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Found 57 results

  1. I filed the I-130 for my husband last month. I used my maiden name on the paperwork because that's the name on my passport, and I didn't want any confusion or delay. I originally planned to change my last name to his after the process was complete, but I've since realized that the process may take up to a year. Can I change my name during this process? Or should I wait until next year?
  2. I am a recent U.S citizen after the oath ceremony and I wish to change my name. What do I put down as the state I was born in and where my birth certificate was issued? I was born outside of the United States.
  3. I've seen a lot of people on here ask about same-day oath ceremonies and name changes. Here's some information that might be helpful. Same-day ceremonies Some offices offer same-day oath ceremonies and some do not. For those that do, you usually have to be interviewed in the morning to be offered a same-day ceremony because they fill up quickly (see link below). Name changes Although the N400 form has a place where you can request a name change, only a judge can approve a name change. USCIS offers two types of ceremonies: Administrative and Judicial. Name change requests can only be accommodated at Judicial ceremonies. Some people automatically assume that a name change request will delay your application, but this depends on the local office (see link below). Judicial ceremonies can also be carried out by the Federal District Court. Here are three examples: 1) Houston offers monthly Judicial ceremonies and "rarely" offers Administrative ceremonies - so a name change request is very unlikely to cause a delay. 2) Seattle conducts Judicial ceremonies once per year, but regularly offers Administrative ceremonies - so a name change request can cause a significant delay unless the District Court holds its own ceremonies (you would have to check the court's website). 3) San Jose conducts an Administrative ceremony 2 to 3 times per month, but does not offer Judicial ceremonies - so a name change request will not be accepted if your N400 goes through San Jose (this is a recent change, but if you search, you'll find interview experiences describing this). Where to find this information Click on the link below and use the map to find your field office. When you're on your field office's page, scroll down to Naturalization Ceremonies. That will tell you whether or not they offer same day oath ceremonies. http://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices
  4. I'm a permanent resident card holder (Green Card). I've been in the U.S for almost a month. I want to change my full name. I come from Jordan. So... Can I change it now? or Would it be better to change after I get my citizenship?
  5. Hi, My husband (US citizen and principal applicant on our i-129F) changed his name before our marriage. Is it sufficient to explain it in part 14 on the 1-485 and attach the court order as proof? Has anyone else gone through this? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I am planning to get married in Colorado next month. In filing my I-485, I am planning to put my husband last name as my current last name. Let's say my name is Alpha Bravo Charlie and my husband name is Echo Delta Foxtrout. 1. Can I put Alpha Bravo Charlie Foxtrout as my current name (#1)? 2. Do I put Alpha Bravo Charlie for "Other name I have ever used" (#2)? 3. If I have my foreign passport renewed after the wedding, but before the immigration interview, will it be a problem if my name in my passport is (still) Alpha Bravo Charlie? Thank you very much for your help in answering my question.
  7. If I can't change my name before the oath ceremony, can I change my name after the oath? I know I will have to go to court with papers filled out. I'm curious on what documents I need to prepare. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I need the forms of Petition for Name Change, Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing and Order for Name Change for the court. I'm not sure how to change my name on Social Security Card and passport. Help is needed on these two. If there's documents and steps that I need to prepare would be great to know. Finally, last portion of this confusion. N-565 form. My goodness, $555. Part of my soul shatter when I saw the price. Can someone tell me do I have to fill out this form for my name change since I just passed my naturalization interview? I'm trying to avoid this form for my name change process and I highly doubt it. Thank you for those who answer.
  8. So I called the ssn office to confirm the order I was doing things I know all offices are different , apparently we cant do name change with the ssn till we have EAD or GC card, my fiancé should have her ssn in a few days .So when we apply for AOS,EAD/AP ,well take the EAD card ,marriage certificate , our ssn numbers , and request the name change .It seems like every office has its own way of doing things, once we get the EAD should we wait a week or so to make sure its in their system? should we make sure we have the ssn number written down somewhere? ive heard some ppl say they took their ssn card once they showed them the EAD. is the name change with the EAD a simple process? I first thought the order of doing tings was to do ssn name change first , then apply for AOS/EAD, but seems not the case at least where I live
  9. Name change

    At the moment it is after naturalization interview and before oath. I recently passed my naturalization citizenship interview and I want to change my name. I don't know what to do, I'm so confused on everything. Can I change my name before the oath? If so, can someone tell me step by step on how to do that? As soon as possible is much appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, 3 questions 1) my fiancee and I plan to wed in Hawaii in September then she will return to Manila and we will file a CR-1. She needs her passport and VISA (B1) for work and to visit me while we wait. So it seems that it would be easier to hold off on the name change until after she arrives in the U.S. with an immigrant VISA as she would have to change names on both documents and nothing happens quickly or easily in Manila. Are we wrong about this? (to fend off questions about K-1 in advance, she can't afford the wait for an EAD to work as her job requires frequent travel, but we want to be together in the U.S. as soon as we can.) 2) question 47 asks for passport number and 48 for travel document number. Are these the same or should we put her B1 VISA number down as a the travel document? 3) We are buying a house about 3 weeks after we marry - she is flying to the U.S. to sign closing documents with me. For the mailing address should we use my current address or the address of the house we are buying as I will be living there by the time the CR-1 is complete unless everything goes FUBAR at closing. Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. I got married yesterday (yay!) after arriving on my K1 a couple of weeks ago. I would like to change my last name, but it's a little more complicated than the typical way things are done... I'll use example last names to describe the scenario: My wife was married before, and changed her own last name from Jones to Smith. When she got divorced, she kept Smith to match her kids' last name - they were very young at the time and it saved confusion. Now that the kids are older, she is going to change back to her maiden name of Jones but hasn't done so yet. I would like to change my last name to Jones, so that we will have the same last name eventually. HOWEVER... Our marriage certificate still lists her last name as Smith. My question is: If I submit my AOS paperwork with my last name as Jones, due to the fact that by the time I get my green card, my wife will also have the last name of Jones, will it cause an issue if Jones doesn't appear on our marriage certificate? My fear is that the case handler won't like the fact that I'm submitting everything under a name that isn't anywhere on our marriage certificate and therefore isn't a logical last name to use. We're in Ohio, and didn't have the option of stating what my/our married names would be on the certificate. I hope that makes sense. If anyone has any advice on the best way to go about filing the paperwork, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  12. My wife is considering changing her name during the application for naturalization. Let's say I'm John Paul Smith and her maiden name was María Teresa Sosa López, with me having a first name, middle name, and last name, and her having a first name, middle name, paternal last name, and maternal last name. Upon marriage she changed her name to María Sosa Smith, taking her paternal surname as her middle name and taking my surname as her new surname. With the N-400 application, she wants to become María López Smith. When she naturalizes and we update her name at the DMV, bank, et cetera, what is the actual document she shows demonstrating the new name change? I'm assuming it will list also list her previous married name to demonstrate the change. Are there scenarios where we will need to show our marriage certificate to demonstrate both name changes? Thanks for your advice!
  13. Hi! Back in the tax season, in March my husband and I went to hr&block to help us to file tax return and a request for an ITIN number for me. I had a pending adjustment of status (and I still have it) but I didn't have a work permit (EAD) at the time, so I could not have a social security number neither a state id with my married name. All id documents I had were from my country but all of them had my maiden name. The agent at hr&block advise us to put my maiden name on ITIN form and 2016 tax return, because she said we could have problems to prove my identity without an id document with my married name on. I got my ITIN without problems. I filed my AOS packet with my married legal name, so I got EAD with it. I got ssn number and FL state id with my married name as well. Now, I need to tell IRS that I have SSN now but my ITIN was with my maiden name so I think it's a name change. I know that I should write a letter to notify them about this changes but I feel a bit insecure to send copy of ssn, state id and EAD thru the mail. I don't know... Do I should just go to an IRS office and talk with them? Did somebody have a situation like mine? Sorry if it's was long and thanks
  14. Hello All, I wanted to change my name during the naturalization process but my office (San Jose, CA) does not do judicial ceremonies, so I can't do that. I think I would need to change my name after becoming a US citizen. Does anyone know if it is OK to change your name via the court before you have your Oath Ceremony? I think the name change process through the court system takes about a month. I have not received my oath ceremony letter yet but most likely it is going to be in exactly a month (I just got the text/email that my ceremony has been scheduled). I think I have just enough time to do the name change before I receive the Naturalization Certificate at the Oath Ceremony. I'm wondering how long in advance they produce the Certificates with my current legal name. If I bring proof of my name change, would they issue my Naturalization Certificate with my new name? If you have had this experience, please do share it. I would love to hear it. I will call USCIS tomorrow and try to get an infopass to ask this question. Thank you all!
  15. Hi, I am due to start processing the removal of my conditions by August of this year. When we had our interview last 2015 for my green card through marriage, the officer who interviewed us changed my last name to my maiden name. At the time, we have our marriage certificate as proof of my name change, however in the Philippines marriage certificate don't show my married name, but my maiden name and labeled as WIFE. That is just how it is in the Philippines because that is where we got married. Anyway, after the interview and getting approved, my husband noticed that may name was written as FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME MARRIED NAME. He made a comment about it as he thought it was hyphenated. So then the officer decided to double check but there was really nothing wrong. At the time our lawyer has left already. So then officer asked for an ID that says my married name, I don't have one yet so I showed our marriage cert. And since my marriage cert shows my maiden name, I told her that;s how it is in the Philippines. I guess the officer wasn't aware so she changed my last name back to my maiden name. To note we filed all forms using my married name using our marriage cert as proof. Our lawyer said that it was a fault of USCIS and that if I request for my name change it should be of no charge. We decided to just do the name change when I remove my condition, and avoid the name change fee because it wasn't our fault, this per our attorney. I know for the removal of condition I need to use the I-751, how do i do the change of last name? Advices will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  16. I am going to the US on a K1 visa and applying for a SS number a couple of days after my arrival (as what people here have suggested). So after my fiance and I get married, if I don't change my name and maintain my maiden name, what problems would I encounter? Will not changing my name actually make things easier for me with regards to filing paperworks? Or no? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Hi All, I am currently on F1-OPT status. Before applying for AOS, I tried changing my maiden name to my married name several times at different SSA offices. I was told that something was off in the system by the department of homeland security so eventually I gave up. I filed all of my applications (AOS) using my married name. Now all of my US legal documents documents (lease agreement, current EAD, and driver's license) use my maiden name. Only my UK passport and my I-797 actually recognize me by my married name. Questions: 1. I need to renew my license based on my I-797. Will I have a problem since my current license uses a different name from that on my I-797? 2. If I go back to SSA, do you think I'll be able to finally officially change my name since I now have an alien registration number recognizing me by my married name? Thanks!
  18. Passport Amendment

    Hi everyone! anybody had their passport amended in San Francisco Consulate through mail? just wanna know how it went. My passport is still valid but I am planning to fly abroad in the near future, I just wanted my last name to be change with my married name so if I book my ticket all of my ID's or my green card will reflect the same name. I had my ROM reported in NY Consulate since we got married on the east coast, now we moved here in west coast Washington state. Planning to send it here in San Francisco since its the closest but i can't find any forum about it nor how to address them in money order. Should I just send the packet in NY or here in SF? I just wanna make sure if I'm doing the right thing Please share your experience or knowledge!! everything will be appreciated!!
  19. Hello, I am from the Netherlands and recently got married to a U.S. citizen. I am in the process of applying for a green card (lots of fun administrative work). On our marriage certificate it states my maiden name (just like in my Dutch passport) , however I do wanna change my name to my married name. Do I fill in all the green card forms with my maiden name and apply for a name change after I obtain my green card, or do I fill in all the forms with the new married name that I wanna use? I hope you guys can help me out!
  20. We are family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids). My wife & I had green card for > 5 years and submitted N-400 application with last name change last week. [Our 2 kids who are born in the US (US citizens).] 1a. What are the procedure involved in the name change after submitting N-400? 1b. If I book any international travel for next year, which name should be given? 1c. How easy is to transfer our name change in all the legal documents: SSN, DMV, job place, banks, tax, 401k account, global entry, travel, utilities etc etc. 1d. Is there a easy way to change our name in all these places? 1e. Is there a checklist where we can track our progress in change of names in all the legal documents? 2. As mentioned earlier, Our 2 kids who are born in the US (US citizens), will have to changes their last names once our names are changed. 2a. We need to update their name changes in all the legal documents as well. What is the procedure to do this? When do we start the process? Where do we get all these information? 2b. What happens to their birth certificates? 2c. We just recently renewed both their passports. What is the process to change their names in the passports? 3. Is it a wise decision to book our international travel for next year with current or new last names? Together how long is this entire process takes?
  21. I got married to a USC and chose a hyphenated name change, reflected on our marriage certificate (First Name, Middle Name, Maiden Last Name-Husband Last Name). I already submitted my AOS to USCIS and it is currently pending (waiting for biometrics schedule). Recently, I have decided that i wanted to simplify my name by dropping the middle name, using my maiden last name as middle name, using my husband's last name alone and dropping the hyphen. How do I go about this change? Can I possibly change it during my green card interview? Would appreciate your help.
  22. Hey everybody, We are new here and, my husband and me are trying to file for i130 and i485 together, we've been together for 7 years, both going back and forth and at one point living in my country for three years. We decide to get married in April, and we are trying to fill the forms right now, which at times seem pretty confusing. Our biggest issue right now is that we don't know how to go about the name, I would like to have my husbands last name and change my first name if possible, we read a lot of people just fills the forms with the married name they want and put their maiden on "other". I've looked everywhere on the i485 and didn't find "other name". All my documentation is obviously on my maiden name, but we read a lot of people submits the forms with their desired name. I would want to have my husband's name, it would mean a lot to me. I'm not sure how to go about it, we didn't get the option when we got married to change it. We are in the state of Delaware, we looked into changing the name, but it said it had to be done through DMV or SSA.. I can't do either cause I'm not a resident and I don't have a ssn. Any help is deeply appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  23. Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this because I haven't become a citizen yet, but I have a concern in regards to after becoming a citizen. I am applying for citizenship and thinking of changing my hard to pronounce ethnic last name to my father's name which is Matthew. But I keep hearing that it's odd to have "Matthew" as a last name. People are telling me that it's usually reserved for first and middle names. Is that true? Some are saying that "Matthews" is more common as a last name than "Matthew". I don't know what to choose now.
  24. Hello everyone, I have a concern to share and to ask for advice. When I got married, I did not change my name, even though my marriage application form says my designated last name is my husband's name. But, I wanted to change my last name this time as I filed my application for removal of condition. I didn't go through court or anything, but requested USCIS to change my name as my first name, maiden name as middle name, and husband's last name as my last name. Now, after I sent my application, USCIS would send me letters with my name as I requested. So I assumed that they would make my green card this way. But when I finally received my 10 year green card, it said my first name, and maiden name and husband's last name as one surname (no hyphen). I prefer having my maiden name as middle name, instead of being connected to my husband's last name. I called USCIS and told them about it, then the representative asked me if this would cause trouble to my traveling in the future. I said I don't know. I said as long as Social Security Administration could have my name as first name, middle name, marrried name, I don't really care. The representative said, if I want to change my name on GC, I would have to file I-90, and if I could prove that it was USCIS's fault that my GC doesn't have the name as I wanted, I do not have to pay fee. I assume that I can send copies of USCIS letters they sent me with the name I requested as the evidence that my GC was supposed to have my maiden name as my middle name. However, the application instruction says that I would have to send my original GC in the package, and I'm wondering if it is worth doing it. I'm a little nervous about sending my GC I just got. Besides, my full name would be exactly the same.. whether [first name], [maiden name as middle name], [married name] or [first name], [maiden name and married name surname]. But the USCIS representative had also told me that I could try going to Social Security and see if they would have my maiden name as middle name, instead of part of surname, without changing my GC name. I was going to do that, but then my American friend told me that when her name on mortgage and tax didn't match with SS name, she had to pay fine, even though her full name was the same. She also wanted her maiden name to be her middle name, but SS had her maiden name as part of her surname without a hyphen. So she advised me to have my name always exactly the same. However, my last name in my home country, Japan hasn't changed, and have no intent to, because I would have to go to court in person, and have no plan to go back to the country for a while. So my Japanese passport will have my old name, for a while at least. I do have to renew my passport, and my Japanese friend as advised me to put my married name in parathesis on my Japanese passport. That's something the Japanese Consulate has told me I can do as well, if I have changed my name in the US and not in Japan. So my question is.... is it really a problem if I keep my GC as it is, and have SS have my maiden name as middle name? I feel like if SS has my name as I want, all the other documents will change my name that way, and I would file my tax that way too, so I wouldn't have trouble like my American friend did. But will it be a problem if my GC was a little different? Would it affect my traveling? My Japanese passport will be different from GC whether I keep my GC as it is or file I-90 anyway... What do you think? Should I just keep my surname as the non hyphenated maiden+married name and change all of my other documents that way?? I know that I will have another chance to change my name when I apply for citizenship, but I don't know if I want to get rid of my Japanese citizenship, especially without knowing who the US president will be.. haha If you have experience in name change with USCIS and SS, please please tell me your insights! Thank you very much!
  25. Hello, My fiancee and I just got back from Vietnam a couple days ago! POE Chicago was very easy, although the officer admitted he "hasn't done one of these in a while," so hopefully he did everything correctly. When he was looking through the sealed packet, he said the medical exam records "didn't look complete," or didn't look like as much as he remembered should be there. He said he wasn't flagging anything though; we offered him the envelope from the hospital that contained the chest x-ray and the DS-3025 (immunization record), but he said he didn't need that. I was under the impression that those would be sent in by him, so do we just send them in with the I-485? Or do we take them to a civil surgeon and have the civil surgeon complete the I-693? How does this work with the fact that the CBP officer kept all of the medical exam records except for the chest x-ray and the DS-3025? Along these same lines, the DS-3025 has the box checked at the bottom that says "US vaccination requirements COMPLETE." However, two of the vaccinations that I'm under the impression she needs - Tdap and Influenza - are marked as "Not routinely available." Since it says requirements complete, is she waived from these just because they weren't available in Vietnam? Or would she need to get them before the civil surgeon completes the I-693? Finally, a completely unrelated question: as apparently is common with Vietnamese immigrants, the name on my fiancee's visa was entered exactly the same as on her Vietnamese passport - Middle Middle First for given names. So according to the CBP officer, one of her middle names is her first name as of right now. Someone in another thread mentioned just changing it to the way we want it on the marriage license - I know we can change her last name to mine on the marriage license, but can we change her given names around as well? And then take the marriage certificate to the Social Security office to get her a SSN? Would changing the names cause a problem when we submit the I-485, as the names will be different than what USCIS has on file? Thanks for any help on any of these questions. Maybe I should have split them into different topics, but hopefully this will work okay.