
  23. Hi Everyone! It's almost time to file ROC. My husband and I are both students, he has been in school since the start of our immigration process, and I started school soon after arriving to the US. For the list of documents to send to USCIS we do not have joint lease together, because of our student status and where we live companies will not rent to us hence our lease is signed by a family member.. no will or anything of that sort as yet. We have joint bank account, utilities, credit cards and both our names on the rental insurance policies. We have multiple receipts for student resources purchased by my husband for me and also gifts, text messages (which I believe will be irrelevant), multiple pics of my in-laws and I together, they live in another state and we visit frequently for most holidays, nieces and nephews baptism and such. We have thank you card from others, birthday and Christmas cards from both my husband and I. If there is anything else I can think of, I will update this. In my initial filing my husband wrote a letter and explained his status being a student, and when he will be ready to return to the working world. Can anyone advice me on how to prepare a really good package for my ROC. Thank you!
  24. My husband's GC expiration date is 12/10/2017. I know our 90 day window opens on 9/11/2017. The issue is, we are going to be out of the country approximately from 09/20/22017- 10/05/2017 (dates might slightly vary). So I am wondering whether to submit the package on 09/11/2017 and then go on our trip OR go on the trip and then drop the package in the mail? I am already working on putting everything together because I don't want to rush last minute and when the time comes I just want to mail it out at the correct date. I know it's only May but because of our travel plans I would like to be prepared. Thank you!
  25. Hey everyone! I have the following ready to be sent but I have no utility bills in my name, only my husbands name is on the electricity, gas, and water bills. But we have this: 3 car titles with both our names 2 car loans with both our names 2 car Insurance policies with both our names (we switched from one company to another in the last year) 3 Health insurance cards with both our names (went from marketplace, to my husbands employer, to my employer) Checking account statements with both our names on the account (December 2015 until present) We're working on getting the statements before this period, because that's all available that we could get online 2015 and 2016 jointly filed tax return transcripts (I did not have taxes in 2014) 2 credit cards (each authorized users) My 401k with his name as beneficiary Life insurance policy with both our names 2 lease agreements with both our names 1 sworn statement from my FIL saying we lived with them for 1 year prior to moving to our home now Affidavits from 3 friends 8 photos photocopies of cards from family and friends to us Is this enough?