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Found 159 results

  1. My GC expired on early Aug ... I have applied for ROC, Since my new job require some travel.........I wonder if i can apply for Global Entry ?
  2. Has anyone actually had their ROC and N-400 adjudicated at the same time? I've seen people say they've been told it will happen...but does it actually happen that way? My wife's ROC is now 14 months old (June 20, 2016) and her N-400 was filed in June 2017. We had an Infopass appointment today to get a stamp in her passport since her one year extension expires on September 12th, 2017. In the course of the conversation, we were told that her N-400 would be adjudicated before the I-751. I find it hard to believe that they will simply let the ROC linger until Jan or Feb of next year while the N-400 proceeds.
  3. Hi guys! I received my approval letter last week dated 08/03 but I haven't had any online updates to my card being produced. How long does it usually takes?
  4. Hi guys , I've done ,my biometric last July 2017 for my ROC and I have a question ,what is next going to happen after the biometric done , when they usually send the 10 years GC? can I still be able to out in state to go other country while waiting the 10 years green car? What papers I need If my green card not arrive on the day I leave ? I leave this December 2 and I'm waiting for my green card and I don't know what paper do I need to bring with me for re-entry to the US. Help guys
  5. Get me more nervous than I already am for my lack of evidence!!!! So here goes... Previously I posted asking how can non established married couple who are full time students find enough evidence to remove my condition. Here is a list of the items I am sending, I don't think i'm missing anything that I have to send as yet since I'm finalizing my documents to send. Please leave your honest comments.. Thank you.. -Completed I-751 JOINT Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. - Check for $680 to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. - Photocopy of XXXX: Permanent Resident Card (both side), biographic page of her passport, U.S citizen husband birth certificate, and a copy of our marriage license. Enclosed please also find the following documents to verify the status of our ongoing marriage: 1. Letter explaining that we (XXXX and XXXX) are students, pursuing our undergraduate (nursing) and graduate (medicine) degree programs. Why we may lack definite evidence. Why we did not file taxes, and why the lease for our place of residence is sign by (husband brother). Current lease is signed by husband brother and husband wife. 2. Partial copies (signed pages) of all lease since 2015-most, current lease ( 2017-June 2018) 3. 3 Affidavit from family members attesting to our marriage and their continuous financial support to us. 4. Copy of husband drivers license and wife state ID showing same address 5. Copy of apartment rental insurance for current lease showing occupancy for xxxx, and xxxx (U.S citizen Husband and wife) 6. Copies of joint Bank account statements from 2015-July 2017 showing financial comingling. 7. Copies of Joint credit cards, showing same account numbers. 8. Copy of health insurance policy 9. Copies of Joint internet/cable bill from 2015-2017 (RCN and Xfinity/Comcast) 10. Copies of electric bills in xxxxx name (wife brother-in-law) who signs the lease for our apartment 11. Copies of online purchases made for both of us since 2015-February 2016 12. Copy of exam purchased for wife (October 2016 and December 2016) 13. Copies of school supplies delivered to our address since 2015-2017 14. Copies of other miscellaneous mails showing the use of the same address for both of us since 2015-July 2017 15. Copy of cell phone account showing (husband) as account owner, for (wife) and husband mom (mother-in-law) cell phone. 16. Copy of school emergency contacted, listed husband 17. Copies of text messages, showing constant communication since we got married, and that we share the same household since 2015-currently.***** 18. Copies of 2 train itineraries to visit family members 19. Copies of birthday and Christmas cards from both of us 20. Copy of a thank you card for attending brother children baptism 21. Copies of e-mail attachments that (husband) helped (wife) with final college coursework during spring 2016 semester. 22. Pictures with family members for each visit: Niece and nephew baptism, thanksgiving, Christmas and other random visit.**** This is all i can find, I am not sure how sufficient this will be for the examining officer and how we will be able to find more documents to send if we get an RFE.
  6. Hi everyone! A little background info- My husband moved here in 2014 on a K-1 visa. We were married 01/31/2015. Filed AOS without issue. Everything has been groovy! We just bought our first 'real' house on Friday (07/28/2017). I'm worried about collecting evidence. At this point we dont have much in both of our names besides car insurance and bank accounts. We dont have the deed to the house yet (our attorney said it could take 3-4 weeks). The kicker is, his conditional green card expires next month! We need to file for ROC..yesterday. We have not been able to afford (as we were saving for a house) any vacations so there aren't any flight tickets in our names. No hotel rooms. We filed our taxes separately last year. Are we doomed? I'm so anxious I feel like I'm giving myself an ulcer over this.
  7. I wanted to create this thread for military spouses/dependents who do their RoC while being overseas. We are currently stationed in Germany and I just send out my I-751. Consider this a little guide and I also wanted to simply write down the process progress. Maybe it will help someone. I'll update the thread accordingly during the process. Step One: Assemble your RoC package! I used the VJ guide for I-751. You have to include the copy of the military orders (as a spouse, your name have to be on the orders). On top of the I-751 form, write "Government orders" or "Military overseas". Something like that to let USCIS know what they're dealing with. You have to include the money order (or check) fee + biometrics. Even though you will not be attending any biometrics appointment set by the USCIS. You are required to include the biometrics card with your package. Find the immigration/naturalization office on your military post and they should tell you where to go to get your fingerprint taken. It's free! The person who will prepare your biometric card will give it to you in the seal envelope. Step Two: Send and wait. Since my husband (USC) is a resident of Virginia, we send the package to the Vermont Service Center. We send our on July 17, 2017. Once you send yours, keep your fingers crossed for the fast response and a smooth process.
  8. Hi good morning guys . Really depressed and looking for some advice. got married 1 year ago but my husband is controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive. He shove me a few times and pushed me down when I was walking up the stairs. He uses profanities to me and call me names. A few months ago I told him I wanted to get certified as a Home Health Aide he told me if I did that he would send me back home or call USCIS to tell lies on me. When I told him I don't like the profanities he said he is the man and I shouldn't tell him what to do, and that I am being disrespectful. He tell me everything that I should do, if I don't always do what he says he says it's because I am ungrateful. I love my Husband so I tried to tell him he need to exercise (he has underlying illness) he curses me. He will take away my phone, take away the key so I can't leave the house, I can't use his computer or his wifi, and he tell me I can get back the phone only if I behave myself. I have to hide and watch certain reality shows because he says he doesn't want certain shows to watch in his house. I ask him for us to go counseling but he refuses to go. Even though I can't use his things, I still have to wash, cook, clean, iron every thing as before, he told me he is still giving me food. I take care of him, everyone who knows him says it's the healthiest he have looked in years because I keep him eating clean, he doesn't appreciate it and treats me more like a slave than his wife. He verbally abuses me constantly and threatened to call USCIS, even though he know we both married for love. if I decide to try and stay would it be possible, I don't have much evidence. What I do have: 1. One year tax return 2. Joint bank account 3. Health Insurance 4. Postcards from both Of us 5. Emails and text messages 6. Photos of us. 7. Electricity bills He had his home before we met. i don't know if I should even try as I don't have much evidence. He told me if I don't behave myself and do certain things, ( 1 thing I couldn't do) he won't put my name on his bills so I don't have much. I got my 2 year green card 9 months ago so I know it look bad, but I have tried to make it work to seek counseling and he refuses. He told me Sunday it's not going to work because I told him it can't be okay to speak to his wife that way, he said it's disrespectful to say that to him. I don't know if he files for divorce yet. He refuses me to work but don't give me any allowance, I love and want to work when I tell him I want to work, he says it's because I don't appreciate what he is doing to support us. I feel like I am going crazy can't believe he is treating me this way. he says he will file for divorce, have not happen yet but just want to know what my choices and chances are. sorry my writing is not cohesive Thanks in advance for your help it will be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, we received NOA1 on Friday!! but there is a detail I'd like to share with you (maybe it's silly, but bare with me) and hopefully get some feedback: As an example (not real names just example), my maiden name Maria Idalia Rosales Hernandez. I have two last names because in Mexico we use one from father and one from mother. So Rosales from my father and Hernandez from my mother. My husband's full name is Eric Roberts. In the cover letter my husband added a paragraph saying "Please update my wife's last name to married last name as Maria Idalia Rosales-Roberts. We received the NOA1 addressed to M. Rosales Roberts (note there is no "-") then in Petitioner name says "Maria I. Rosales Roberts" (again no "-"). I wanted to have just one last name that included my two last names together separated by a "-". Is Rosales Roberts the same as Rosales-Roberts?
  10. Hey every one!! Please could someone point me in the direction of a thread that could answer this question (I can't find one) or if you have the answer that would be awesome! My green card will expire on the 18th Aug 2017 and as of that day so will all of my government ID's (drivers license, state ID). Is there any way to renew these IDs with the extension letter? I don't really want to carry my passport around with me as I have a tendency to loose things and getting a new one would be rather annoying. Thank you so much in advance!! Helene xx
  11. Hi, Please review the following cover letter. What I'm missing? is it very long? It is already over 500 pages of evidence (yes we're the kind of people who send everything) Should I include phone bills? We have a family account with my mother-in-law, our names and address do not show up in the bill but our phone numbers do. A little bit of background. Permanent resident entered on F-1 VISA on 2012, we married on 2015 and applied for Green card a few months after. Got approved the same year and now is time to remove conditional green card. Thanks USCIS California Service Center P.O. Box 10751 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-1075 Both of our names Address Date Nature of submission: Form I-751, petition to remove conditions on residence for: Name and A-XXXXXX To whom it may concern: Enclosed please find a JOINT I-751 petition for removal of conditions of permanent resident status of "name" Permanent resident entered the US on a F-1 visa in Date, married U.S. citizen on date, and was awarded Conditional Permanent Residence on XX/XX/XXXX and expires on XX/XX/XXXX. We are happily living together and jointly request that this petition be accepted for removal of conditions on the residence of permanent resident. Contents include the following documents: 1. Check for $680: includes $595 the I-751 filling fee and $85 biometric service fee 2. Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence 3. Copy of green card: front and back sides 4. Copy of marriage certificate 5. Copies of lease contracts showing joint tenancy in the following addresses: a) Address 1 b) Address 2 c) Address 3 6. Copies of driver licenses from showing the same address 7. Tax records and pay stubs a) IRS tax transcripts and account transcripts showing joint tax filling for years: 2015 and 2016 b) Copies of W-2 wage and tax statements for years 2015 and 2016 c) Complete joint Federal tax returns: 2015 and 2016 d) Complete joint State tax returns: 2015 and 2016 e) Pay stubs 8. Records showing joint ownership and joint registration of three different cars: a) Car 1 · Copy of certificate of title showing joint ownership of Car 1 · DMV registration card of Car 1 showing both of our names · Copy of bill of sale b) Car 2 · Copy of sales contract showing both our names buying Car 2 · Copy of DMV joint registration card of Car 2 · Car 2 loan monthly statements showing both our names c) Car 3 · Copy of certificate of title showing joint ownership of Car 3 · Copy of DMV registration card of Car 3 showing both of our names 9. Joint policies and beneficiary of life insurance and retirement accounts a) Joint car insurance b) Joint renter’s insurance c) Work documents showing health and dental joint coverage d) Joint Health and Dental insurance cards e) Documents showing U.S. citizen as beneficiary of Permanent resident's work benefits: stock incentive, employee life insurance, employee AD&D insurance, long-term incentives, and 401k retirement. f) Documents showing permanent resident as beneficiary of U.S. citizen work benefits: 401k, group like and AD&D insurance g) Dog health insurance showing both as pet parents 10. Documents showing joint bank accounts: a) Documents regarding joint checking and savings account b) Bank statements of joint savings account h) Letter from bank stating that U.S. citizen is an authorized user of permanent resident credit card i) Copies of credit card j) Copies of monthly credit card statements 11. Utility bills showing joint occupancy a) Address 1 · Monthly electricity bills · Internet monthly bills b) Address 2 · Letter of residency from electric company · Gas and electricity monthly bills · Internet monthly bills · Water monthly bills 12. Two (2) original affidavits of bona fide marriage signed and sworn by U.S. citizens 13. Pictures together and with family and friends since marriage 14. Copies of letters from friends and family sent to our address 15. Dog ownership and dog training documents showing both of us as pet parents Copies of documents submitted are exact photocopies of unaltered documents and we understand that we may be required to submit original documents to an Immigration or Consular officer at a later date. Please advise us if you have any further questions or concerns related to this petition. Sincerely, Our names and signatures
  12. My wife and I are awaiting her approval for her ROC and we filed it to the California branch last Nov. 26, 2016 got NOA a week after and now still waiting for it. She has used her maiden name on all of her USCIS forms and now we are thinking about changing her maiden name to her married name. We are also wanting to renew her passport and do ROM while we're there. 1. We can change her maiden name to her married name and change all of her forms but how will we proceed with her N400 and i130? Do we have to file to change her greencard name eventhough it hasnt been approved or even looked at yet? 2. Do we use married name when we do her philippine passport renewal and ROM? Please help guys. I have not seen anybody with the same situation as we are in right now. Thanks.
  13. I wish someone with proper knowledge will read my post and give me right advice. I (29) came to USA in 01/2015 with 5 years of F1 visa. Started my MS, met my present wife (24), got in love and relation for 3 months and got married in 10/2015. Received my Conditional green card on 09/2016. We were happily married couple had all and everything together and nice. Joint lease, Joint car loan, Joint bills, Joint Insurance, Joint Bank Ac, Millions of chats and symbols of love, pictures. We lived together in same home till 12/2016 I am more career ambitious and moved to Dallas 12/2016 for my MS+PhD. She is student of Bachelors of my old city. She was registered for Spring 2017 and we were in plan to move her to Dallas after Spring 2017 and during summer break. Even I was working on her transferring credit. She was living in our home and I was visiting her every month despite my severe academic loads and work pressure. From 03/27/2017 something went wrong with her and she started breaking the communication first. She started getting irritated and mad easily, behaving rude every now and then, stopped responding my texts and calls (just a minimum response from her), started saying she does not like the person I am because she feels I am tough guy. My life has been my school, work and her. I don't have anyone here at USA. She started turning real rude and brutal to me through her behavior. I was just crying and trying to discover why she was doing like that suddenly. I told her to visit me in Dallas after my semester and planned to come back together. When she was visiting me in Dallas for two days in the mean time she gave our home keys to her parents and they moved all her staffs while she was there. When I came back home I was just thundered watching our gifts, rings and cards on the shelf and nothing of her stuffs. She just said she is feeling more easy to live as daughter with her parents than living as a wife with me. I cried and cried. Now her parents are pursuing her to give me divorce and wants their daughter at their home because she is working now and she can contribute there! I am just thundered, smashed and broke at all these brutality. She started saying me she does not love me any more. I took her for marriage and relationship counseling and she said she is not sure what she will do. She does not want to go Dallas because her family is here and she was brought up here. She is completely ignoring my educational future and career prospect. She is saying not to count on her; Just to lead my life by myself. I can't eat or sleep; I am getting sick. I am saying here honestly- She had been my everything and I love her for real. Its both out 1st marriage. I don't know what she will do. My ROC is within 06/2018-09/2018. I have my student loans, car loans everything and I can not pay off immediately if my ROC gets denied based on possible divorce from her. I am trying my all best to get her back in life and save my marriage. Any advice is welcome. God bless you all.
  14. Hey you guys, So we are still working on our I-751 package and have designated three US citizen friends to write affidavits. They intend to take them to their local banks to have them notarized. So far so good. I am just not entirely sure what a "sworn affidavit" needs to look like. Going by the example provided by the forum, it seems overtly formal. Can it just be a dated and signed letter without the letterhead and stuff? Should it still mention things like my A# and have that whole section at the bottom for the notary to fill out, instead of just putting their stamp on it? Where, if anywhere, does the date go? Do they really need to know our friends' home addresses and birthdates? I guess I am also wondering if anyone has some examples. Thank you all in advance for the help!
  15. so my ROC date it coming up i will probably have to file adleast 3 weeks late because or work issues so need to save a little bit still but will be within the 90 days i realized we have joint account ect but honestly we dont have ALOT of evidence we have just kind of been living and dealing with financial situations and family ones so we really haven't been all about join medical dental ect we always miss the deadlines im just wprroed that they will see there not enough evidence and we wouldn't be able to add anything i mean im about to throw in 3 years worth of join statements for credit card & bank account all the usual stuff but we live in my father in laws house so no agreement ect to send no insurances ect like i said we always miss deadline im just worried honestly this whole situation always ends up freaking me out if anyone could give advice would be appreciated
  16. hello guys after all those worries that I always wonder for my removal of condition , I came here 2015 and got married June on that year , after married we didn't expect of what are the outcome of the relationship, sometimes if work and some of us suffer from called relationship unstable and lead us into separation and divorce. 2016 I've got divorce and I was scared about immigration, I don't have anything to show or to prove to the immigration that the marriage is legit, only thing that I showed are the flights of our travel and 1 picture of our simple marriage and the joint bank and credit card account , and I feel insecure because I don't have anything on his any liabilities . and also I have a letter from him to ask to remove my condition. last February I look for a immigration lawyer and I got one , im glad that I already work and save money , and the lawyer help me and for short they sent my case first week of JUNE 2017 and I got notify last week of June that they receive my case and I have to wait for a NOA for biometric and today July 17, I did done my biometric and my question is after biometric what else do I expect? anybody can tell me?
  17. Hi again, Obviously, with the adjudication for removal of conditions (ROC) processing taking over a year - and at least until recently seeming to get longer and longer - most of us have been wondering what's going on. Well, I asked an immigration officer about it at our InfoPass appointment last week. Though she reminded me that "a one-year wait is considered normal", she said she thinks the processing has been slowed down by (1) an increase in green card renewal/application activity after the current president was elected (perhaps from people fearing, rightly or not, that things could get more difficult in the future) compounded by (2) the federal government hiring freeze that came into place around the same time, making it difficult for them to increase their staff to handle the bigger workload. She mentioned that the hiring freeze was now over, but that it takes time to fill the jobs. Seems like that could be a good sign that the processing times might gradually speed up from now though. Good luck everyone! :-)
  18. Hello All, So, I applied, ROC on July 5th, My attorney received NOA1 on July 13th itself. But, I did not received any receipt from USCIS. Do I need to worry? Anyone in this situation? The only reason, I am worried is, my attorney's office is so irresponsible that they made many mistakes in I 751 application, badly arranged my file. The day on sending the Package, I sat for 2 hours in his office and corrected all the errors and re arranged the package. Really waste of spending 4k. He just added 1 cover letter on top of my documents. That's it. He didnt even notified that I got my NOA1, I kept calling everyday and after sometime his assistant told me about that. He do not even cover if I get RFE etc. SO, I might not take his help further. So, how can I make sure USCIS sends all communications to me?
  19. Hi all, I know I've been part of some discussions regarding how and when we're eligible to get the I-551 extension stamp to replace an expiring NOA green card extension letter. My wife (green card holder) and I (US citizen) had an InfoPass appointment yesterday in Portland, OR, and here's what we were able to determine: 1. Immigration officers have a guideline (not a hard-and-fast rule, I think) that an I-551 stamp should only be given if the green card holder will need it within the next month (30 days?). Apparently part of the reason for this guideline is that if they give you a stamp long before you need it, there's a bigger chance that you'll get your 10-year green card in the meantime, which is not ideal because they prefer you to only have one or the other. 2. However, this does not necessarily mean your extension letter must be expiring within the next month. My wife's is expiring in early November, but we were able to get the I-551 stamp yesterday (July 14) because she has to renew her driver's permit on August 5. The stamp is valid for a year from the date it was issued, and my wife had to forfeit her expired 2-year green card because "the stamp counts as a green card, and you can't have two green cards at the same time". 3. What if we're traveling abroad for several months and not coming back until after the extension letter expires? This didn't end up applying to us (though a week ago we thought it would), but here's what the officer said: You do need to get a stamp for this (otherwise there's some kind of special consular permission or something you have to get to re-enter the country, I think she said). She said that you can get the stamp for this reason, even if your letter isn't within a month of expiring, but "I would probably ask you to come back in to get the stamp just a week or two before you leave". 4. What if you're starting a new job that needs to see your papers, and you expect to stay at the job past the expiration date of the extension letter? This actually did apply to us - my wife was just offered a new job the day before our InfoPass appointment. The officer said that you don't need a stamp for this - that the employer will accept your current extension letter, and wait until it's expiring to ask for documentation of continued residency. (But in our case, she gave us the stamp anyway because of the expiring driver's permit.) I imagine all this could vary from officer to officer, and as I said before, it seems that it's ultimately up to their discretion, but I thought others (including people searching this in the future) might find this general information useful.
  20. Good morning everyone. Came USA F1: 01/2015; Married: 10/2015; CPR: 09/2016; Living separate: 05/2017; CPR expires: 09/2018; Now She is proceeding for divorce Finally after all the hurdles I am assuming I have no other way without proceeding to divorce. I tried each and everything; but she does not want to continue because of unknown issue (that she does not want me to know). So here is my position: She is filing for divorce, My CPR will expire on 09/2018, I need to stay till 2021 to complete my education, I wish to continue my life here since in last three years i set up my life here. More or less I have the following evidences. Please advice me if I am missing something or any advice: > I will add a cover letter detailing the relationship from beginning till end- Where, when and how > Marriage certificate, Our driving license (same address), birth certificate, our passports > Divorce paper (after the divorce gets completed) > Joint apt. lease from 10/2015 to till date > Joint light bill, Joint water bill > Internet and cable line under HER name in same address > T-mobile plan under MY name including me, her and her two brothers > Joint auto insurance > Jointly purchased 3 vehicles&auto loans and 1 more vehicle (cash paid before marriage) where she was included in Title after marriage > 2 Joint Checking accounts > 2 years Joint Tax return > Walmart and Sam's Club Spouse Card as her spouse (She is an employee of Walmart now) > Some letters from human services, Govt organizations, insurance, banks, schools under our both name in same address > 2 marriage counselors papers (Counseling as attempt to save relation) > HER Amazon card and Prime Orders showing different purchases from the beginning of relation by me, her, her brothers in different addresses > Police report of her abandonment > JOINT Police report of family violence where she convicted me taking her phone and I convicted her for physical abuse (I have affidavit of neighbors who witnessed) > One hotel vouchers during our trip to another city > 15-20 Pictures from beginning of relation of us, some with family and some with friends in different occasions > My all emails and correspondence during living separate > Her verbal conversation records where she admitted beating me > Our text messages, chat and call history of last one year. > One affidavit from HER, One from Land lord, One from neighbor, One from common friend, One from our ex roommate (No Affidavit from her family because she does not want me to see them even as she ill-intendedly placed me as an awful person in front of them) > Proofs of her some recent suspicious communication with her ex-bf and one other guy > Proof of her threats to me if I try to meet her family > My psychologist's prescription for depression, anxiety and insomnia during her living separate and my attempts to get her back As per other threads on evidences; I am missing the followings/Red Flags: > We never had 401K or Life insurance or Joint savings account > We never had health insurance continuously since she was having medicare through Govt > I don't have hundreds of pictures since she had all of them and she is saying she deleted them! Even I have that text records where I was asking for pictures and she was ignoring my requests > I was arrested for 7 hours for a Class C misdemeanor with my friend (he stole a head phone and put that in my bag even without my notice at Walmart!!) Before Conditional Green Card Approval; Later on it was dismissed because I was not at fault and I proved that. Based on above statements; any advice for : > Any additional evidences needed? Or Am I missing something? > Should I go for Good Faith Marriage Waiver or Abuse Waiver or Extreme Hardship Waiver(Considering my Financial ties, Educational issues and Existing loans at USA) ? > Should I try to get an affidavit any how from her family even though she does not want me to meet them? Any helpful advice welcome.
  21. I already talked to four lawyers; three of them very prominent. I came on F1 visa 01/2015, married 10/2015 and now I am in CGC expiring 09/2018 but our marriage is unfortunately proceeding to divorce. Check my other threads where I discussed about my evidences. When I talked to lawyers all of them confused me: "50/50 chance but You have ways more enough evidences. People get approved with half of evidence as yours; but approval depends on Officer and Case to Case". To be honest and why my title is like that- Because it was real love, my 1st marriage with all best intentions but she stepped out from relation after 1.5 years. Not a single day or for a single moment I had any bad intentions; I have been always honest in my life and same to her, to my marriage and relation. I have evidences, I was honest and I am down to face any interview with millions officers if I need- And I am confident because of my honesty, authenticity and good intentions. Even I said all these to lawyers; they said: "You sound like real husband but even though 50/50 chances and depends from officer to officer". Its freaking weird that an IO will determine future of my education and career just on his/her mentality and intentions to approve or not. Plus the lawyers asked for $1800 for divorce waiver ROC. I was thinking to do own because my honesty, intention, ethics and morals are real and good. Lawyers said: " Don't take risk of self submission". My question: If i submit ROC with Divorce waiver for my real marriage, but if I get denied can I sue USICS? Or any further steps to go to higher authority? I did not like lawyers words: 50/50, Depends, Case to Case. This is a terrible feelings and situation for an immigrant.
  22. Returning to VJ after a two year break now that it's time for ROC! Question time.... My greencard expires on November 6th, so am I correct in thinking the earliest date my ROC application can be received is August 6th? I have a trip to the UK planned from August 30th - September 14th. I haven't been back in two years and I am really excited to visit home again. My questions/concerns.... Am I risking my biometrics being scheduled during the time I am away based on my filing date if I file as early as possible? Can biometrics be rescheduled if this did happen? If I don't file until I return, will I be allowed back into the country with less than two months remaining on my greencard? What is my best course of action? Thank you.
  23. I expect the answer to be no but I wanted to ask if anyone thinks it's possible to get the I-551 stamp at the border following a trip abroad. When we re-enter the U.S., it will be 3½ months before the expiration date I-797 Notice of Action (which extends one year past the green card). So too early to get an InfoPass appointment. However it will only be 1½ months before the one year mark from receipt date on her NoA. I mention this because my state's DMV (erroneously, in my opinion) issued her driver license to expire one year from the receipt date and not one year from the green card expiration date. Although I will request an InfoPass appointment as we approach the weeks preceding the one-year mark from the NoA, I'm afraid USCIS will say that's too far out to get the I-551 stamp, despite the fact that without it my wife won't have a valid driver license in the interim. Does CBP have the authority to issue an I-551 ADIT stamp to a green card holder undergoing Removal of Conditions? If not, has anyone successfully gotten an I-551 stamp well before the one-year mark from the green card expiration date? We filed 89 days before the green card expiration date so in order to have continued proof of her residency we'd need the I-551 almost three months early.
  24. Hi, I am checking the info of the I-751 form before we send it. By the way my green card expires on Aug 07 :S I am getting nervous about this. OK. So I haven't filled the field "USCIS Online Account number" it says it was an account created when we paid the immigrant fee online. I checked my documentation of that part of the process and we don't have a 12-character ID or number but according to what I have read I should have it as that account was needed to paid the immigrant fee to get the green card. I even checked the screenshots I took in August 2015 and I just can see my email. Any suggestions where I can get it? I read this other post here in VJ: The person says it is optional if you have it. I should have it. I just don't know how to get it. Thanks in advance for any info.
  25. I have included only Phsy evaluation and TRO. Also affidavit from my brother who acknowledges the abuse. Question is does affidavit has to be notarized? Or just signed and dated document is fine.