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Found 77 results

  1. My wife (Filipino) and I were married in the Philippines in 2016. Last month, her CR-1 visa was granted and she immigrated to the United States. At the time, we chose not to change her name, until after my wife arrived in the States, so to not slow down or complicate the immigration process. Now that she's here, we'd like to proceed with getting her name changed, but we're lost on how to get started. For example, whom should we contact first, USCIS, Philippine Embassy in USA, or someone else?
  2. Hello, I just joined this community and feel so blessed that I found here! I hope everyone is doing well I am preparing marriage based green card by myself, and have a question on maiden name and married name. Could you please help me on these questions? I wrote down my situation using bullet points. 1) I just got the marriage certificate, but was told by Vital record office that Ilinois only shows the maiden name on the marriage certificate and there is no such thing like "married name" field on the certificate. 2) I prepared all the documents with my married name even though marriage certificate only has the maiden name. 3) However, I already have my SSN with my maiden name. My passport also shows my maiden name. My country does not change the last name even though I am married. In this situation, I have two concerns regarding the name. 1) filing green card with my married name would be an issue? I am very worried if having only maiden name in my marriage certificate would be enough to show the name change. 2) My last document that I have to get is i-693. In this case, should I get this i-693 under my maiden name? or should it be my new name? Actually, I have no idea if I even have a married name since marriage certificate only shows my maiden name. Thank you so much for reading this!
  3. SS office said they can’t change my wife’s name after marriage because the K-1 visa was expired by 2 days. We filed AOS before expiration but didn’t think the SS would have an issue.
  4. My fiance will be coming in few weeks and get married in another couple of weeks. She has been to the USA before on work visa and hence already has SSN. if she wants to change her last name, do we do that during marriage (get marriage certificate with new name?) and then use that to get new SSN card with the changed name, apply for AOS etc? what is the procedure?
  5. Hello, I really hope someone would be able to share their experience with me. So I'm having my oath ceremony in mid February, and I plan to apply for my passport soon after. I have an upcoming international trip in late April, which leaves about 9-10 weeks from my oath ceremony to my travel date. What confuses me is that, I'm changing my name during naturalization. I'm originally from Taiwan, and my name is Yi-Wen Chang (this is an example not real), sometimes that hyphen in my name gets omitted. Now, I'm changing my name to Jessica Yiwen Chang Brown, the reason being I've been using my English name since a long time ago, and I changed my last name to my married name. My question is here, when I apply for my passport after oath, would it be a problem that my government ID still shows my old name? While the NC shows my new name. On passport application form, it asks you to list out all other names you've used, I listed my old one, is that enough? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I’m not sure I’m which thread I should put this topic in but I’m currently doing my CR-1 visa and I’ve hit a roadblock. I’ve had some trouble trying to change my name in the Province of Ontario, Canada. They need something called a Registar General seal/signature on the marriage certificate, yet when I talk to my husband about it or try to look up anything about it, it seems like there’s is no information on what that means. Even the county where I got married at is at a loss and has no idea what I’m talking about. At this point I’m lost and I’m confused at what exactly I’m trying to look for. If you're Canadian and have gotten married overseas and are/were on the same boat I would be extremely grateful for your help!
  7. I changed my last name after I already filed our I-130, will this cause us delays/issues? To clarify, I am the US Citizen and I am filing on behalf of my husband.
  8. Hi all, Almost finished with the process for creating the I-129F petition and getting close to sending off (Next Week) Couple of quick fire questions on how to address some of the sections that the K-1 visa guide states on here that need to be addressed: 1- Name change: neither of us have had a name change. How do we address that or do we not even bring it up? Do we need to write a letter saying neither have had a name change at all? 2- Divorce: neither of us have been married or have kids. How do we address that or do we not even bring it up? Do we need to write a letter saying we are free to marry and have both never been married before or is that evidence the two letters of intent? 3- Criminal history: neither of us have any criminal history whatsoever. How do we address that or do we not even bring it up? Do we need to do a background check and send that off with the petition? 4- Petitioner doesn't have personal cheques. Would a Cashiers check work just as well? 5- We have color copies of the petitioners Birth Certificate. Is that enough to establish citizenship or do we need to do a full copy of passport and every page also? Sorry if these sound silly or basic. We don't know if we need to write a letter for each part or to just tick the boxes in the I-129F petition and leave it at that. Just want to be 100% accurate with our petition and give no excuses for a RFE. Thank you so much for looking at this.
  9. Finally at the end of these late nights and endless streams of paper and getting ready to mail my AOS packet today! One last question thought popped into my head... My wife (the petitioner) has used her maiden name on all the paperwork as she has yet to legally change it. We noted this in the cover letter saying we "were recently married, yadda yadda yadda..." There is no problem in this as far as I can see, but the USCIS isn't going to be weird about this in anyway, are they? OR should she have used her married name throughout the filing ? Small concern but thought I'd ask THANK YOU VJ'ers! X
  10. Hi, when my husband and I filed I-485 for me we added his last name (Stott) to my last name (Liao), so when I received my green card the last name is Liao Stott. I'm worried because the last name on my green card and my passport issued from my home country is different I'll have trouble return to the States after traveling. I'd like to know how I can change the last name back to my own last name. I remembered when we were at USCIS green card interview, I was told I can go to court to change my last name. ( $25 in California) But that doesn't change the name on my green card. Also according to USCIS's website I-90 is not for conditional permanent resident. Anyone can advise what I can do now?? Thanks! Liao
  11. Hello VJ Family, let me start with a little background information to explain why I'm even asking this question. I'm German, my girlfriend is a US Citizen. Because the CR1 visa seems to have advantages (like no specific AP or EAD needed, LPR at POE, cheaper, etc.) over the K1 visa, we are considering marrying next time she comes to see me in March, here in Germany, and then filing the appropriate paper work for me to come live with her. In Germany (not sure if the US rules is any different), we can choose to a) keep our individual last names, b) agree on one of our last names or c) one of us taking both last names and the other keeping their maiden Name. Right now, we are prefering to choose option a) of each keeping our individual last names. The reason why we prefer this option right now, is because I don't want my current employer to know I've married a US Citizen, because I don't want my employer to think/know that I'm planing on leaving Germany to immigrate to the US, thus quitting my current job. Since the visa process takes a long time, I might get another promotion in my current job before quitting and moving to be with my then wife. I'm sure I won't get any promotions if my employer assumes I will quit my job soon anyway. We don't want to take my last name, since it contains German special characters (Umlaut: Ü), and spelling it is always going to be a pain in the butt in the US. So long story short, coming back to my initial question: Is there any disadvantages to having different last names although we are married? I'm thinking out of the box, e.g. getting information in hospitals when the other has had an accident and information can only be given to family. Does that mean I'll have to carry my marriage certificate everywhere, just in case? Will it be a red flag in the CR1 visa application? Thank you in advance for any advice/thoughts on this!
  12. Hi, I have done a lot of research, but I haven't found an actual answer. I got married in August 2017 and my marriage license did not specify whether I wanted to change my name or not. I adjusted my status with my maiden name, thinking I'd be able to change my name later (apparently I was wrong). It did seem very wrong to me to complete all the forms and paperwork of my AOS with a name that wasn't approved by anyone or had any actual documentation -I later learnt that a marriage license is enough proof to go ahead and complete all your forms with your new name (in this case, taking my husband's last name). I received my EAD three weeks ago and it has my maiden name on it (which was expected). Yesterday I went to the SSN and they asked me whether I wanted to take my husband's last name, I asked if it was recommended and they said, the recommendation was that ALL my documents matched (SSN, EAD Card, DL) with the exact same name. So I just went ahead and had my maiden name again. Now my EAD and my SSN are all with my maiden name. Now I am really upset about the opportunity to change my name and take my husband's last name. HOW, WHEN, WHERE? Has someone else been through this? I wish there was more information on the name change in the USCIS forms. Thank you so much.
  13. Hi there ! My fiancé and I have been talking about name changes. I love my last name, and he loves it too. He doesn't really cares about his but still wants us to share a last name, so he wants to take mine. It would be a bit unusual since it's usually the wife who changes her last name, and not the husband. Do you think this could cause problems with the government and such, since I'm an immigrant ? Also, if we both decide to each keep our current last name, would it be an issue ? Thank you very much !
  14. Hello, I would appreciate comments only from those with direct experience. Thank you! my Filipina fiancee has just completed annulment proceedings in court, has documentation and apparently has to now wait for NSO certified copy. I Called USCIS and asked if she was ** legally required in Philippines ** to legally change her name back to maiden name and they said NO and that her passport and docs in her married name would be fine for purposes of I-129F. I have not called US Embassy yet to see if keeping maiden name is OK in interview. My questions: 1. Can anyone else verify for purposes of I-129F if using married name as it appears on all her required docs ( passport has years left before renewal) is okay ? 2. ^ same question ^ re embassy interview 3.At what point is an "annotated marriage certificate" required ( if at all) in addition to court certification? 4. Is initial court decree acceptable for I-129-F or do we have to wait for NSO registered documentation? THANKS!
  15. Will they do a name change at the Jacksonville field office? I know these things change from time to time but I wanted to hear back from someone who had experience with that field office in particular.
  16. Hi! I think I have a pretty straight forward question, but I am not really sure about the steps that I should follow. I am currently on a F1 student visa working on EAD that you get for one year after completing my studies. I am getting married to a US citizen in January and planning to change my last name to my spouse's last name. I am trying to understand when I should/can change my last name on my SSN and drivers license. I am applying for the new EAD along with our application for my Green Card (Adjustment of Status and Petition). Do I need to wait for my new EAD (with my new last name) to arrive in the mail first or do I have to go to the SSN office as soon as I have my marriage certificate? I believe that I can't change my drivers license before my new EAD comes because they request that as a proof of identity at the DMV, but I am also not 100% sure. Thanks!
  17. Hey guys! I've been a Permanent Resident for almost 5 year and I'm about to submit my N400 application. I also recently got married and decided to change my name. I went it to get my new SS Card and everything turned out fine after waiting about 3 weeks for it to clear. Now I'm going to go get my name changed on my Driver's License here in Florida. I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with this step. I am concerned that the DL office will make me change my name on my immigration document before they allow the change to be made on my Driver's License. Since I'm about to apply for naturalization, I see no point in updating my new legal name on my Green Card. Obviously, not getting that name change on my DL will mean I have to wait to get my name changed everywhere else (like banks and work). Feel free to move this questions to the right topic if there's a better one than "off topic"!
  18. Hi, I'm scheduled for 12/21 ceremony in LA. I changed my name and I was planning to go to SSN office right after the ceremony so I can apply for the new passport subsequently. But I read online that you're supposed to wait 21 days after the ceremony. Is this true?
  19. Hello, My wife is trying to change her name. We got married 2 years ago in Connecticut. She got her green card before we were married, and last year she filled out an I-90 form to change her name. They sent her a message saying she needs to prove her name is legally changed. She can't change her name on most things because she needs to change it with Social Security first. When we go to Social Security they say she needs to change her Green Card first.
  20. So my fiance (female) came to the US on a K1. We got married and need to know how to exactly do the name change for her last name. We got the social security card in her maiden name because they wouldn't let us get it with my last name unless I went to Homeland Security. As of now we dont know what to do for the work permit and green card for her name (maiden or new last name). Am I allowed to do a name change on her social security card now with the marriage certificate so the rest of the applications can have her marriage name? Or I can only change all the names after she gets the green card? Thanks,
  21. Taking Spouse’s Last Name with an Affix

    I know that a wife taking a husband’s last name requires nothing more than the marriage certificate, while making other changes to the name requires a court order. In many cultures, though, male and female last names are spelled differently due to affixes. So, is the court order required in this case, or would a marriage certificate be sufficient? Do marriage certificate issuing authorities, in the US, allow family name affixes and/or recognize last names spelled differently due to affixes as the same last name? Thank you.
  22. Hey guys! VJ is always a great help for this whole Adjusting Status process and I have a question regarding updating my SSN. I was on a J-1 visa here before, therefore i have a social security number. But after getting married, I'll need to update it with my name change (and also to make it official for me to work again). The thing is I'll go on a trip to my home country for a few weeks (My AP and EAD had different priority dates) and if I get my EAD card during this time, do you guys know if it's safe applying for a name change through mail since I wouldnt be here? I'd leave the paperwork ready (form filed, photo identification, marriage certificate) and my husband would just add the EAD and send the paperwork through mail. I just get worried if something goes wrong with it and that can affect my re-entry in the U.S. with my AP. Just wanted to know if you guys have had experience updating or getting SSN cards through mail, without having to go to the office. I'd do that so I could have had that step done for when I come back to the country. Thank you in advance! PS: I'm not sure I'll get the EAD while being away, but this is just in case it happens =)
  23. Hey there, Just after some advice. Do you have to change your maiden name after marriage? My fiance is very against it but I'm wondering whether it's some ridiculous loophole for the visa. I haven't found anything on it so far so I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar situation. Thanks!
  24. Anyone here have experience on the steps to change name on foreign birth certificate? More specifically in Wisconsin? I have a foreign birth certificate and I'm a U.S citizenship that recently changed my name. I did research on what to do after my name change (social security, passwport, bank information, and other things. I know how to do all of those). However, the birth certificate part confuses me.
  25. I filed the I-130 for my husband last month. I used my maiden name on the paperwork because that's the name on my passport, and I didn't want any confusion or delay. I originally planned to change my last name to his after the process was complete, but I've since realized that the process may take up to a year. Can I change my name during this process? Or should I wait until next year?