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Found 173 results

  1. Dear all, i have posted a thread recently asking advise on how to procced with the situation where relationships fall apart and the couple moved out from common residence as they decided to split. That happened a full year after i-751 was filed jointly to CSC. Based on timeline, since it was filed at the end of November 2016, its still about 5 months to go until CSC would take a look on it. With a help of some of VJ members (many thanks to Damara and other who took their time to advice on what to do) decidion was made to file for divorce as they not going to live together anymore and marriage did not worked out. At the time of filing they sent A LOT of bona fide evidences so no worrys about lacking of proof that marriage was entered in a good faith at all. In fact, im almost sure the joint petition would`ve been approved as it is, however staying in marriage just until it happen is wrong. So, im asking your advice and input (maybe someone has a first hand experience) on how exactly to notify CSC about current situation and ask for changing petition from joint to divorce waiver. This is my thoughts, please correct me and / or add something you think might be helful. Its a little scary to complicate the case as it already takes 1,5 years to process and the lawyer fee is too expensive for simply sending a papers, so i really hope with the help of VJ community to come up with the right course of action as to how exactly amend the petition. What going to send: 1) A letter from LPR explaning that the marriage did not worked out a year after a joint petotion was filed and asking to change petition basis from joint to divorce waiver. 2) Finalized divorce decree 3)Affidavit from US spose explaning her vision on how and why the marriage fall apart, confirming it was entered in a good faith 5 years ago. 4)Affidavit from LPR similar to the fist one 5)Additional evidences that took place after the joint filing a year ago Is that all? Also, not so sure how exactly to word the letter-request to change petition basis, example would be very helpful!
  2. I was wondering what happens if I file for divorce late (right before adjudication), or my spouse does not show up for the interview, or whatever the case may be. What happens if I refile I-751 with the divorce waiver, but I do not have enough time to receive my final divorce decree. Does that mean that I will be deported or do I still have any options?
  3. California Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved ....................12/--/17........12/--/17......01/--/18......--/--/-- Vermont Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved ....................12/--/17........12/--/17......01/--/18......--/--/-- IMPORTANT! * Make sure that your VJ Text Editor setting is set to Rich Text Editor. * Go to the MOST RECENTLY POSTED VERSION of this list (go to the last post and scroll UP) and "Reply" to it, deleting the "quote" tags in your reply. * Please DO NOT change the font, font size, add colors, stuff like that. * Please PREVIEW before posting to make sure it is properly formatted. * Please check that you have not deleted anyone's NAME & DATA. Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly. * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so.
  4. I came to the US under a K-1 visa in March 2016 and my hubby and I were married April 2016. I applied for my Adjustment of Status (AOS) and went in for my AOS interview on Jan. 20, 2017. I received my conditional residency and 2 year green card, dated as starting Jan. 20, 2017 and expiring Jan. 20, 2019. I realize that I need to apply to lift the conditions 90 days prior to my 2 year green card expiring. That said, both my husband and I recall the immigration officer who interviewed us for the AOS interview stating that ONE year after receiving the 2 year green card (i.e. we're approaching that deadline now), I should submit for a removal of conditions (ROC). So we were verbally told to apply for a ROC 3 months before my 1 year anniversary. BUT everything I've read seems to point to 3 months prior to the 2 year expiration date of my green card. My question is this: Is there anything at all that I need to do ONE year after receiving my AOS and my 2 year conditional residency green card? Or do I just continue collecting evidence of our marital relationship and submit the I-751 package before my 2 year green card is up? I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything here, since the immigration officer seemed to repeatedly say 1 year.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm currently gathering evidences in preparation to file removal of conditions jointly with my wife. I have a questions in regards to joint bank accounts. We currently have only one joint bank account and we use it to pay bills, church contributions, and to transfer funds to each other. We at the same time keep our existing individual accounts which we've had even before we got married. Our joint bank account has an average deposit of $1000.00 a month and has at least 10 or more transactions a month (average of probably around 15-20 transactions a month). This does go way back from the month we go married. Will this be good enough? We do have other evidences to supply such as joint tax transcripts, utility bills (electric under wife and internet under me), joint lease, joint insurances (home renters, auto, dental and vision), timelined pictures, letters from family, travel itineraries, and we could also get some affidavits. I hope we don't get an RFE. Would appreciate some advices and confirmation in regards to this matter. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I need a help in filling my ROC on my green card which will soon expire. I want to know if it is possible to get approved without evidence of filling tax and we don't have an account together in our name? Thanks
  7. Hello! It's been a year and (almost) 9 months since I became a permanent resident, so it's time for me to remove conditions and get my 10 year green card. We have pretty much everything ready, bank statements, life insurance beneficiary stuff, tax returns, rental contract, photos and some other stuff. We wanted to do affidavits just to be on the safe side. We had a few people in mind for affidavits but unfortunately we can't get them all together at the same time, everybody has different work schedules and it just didn't work out. So for tonight we got a mobile notary coming to our house and two of our friends will be here (they're also a married couple). Originally we were gonna have one of them sign an affidavit (and then another friend who can't make it tonight), but now I was wondering if we could just have them two (the married couple) sign two separate affidavits? Does that look strange to an immigration officer or could we do that? Also, if we shouldn't do that, will one affidavit be fine or do you guys recommend having at least two? I read different things about how many we should have. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks! puffers
  8. Hi, I need a help in filling my ROC on my green card which will soon expire. I want to know if it is possible to get approved without evidence of filling tax and we don't have an account together in our name? Thanks
  9. Hi guys , I've done ,my biometric last July 2017 for my ROC and I have a question ,what is next going to happen after the biometric done , when they usually send the 10 years GC? can I still be able to out in state to go other country while waiting the 10 years green car? What papers I need If my green card not arrive on the day I leave ? I leave this December 2 and I'm waiting for my green card and I don't know what paper do I need to bring with me for re-entry to the US. Help guys
  10. Unfortunately our marriage ended though bitter experience in 09/2017. We dated for 4 months, got married 10/2015, received Cond. GC 09/2016. We started having issue from 04/2017 and started living separate since 05/2017. My ex-wife filed for divorce 07/2017; and that was finalized in September 2017. Note: I was at USA on Student visa (expiring 2019) and we both were going same school. We definitely loved each other and married for making a perpetual bond for this life. I tried my all best to save our relation; through friends and family advice, marriage counselors and other sources. But her mind was completely moved out; even she clearly mentioned she were not having any love or emotion for me. I understood, decided to try to solve issues but nothing turned good. Rather something bad came up as a result; some of her involvements with her ex-bf and things really turned rude and nasty. I did not fight for anything in divorce; rather I gave her everything we had since I really loved her and honestly still I do. I know it sounds dumb but I really loved her. I really don't know what happened during the process of divorce; somehow she ended up complaining at USCIS local office against me (Her sole intention was to withdraw her affidavit of support on me). I never did anything wrong or never had any questionable issue in our relation; I am sure she was provoked to do so by someone. She was scared if I could claim support from her which I never did or ever will do. I am totally on the dark side what damages her complain did to my status or towards my upcoming application of ROC because we don't have any contact now. My CGC expires on 09/2018. I went to some lawyers and also went through some threads here. I have 4 questions only: 1. Do I need to hire a lawyer to be safe regarding ROC? Or I can just fill out the forms and add the related proofs, then send to USCIS? I hope my provided list of evidences can help to advice regarding lawyer issue. 2. I have some bonafide-marriage evidences which are below: Are these evidences okay or enough? Or any other evidences required? Joint Apt. Lease, Joint Utility bills, Joint 2 bank accounts, 2 years Joint tax return, title and loan documents of 3 joint cars, Joint Car insurance, 2 months Joint health insurance (later I could not afford) Some government agencies letters to our common address and under our joint names, marriage counseling papers, T-mobile joint accounts with her family members in plan. Our hotel vouchers during travel, some couple and family pictures (she had most pictures and she did not provide me those when I asked her during living separate), spouse card from her employer Walmart and Sam's club, my emails to her during living separate, our all chats and communication histories, affidavits from neighbors and home owners- mutual friends (No affidavit from her family because I asked one time but they did not cooperate; I am not comfortable begging to them) 3. Is there any issue if I submit ROC application before CG expiry? Or I have to submit immediately since the divorce has been finalized? 4. As I said- We are not in contact and I really don't know what she did at USCIS local office. Can her any step do potential damages to my status/or upcoming application? I am confident about my honesty and relation; but I am worried if she misrepresents any thing under influence. Any help appreciated; God bless.
  11. Hello, I would like to first thank you all who take time to read threads like mine. We are coming up on our turn for ROC madness. After reading through the pinned evidence list I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone can perhaps address and help me out. 1. Have leases for 2015 and 2016. Didn't resign the lease for 2017 but are now living month to month in the same place. Do I need to get some kind of letter stating this? I DO have a text that I sent the prop manager asking to verify if we were indeed on a "month-to-month" basis in which she says 'yes', would that suffice along with pieces of mail and "rent paid" statements to prove that? Or all of the above? 2. I know that some people do those medical power things. Important for life blah blah blah. My question is have you ever seen an RFE for them specifically requesting POA or medical POA papers? If not then I figure it's one less thing to chase around 3. For showing trips together, I have the actual plane tickets saved along with trip confirmation stuff. Is that too much? Can I just show passport stamps and pics instead? I have: Every single bank account statement from when he was added along with the signature cards. Every single credit card statement along with a verification letters stating each other as authorized signors on the credit cards. He is primary name on one and I am on the other Every monthly statement/bill for internet and electricity on which both of our names are listed Car titles & registrations with both our names 401k benefit plan with husband listed as beneficiary Car insurance policies spanning with marriage that shows him as authorized driver to eventually fully insured driver Copies of medical / dental insurance cards Various labeled photos on a word document spanning marriage I understand that letters from friends/family along with personal received mail is considered secondary evidence in case you don't have other kinds of evidence. From what you see is there anything you can see that we should make sure and get before we send everything in (In Feb 2018 after taxes are filed)
  12. Hi everyone, I'm in an unusual situation, for which I haven't managed to find an answer in past discussions. I'm a conditional resident, and about two weeks ago I submitted my i-751 to remove the conditions and become a permanent resident (it's definitely been received at the VSC, because they cashed my check). Unfortunately, though, I think I've lost my green card. I last used my green card a week ago, to travel from Austin to New York. I'm still waiting to hear back from all the various lost property places (airline, airports, etc) I've contacted, but not feeling that hopeful right now. This has never happened to me before, and it's REALLY bad timing, because in 6 days time, I'm flying home to the UK for Christmas. I'm due to return to the US in early January, and now am very worried that if I go, I won't be able to re-enter. My green card expires at the end of February. I've yet to receive my NOA1. Hopefully that will come within the next week. The New York InfoPass centre has zero available appointments (same for the Long Island one). So I have a few questions: 1. If I receive the NOA1, but don't find my green card, will that, plus my valid UK passport, be enough for me to re-enter the US? 2. If I don't receive the NOA1 in time, is there any other document that could get me back in? 3. Is there any way to get an i-551 stamp without an InfoPass appointment? Should I try to make an InfoPass appointment at the London embassy? 4. I know that ordinarily I would use form i-90 to apply for a replacement green card -- but can I do that after having submitted i-751? 5. How screwed am I? Any help that anyone would give would be hugely appreciated. I'm feeling pretty freaked right now! I'll update this thread if I get any more information, or am lucky enough to find my green card. Thank you! FM
  13. Hi, guys! I have received my Green Card extension letter on 11/30/2016. Then, I went to the DMV and they extended my DL for one year, until 11/30/2017. Now, I am concerned on how to time getting the stamp in my passport for another one-year extension and then also the renewal of my DL. I live in California and I depend heavily on being able to drive. Also, between 23-26 November, I will be travelling to Mexico. Ideally, I would receive my new DL valid until 11/30/2018 before I leave for Mexico on November 23rd. So I will try to make an InfoPass appointment with the Santa Ana field office for the first week on November and I have made an appointment with the DMV for November 7th. Does anybody have experience with obtaining a stamp form the Santa Ana USCIS office? Will they give it to me in the first week of November if my DL expires November 30th? Thank you kindly.
  14. Since I couldn't find an answer to this anywhere online, here's our experience for future reference: It *is* possible to apply for Global Entry during RoC. Problem: The Global Entry online application portal asks for the green card expiration date. Her card expired a few months ago; we have the extension letter. We weren't sure what to enter for the expiration date and didn't want to throw $100 down the drain by doing it wrong. Tentative solution: At my GE interview a few months ago, I asked the officer, who said she should add one year to the old green card expiration date. Since officers are not known to be 100% reliable, we didn't know if it would work, but we tried... Report back on solution: It worked. She was conditionally approved after a week, and she passed the interview today.
  15. Dear Visa Journey family; So I am in a little bit of a conundrum here. I filed my ROC application in July this year before CSC. According to their estimated processing times as of August 2017 their processing cases from July 19 2016. I know, is nuts that is 1 year 1 Month. Anyway, my extension expires by October next year but I need a I-551 with 6 months in it to be able to start training with the Marines. Is it possible, to get a I-551 passport stamp which would have a validity according to some sources I've read of 6 to 12 months BEFORE my extension expires? So that way my I-551 would have over 6 months in it and I have no problems with the military? Marines do take enlistees on conditional I-551 FYI. So to sum up, I guess the big question would be how soon can you request an I-551 passport stamp before your extension's expiration date? Two months before it expires three? Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Thanks!
  16. So basically since the 2 year GC has expired and spouse is on the Extension, the bank refused a pre-mortgage approval. Reason, the expiry date on the GC. I directed them to the USCIS website and phone number to call. The underwriter said high risk d/t that factor. What the heck?
  17. I have info pass appointment on Tuesday for stamp on my passport... though my extension letter still valid for another 6 months (ROC 2 yrs GC), but i have to travel for work and Mexican consulate suggest i get the stamp to avoid problem at POE Anyone ever experience and got deny from the USCIS officer ? I read something that they won't stamp you when extension letter still valid ..
  18. Hey VJ! So I'm actually a Canadian citizen and my wife is a USC. My two year mark as a conditional permanent resident is coming to an end as of April 2018. Since I've been authorized to work in the U.S. all my wife and I do is work! We are barely even home. She and I live with a mutual family friend and have a rental agreement with her but no other paper trail with our names on it. All we have together are the following : - joint bank account (which isn't used every day because it's a more of a savings) - 2015/2016 joint tax returns - Photo's. - joint credit card (which we literally just go last week) My wife and I have no life/health insurance, we live in N.Y. so we don't have drivers licenses and where we live everything is in our friend's name. My question is with that being said, what exactly do we send in with our application? I understand USCIS needs solid proofs to validate each case but not every marriage is picture perfect and falls under all of the terms of all of their requirements they want to see. If anything I feel it makes people add more sugar coated evidence just out of fear of getting their ROC denied . I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining because I get, it is what it is but I just don't want to get myself worked up for no reason. I don't know if what we have will suffice but I hope it counts as something. Answers would be greatly appreciated!
  19. hey everyone, i need some advice with my situation. I received my Conditional Green Card based on marriage in January this year. My wife started cheating in the meantime and filed for divorce as well. Pretty soon we will be divorced. From what i have read it is my understanding that i will have to just get a waiver for the requirement to file form I-751 jointly next year and since the marriage was entered in good faith there shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately the divorce is turning ugly - should i worry about my soon to be ex-wife doing something for spite to hurt my status? i know for a fact, that she went to the uscis website and changed my address to her current address. I tried changing it back, but the system wont accept my request since the case has been closed with me getting the GC. My second question is regarding bankruptcy - i have medical bills and i have accumulated a lot of debt through the divorce ( wife abandoned me, got stuck with paying rent alone, lawyers' fees, etc), so i am seriously considering filing for bankruptcy. I know it is perfectly legal, yet i cant find a definite answer whether it will hurt my chances for ROC next year. is it supposed to show "bad moral character"? and if yes, if i dont file for bankruptcy - doesnt having a lot of debt show that as well? Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  20. I really need some help please. I made a mistake on the money order by putting the wrong name instead of USDHS. What will happen to my application and my money order? Will they send back the money order? Has this happen to anyone before?
  21. I am writing because I need both some legal and emotional support. I fell in love and loved unconditionally a law enforcement officer (federal employee). He is a USC at the age of 44, while I am a GC holder at the age of 26. After 1 year of dating, and 2 years of marriage, he told me he was no longer in love with me, but he loved me and that life was comfortable with me. There was chemistry and passion at the beginning of our relationship, but they faded away from his side. I still loved him, and wanted to be intimate with him, but he couldn't. He filed for divorce, which is emotionally devastating for me. A bit more about him: As a child, my husband's mother’s partner was emotionally and physically abusive toward him. His mom knew about the abuse, but she still sided with her partner. My husband was shamed on a consistent basis. He had to learn how to put a mask to pretend someone he was not. Though the relationship with dad is now better, his biological dad also ridiculed his good grades and his interest in books, education and history. He never felt comfortable at home, and he was never able to have stable and loving relationships. He found his "home" with the law enforcement. In the past year, he moved 1000 miles away for a job, he told me not to move with him, and he divorced me. However, he said he wanted to continue a relationship with me, and, after 8 months of separation, tells me he wanted me close to him. After divorce has been heard and signed off on (final divorce decree will be in November), I moved for him across the country because I wanted to be closer to him (and I wanted to work on our relationships), and he wanted me close to him. He seemed to have cared about me. He spent a lot of his free time with me, doing weekend trips and what not. He also helped me a lot in moving closer to him. However, once I moved here, I discovered he was on hook-up and dating applications. Unfortunately, I saw text messages between him and his new "lover." He denied the existence of those texts. I was extremely disappointed. I confronted him about this, and he told me he liked the idea of dating other people. He understood I felt unsettled to see him date other people, and he would feel the same about me. He also said it would be unsettling for him to commit to me. At the same time, he would also make some long term plans with me, like taking days off when my family comes to visit next year, he would ask me to sign cards that he was sending to his family (who I have met and they are wonderful human beings), and he would plan my naturalization ceremony. I ended up setting the boundary with him, because the pain was too great for me. I love him unconditionally, and I wanted to grow with him together. I just could not continue living in this insecurity. I lost trust in him, and I pain a lot. I told him that I cared about his happiness and needs, but it seemed like we had to be friends as he wanted to date other people and be on his own to figure out what he wants. It has been 2 weeks now, and I have not heard anything from him. Emotional support questions: Did I do a right thing to let him go? Why did he string me a long for so long? What was his purpose in making long term plans with me if he was not ready to commit? What are the chances he will come around? Is there anything else I can do to win him back? Why did he choose fantasy over a real, loving and stable relationship with me? Why has he not contacted me? Legal support questions: I do have screenshots of his activity on dating profiles before divorce (but during separation). I also have screenshots of his activity on hook-up applications from before the divorce has been finalized. Should I include them in the package? Will they have any positive bearing on my application, as a proof that he simply needed something other than my love? I have also written up my own statement detailing the relationship and my interactions with my husband. Since my ex-husband works for the law enforcement, he has a pretty high security clearance. While my statement is true and correct , I do not want any of that to affect his security clearance now or in the future. Will my statement have any bearing on his background screen?
  22. I am losing my mind lol. USCIS won't accept my I-751 removal of conditions petition because the "Resident since" date on my green card is wrong: I was admitted in late Dec 2015 but the GC date is Apr 2016. I filed an I-90 earlier this year, but it's taking more than a year to process those. Just to be sure: Does your green card "Resident since" date match your POE date? (Not for K1s who did AOS)
  23. I on ROC process with extension letter 1 year, I have to travel to Mexico for work next month. Today, I went to Mexican consulate and they said they won't except my expire GC and I797A extension to enter Mexico & they can't issue me a Mexico visa if i apply one either... They said i need I551 stamp on my passport to enter Mexico... (I'm not from the country that "no visa require list" either) Not sure what to do now..... My case is still within 1 year, would USCIS give a a stamp ?
  24. Good luck October filers. California Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- Vermont Service Center (0 applicant, 0 approved - 0%) VJName..............Date of I-751...NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved USERNAME..............--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/15......--/--/-- IMPORTANT! * Make sure that your VJ Text Editor setting is set to Rich Text Editor. * Go to the MOST RECENTLY POSTED VERSION of this list (go to the last post and scroll UP) and "Reply" to it, deleting the "quote" tags in your reply. * Please DO NOT change the font, font size, add colors, stuff like that. * Please PREVIEW before posting to make sure it is properly formatted. * Please check that you have not deleted anyone's NAME & DATA. Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly. * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so.
  25. Here's our experience, in case it helps other searching for this topic. Situation: - We recently moved to Illinois. - 2-year green card will expire in 2 weeks (along with old driver's license from previous state on same day) - NOA1 extension letter received a few weeks ago. - We went to the downtown DMV to get new licenses. Mine was easy-peasy (USC), but spouse was told she would have to take the driving test, even though she is coming in with a valid license from another US State. We don't even have a car here, so we rented one & went to the North facility on Elston. There, the gatekeeper took one look at her documents, said "Why did they say you have to take a driving test? You have a valid license from state X. You shouldn't have to do the driving test. Go check with the supervisor over there." Supervisor concurred, said no driving test was needed. She was able to get the license issued on the spot. Outcome: License is on its way in the mail. They took the extension letter at face value, no questions asked. We think the license will expire one year from current green card expiry date, and hopefully 10-year card will have arrived by then. Moral of the story: Different DMVs do say different things. We got unexpectedly good news!