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Found 443 results

  1. Hi everyone! My fiance is hoping to visit me in June and we are in the process of our K1 Visa. They received it February 16th but my question is, can he visit from the UK and if so what does he need to bring? Thank you! Hannah
  2. Hi everyone, I never found much in the way of reviews of the Medical Process for the K1 visa pertaining to Sydney Drs so i thought Id write one. I got my K1 Visa Packet 3 on 26/2/18 so i went about booking in for my medical; There were two Drs in Sydney that do the medicals but when i rang the first one (George St) the Dr was actually on leave until the day my interview was scheduled. I rang OCNLST to arrange my appointment and was told to email the nurse (nurse@ocnlst.com.au) to arrange this. I received an email back around 30min later which asked me when my interview was scheduled and then once i had replied they sent back that i was tentatively booked in for 19th March 2018, 8 days prior to my interview. Once i confirmed my appointment (they need around a week between appointment & interview). I had to email to the nurse more than 5 days prior to the appointment: copy of passport, Case number, personal details, my address in the USA that i will be living and then send a copy of my GP summary, immunisation records, serology results (if done) and then medication list (if applicable). I also had to answer a few other simple question: 1. have i lived overseas for more than 12 months and where i was born. It also explained that i would to bring on the day - valid passport, 6 AUSTRALIAN passport photos (all identical), large express post envelope and your confirmation letter of interview (i printed out my email which was fine). Fast forward to 18/3/18 - i live in Adelaide so i flew into Sydney on the evening before to make sure i didn't get stuck with cancelled flights etc. I stayed the night at Travelodge Martin Place which was more than adequate for the night i actually caught the train from the airport to Martin Place station which was honestly dead easy and I grabbed an Opal card at the airport station and the attendant there gave me clear instructions on how to get to Martin Place which was awesome. My appointment was at 9.30am but was asked to be there at 9am to see the nurse first. I arrived in Sydney quite late in the end so i checked out of the hotel at about 8am so i could walk down and find the medical centre early and then grabbed coffee and some breakfast which was about a 5-7 minute walk mainly downhill. I arrived at the medical centre at about 8.45am and was told the nurse was actually off sick so the receptionist gave me 2 urine sample pots, took my express post envelope and my photos and i waited to see Dr Aldous. Im not going to lie, i was a little nervous lol. I initially couldn't pee which wasn't a huge issue - i drank about 750mls of water sitting there and eventually managed to go . I got called into the Dr at around 9.40am and we went through all the paperwork initially - i am a nurse so luckily i have extensive vaccination records and i advise that you get your GP to do all your serologies prior to your appointment especially if you don't have your vaccination records. Its not a big deal to get them done there, you just pay for them whereas your GP will bill them on Medicare. The actually exam took all of 10 minutes lol - height, weight and BP initially, then i had to do a quick eye test. I then changed into a gown and she felt my neck, abdomen and groin lymph nodes and made me cough to check for hernias. She then listened to my heart and lungs and i hopped up and had to walk in a straight line, bend over to touch toes and squat to the floor. I was surprised that i didn't need any pelvic exam and the Dr explained that they no longer require an external genitalia check. i then changed back into my clothes and we sat down and discussed what was next - bloods for syphilis check and then urine samples for gonorrhoea etc and then my chest x-ray which had a TB checklist that you need to have the radiologist fill in. She then explained that assuming results from bloods, urine and chest x-ray are fine then all is good. The bloods was actually the slowest part. The blood nurse took FOREVER lol and there was probably 4 others waiting as well. I paid for the pathology testing on the spot - $70 and they ONLY take card payments. I then had to walk approx 10 minutes to have my chest x-ray done (uphill lol) (City X-Ray on Macquarie Street) and that was really quick. I walked in and within 5minutes was having my xray done, then i went out and paid $80 and waited around another 5minutes and they returned my checklist and gave me a CD which you need to hang onto to give to Immigration when you arrive at your POE in the US so DON'T LOSE IT I then walked back to the Medical Centre (much quicker as all downhill lol) and then handed the form to the receptionist (might be nurse if they are there) and paid for my medical $335 and they told me the results of the bloods and urine would be back either this afternoon or morning and then they forward everything in the envelope you gave them to the embassy and then will send a copy of it all to me as well that you also need to give over at the POE in the US and you CANNOT OPEN IT. It was all more straightforward than i expected. I was all done by about 12.30pm and so i grabbed some lunch and then headed back to airport which i have to say was a PITA lol - the trains were actually not working so Uber it was.... Hope this helps someone
  3. Hello everyone, I just joined this website as I am about to embark on my K1 visa journey. If this is in the wrong spot I apologize in advance, but I really need some answers! I am the American who plans to bring my fiance over from Australia. I graduated from college last June, and was living with him in Australia from August 2017 to early February this year and then moved back to the states alone. I started a job this month (March) which will pay me $34,000 per year, which is well over the income requirement. However, the past 3 years I have been a student/working sporadically and made FAR LESS than the income requirement, like laughably so. I have read a lot of articles/forums which state that most recent year is what counts the most, but I have heard of people being denied for their sponsor not being at their job long enough. So, my questions: 1. Should we arrange to wait until early 2019 for him to have his interview at the Australian consulate so that I will be able to provide my 2018 tax documents? (which would mean I should wait to start the whole process for a few months?) Or should I file ASAP to be able to have the interview later this year (assuming that the initial process only takes 6-8 months) and then just provide my pay stubs from when I started the job? 2. When I do eventually fill out the I-864 and my fiance presents it at the interview after the current tax year is over, will it matter to the officer that the 2 years before I was making enough money, I was making way below the requirement? Even if I made well above the most recent year? 3. Even if I have made enough for the most recent year, am I still able to plan to have a joint sponsor fill out an I-864 and have my fiance bring it with him to the interview? I only ask because I have read conflicting things online, some people saying that you should only have a joint sponsor prepared if you clearly made below the income requirement for most recent year. BUT I would be tempted to have one prepared anyway, since my previous years income was so low. 4. Is there any chance that anyone here has had experiences with the consulate in Sydney, Australia? I cannot find anything online about their particular requirements. I hope these questions made sense, thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I will be applying for a I-129 F very soon and have been doing a lot of research. My fiance is in Ukraine right now, and I was wondering if anyone had experience dealing with the US Embassy there or knows how long it will take for the paperwork to reach the US Embassy there, if everything here is approved. - Can you guys tell me how long it took your K1 visa to be approved from start to finish? - How long was your processing time? - When is the earliest time my fiance in Ukraine can schedule an interview? Is it after the paperwork reaches the NVC ? - Is there anything you did that made the process a little faster ? Any answers are greatly appreciated ! Thank you to everyone in advance !
  5. Hello, I am about to send my AOS packet next week, although I have a doubt.. Is that really necessary change my family name now that I am married? I've heard that it could be a problem for USCIS if I don't change my name but I spoke with people who didn't had any problem, so I really don't know what to do. Can you give me some advice? Please! Thank you!!!
  6. I am preparing my documents to send to the USCIS for my petition I was looking at the K1 visa checklist here on visa journey, http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1guide , and the G-325A is not on there but on other sites that have a checklist it says this form is a requirement??? So which one is it?
  7. Hi there, I've sent my partner high resolution passport size images for the I-129F filing, however, the images are printing with slight pixelation. Is that gong to cause a huge issue? The image is not blurry and clear. Thanks!
  8. Hello, this is my first time on this site and i would like some advice. I am a US Citizen living in California and my fiance is from England. I have yet to apply because I am worried about the providing evidence of financial support part of the process. I am currently a student, and the only time I ever had a job was a seasonal position that i only had for the summer. I did not make enough that i was required to file taxes, so i dont know what i would do when filling out the I-134 form. has anyone had a experience like this? I do have someone willing to do a joint sponsor, but can only family do it? She is my half-sister's half sister. Sorry if I did not make much sense!
  9. Hello, I'm back with more questions. I just got my W2's and due to me having finished up college last year, I didn't work full time for much of the year and only made about $13k. I now have a somewhat better job that would put me over the minimum threshold to not need a person to cosign on my fiance coming from Australia. My question is, do you show proof of financial responsibility using previous W2's? Because if so, I did not make enough money. I am unclear how that process works in the visa journey. Thank you all! Edit: I am in California petitioning for my Australian fiance to come here to the States.
  10. Hi everyone, I’m new here and I wanted to see if there’s anyone who is in the process of filing for there fiancé from the Dominican Republic. If there’s a thread already on here can someone send it to me. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone! Me and my fiancé are planning to process a k1 visa. The only problem is, his recent W2 form didnt reached the income requirement because he didnt declare all the tips he's getting. Some people say that current paystub will do. But my questions are: 1)how a current paystub can help? 2)is there a specific amount that should be in the paystub for it to be helpful? BTW, im from the Philippines so as far as I know the US Embassy in Manila does NOT accept a co-sponsor.
  12. Hi, Me and my fiance are about to submit our packet for the K1 Visa and I wonder if I am still needed to submit a CENOMAR (Certificate of no Marriage) that is to be included for packet? and is there a maximum number of photographs (for evidence)? Also, if you have any tips or comments, suggestions with filing the K1 Visa or putting the documents together or reminders, it would be highly welcomed. We can use all the help we need. Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone. I know there are many topics here about applying K1 Visa with a criminal record. I’m a beneficiary and I got a criminal record for shoplifting. I was convicted for shoplifting in Malaysia when I just turned 18, that was a mistake, I regret it and I did not have any other record since then. I was sentenced for one day in prison and paid USD80 for the fine. I didn’t really go to the prison as the judge sentenced me for one day in prison the day of my hearing, and one day for them is from 8am-5pm but I know it is still considered as I was in prison. Now me and my partner already filed the petition in October 2017 and we’re expecting the embassy to call me for the interview in May 2018. I read that I can apply for petty crime exception but I just don’t know how. We did not disclose anything on the petition saying that I got a record because my partner said only give them what they asked on the form. Only mention about it when they’re interviewing me. My question is how do we apply for the exception? Do we need a lawyer or I can just show them my court record? Do you guys think I can get the visa? The visa means a lot for me and my partner. I’ve been worrying about this too much and got sick a few times thinking about the visa. I really hope anyone would give us some ideas before they call me for the interview. Thanks!
  14. Issue with interview scheduling

    Hello everyone. I am trying to fill out our profile on the embassy interview scheduling site and it is asking for a priority date. I dont have a clue... Anyone help me out here?
  15. Now I'm preparing for a visa K 1 question is I had a previous experience to get a tourism visa, and my fiance sent me an invitation from the US to visit, but the request was rejected. Would this rejection affect the progress on a Visa K 1 Knowing that on the day of the interview for the tourist visa, the consular officers asked me who I would visit. I said that he Is a friend of knowledge a 3 years ago ( This is a fact )
  16. Hi there, Not sure if this is the correct place but I'm looking for help for me and my girlfriends future. I live in New Zealand currently in America on tourist visa She is from the US We want to be together as soon as possible What visa is best for this. I have 8 days left in the states so I'm unsure if we're able To get married in that time but we definitely want to start the progress we are just unsure on where to start. Any advice for the clueless? I'm wanting to move here aswell if that helps
  17. Hello! I am in need of some help. I have done plenty of research, but still am not sure which route is best. I am currently living with my Australian fiance in Australia for the next year, we had planned to save for a wedding and visa costs, to get him to America. So we will be getting married in Australia, and moving him to America. I am a US citizen, and he is an Australian. Should we do the cr1 route? Or, is he allowed to come to America on a valid visa, such as the ETA, and then apply for an adjustment of status?
  18. Hello I am a September filer and I'm assuming we will be getting our NOA2 in the next month - to month and a half. I'm currently in the UK with my fiancee therefore I can't earn any income as of right now (but by AOS I will definitely be earning my own income). I'm going to ask my mom to get the I-134 started so I know we will get it in good timing. What documents are needed for the London interview exactly? I've read that tax transcripts and letter of employment are good enough but is there anything else I could ask for just in case? Also will I only need a birth certificate for proof of citizenship? And I've read that London are very accepting of co-sponsors, is that correct? Thank you
  19. Hello everyone again, I know I have to send my birth certificate in english for the AOS, but I don't know exactly how to do it. Does have to be translate from the consulate in Italy or anyone can do it? I tried to call the embassy but of course, no answer. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  20. Hi, My K1 visa petition just got approved 7 days ago. My fiancee will be interviewed at US Embassy in Manila. For those who already set up an appointment for the interview, WHAT’S THE EARLIEST DATE DO THEY HAVE? And when/If the CO ask “ WHEN DID YOU MEET AND HOW? Is that when we meet online 3 years ago or when we meet in person 7 months when I visited Philippines.
  21. Hi there! I just want to ask you guys if anyone here had tubercolosis exam required by the Health and Human Services upon enty into the US. I got a letter requiring me to take the exam. I didn’t have TB but I had to undergo sputum in SLEC for my K1 visa. My sputum was negative for TB and I was cleared by SLEC. Just wondering why they required me to take the TB exam. Kindly share your experience.Any advice is highly appreciated.
  22. Hi all, Just a little background info first- My fiancé and I have been together for the last 3 1/2 years. We met in America, fell in love, and have made an honest go of it. Once I graduated university it seemed that we were finally able to begin our journey to have the rest of our lives together. This last fall my fiancé got a job in NJ as a soccer coach, here on a J1 visa. The company he was with wished to extend his visa due to a strong performance, and gave my fiancé the receipt and information of the filing with the USCIS for an extended visa. This company told him that as long as the visa was processing, he would be able to continue work. Fast forward to December, my fiancé's contract was up (December 1st) and we got engaged (yay!) on a trip to Seattle. Part of this trip was to go into Vancouver for a couple days, and then return to the states for the Christmas Holidays, so my fiancé would return on his ESTA and not overstay the 30 day grace period since his work contract ended. Here comes the nightmare... When we attempted to cross the border, Border Control pulled us in, and after many hours of investigation found that this company my fiancé worked for in NJ had incorrectly filed for the visa extension, and my fiancé had technically been working illegally for 2 months. Border Control did not find my fiancé criminally responsible, so he wasn't banned or anything, but they decided he would need a Visa to re-enter the country and his ESTA would no longer be valid. My fiancé had to return to the UK. This was pretty heartbreaking, and a week before Christmas mind. After a couple weeks of thought, we decided my fiancé would apply for a B-2 Visitors visa, so he could visit for a couple months, and we could begin the process of the K-1 together. However, fate had another nasty trick up its sleeve and my fiancé was denied a B-2 visa because the consulate interviewer felt if we were engaged, we should be applying for a K-1 and not a B-2, unless we were trying to get married on a B-2. Which we weren't! We were just honest to god trying to see each other for a period of time before the 8-10 month K-1 visa process began. SO after this long story, I just wanted to ask if anyone had been in a similar situation, and if I should be worried about him obtaining the K-1 Visa because he was denied entry and denied a B-2. We've been in love for nearly 4 years, and have tried to do everything right. We just need a little bit of luck.
  23. Hi! Im sure this question has been asked many timea but ive just sent out me and my Fiancé (he is from England) petetion for the K1 Fiancé visa about 4 days ago. Does anyone know how long it will take? I hear it can be a weeks to months??? Thank you xxxxx
  24. Hello everyone, I'm gonna send my AOS package in a couple of weeks but in the meantime I have a few questions and I hope you can help me. 1. When I did the medical exam for the interview (K1 visa) they gave me a CD with my Chest X-Ray . Do I have to put it in my package and send itfor the AOS? Or I have to keep it? 2. What kind of evidence I have to send to prove our relationship? The photos, the boarding pass and the marriage certificate are enough? Do you have any suggestion? 3. My birth certificate is in Italian. Do I have to send a copy in english? Thank you for your help!
  25. Hi is US embassy still issuing K1 visa for iranian citizens after travel ban ? specially in 2018?