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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Board, My mother will be coming back to USA after little less than 2 years away from USA (She took a 2 years re-entry permit before departure).She was living with me before departure and she will live with me also after she comes back. By this time I have changed my address while she was away. Will she need to change her address (AR11 with USCIS) before she comes back to USA? Thanks a lot for your help on this.
  2. I received my re-entry permit today. I will be abroad for another year. My document expires in 2019. I was curious what people's experiences were returning to the United States using a re-entry permit. I can't find anything about it other than that I "might" be interrogated or I "might" be denied re-entry. Does anyone have any actual stories, good, bad or indifferent?
  3. Hi all. I have a question regarding this - if i plan to naturalize using the 3 year rule, what do i need to do? Background info: 1. Wife is a natural born USC - left USA at the age of 2 and never stepped foot on US soil ever since then. 2. I got selected for DV lottery, activated the GC Nov of last year (2016). 3. My eldest child got included in the DV so he has a GC now. (DV3) 4. 2nd child (youngest) was not included and wife is petitioning for him now (I-130) 5. Currently out of the USA and plan to go back to USA this month (just me and my kid - wife still has to work in home country and taking care of the youngest) 6. Planning to get re-entry permit this month too (I-131) and return to my home country after the I-131 biometric. 7. Will make a move to the USA some time middle of next year after the petition is approved and visa in hand for the youngest. Now my questions: 1. Let's just say i arrive on US soil again maybe July next year (July 2018), how soon can i apply for naturalization? 2. Would having Re-entry permit affects my application? 3. Also once I naturalized using 3 year rule, would my offspring , regardless where he/she is born (obviously out of the USA), be considered as a USC at birth? (i know that the offspring of parents where both parents are USC, will always be a USC IF one of them has been in the USA prior to the birth - but i just want to know that IF, just IF, USCIS considers only my citizenship (via naturalization after being LPR for 3 years), would my child automatically be considered as a USC? Or do i need to spend 5 years as a USC on US soil before that takes place?) - SIDE INFO, prior to getting a GC, I spent 4 years in the USA on J1 visa years ago, completing my bachelors degree - not sure this period can be counted towards that 5 years being USC rule before my offspring can be considered USC at birth). Thoughts?
  4. Hi, I did my biometric on September 2016 in the US then left. I received the re-entry permit ( 2 years) on December 2016 while i was abroad. Question: Should I return to the US by September 2018 or December 2018 (validity of re-entry permit) ? (Advise please)
  5. Hi all. I have some questions here. Currently I am out of the USA - but will be in USA within 1 month. The expected duration of stay would be exactly 3 months. Within that 3 months, i would like to apply the following documents: 1. Green Card replacement I-90 for myself (my GC is MIA - tracking says it is delivered but no where to be seen - USCIS helpline said if it is said as Delivered, nothing else they can do) 2. Green card replacement I-90 for my toddler (no biometric - and no need to come in-person) [same case as mine] 3. Re-entry permit I-131 for myself 4. Re-entry permit I-131 for my toddler (no biometric - and no need to come in-person) Re-entry permits are to be delivered to the US embassy in Malaysia. My toddler and I both have a valid I 551 stamp on our passports (but will expire end of this year). Questions: 1. From my readings, i've come to understand that my toddler would not need to have his biometric taken. Can other verify this as well? a. therefore i would not need to pay for biometrics in both I-90 and I-131 right? b. i do not need to bring him to any of the interviews right? 2. Would 3 months be enough for me to reach to the point of the biometric to be taken? 3. If the answer for No 2 is NO, then what are my options? I am not sure if i can prolong my stay in the USA longer than 3 months as it is putting a lot of strain on me financially. (changing flight would cost a lot of money too). I plan to be back in the USA for good maybe middle of next year (a huge maybe there - hence i need to have the re-entry permit in place).
  6. I just realized, I made a mistake on sending the documents needed for I-131 for the Re-Entry Permit. Instead of sending in a copy I-797, I sent a copy of my I-797C instead! I already had my biometrics taken for the re-entry permit a week ago, so I'm not sure what to do.
  7. Hi all! I'd like to make sure my children don't need any re-entry permit or a returning resident visa while on my husband orders and won't lose their LPR status? I read in the USCIS manuals that step-children are considered children for visa purpose, but not for naturalization. "One definition of child applies to approval of visa petitions, issuance of visas, and similar issues. [2] The other definition of child applies to citizenship and naturalization. [3] I was trying to find detailed explanation of what USCIS means by 'similar issues' and if they mention step-children who reside overseas on official orders. And they mention everywhere 'child'. Does it apply to step children as well? "Spouse or Child of a Member of the U.S. Armed Forces or Civilian Employee of the U.S. Government Stationed Abroad - If you are the spouse or child of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or of a civilian employee of the U.S. government stationed abroad on official orders, you may use your Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551, to enter the United States even if it has expired. Therefore, you would not need a Returning Resident (SB-1) immigrant visa......" As I got naturalized I learned that it counts as my child resides overseas even being on orders and can't derive citizenship from me until we are back in the states. I wanted to make sure that we won't run into trouble because we will be stationed overseas for over a year. Has anyone had the same experience? Thanks!