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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone. My fiance had his medical this week and unfortunately, he has to go through sputum testing which will take 8 weeks for the results to come back. Our I-129F petition approval has an expiration date of November 24th so we will definitely pass that date. The medical office told him they would contact the embassy about his appointment, but will they automatically extend the petition approval? I really don't want to take any chances so I was going to have him contact the embassy directly to request an extension. Can someone help me out with how to contact the New Delhi embassy? Do we contact them through US Travel Docs (support-india@ustraveldocs.com). Or do they have a direct email address for the embassy? Also, if anyone has experience with going through the sputum testing in New Delhi please share how it went - did they automatically re-schedule your embassy interview or did you have to re-schedule after you received the results and were cleared?
  2. My fiance is from Tumkur (near Bangalore) and we are currently in K1 process. Which embassy will we be routed to for interview (Mumbai, Delhi, etc)?
  3. My fiance does not have a birth certificate. He does have a document he signed that was notarized which states: the date and location of his birth, that he has no documentary *proof* of his place and date of birth, that he does have a copy of a School Certificate as supporting evidence of his birth date (photocopy of which was enclosed; he has the original also) This is on an Indian Non-Judicial "E-Stamp" Article 4 Affidavit with Certificate No., Issued Date, and has stamps by a notary and sub-divisional Magistrate. It does *not* contain any statements or signatures by his parents attesting to his date and location of birth. Would this work in lieu of a birth certificate? Has anyone used this type of document before, and what was the result? What have others successfully used where a birth certificate was not available? (This is for the US Embassy in Delhi.)
  4. Dear VJers, I cannot believe that I get to write this post. Really! Visa approved, passport in hand and hubby just booked his ticket. In 2 weeks, we will all be together, finally! We did it, woohoo! So stoked and thankful to you all. I know that the only reason we were able to move along this journey without major battle wounds was because of you all. If I could, I'd hug ya'll who have lit the way for us. To the folks, with similar major "red flags" as ours, massive thanks for spending countless hours, days, weeks, years battling "the forces" and sharing your stories and knowledge here! I am eternally thankful to you! To the rest (moderators too!), thank you for keeping most of us hinged and offer your guidance and light. Thank you does not seem enough! Now for folks going through tough Embassies like ours -- if you are just starting out, I highly suggest searching the VJ and reading for several months before delving into the journey itself. Then once the ride starts, spend more time on facetime (time spent together), be truthful on all your dealing with officials and the rest will work out. Oooooh, what to do with 15 days while waiting for hubby? Organizing cabinets, dressers and closets (gotta make room for him, huzzah!) Clean (hahaha!) Did I say organize already? Thanks again, for providing this place, your guidance and your time! Wishing you all speedy visa journeys, peace of mind and total joy, in life and love!
  5. Interview in New Delhi

    I can not find clear information on how we get our interview date. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-iv-kvisa.asp This website says: So here it sounds like we will schedule the appointment. However, the documents he received, "Packet 4", do not say anything about the interview. The first time we went through the K-1 process in 2013, they sent the date to him. Now, I'm not sure how we will get the date or when. Do we need to submit the DS-160 first? Also, if we submit the DS-160, how quickly will they give it to us if that how it's done? If we schedule it then it's not a problem. We are concerned about travel. He needs to travel to New Delhi from Dubai to do the Medical and then to his hometown to get PCC and the rest of his documents. Also, I'm planning to attend the interview and I'm eager to book my flight from US to New Delhi. Thank you for any insight that anyone may have.
  6. My interview happened on 3rd May New Delhi,India USA Embassy. Its been 8 days now and no email/status update from embassy. CEAC status still shows Ready. Also, on the appointment page of ustraveldocs where I booked the appointment and paid fees, the details of visa and fee etc have now vanished with no detail of the document delivery. Refer attached screenshot. Any help on How long does it usually take for the visas stamping to happen for New Delhi India Consulate for immigration visas? Help from other approved applicants is much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi, My interview happened on 3rd May New Delhi,India USA Embassy. Its been 8 days now and no email/status update from embassy. CEAC status still shows Ready. Also, on he appointment page (cgifrderal) the details of visa and fee etc have now vanished with no detail of the document delivery. Any help on how long does it usually take for the visas stamping to happen for New Delhi India Consulate for immigration visas? Help from other approved applicants is much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I have a question regarding packet 4 for K1 Visa. Its been 3 weeks since the case is in ready state and yet no packet 4. Is it mandatory for the interview? Anybody has similar experience for New delhi, India? i have my medical done and interview scheduled, but packet 4 is still not received. Would it be ok giving interview without that? I've read that packet 4 is just a set of instructions. Thanks for the help and some answers
  9. Can anyone who has been through the entire process or booked appointment for the interview, please provide some information on how long you had to wait? I mean once you have the case number from NVC, Could you book a date as early as next week, or you had to wait a month or more? like the dates were open to choose from, or the calendar only showed you open dates starting from 1-2 months later? You had to wait for hardcopy Packet 3 or you could book visa interview and medical with only the case number ? Thank you
  10. I just finished filing my I-130 petition at the New Delhi USCIS office today. I found other people's experiences at the New Delhi center to be helpful, so here's mine. Background: My husband is a French national, and we've lived in Mumbai for the past four years because of his job. I'm on an entry visa and cannot work in India. Before moving to India, we were in Hong Kong. We've been married for six years. We stayed at the Ashok Hotel, which is about a 15-minute brisk walk to the U.S. embassy. Other than having to dodge cars when crossing the streets and ignoring the persistent auto-rickshaw drivers who wanted a fare, it was a pleasant walk. We got to the embassy a few minutes before our 9:30 a.m. appointment, but after looking at our passports and appointment letter, security directed us to go across the street to a little kiosk where we had to hand over our electronics -- mobile phones and a Fitbit, and each item cost 50 rupees to hold, with a passport needed for ID purposes. If I had to do this again, I would have left all my electronics at the hotel. There was only one other person in line at the kiosk, but I was already antsy about the whole process and the delay didn't help things. After we returned to the embassy entry gate, the guard took our passports, looked questioningly at the appointment letter I had printed off the USCIS website and then turned to his superior, who seemed to chastise the guard (all in Hindi, so I had no idea what was said). The guard finally escorted us to the security checkpoint and to the Department of Homeland Security office. There were two groups waiting (a three-person group and a two-person group). No clock in the office, but I'm guessing we waited about 20 minutes before we were called to the window. The officer took the I-130 and G-325s and checked to make sure all the boxes were filled out. In addition to the required documents proving my U.S. citizenship (passport and certificate of citizenship since I received my citizenship through my parents), residency in India (four years of my stay visas and copies of my visa stamps) and marriage (marriage certificate from California), I brought three photos of us at various stages of our married life (one at our wedding, one with a friend, one with his parents), bank statements from India and Hong Kong for our joint accounts, our current lease in India (which is under his name) and his job contract. The officer took the photos and bank statements, but didn't need my husband's stay visas when I offered, since the residency requirement only applied to the petitioner, and didn't request anything else. The officer told me to take my demand draft and have an escort take me to the pay counter, but when I went outside the office, my escort was gone. I told the guard at the desk that I needed to go pay for my application. She told me to wait inside the office, which I did for about 10 minutes. The escort showed up and told me to bring my U.S. passport. We then walked outside to go behind the building into another door. At the pay counter, no one was there, so I waited a few minutes, then knocked on the glass window. A clerk showed up right away. I handed over my passport and demand draft, and he issued a receipt for my payment, with my name misspelled, but it didn't matter to the consular officer when I returned. She accepted the receipt, and we were done. I asked, "You don't need any more information?" and she said no. Throughout the process, I didn't sense any suspicion on her part, but she didn't give the instant approval I was hoping for. When I asked her what was next, she told me the petition would be adjudicated, I would be informed, and the case would be sent to the Mumbai consulate, which would contact me about the next step. When I asked how long it would take to get a notification from the Mumbai consulate, she said, "Ideally, six to eight weeks." I hope that's just the standard answer and not the reality. It didn't seem to be very busy at that center. Only a handful of people were in the waiting room when I first entered, and only a mother-son group after I left. My husband said I missed the drama with the mother and son while I was gone. Before I left to pay, in a room connected to the waiting room, I could hear a consular officer interviewing the mother. She was asked why she didn't list on visa application that she had previously applied for a visa. The mother said through her son, who was translating, that it just slipped her mind. I could hear the doubt in the consular officer's response, "Well... OK I'm going to change your answer to 'previously applied for a visa.' " I left after that, but my husband told me the mother had her visa rejected, and her son was furious with the mother. After they came out of the interview room, they were told to wait while the officer checked on something. As his mother tried to talk to her son about what just happened, he said, "I just can't talk to you right now," got up and walked to the other side of the room. Not that I needed reminding, but it was a good reminder to not fudge anything on the visa applications. After we handed in our visitor badges, we were allowed to exit without an escort. Then we collected our electronics at the kiosk, which had a longer line since more Indians were now waiting to get into the embassy. Overall, it was an easy process. I just hope they approve our petition quickly because a job offer in the United States is pending. I noticed for the first half of 2016, processing times for I-130s were less than a month, but the July-October 2016 period saw the time lengthen to 1.4 months. I am hoping that's because it was peak student visa season.
  11. For those of you who have had experience with the US Embassy in India (New Delhi, specifically): Do consulate officers visit the homes/neighbors of the Indian citizen as part of the interview/investigation process? If so, in what circumstances, if any? Does anyone have any experience with this? Very important that I find out more about the chances of this happening... (See previous post for more information as to why I am asking)