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Found 89 results

  1. I made an earlier post about my boyfriend being denied a B-2 tourist visa. We were advised to apply for a K-1 fiance visa instead, so that’s what we’re doing! I have 2 questions, though. 1. What are the chances of an I-129 PETITION being denied by USCIS, even before the embassy interview? Not the actual visa, just the petition. My concern is that I’m currently unemployed, studying in a technical college. My mom will be a joint-sponsor on the I-134 Affidavit of Support, but that’s requested AFTER the petition is approved. That brings me to question 2... 2. Can the petition be denied based on my current unemployment? Would it help to send a joint-sponsored I-134 (+ supporting documents) WITH the I-129? I understand that updated financial documents would be needed for the interview. I just really don’t want to mess this up. Thanks in advance!
  2. Dear VJ community, here is my situation: 1. I'm USC, was born in the US, but live in Russia as of 3 years old 2. My husband (he is from Ukraine) and I got I-130 recently approved via DCF process, but I'm stuck with further steps 3. My husband got an offer for a job in the US 4. His future employer agreed to be a joint sponsor for AOS package 5. I don't have any income in the US and in Russia and never did any tax returns 6. My husband and I decided to move to the US and we have and place to live there (with an employer help) Can anyone advise what should be filled out for AOS package? I've read I need to prove domicile. Another doubt I have what documents should his employer provide as a joint sponsor? A little lost. Will appreciate greatly if you can help me out.
  3. Hello, this is my first time on this site and i would like some advice. I am a US Citizen living in California and my fiance is from England. I have yet to apply because I am worried about the providing evidence of financial support part of the process. I am currently a student, and the only time I ever had a job was a seasonal position that i only had for the summer. I did not make enough that i was required to file taxes, so i dont know what i would do when filling out the I-134 form. has anyone had a experience like this? I do have someone willing to do a joint sponsor, but can only family do it? She is my half-sister's half sister. Sorry if I did not make much sense!
  4. Time is running out so I need a response. I am joint sponsor for my daughter's petition for her husband since they do not meet income requirements. My income alone is enough, but I file jointly with my husband. Does he need to complete an I864a form?
  5. My US daughter, after living in the UK for 10 years and married to a UK citizen for the last 4, is bringing her husband and 2 children (with US passports) back to the US. Her husband will be working in a family business once they arrive. She is in the process of filling out the Affidavit of Support and need help: 1. Since their income from UK jobs will not continue once they leave the UK, how does she fill in the income - she is employed until they depart the UK, not retired, not unemployed (check boxes). Does she fill it in? Does she leave it blank? Put in N/A? 2.How does she count her household? Is it 4 even though she and their 2 children are US citizens? 3. Finally, would it be beneficial for them to include the US employment confirmation and terms as supporting documentation? I have filled out the Affidavit of Support as a joint sponsor for the immigrant, my son-in-law. I want to be sure my form is correct so they have no glitches. 1. I am retired and using my pension and Social Security to meet the support requirements. Do I count my household as 3? Me, my spouse, and the immigrant, my son in law. Or, do I include my daughter and two children who are also coming - but are US Citizens and, therefore, not immigrating. 2. With the form, I am including our most recent tax return. Since the income I am reporting is mine - does my husband have to fill out a I864a? I am not using his social security or pension to meet support.
  6. Need Help! Thanks alot to all for support n guidance! I hv just amended my tax return from Single to Married File Separate: US Embassy needs a joint sponsor they gave us 221g for Joint sponsor. We haven't joint sponsor so we decided to send These -My Current 2017 Tax returns along with IRS Transcript -2017 amended tax return -W2 -Employer Letter - Last Six Months Pay Stubs While I have filed last year 2016 and this year 2017 Tax returns ( Tow years Tax Returns) and have continuous Full Permanent and same job Since June 2016 till today, its my first job ever so that i hv not filed taxes before. My This year income is sufficient as 25k with Household size 2 (me and my husband) no other depended backed by Pay Stubs and W2's. Dose it works ?? Or need anything else to send at embassy?? Any suggestions? please Help
  7. Hello I am a September filer and I'm assuming we will be getting our NOA2 in the next month - to month and a half. I'm currently in the UK with my fiancee therefore I can't earn any income as of right now (but by AOS I will definitely be earning my own income). I'm going to ask my mom to get the I-134 started so I know we will get it in good timing. What documents are needed for the London interview exactly? I've read that tax transcripts and letter of employment are good enough but is there anything else I could ask for just in case? Also will I only need a birth certificate for proof of citizenship? And I've read that London are very accepting of co-sponsors, is that correct? Thank you
  8. My joint sponsor sent me his irs tax return transcripts for 2014,2015,2016. He told me that he will file his 2017 taxes in october 2018 even though the deadline is in april 2018!! What should i do in that case?
  9. Hello everyone, my joint sponsor sent me his IRS tax return transcript for 2014,2015,2016 (still didnt file 2017) and now i am lost of how i should fill the i864 based on the irs tax return transcript. does anybody know where to find the tax income for each year? can the annual income be found in the irs tax return transcript form? thank you
  10. Hi everyone! My partner and I are focusing on the I-134 form at the moment and we're opting for a co-sponsor; their dad. Has anyone got any recent experiences or advice on filing this form? Anything we have to avoid doing? I want to help out (I'm the beneficiary, but I think it's important that I'm involved and know what's happening) but I think I need some educating myself. Any info is welcome! Thanks so much.
  11. Hello everyone, I have two separate questions regarding the k1 visa for the Ho Chi Minh City consulate. 1. I am using a co-sponsor for my visa, I am a college student and only work part-time, my mother is my co-sponsor. I keep hearing different things about using a co-sponsor for the HCMC consulate. I contacted two lawyers and one immigration adviser about this topic and got three completely different responses. The immigration adviser told me that the consulate in HCMC absolutely will not accept a co-sponsor, they never do under any circumstances. One of the lawyers told me that the consulate in HCMC use to not accept co-sponsors but since 2014 they now do accept them, but they are picky and strict about it. The other lawyer I contacted said that he's never heard of a case where the HCMC denied anyone for using a co-sponsor. So I am wondering if anyone here has any insight into this issue, or has anyone here used a co-sponsor? Its so frustrating that I can't get a clear answer. 2. Prior to applying for the k1 visa me and my fiancee (Under the recommendation of the immigration adviser) had a traditional engagement ceremony as well as a wedding. The immigration adviser said that the consulate will not approve anything without lots of pictures of an expensive engagement ceremony to prove that our relationship is valid. We had a real engagement ceremony, my mom (who is also my cosponsor) was present and we have picture of all of us and my fiancees mom together. Someone of a different forum told me I made a huge mistake applying for a k1 visa rather than the spousal visa because if the consulate see us together in what looks like a wedding, they will not give us a k1 visa because we are "too married". I though because we are not legally married then it would be ok to apply for a k1 visa, I didn't even realize that the engagement ceremony and wedding were two separate things because we had them on the same day at the same time. We first were wearing the traditional Vietnamese dress thing, then my wife changed into a wedding dress and I put on a suit. The person from the other form told me that at the interview we should not tell the interviewer that we had a wedding or show them any pictures of her in a wedding dress. So basically Engagement ceremony is mandatory for k1 visa , wedding is not OK for k1 visa, even though both of those events for us was together as one event. Does anyone have any insight into this? Thanks again for your help everyone, this is my first post here and I apologize for how disorganized my post is.
  12. Hey guys, My friend is willing to be a joint sponsor and makes enough by himself. He files jointly with his wife but she doesn't want to provide any of her information. We plan to just use his income on the 864 in order to avoid using her. We were wondering has anyone had issues doing this? I've read countless threads on here and tried to find similar situations. It looks like there are two answers: 1. You don't need to put the other spouses income if one spouse makes enough. or 2. You need to have his wife do a 864a because they file jointly. We made sure that when he filled out his 864, we only put his income on part 6: (Sponsor' Employment and Income). I've read that if you wanted to just use one person's income instead of both of them, you had to make sure to ONLY put his income into #15 (My current Annual Household Income). We also had a question of all the tax forms and information that they needed. We have 3 past years of his w2 forms. Do we also need to include a recent copy of their joint return? We can get a couple of his more recent pay stubs if needed too. Any help would definitely be appreciated. Our interview is coming up at the end of next month and we're really starting to get worried. My wife is having a very hard time staying sane because she's afraid that she'll get to the interview and they'll deny her because we don't have a 864a for his wife. Thank you all in advance!
  13. Hello VJ, I am in need of some help on a few parts of the I-864. My wife is the US Citizen however she is currently unemployed and on break from school. We live with her parents and will be using them as Joint sponsors. My questions are as followed: 1. We are filing an I-864 for my wife as well as father in law, however his income alone isn't sufficient and we want to use my mother in laws as well. For question 1.d do we list him as the only joint sponsor and have my mother in law file I-864 A, or do we Have both my FIL and MIL file two separate I-864s listing as the first and second joint sponsors. 2. For the household size. On my wifes form we just list the two of us as household members even though we are living with them correct? 3. Again with household size on my FIL's I-864. How many members do we put down? On the previous tax returns my in laws (file jointly) and listed both my wife and her baby brother as dependents and have done so on the last 3 tax returns. So for the household size on my FIL's form do we put 5 members, listing all of us, or do we leave out my wife from the household size? Thank you for your help.
  14. Hello! We are preparing i864 documents now. My wife is sponsoring me the i130 petition. My wife is the main sponsor, but she is a full time student with no income, both of her parents will sponsor us, and both of her parents claim her as dependent in their tax returns. Question: Do both her parents fill out i864a as household members of my wife, or one of the parent fill out i864, the other one fill out i864a? Are we counted as separate households or one household? since they still claim my wife as dependents. Question 2: if we fill out i864a, do we have to submit proof of household member relationship? Thanks!
  15. Hi We are working on i864 package now, my wife has no income, and her parents claim her as dependent on their tax return, her parents will also sponsor question 1: if my wife fills out i864, should her parents fill out i864a or completely separate i864? since they claim my wife as dependent, are we in one household? or the fact that we are married makes us separate households and they have to fill separate i864? question 2: if my wife's parent fills out i864a, do they need to provide proof of relationship or proof of residency? if yes, what kind? thanks!
  16. Hello all, Our I130 just got approved and I am trying to get everything ready and study the affidavit of support deal. Here is our situation: My petitioner (USC husband) is living abroad with me. He is under job contract here until its time for us to move back. So his US income will be $0. He maintains US bank account drivers license and all that to prove domicile. His parents are going to be our joint sponsor. His mother works (her income is under the 125%) and his father is a US army Veteran with pension and other monthly gov checks (not sure what). So their income combined will be above the 125% poverty line for household of 3 (his mother, father and me). Our initial plan was to have my husband fill out I864 with his $0 income. And His mother as the main joint sponsor (filling out I864) and his father filling out (I864a). Is this possible? or the joint sponsor can not use their household income? Read somewhere that the joint sponsor income has to qualified oh his/her own? Please help. Thank you so much.
  17. Hi everyone, Just a (relatively) quick question! I am a UK citizen applying for a CR1 visa in the UK and will have to use my mother in law as a joint sponsor with my wife. Currently my wife lives with my father in law and his wife, my mother in law lives with her husband and daughter. My question is, do my wife and mother have to account for my father in law and step mother in law when it comes to household size? It doesn't matter as she earns enough, just want to know what to put on the I-864 when it gets to it. EDIT: I will also be living with my father in law when I move until my wife and I get off our feet Thanks in advance! Stephen
  18. I’am a US citizen and currently working and living in Canada. I have a home in California which im currently renting. I have declared taxes since i started working in Canada as well and have bank accounts in the US. Can i be a joint sponsor for my sister’s husband as she doesn’t make enough money to sponsor him on her own?
  19. Hello, My husband's petition (form I130) has just been approved. Who could help us qualify as a co-sponsor or joint Sponsor?
  20. NEED HELP... I have my interview yesterday visa officer Denied my IR1 visa n give me a white paper sheet n ask for a New Joint Sponsor. My wife has continuous job at wal-mart from June 2016 till today. Its her first job n she submit AOS i-864 in May 2017, on her tax returns their annual income was 10k USD. So we use a joint sponsor from our family friend his income was 100k$. At my Interview yesterday visa officer denied my joint sponsor n ask for a new joint sponsor. I told him that my wife income is sufficient know on her pay stubs that's about 23k$ he said dot show me that and he said do u have her new i-864? i said no then he gave me a refusal letter n mark on that manually the box that mentioned Submit a NEW Joint Sponsor. Problem is that i hv no joint sponsor at that time Should my wife wait for the new tax year started i think in January n file a new tax returns n fill AOS i-864 with her latest income. or we must have to send a New Joint Sponsor?????? Please Help US
  21. Hello, We submitted additional documents to US Embassy in TT. They call my wife saying we need a joint sponsor. She tells them I am employed earning the required income. Embassy tells her it doesn't matter because they asked for a joint sponsor when requesting the additional documents and "we can't go changing their rules." I was solely dependent on my SSD but came home to the states and started back to work. First of January I start a new job with the USPS making an additional $10k but my employment doesn't seem to matter to TT. If I earn the income to support my family, I don not need a joint sponsor. Can they tell us we need one? Thanks, Chris & Jill
  22. On the form I 864, (I am the petitioner/sponsor for my spouse) on part 6 i know I address where I work and my current individual income(I know my taxes and proof of income is required), and then there is the part where it asks "Income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size, including, in certain conditions, the intending immigrant.(....) Please indicate name, relationship and income." Part 6 item #3. Me and my husban have combined our financial sources, and he works. Do I have to put down his income? If so, am I required to also prove it with previous taxes, because he didn't do his taxes for the two past years, but we will try and get a letter of employment from his boss, would that work?
  23. On the i 864 of the joint sponsor, does he include the person that is going to be sponsored into the household size total? For example, the joint sponsor is married and has 3 children, and will be sponsoring my spouse. does that make the household size total 5? or 6?
  24. A self employed joint sponsor needs to prove the current annual individual income, how and what doc can we use to prove that other that last years tax ?
  25. Hello, I need a little bit of help with a section on the I-864 Affidavit of Support form. My uncle is our co-sponsor so I know he has to fill out his own form and I have to fill out mine. I'm working on mine right now but I'm stuck on Part 3. For number 1, it says "I am sponsoring the principal immigrant named in Part 2." Would I put a yes, and would my uncle also put a yes for this question? I just want to make sure what I put as the answer to this as well as what his answer would be. Then question 2 says, "I am sponsoring the following family members immigrating at the same time or within six months of the principal immigrant named in Part 2. (Do not include any relative listed on a separate visa petition.) Am I supposed to check this box, or my uncle? Or does the both of us not check this box? I guess I'm asking if any one of us will select this box for question 2. I'm very confused on this section. Any help or information would be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance to those that can help me with this.