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Found 222 results

  1. My (now) wife came into the US from Canada on December 1st and was given until March 1, 2018 to find a job on her I-94 which is attached to her passport. On Feb 16th, we got married, however we need to wait for the Marriage Certificate to get processed before we send in the paperwork as we need to attach a copy of said Marriage Certificate to the packet. We also need to send a copy of the I-94 that is attached to her passport. Will she be deportable since the packet will be sent after March 1?
  2. After a few years of being together my boyfriend and I have finally decided we want to tie the knot. We both want him to come to the U.S with me as i have two children who visit there dads so moving to another country isn't an option for us and he agrees. So the good ol' U.S.A it is. Now, I have never done this nor anyone in my family so I don't know the correct channels to go through and some help and guidance would be a great help. I don't know all these big legal terms so a lot of these site just confuse me. so forms and advice would help greatly. Oh and I don't know if it makes a difference or anything but, my boyfriend lives in Australia.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a topic earlier to ask about getting married while being an au pair. TLDR: I'm almost at the end of my first year as an au pair. I got married last week and everything was fine.Now I'm filing to apply for a green card. I have everything ready but still have some questions about the forms: 1. Some forms require my employment status, and to be honest I don't know how to put it down. I put in current employment as unemployed because my host and I agreed that my au pair time ended when I got married. But for previous employment, do I put my host and their address as my employer? Note that we have not filed any tax yet on this au pair program, and the agency did not inform anything to us about that matter. 2. Should the copies of papers (like birth certificate, passport, etc.) be the same size and colors as the originals? Some of my copies are bigger/smaller than originals, and I wonder if black and white copies are fine. I used the black and white copy of my birth certificate to apply for a driver's license, and they asked me for the original, which I didn't have. 3. We are filing my I-485 together with his I-130 and everything else. Do I need to put them in different packages, or just 1 is enough? 4. Is there a form for letter from people who witness the love story as supports for my case, or it's just a normal letter with their signs? 5. We are going to move to a new address next month, and have some other stuffs under both of our names like bank accounts, cars, lease, bills, etc. How do I send them as an addition for my application? We're pretty time sensitive now so I can't wait for them to be done before sending out the application. Thank you so much for reading and I really appreciate any help on these questions!
  4. Pls advise me! I have my annullment approved on first girl by 2009 in the Philippines. Prior to that i married my current wife 2003. Does it matter to our application as immigrant. My wife is the principal. What do i need to do in case theres a problem.
  5. We have a month to start filing for I-751 and we are scared about the petition being approved, we d have joint banks accounts but we have insurance where she is my beneficiary also we have tons of pictures together after marriage, we also have a leasing agreement where shows my wife's name, but we don't have driver's license with the same address, my wife's driver license has the address we are living in now but mine has my old address, I don't know why it didn't change it before 😣, it's February and her visa expires in June, can I still get a new driver's license with the new address without raising a red flag? Also do we really need a lawyer? We've been happily living together since she came here now she is scared her visa will be denied and sent back to Colombia. Please help!
  6. I-130 approval to interview

    My wife (U.S.C.) and I (Indian citizen) went to graduate school in Canada for 2 years and currently live and work in Canada. We have filed an I-130 with P.D. in early Jan. We have been assigned Potomac Service Center. We do have enough funds in our bank account to meet the 3xpoverty guideline minimum funds requirement. We are torn between my wife staying with me till we move or get a job and move a bit ahead of me. I have following questions: 1. Since Montreal consulate makes a big deal out of the domicile stuff, can you guys please advise which of these options(my wife staying till the end or moving ahead of me and getting a job) would make most sense? 2. How does the I-130 approval to interview process looks like? If we have all the documents for DS-160 together before we get to NVC and apply right away, can we minimize this time and by how much? Any other pro-tips are welcome. 3. We are planning to buy a house and a car as soon as we move. Would the emails etc. from my wife to her parents, talking about buying house and car help to prove that we are genuinely trying to move once my visa is approved? 4. Would me (non-U.S.C. husband) finding a job in the U.S. before the interview help or hurt? Thanks!
  7. New to this website! i find it quite confusing not going to lie ANYWAYS! Here's my "story" So i met my husband overseas, i tried to get a tourist visa but got it denied We're married now and im an italian/colombian citizen and came to Colombia to be closer to him since he got transferred to San Diego ..my husband is in the US navy and currently deployed since October '17..he filed a I-130 a couple of days before leaving and we have a lawyer helping us with the process and asked to expedite our case, with many months apart the least we would like is me being in port waiting for my husband. Now i obviously got the receipt 2 weeks after the forms were sent and my husband being so impatient constantly messages our lawyer if theres anything we can do to speed up the process. I'm a big traveller and know visas take a long time and work .. On the USICS processing time page i find it so confusing to understand whats going on..Our lawyer sent our application to Texas Service Center but the receipt is from Nebraska Service Center OCTOBER FILERS...do you have any idea when we could be hearing from immigration? also is there really any different treatment for military? This process is a roller coaster i just can't wait to get off
  8. Hello, I just joined this community and feel so blessed that I found here! I hope everyone is doing well I am preparing marriage based green card by myself, and have a question on maiden name and married name. Could you please help me on these questions? I wrote down my situation using bullet points. 1) I just got the marriage certificate, but was told by Vital record office that Ilinois only shows the maiden name on the marriage certificate and there is no such thing like "married name" field on the certificate. 2) I prepared all the documents with my married name even though marriage certificate only has the maiden name. 3) However, I already have my SSN with my maiden name. My passport also shows my maiden name. My country does not change the last name even though I am married. In this situation, I have two concerns regarding the name. 1) filing green card with my married name would be an issue? I am very worried if having only maiden name in my marriage certificate would be enough to show the name change. 2) My last document that I have to get is i-693. In this case, should I get this i-693 under my maiden name? or should it be my new name? Actually, I have no idea if I even have a married name since marriage certificate only shows my maiden name. Thank you so much for reading this!
  10. Hi everyone i need help as i've been reading a lot about marrying my US citizen boyfriend. So apparently, we would like to marry outside of my homeland because my parents disapproved our marriage/relationship due to religious issues and im in a country where to qualify for legal marriage a muslim have to get married with a muslim meaning an interfaith marriage could not be done. We also have considered applying for fiancee visa but it is hard because i cannot let my parents find out about it or they will block us from seeing each other (i have really strict parents) My question is, will getting married outside my country (which is not a place of my citizenship) be a problem when we file for the CR-1 visa? We considered getting married in U.S. as i have tourist visa but i read it being a visa fraud to get married on tourist visa. Please help us as i really need clarification regarding this.
  11. I have recently sent my papers to change my status, from a student visa to resident. I got married on November 19, 2016, but sent my forms (Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status, Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative) on November 2017. I went to get my fingerprints taken on December 2017. I check regularly the USCIS.gov page but I haven't received any update, is there any updates on the time people have received their work permit? How long is it taking for people in my case to receive their interview? How long is it taking for all this to happen?
  12. Hello, My boyfriend is Canadian and entered the US on a tourist visa with intent to visit me (A US Citizen) for a while. He missed his return flight and decided he would return home later, closer to when his visitor visa expires in March. We have been thinking about options for him to stay in the US. I know the obvious answer is marriage. However, from my initial reading of posts I see that it is frowned upon to marry on a visitor visa. We didn't have this intention originally but now we cannot stand the thought of being separated again. Is there any way we can marry and he can just adjust his status without him leaving? I think the more proper way is to get married, have him return home and then try to file for him to immigrate to the US, but I imagine the wait time and separation are going to be brutal. If he's already here on a visitor visa, does that make the process any easier? Any idea on what forms we need to fill out? I'm going to set up some consultations with some local immigration attorneys but just wanted a general idea before I get there. TLDR: Is it possible for me to marry my Canadian boyfriend while he is here on a visitor visa, and for him to stay and adjust his status without leaving? Thank you!!
  13. Hi everyone. Im not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I hope I can get some clarification and help from everyone here. I have a friend who is from Vietnam, but was a foreign student studying in Vancouver Canada. While she was studying in Canada she had met a US Citizen and they developed a relationship. After awhile she applied for a visitor visa to come visit the US the relationship she had with the US Citizen had gotten quite serious so she stayed in the US longer and overstayed her visitor visa. Now they are about to get married. What are their options and what are her complications If she is to adjust status after getting married? Thank you.
  14. Hi everyone! New member here seeking advice. I am getting married to my American partner in June (yay!), we've been together for years and live together in NYC. I am currently on an O-1 visa that is in good standing and expires Jan 2019. We've heard some conflicting things about traveling before filing for the green card after marriage and I'd love to hear others' experiences. I am leaving the US for a work trip in May. I'll be reentering the country on my O-1, and this isn't the first time I have reentered the country on this visa. Does that affect when I can safely apply to adjust my status? I've heard that I should wait a little time after getting married and marriage certificate before filing so that there's no question over my intent to stay in the US, but then others have said I am free to travel and reenter on my O-1 and file for a green card at any time. I've also heard that because I intend on getting married, and will be reentering the country with that intent, I should possibly apply for the fiance visa. It would just be a few weeks before our wedding that I plan to travel, and I also want to get my green card application in as soon as possible after marriage in order to avoid possible delays in employment authorization (I have a full-time job). Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks so much.
  15. Hi everyone, my fiance's home state is NY and we would like to have the wedding in another state. Will this pose a problem when we file for the AOS? How do we go about with the process if and when we get married outside of his state of residence?
  16. Hi everyone, I am currently working on my EAD that I got through the OPT. Me and my husband are planning to apply for my green card and the new EAD through this process in a week or so. I am planning to take his name and all the forms that we will be sending to the immigration will have his last name, that I am would like to take. We are currently in different cities, but I would like to move to where he is currently. I am planning to keep working on my OPT EAD till my new one comes. If I start the name change process with SSN + Drivers License and then I move jobs, now EAD will no longer match my government issued documents. If I don't change my last name and wait for 90 days for the new EAD to come, this might create issues with my Adjustment of status. Did someone have the same situation or knows what the best way to go about this is? I am not sure if the old EAD with the marriage certificate would be sufficient till the new one comes or will that cause issues when the new employer is onboarding me? Thanks!
  17. Hi there, I'm posting this in the K-1 Fiancé Visa Process & Procedures forum as I'm hoping you folks might be able to share thoughts/experiences with regards to my situation. I'm British and my boyfriend is American. We're currently living together in another country (not UK / US) and planning to spend the summer together in the US during which time we intend to get married and then apply for a UK spouse visa for him. As I will be in the US for just fewer than 90 days I'm thinking it'll be easiest for me to come in under the Visa Waiver Program (I still have a valid ESTA from my previous visits - all legal) rather than to apply for a K-1 Fiancé Visa (which looks to be a lengthy and unnecessary process for us) and from what I can tell this is legal: https://my.uscis.gov/helpcenter/article/can-i-get-married-if-i-entered-the-united-states-under-the-visa-waiver-program. We firmly intend to move to the UK together after the summer (I have a job to return to there) so I'm sure I won't need to go down the AOS route. As far as I can tell I should be fine coming in on the ESTA and being totally upfront about my intention to get married but not to reside in the US (we might live there together at some point in the future but not for the first 1-2 years of our marriage at least). I'm just wondering if anyone has experience doing this (getting married under the Visa Waiver Program / a ESTA with the firm intention *not* to reside in US - at least not immediately)? Were you grilled by the CBP officers when entering the country? Do you think I should bring some documents showing my firm intention and and practical plans to move to the UK at the end of the summer (e.g. job contract / letter from employer, draft of his UK spouse visa application form - which we'll complete and submit once married, etc)? I guess I should be fine but I'm a little nervous about being grilled / not being allowed through I want to be super clear about my intentions and stay well within the law so that years later if I want to apply for an IR-1 Spouse Visa I won't have any problems or marks against my name. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/experiences you can share!
  18. Hello! I am a J1 visa holder from Hungary. I arrived to the U.S. in June 2016 so I'm spending my second year as an Au Pair (my program ends June 2018). I am planning to get married to a U.S. citizen in May 2018. If I'm right, just by marriage I won't lose my J1 visa. My current Host Family wants me to complete my program so they want me to work for them until June 10th. My Au Pair agency said they won't end my sponsorhip until the end of my program so I can complete it. When should we start the application process for the Green Card not to run out of time? Do I lose my visa by filing for Green Card? I want to complete my program but I also want to make sure that we file everything on time. Thank you for your help!
  19. I am an American male and last year in May 2017 I met an Egyptian guy while I was in Cairo. We started talking and now it's almost February 2018 and we have decided we want to marry. I have many messages of our conversations and I have many screen shots of video calls we've made on Skype and Zoom. I've bought wedding rings and I talked with a friend who recently married a Ukrainian man, and she recommended this website and gave me a lot of helpful information about her experience with the K-1 visa for her spouse. I feel that I have a pretty solid understanding and I will be asking more questions, but what I'm looking for right now is anyone who can tell me about their experience or give me tips if they've married someone from a Middle Eastern nation (especially if you've married someone from Egypt). I'd also like the same thing for anyone who's gone through or is going through the process as a same-sex couple (again, especially if from a Middle Eastern nation or Egypt).
  20. Hello, I am an Indian and I love my girlfriend who is a USA Citizen. I am currently in India and my Visa is not any more valid. We both decided to get married and settle in the USA. We both want it to be as soon as possible. The Fiance Visa Application process takes 7-8 months so we are not willing to try that first. We decided that we should marry in India and then I should apply for a depended visa or something. My Question are : 1) Please, can someone enlighten us the process of achieving what we are trying? 2) Does Special Act marriage takes a lot of time and is Required? 3) NOC (No Objection certificate) is to be generated in the USA by her for getting her married here? 4) Most important - What are the steps or process of she getting here and marry me and all to till I can go with her to the USA? Any help, useful links, comments are really appreciated. Moreover, can anyone help us in doing all this? Thanks in advance and hoping for getting positive replies or comments. Thank you.
  21. Hello, I am new to the website and thought I would begin my Visa Journey. I apologize in advance if I ask a question that has already been answered somewhere in the forums! So our situation is: I am a US citizen, marrying a Japanese citizen. She is currently visiting me on a tourist VISA. We have been debating marriage with the K1 and CR1 options for quite some time now. We decided the CR1 process as both of us can live and work in Japan while the CR1 is being processed. My question is: Are there any issues with being married in the US right now while she in on a tourist Visa? From what I have gathered it isn't a problem unless you have the intention of overstaying your 90 day visa. We have no intention of doing this, we just want to get married here so that when she returns to Japan, she can start the Visa process for me to enter Japan. If this is a potential problem for something major like Visa Fraud, we would rather just get married in Japan and not have any other potential issues. Thank you for any and all responses!
  22. Hi, I am from Singapore and my partner is from the US. I'll be visiting her for 6 mo under the B1/B2 this coming summer with the intention of proposing to her at the end of it. There are however several situations/strategies that I am considering. 1) I propose to her while both of us are in the USA but would it be possible for her to file for a K1 petition for me WHILE I am still in the USA under B1/B2. Effectively an attempt to AOS. Would that complicate future immigration matters for us? I.e., for us to get married and for me to apply for legal permanent residency. OR 2) We are considering to go to Portugal and Spain for a vacation in October for 2 weeks and if we do that, I am thinking of proposing to her abroad. Upon arrival back to the USA, obviously the border agent will question why am I back to the USA again after 2 weeks and I've been in the USA prior from July to October. Common sense would suggest that I may get rejected and sent back to Singapore but I suppose having a return ticket ready is a good proof of my intention to leave the country and not seek illegal immigration. Assuming that I managed to convince the agent to let me come back in USA (and of course I won't be telling him/her that I now have an American fiancée) then my strategy is to leave the country as per planned and have my fiancée apply for my K1 when I am out of the country later on. However of course this is under a lot of assumptions and if things at the border go well and its a significantly higher risk strategy than the first situation. OR 3) Would it be best if we didn't leave the country at all and I propose to her while in America and have her file for my K1 AFTER I've left the country.
  23. My wife and I met Oct 2014 Canada fell pretty in love right away, she got a job in the US 3 months after we started dating, (she's a dual citizen), we started the K-1 process. I moved in with her in NYC Oct 2015, we got married Nov 2015, We got married in Vermont (a small ceremony on her grandfathers property with only her immediate family attending). We had a second reception Summer 2016 with 100 ppl including her family and mine back in Canada. Photos at both. We went on a honeymoon after in Canada for a week (I have proof of that). In May 2016 we signed a joint lease on an apartment. We also shared names on a US bank account, credit cards and utilities. She did not take my name. The relationship started to break down more and more until my wife ended up moving out of that same apartment mid April 2017. We seperated, I signed the lease by myself, and we divided the things, money in bank accounts/debt, cancelled credit cards etc. We are on good terms and want to do an uncontested divorce. I'll be handling the paperwork for that. My conditional GC is valid until Jan 2019. I have 1 year to get an uncontested divorce and apply for my greencard based on bonafide marriage. Does that seem likely? Also, what happens if I keep working on a conditional greencard when it expires if my work doesn't say anything, (They never mentioned anything when my work permit ran out, even though I had green card by that time). Also, If I got married in Vermont, is there a different process for divorce? I live in NYC so I will be divorcing from there. Thanks! -TP
  24. I am engaged to a UK citizen and will be moving to England. I currently live in New York state and my fiance will be coming over in the spring and we would like to have a small court house wedding. Obviously he will be returning to England for work and also to find a bigger place for us while I tidy up here and get ready to apply for immigration to England. What I know is, can we get married in New York on a Visitor's Visa? If so, what are some things I should know first? Will this hinder future possibilities of moving back the U.S.? I tried contacting USCIS, State Department, and immigration lawyers but they didn't really answer my questions. All three mention three separate places to go through (online application, consulate, and embassies.) All I want to do is get married to my fiance. Any and all advice is appreciated.
  25. I am going to ask a few questions to verify for someone else that I am in a relationship with. I am currently in a relationship with a female from El Salvador. She moved here when she was 16 with her mother under the TPS. She has talked to a lawyer, but I am worried that they only want her money. She graduated high school in the US, has a daughter who is 3 and was born in the US., she pays taxes and has never got into trouble. I am a US born citizen, served in the military, and have a clean record myself. The lawyer stated that all she needs to do is get married to a US citizen and go back to her country for 2 weeks to a month to complete paperwork and will send her back to the US. Is this legit? Please help