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Found 211 results

  1. Hi! I'm new here, i'm very sorry if this is not in the correct topic location. I am in desperate need of advise relating to my current position. I am currently in Ohio, visiting my boyfriend & have been here for nearly two weeks, this is my second visit. I am here via the Visa Waiver Program(VWP) from the United Kingdom. I had no intention of staying past my planned trip, i have a car on finance, credit cards & a job all back home, however my boyfriend proposed to me two days ago & at the spur of the moment we got married the next day. I am now married to a USC and i do not want to leave my husband! Am i able to AOS to a cr1? Will this be denied & i get deported? I have some money with me to last until i get an EAD & my partner works a well paid job. My mother in law is willing to help us with any references or money should this become an issue. I'm very new, and am not sure what rights i have, if any?! I can comfortably pay for my car and credit cards whilst here & pay my way here. I haven't much clothing however my partner says he will take me shopping & my parents back home told me they can send all my belongings including my dog should i be staying. I know i can return home & save money whilst waiting for a CR1 visa to be processed over the next year however i don't want to spend the first year married but apart, as i can only have a certain amount of time off work & the flights amount to a lot of money over a year! I also do not want to be restricted as to how long i can stay for each visit & having to prove i'm purely visiting whilst a cr1 visa is currently being processed. Can someone help me? I am very scared and do not know what to do! We both know we should of just processed a k1 visa, however we was not aware of the visa processes & never researched them as we have only been dating for 6 months. I hope someone can help us! Thank you!! x
  2. Marriage of a US Citizen Abroad

    Hi! I'm new here and I apologize if this has been asked before. I'm RV, a Filipina and wife of a US Citizen. We got married on Nov. 21, 2016 & we have already our marriage certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Hence, there are no local registers in US that would show our marriage in the Philippines. I've inquired about Apostille to the competent authority but our marriage certificate is not listed in the acceptable documents. Now I'm wondering how my husband can report our marriage and have it recognized... Is there a local registration for US Citizens married abroad? Any advice on this will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much
  3. Good day... First of all, the questions I am about to ask are not about me or for me. Thank goodness, I went through my process starting in 2015 and was successful 11 months later and my wife has been with me for the past year and a half and much of the information that helped us out was gathered right here on Visa Journey. In fact, we are preparing for that 2 year interview and thank goodness, marriage has been bliss and a new baby has been the crown so far. A friend of mine recently began dating someone from her home country (Guyana, also my wife's home country) and it has gotten very serious. She knew the person from over a year ago, but was in a one-sided relationship and did not really entertain the someone until the other person in her previous relationship really began getting ridiculous and bare-faced with his cheating (I can verify this story because it was VERY public). As a result, she broke that off and turned her attention to this new person and things have been going well so far. The new person has a visitor's visa and can travel back and forth, so seeing one another is not an issue (I did not have that luxury with my wife being able to travel to see me in the states). The current problem is, she needs a divorce from her "husband" who she has been separated from for about a good 3 years, but the financial fallout from the marriage left her financially struggling aided by staggering student loan debt. She is NOW serious about going to get that divorce because she now has a serious love interest that she sees great potential for that she did not have before. Now, let's say she gets this divorce, what is her best route in filing: 1. A fiance visa? 2. Traditional CR1 visa where she goes to Guyana and marries there and files the papers there? 3. When he visits here, get married to him here and file the paperwork here while he and she continue visiting each other? In an additional question, does it look suspicious to the INS if she divorces, say, yesterday, remarries in a month and immediately starts filing? I think she can provide proof of her lengthy separation, as her "husband," as far as I know, has since moved on back to his child's mother.
  4. Hi! I think I have a pretty straight forward question, but I am not really sure about the steps that I should follow. I am currently on a F1 student visa working on EAD that you get for one year after completing my studies. I am getting married to a US citizen in January and planning to change my last name to my spouse's last name. I am trying to understand when I should/can change my last name on my SSN and drivers license. I am applying for the new EAD along with our application for my Green Card (Adjustment of Status and Petition). Do I need to wait for my new EAD (with my new last name) to arrive in the mail first or do I have to go to the SSN office as soon as I have my marriage certificate? I believe that I can't change my drivers license before my new EAD comes because they request that as a proof of identity at the DMV, but I am also not 100% sure. Thanks!
  5. Name change

    Good morning. I just had my fiancé apply for her social security card. She should have that in approx 5-10 days. My questions is, we are getting married on the 16th of December. She wants to take my last name after we marry. When we submit the paperwork to apply for the AOS, EAD and advanced parole can we request the name be changed to reflect her married name then? Or do we have to wait until she receives it then pay the fees again to change her name?
  6. Hi, I'm currently an au pair in the us, and I'm almost finish my first year, february 2018 to be exact. My boyfriend and I planned to marry 1 week before my visa ends. When should I inform the agency about that?
  7. Form I-130 asks: Has anyone else ever filed a petition for this beneficiary? I had filed a k1 for my husband (then fiance) in the past which we ended up withdrawing, and now applying for I-130. What should I answer to the above question? Thanks!
  8. I have posted here before asking for help, pushbrk has been very kind to reply. Senior members like pushbrk, can you guys please help me out. I a USC live in Canada with my husband(Indian citizen). I am sending out I-130 shortly and I have following questions - My husband and I attended university in Canada together after getting married in India. One of our common friends from university has agreed to write us a letter of support. He didn't attend our wedding but has known that we have been married for more than two years. Is it ok to include a letter from him even though he didn't attend our wedding? Also, is sending a copy of the letter enough or do we need to send the original? Is an affidavit different from a letter? The letter our friend wrote for us isn't notarized but signed and dated and we'll send copy of his university ID along with the letter proving that we did indeed go to the same university. - We printed our joint bank account statements for past few months. We didn't get original from the bank. Although we'll also send a voided check from same joint account. Do we need to get official bank statements or will the copies available on our online bank account do? - I have a letter from my father as well, who couldn't visit India to attend our wedding. I have the original letter, should I send the original or copy of that letter? - USCIS I-130 instructions pdf file says: ################################################################### Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by third parties havingpersonal knowledge of the bona fides of the maritalrelationship (Each affidavit must contain the full nameand address, date and place of birth of the person makingthe affidavit, his or her relationship to the petitioner ofbeneficiary, if any, and complete information and detailsexplaining how the person acquired his or herknowledge of your marriage) ################################################################### So, is my dad and my husband's family(they attended our wedding) considered a "third-party"? If not, Is there a point in sending a letter from them? - Finally, should we both also write a letter to go with I-130? Thanks guys! please consider answering if you are reading as we are planning to send our application out soon and we could really use some help. Any suggestions or questions are welcome.
  9. Let me briefly describe our situation. We met each other online. We fall in love. We have been chatting, talking, sending each other selfies, photos every single day. 8 months after we got married. We have never seen each other in person before the marriage. Yeah, sounds crazy, but that's our story. I have been sending her money every single month (1 or 2 thousand dollars every month). I have proof of that. I sent gifts to her family members on birthdays (I have proof of that) We have been together for 2 weeks. I'm now worried about proving of our bona fide relationships. USCIS says: Let's start from point 1. 1. Documentation showing joint ownership of property; Answer is NO. We don't have it, since our marriage is new. 2. Answer is NO. She lives overseas. 3. Documentation showing that you and your spouse have combined your financial resources; I tried to add her name to my checking account, but banks need SSN (she doesn't have it). I'm planning to apply for ITIN for her and file joint tax returns (write her as "dependent" on our tax declaration). 4. We don't have any kids. 5. I will try to get Affidavit (not 100% sure if I can get it). 6. Can my receipts of money transfer, gifts etc. be a sufficient proof of our marital union?? Out of six points I have (probably) number 3 and 6 and I might have number 5. Please share your experience.
  10. Trump New Policies

    Hello, I am an American citizen and just got married to my wife who entered the states with a tourist visa two months ago. I've been reading that Trump's new policies may result in my wife's deportation since she entered the country with a B2 visa but got married and overstayed. Will she be able to apply for adjustment of status or will it be impossible now? What should we do?
  11. After a troubling process, (all that k1 visa stuff.) my now Wife and I are just waiting for her corrected social security card to come back in the mail. Problem here is, we applied for correction that on October 27th (We were married on Oct. 24th) and here we are on November 21st and still nothing in the mail. We went to the office and applied in person (we had no choice, per our county's rules) both times; to get the card upon arrival and to correct it after marriage. It didn't take too long to get the first card; why is it taking a bit longer for just a Corrected card? Also, can we apply for AOS if we already got married and informed the social security office, but not yet received the corrected social security card? Thanks.
  12. Hello all, Hoping to use this as a place where applicants who applied around the same time, can discuss questions and experiences. Myself and my fiancé just applied, our timeline as of today is as follows: Sent i129F - 11/10/2017 Received NAO1 - 11/15/2017 Hoping for the quickest and smoothest operation. Where you at November applicants!?
  13. I am an F-1 student and got married to a US citizen. We have been collecting required documents for AOS through marriage. One of the main documents is Marriage Certificate. My spouse and I got married in a county court, and we know it is official. However, we did not receive a marriage certificate after marriage. All we have is a marriage license signed by the judge who married us. We got married in Texas, and we called the county court to request the certificate for our marriage, and they said "In the state of Texas, marriage certificate IS marriage license, and they are the same piece of paper". So they said I cannot get a "Marriage Certificate" from them because our signed "Marriage License" is a marriage certificate. After the marriage in Texas, we moved to Kentucky for our jobs. When applying for AOS, can we just use our marriage license as marriage certificate? IS there anyone who went through a similar situation? Can anyone please give us advice? Thanks!
  14. Hi again, fellow VJers! My husband and I got married last July 31, 2013, and today (Sept.16), we finally got our Marriage Certificate. We want to have me apply for a passport renewal as soon as possible with my new surname, but when I checked the requirements, this is what it said about the marriage certificate: Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by NSO. Transcribed Marriage Contract from the LCR is required when entries in NSO Marriage Contract are blurred or unreadable. Now, we both know that the NSO-issued marriage certificate is in yellow security paper, and what we have right now looks like this: QUESTIONS ARE: >>> Do I have to go to NSO (nearest one is iloilo) to have this authenticated? Coz all it says here is its been registered by the Cebu Civil Registry, but nothing here indicates that its authenticated by NSO. >>> If we do request for an NSO copy of our Marriage Certificate, how do I know if its already registered in NSO? How long do we have to wait till we're sure that its registered and we can then request for it online? PLEASE, we want to start the I-130 application right away, but I know I have to apply for a passport renewal first with my new surname. PLEASE HELP!!!
  15. Hello, My wife is trying to change her name. We got married 2 years ago in Connecticut. She got her green card before we were married, and last year she filled out an I-90 form to change her name. They sent her a message saying she needs to prove her name is legally changed. She can't change her name on most things because she needs to change it with Social Security first. When we go to Social Security they say she needs to change her Green Card first.
  16. Hi there, I am a Canadian citizen who is currently engaged with a Green Card holder (also a Canadian Citizen) and we are wondering how we should proceed for our wedding. We both currently live in Canada but plan to move in the US in 3 months however we aren't sure if we should get married here in Canada or wait till we are in the US. The concern is mostly on my spouses side, we aren't certain if getting married outside of the US will affect her Green Card. Also there is concern on how this could affect my future application for my PR. My two cents tell me that getting married before we get settled in the US will push aside any doubt of a "sham" wedding whereas setting foot in the US and shortly after getting married could raise suspicion. Your thoughts?
  17. Those who entered the US on a visa, got married to a US citizen and applied for AOS with EAD, can you please tell me how long it took before you received the EAD after filing? I was expecting 1-3 months, but my coworker said it took her 6-7 months. Does it really take THAT long to receive an EAD?
  18. Hello everyone, Hope you guys are doing well. This is a long urgent post but we appriciate your help. This is my friend’s case which she just took AOS interview yesterday (Nov 9) but was put on hold for further investigation. Since the IO did not trust her marriage is bona fide. A little bit details: About my friend: She came by K1 visa, married to her now husband and applied for AOS and got her AOS interview with non-decision was made. She divorced once with all paperwork was done in her country quite long ago before she started I129F application. Will this be a red flag? About her husband: He works in army, also married once before, sponsored his ex-wife to come over to USA but she ended up giving up on him due to long distance, time, and above of others he found out she got boyfriend in her country. So he divorced (I don't know how this was processed) but he still left the USCIS case open/pending until he met his current wife now (my friend). He closed the case quite close to the time I129F petition was opened. This means, it was a big gap between the dates divorce was taken and USCIS case was withdrawn. About the AOS interview: The IO doubted the previous marriage of her husband was not bona fide, and so her marriage now, even if she is 7-month pregnant. He addressed that what he is doing right now is to protect her… do not know what he meant. He said he needs to transfer her case to another department to dig into the husband previous marriage and the decision will be made once he gets something back from investigation. The worst case is that she will need to provide DNA proof for the kid and her husband. My questions are: - What should she do now? - If the previous marriage investigation results adversely for her, will the case remains pending till she gives birth and provides DNA proof? As I know, if USCIS rejects, she must leave the country. Will health situation allows her to stay legally for some time? - If DNA proof is accurate and USCIS still rejects, can they sue them back? If it really happens I swear that I do not see where humanity exists in this place, her life goes down the drain just because of what happens in the past and that she has nothing to do with. If you know what is the best bet to do, please share...
  19. Hey guys ! I just wanted to share my naturalization interview experience I had today. I am Russian married to American citizen, filed my N-400 application on June 1, 2013; fingerprints taken on June 13th, 2013; application was placed in line for interview scheduling - July 9th, 2013; received my appointment notice in the beginning of October, and interview was scheduled for October 29th, 2013 - for me to appear in Charleston USCIS office on 1 Poston Rd, Parkshore Center. Couple of weeks before interview date I receive yellow notice stating I had to bring 'state issued drivers license or photo ID' to my interview. Well, duh. OK, overall my interview experience went GREAT. We arrived 10 minutes early (interview was scheduled for 9:40 am), went through security, then in the next room they took my interview notice, took my photo and fingerprints, I was asked to wait. About 10 minutes later officer appeared and called me in. I was asked to sit down, then raise my right hand and to his 'do you swear to tell the truth blah blah' I said 'I do'. Then he asked me to show my IDs, I gave him my green card and beginners permit. Then he proceeded to ask me: my full name, date of birth, where i was born, place of work, what position i hold at my job, my husband's name, his date of birth, our marriage date.I was asked to sign 2 photos I submitted with my application, with my regular day-to-day signature. Then this very nice officer Mansford proceeded to ask me questions from my submitted N-400 (do i belong to any clubs or organizations, do i belong to any terrorist organizations, have i ever registered to vote, have i ever claimed to be American citizen in writing or any other form, blah blah). I was over-prepared for the interview I must say, I brought originals and copies of all my pay stubs, our joint account statements, all the tax forms, even the photos of me and Neil over the years..can never be over prepared AND the ONLY originals of documents he asked to present were my passports (I showed him my Russian passport and my international passport) and my husband's birth certificate. Then he asked if i was ready for my civics test, I was like 'Sure!'. I was asked 1. Who becomes president if president is no longer able to; 2. What was the main concern of US during the cold war; 3. What is 1 right or freedom from 1st Amendment; 4. Why did the colonists come to America; 5. Who is in charge of the executive branch; 6. There are 4 amendments to the Constitution about who can vote, describe one of them. Afterwards I was asked to read 'Who is the father of our country?' and to write 'Washington is the father of our country'. Aaand done! He said my application was approved, congratulated me, gave me a sheet of paper that said i was approved, escorted me back to the waiting room and asked to wait for someone to give me instructions about my oath ceremony. About 15 minutes later i was given said instructions. My oath ceremony is a week from my interview date, on November 5th, 2013. If you guys have any questions, please ask and I will answer, I really hope this helps someone!
  20. Hi, I filed for my husband on oct 11 2016. cc on 9/29/17 and interview is on 11/2017. I had a professional file for me. She sent all of my papers to the nvc and only sent my husband his birth certificate, marriage certificate, nikkah nama (marriage certificate) in english and urdu, ds 260 form ( one paper), and thats it. I know he needs two passport pictures, marriage evidence (photos and videos), and medical report. I was wondering if he needed the copy of the joint affidavit of support, tax forms, and naturalization evidence for the interview? Please help. More info: I didnt work at the time of filing so my dad and his friend did the affidavit of support. Should my husband be aware of this for the interview? Will they ask him this question?
  21. In order to apply for marriage-based AOS, I am aware that I need a picture of the wedding ceremony. What does this "a picture of the wedding" really mean? I got married to a US citizen, and we had a small wedding at a country court in my town. We invited a few of our friends, and we took a few photos from this day. Can I use a picture from this day? Does it have to be just two of us? Or can it include our friends in the photo? Also, when they say "Wedding ceremony", I think a lot of people think about a wedding ceremony where people get dressed in a wedding dress, and have luxurious dinners, have a speech, and dance and drink for hours. However, we only had a simple small court wedding that ended in 30 minutes or so. Is the photo from a simple court wedding not enough??? I am confused.
  22. Hello everyone, I'm Ecuadorian and my husband (petitioner) Dominican. We got married in Dominican Republic but now I'm living in Ecuador so my interview will be here. I was wondering if my marriage certificate issued in Dominican Republic will be valid to bring to the interview? I was reading the interview instructions and they say the acceptable documents are the ones issued here in my country. Does anyone have the same situation?
  23. Hello My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting married and I've got a B2 tourist visa for 5 years and we're not sure if we should go with a K1 fiance visa since we don;t have time for that since Christmas is coming and he is heading here for 3 weeks and then we want to head to the States in January. I was wondering if we can get married on my B2 visa and then apply for adjustment of status? You can;t possibly plan a wedding in 60 days as per the fiance visa- well you can, but it's really hard but coordinating that is nearly impossible since I would like my parents to attend and they need US tourist visas to come..and that takes time.. Also, another question I've got that no one really asked in this forum is about the I864P form. Does the spouse have to show proof of $20.300 earned up until that point of filing the documents even if it;s the first few months of the year? My boyfriend just started his own business so can't make that amount in the first 3-4 months of the year. Do we need proof of the IRS docs of previous year to proof his financial stability? If you can please give me some advice I would be so grateful! Thank you!
  24. Question: Will USCIS reject my OPT extension application if I am married to an American citizen and we have not applied for AOS yet? I graduated from a university in the US in a STEM major, and I got my OPT approval at the end of last year (2016). While looking for a job for my OPT, I got married to an American citizen. I found a job and I have been working for this company for almost 9 months now. Unfortunately, my spouse and I have not been able to apply for AOS (F1-OPT to GC) yet because of the fee and lacking of documentations. (My American spouse forgot to file tax returns in some past years, and I know from reading many websites that my American spouse has to have the previous 3 year tax returns.) Now, my first OPT will expire within 3 months, and I am wanting to apply for STEM OPT extension soon because it can give me 2 more years of OPT period. My initial thought was, while I have the total of 3 years of OPT, I can apply for AOS with my spouse. However, I recently started feeling worried about whether USCIS will grant me the OPT extension because I am married to an American. I know that OPT is continuation of F-1 status, which basically is a visa for someone with no immigrant intent. This makes me think I don't qualify for OPT extension because I am married to an American citizen, making it look like I have an immigrant intent ( and in fact, I do have an immigrant intent now that I have an American spouse here). I am worried I might be in huge trouble now. I want to apply for OPT extension as soon as possible as my initial one is expiring soon, but I am not sure if I should they might reject it, considering the fact that I am married and have an immigrant intent. Can someone help me figure this out and give me some advice on what I can do now?
  25. Hello everyone. My husband and I got married in Brazil, last July. I'm a Green Card holder (permanent resident). As soon as I got back to the U.S., I applied for his immigration petition. He already has a receipt number, as well as priority date. We just bought his flight ticket to the U.S. in order to visit me in december, so that we can spend Christmas together. He changed his surname position on his birth certificate just before our marriage (because I want it to be our family name): He placed his middle name at the end of it, being now his last name (e.g.: "John Smith Mclane" changed to "John Mclane Smith"). Our marriage certificate applied for the petition is accordingly with it (his new name). However, his passport and tourist Visa contains his previous surname's order. Both names were informed in the Forms (I-130, I-130a), as maiden name and married name.We filled his flight ticket according to his passport and tourist Visa (maiden name). Since I will already have started his immigration petition under his new name, we don't want it to be an issue for him when passing through the immigration to visit me. Does he have to change his surname on his passport - updating it - before he comes in December? Or it will be enough if he just carry our marriage certificate, in case of an issue? His passport and tourist visa only expire in 2021. Thank you so much in advance, for any and all responses.