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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I’m getting ready to file the I-129f but have hit a roadblock on question 41 of part 1. I became a US citizen through naturalization many years ago and I can’t find my certificate. The form asks for the certificate of naturalization’s certificate number along with the place ansndate of issuance. I don’t mind paying for a replacement but I don’t want to wait up to a year for the certificate number. I have my A number, a valid passport book , passport card, know the city where and date when I became a citizen. Would it be any issue filing the application without the certificate number? Has anybody here done this? Thank you in advance
  2. Today at the airport, my EAD card was lost while checking into my flight to Paris. I have a flight in the morning from Paris to the US and no longer have my EAD card. After multiple attempts to find it and file a police report I haven't been able to locate it. I have photocopies of my ead card, my advance parole approval notice, pending AOS receipt notice, marriage license and original K-1 visa on me. What can I do? Can I still board my plane to the US and what are my options if not? My wife is in the US and can go to our local uscis office or anything that can help. Anyone have any ideas how to solve this??
  3. I received a letter ( I797A) from USCIS stating my application for the permanent residency was approved in August 2016. However, I never received the physical green card. According to USCIS/USPS, it was delivered in August 2016. I filed I90 for a replacement card in October 2016 and after waiting for it for a year, they denied my I90. The reason is not known yet as i only received the electronic notice yesterday(the day before my international trip) and the physical letter which is supposed to have the reason for denial has not been delivered yet. I'm attending my friend's wedding in Asia and am leaving the country today. Does anyone know if this would have an impact on my ability to be readmitted to the US when i retuen from my trip? thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Hello Everyone. My Thai fiancé (beneficiary) has changed her first name four times as a child and her Family name once as a teenager (to her mother maiden name), she has the name change certificates from when she was a child. But the name change certificate for her Family name change when she was 19 has been lost, and when she tried to get a copy of it from the Thailand government office, they said that they gave her the original document and they do not have a copy. She has her ID and Passport which shows her current name after it was changed at the age 19 (she is now 30 years old). Here is an example of her name change history: Born - First name 1, Family name 1 (has birth certificate) Age 5 -First name 2, Family name 1 (has name change document certificate) Age 9 - First name 3, Family name 1 (has name change document certificate) Age 14 - First name 4, Family name 2 (has name change document certificate) Age 19 - First name 5, Family name 2 (does NOT have name change document certificate, because it was lost) So here is my question: 1. Because she does not have the most recent name change Certificate will this cause a problem when applying for the K1? 2. Or is there another document or Certificate she can use instead of the Name Change certificate to show that she legally changed her name and it is true name? 3. Or can we just file the K1 and provide all the name changes that have occurred, along with the certificates that we do have and her ID and Passport? 4. Or is there a specific government agency in Thailand that can help her get a certificate to show that is her legal name? Thank You for your help Regards, Andre
  5. Hi all, I currently live in U.S. for about 2 weeks and cannot find any job that suits me and/or pays as much as I would earn at my home country to keep the family living standards at a level we get used to. My question is, let's say me and my wife decided to go back to our home country and decided to live there and make visits every 6 months. While doing so, if we loose our LPR status and green card, will our child, 1 year old boy, will loose his status also? I am asking this because we make decisions for him since he cannot take part in any decisions. Thank you.
  6. Hello, please help...my case is super urgent... I lost my wallet with my green card inside on 1/31 in Fresno, i talked to the police and he said he would check the cctv and get back to me if he could find anything. since he hasnt replied me till now... and i have to travel on Friday (2/3) i am extremely frustrated and not sure what i should do now 1) My initial idea is to submit i-90 for replacing greencard first, then to make an appointment for Infopass to get an I-551 stamp. But the biggest problem i, i never manage to make an appointment given the fact that it keeps saying no appointments available. (the earliest one i could make now is on 2/9, and 4 hours away from where i live) as this is super urgent, is it possible for me to walk in to USCIS office?? or can i file I-90 then leave US first? 2) if the above doesnt work, can i leave US first then apply for I-131A (carrier document) in order to come back to US. then file I-90 and get I-551 stamp next time (because i cant stay in US for too long, the reason I went to US this time was actually for re-entry permit...but now i have lost my green card so i could do nothing about it) 3) can i still submit I-131 for re-entry permit even though i have lost my green card? So next time when i come back to US i can record biometrics. Please help....thanks
  7. Hi guys, I think this question probably is asked a lot but I wanted to know the latest information about the conditions of my new situation. I am missing my green card with IR1 status and 10 year validity. I am already planning to apply for US citizenship before I lost the card. I actually have most of the requirements ready. Can anybody here give me some latest input about me applying for US citizenship with a lost GC. I would appreciate feedbacks please and specially those from AZ that went through the same situation. 1. Do you think I still have to apply for a card replacement? ( I also still have a copy of my lost card) 2. OR should I apply for my citizenship already? 3. Do they ask for the original card at the interview? 4. Do I need to file a police report if ever I will apply for a card replacement? Any information is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you kindly. GLJ1322
  8. We filed last Aug for my son (minor) and we received the approval last Oct 5th. I called NVC and they told me to email nvcresearch@sate.gov with a scanned copy of the approval notice. I did, they replied that it is not in their system and they'll be contacting USCIS. Any idea on how long will it take them to do this or for USCIS to forward (reforward?) our case? Or did anyone experience this before?
  9. Hello, this is embarrassing but my husband and I managed to somehow lose our AOS interview letter. I know the date (Monday November 14) and time (7:45 AM) but I don't have the address committed to memory. Checking with friends and online it looks like the location is 630 Sansome, San Francisco (where we live)-- but no idea of the the floor or suite number within that building. Tomorrow is Thursday, the day before Veteran's Day. We are both going to call USCIS to ask if there is any way we can keep the interview without the letter, or if we can somehow get a copy of the interview letter electronically. Has anyone out there had this same problem? I found a similar scenario from like 2009 where the applicant was able to get through to their interview without a copy of the letter, but it was in Dallas.... 7 years ago. Any suggestions or feedback welcome!!! Thank you!!!
  10. Hello Everyone! My wife and I submitted her I751 months ago and was never sent a receipt to confirm that her green card/residency could be extended while it is in process. We did confirm the payment was taken. As a result, her graduate school is having issues verifying her green card/residency (since it is expired) and needs that receipt as proof to clear her account. We have tried calling and emailing and cannot for the life of us figure out where we can get a copy. When we called, the agent told us he would send us a copy via mail to our address, however, it was never sent nor received on our end. Upon follow up the second agent told us that they cannot give us a receipt and we were told that we need to contact Lockbox, however, lockbox states that they do not receipt this form. Due to not having this receipt, we have no way of checking the status nor do we have any way or showing her graduate school that her green card/residency has been extended which has caused us problems in regards to class registration. As of now, she was able to enroll, but is on a temporary week by week status until we can prove the forms were sent as per a receipt. Any info on where to call or physically go to get this sorted would be appreciated because we really need this to be cleared up for her graduate school. Best Regards, James