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Found 35 results

  1. Hello everyone! Hoping someone has had similar experience and can help how they worked it out... The details: - I-751 pending (November 2016 filer) - VSC filer (so expecting it to take over a year to be processed) - NOA1 extension expires Jan 31st, 2018 - plan on traveling from NY to Australia & Malaysia to spend time with family with our newborn infant - for 7 weeks (Dec 4th - Jan 22nd 2018) - returning to US 9 days before 1 year extension expires - will be entering US at LAX I understand I should make an InfoPass appointment to get I-551 passport stamp before I go. Anyone share they're experience for doing this in NYC? A few more questions: - can I make an Infopass appointment to get I-551 passport stamp 2-3 months before GC extension expires? - what happens if I receive an interview notice or RFE while I am gone? potentially not seeing it if I don't have someone checking my mail regularly. That would be unfortunate timing. - will I have any issues coming back to US just 9 days before green card extension letter expires? - if green card is approved and sent to my US home while we are gone, will my NOA1 extension letter/I-551 passport stamp still be good for re-entering the US or is it cancelled, and I will not be allowed in without my current green card to present at immigration? - does expired green card get taken away when I-551 stamped? If so, would immigration still accept NOA1 extension letter and/or I-551 stamp? Any help greatly appreciated! I will be calling USCIS tomorrow but expect not to get a very helpful answer, through previous experiences with them.
  2. Hi Everyone, Situation: I am unable to get infopass appointment, every time I punch in the search using my zip code, I received a message that currently there are no available appointments and to check in again later. Background: I-751 filed Jun 2015, case is still pending, the green card will expire in Sep 2016. I need to prove to employer that I am still "in status", legal, and can continue to work. I read that I need to get an Infopass appointment at the local office to get my passport stamped with I-551 to validate my status. 1. Can I just walk into the local office at Federal Plaza with no infopass appointment? 2. When is the best time to go online to schedule Infopass appointment? Appreciate your assistance with this matter!
  3. I have info pass appointment on Tuesday for stamp on my passport... though my extension letter still valid for another 6 months (ROC 2 yrs GC), but i have to travel for work and Mexican consulate suggest i get the stamp to avoid problem at POE Anyone ever experience and got deny from the USCIS officer ? I read something that they won't stamp you when extension letter still valid ..
  4. Hopefully this will help those that are having a hard time scheduling an appointment on infopass You probably have seen this message "Currently, there are no available appointments. Please check again tomorrow." every time you try to use infopass to get an appointment. Like you, it was very frustrating because it seems like there just isn't any appointments no matter what hour of the day you try, and even if you do get lucky, the appointment date seems are weeks away. Here's what I did to get an appointment and hopefully it will help you too. set up an auto refresh and website change detector on your browser, you can find this add-on/extension to notify you as soon as the webpage changes. I use chrome and the extensions I added is called SuperAuto Refresh and Visualping. go to the infopass page where you see the message "Currently, there are no available appointments. Please check again tomorrow." and set it to auto refresh. then set Visualping to monitor to check it every minute. it will notify you with a pop up when the page appears with appointment dates. I did this while at work, and while I was doing other stuff on my computer, a message popped up and i was able to get an appointment. couple thing i noticed was, it gave me an appointment that was 2 days from now, which I was very surprised. but I screwed up and hit back and that appointment date and time was gone. my guess was someone canceled so there was a spot available but because i was too slow someone else took that spot. so, make sure you stop the auto refresh as soon as the appointment calendar pops up so it doesn't refresh again. Another thing I noticed was that for 2 days while I try this, the only time it appeared was in the morning between 8am to 10am Pacific time for the Los Angeles USCIS location. It didn't appear for the rest of the day while I was working and had it running the whole time. I need to get Advanced Parole, but the dates didn't work for me, so I still ended up just showing up at USCIS without an appointment. They didn't seem too happy that I didn't get an appointment but still took me in. Your mileage may vary depending on where you are, but hopefully this info will help someone who need to get an infopass appointment. It also seems like it doesn't matter which USCIS location you go to. At the LA County USCIS, there's 2 lines, one is for those that are within their jurisdiction (they check by zipcode) and another is for others, maybe trying to get an appointment at another location or set two browsers with on autorefresh and try to get whichever appointment is the earlier one.. Good Luck.
  5. Hello friends, I think I am in a trouble and I need your help please. My story is: I got married on 08/20/2015, I came to the USA on 08/29/2017. I heard that my passport should have been stamped with IR1. But it was stamped with cr1 instead. I had no clue at the moment. I don't want to receive the conditional green card. I want to be done with the paper work, at least for now. What can I do to make sure I receive the correct ir1 green card? Will they by default produce the ir1 green card given we've been married for more than 2 years? Or it will be the conditional cr1 since that's what my passport stamped with? Is there anything I can do to get the correct ir1 green card while it's pending, other than returning the incorrect cr1 with the form i-90? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi, my extension letter from uscis expire last august of 2017, now my question is what will i show my employer if they need a proof that i am legally allowed to work here specially if they specify that it shouldnt be expired and if i did get my passport stamped (scheduled my infopass) will that be enough proof to retain my job or accept a new job?
  7. August/September filers i need your help!!! i've been trying to make an infopass appointment in new york ever since i got my extension letter and i've had 0 luck. I literally set my alarm to wake up all sorts of hours of the morning and nothing (3AM-6AM) I've checked throughout the day as well as at nights and even a little after midnight as someone suggested on here but still...NOTHING. I've tried all the field offices in New York and they don't have appointments available. Anyone on here has any tips on how i can get an appointment? i really need this stamp.
  8. Hi, I have an infopass appointment tomorrow to get a stamp in my passport. Except, does it matter if my husband made the appointment for me? He won’t be accompanying me.
  9. Hi Vjer's, i just want to know what's best to have when travelling? i Have my Extension letter, state id, Do i need to get an Infopass? or my extension letter will do? I'm going to Alaska on November so i'm a bit worried about the entry and exit process.
  10. Afternoon, I am a 2016 August filer, still "in queue awaiting interview scheduling" and been there for 8 months or so. Done all the on-line questions/help, called the national center, service requests etc. and no one can tell me anything of use. As far as I know, file is still at the NBC, which from what I understand is the office which will schedule the interview and THEN send the file to the FO. No one can, or will, tell me why the file is still at the NBC after 13 months, or if even my background check is complete. So my question to the masses is, that with the file still stuck at the NBC, am I wasting my time (5 hour drive) to have an infopass meeting? Will that IO be able to tell me anything of value, or move my case along? Or am I simply going to be told "in queue...." Thanks, Emil
  11. There is help resolving application/petition delays!!!!!! Anyone in contact with DHS Case assistance of make appointment for USCIS meeting?? "If you waited 60 days past USCIS processing times and have tried the USCIS customer service options but still need help resolving a problem with an application or petition, you can ask the DHS Ombudsman’s Office for help by taking the following steps:" link below... https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance or.. Info-pass - Schedule meeting concerning case at with USCIS. It appears meetings are scheduled 14 days in advance (at least in NYC) https://my.uscis.gov/appointment The DHS disclaimer- This computer system and data therein are property of the U.S. government and provided for official U.S. government information and use. There is no expectation of privacy when you use this computer system. The use of a password or any other security measure does not establish an expectation of privacy.
  12. my GC expired march this year, I filed the i-90 application on december 2016, and i had my biometrics taken that same month, at the biometrics office they put a sticker on the back of my green card extending it until september 2017, my question is, my Local Office in san fernando california is full, no appointments in september, and i need to travel out of the country in october, can i go somewhere elso to get an extension for my greencard like Phoenix,AZ or Tucson, until i receive my GC? thanks
  13. Hi Guys, My 10 yr GC expired in April 2017. In June, I applied for my citizenship, filling out the N-400. I have done my Biometrics and waiting on interview. I got offered my DREAM job and my start date is on the 28th of this month. However, I do not have proof of ability to work since my GC is expired and I do not have a SS card. I need to get the I-551 stamp on my passport to enable me work and travel while my applications are pending. I already have an infopass appointment for the 21st. However, If I show up there with my notice of action for N-400, will I get the stamp? Or do I have to file for I-90 and take that notice of action to get the stamp? I do not want to file I-90 as that will just be a waste of $500 since I should be getting my citizenship in a few short months. So thats my dilemma. SHould I go to my infopass appointment with my expired GC, notice of action for N-400 and biometrics, and hope to get the stamp? Or should I spend $500 to apply for 1-90 before I go to the infopass appointment? Help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. how can I request an infopass to check the status on my case ...what do they ask for? and what exactly is an info pass?????
  15. Hi again, Obviously, with the adjudication for removal of conditions (ROC) processing taking over a year - and at least until recently seeming to get longer and longer - most of us have been wondering what's going on. Well, I asked an immigration officer about it at our InfoPass appointment last week. Though she reminded me that "a one-year wait is considered normal", she said she thinks the processing has been slowed down by (1) an increase in green card renewal/application activity after the current president was elected (perhaps from people fearing, rightly or not, that things could get more difficult in the future) compounded by (2) the federal government hiring freeze that came into place around the same time, making it difficult for them to increase their staff to handle the bigger workload. She mentioned that the hiring freeze was now over, but that it takes time to fill the jobs. Seems like that could be a good sign that the processing times might gradually speed up from now though. Good luck everyone! :-)
  16. Hi all, I know I've been part of some discussions regarding how and when we're eligible to get the I-551 extension stamp to replace an expiring NOA green card extension letter. My wife (green card holder) and I (US citizen) had an InfoPass appointment yesterday in Portland, OR, and here's what we were able to determine: 1. Immigration officers have a guideline (not a hard-and-fast rule, I think) that an I-551 stamp should only be given if the green card holder will need it within the next month (30 days?). Apparently part of the reason for this guideline is that if they give you a stamp long before you need it, there's a bigger chance that you'll get your 10-year green card in the meantime, which is not ideal because they prefer you to only have one or the other. 2. However, this does not necessarily mean your extension letter must be expiring within the next month. My wife's is expiring in early November, but we were able to get the I-551 stamp yesterday (July 14) because she has to renew her driver's permit on August 5. The stamp is valid for a year from the date it was issued, and my wife had to forfeit her expired 2-year green card because "the stamp counts as a green card, and you can't have two green cards at the same time". 3. What if we're traveling abroad for several months and not coming back until after the extension letter expires? This didn't end up applying to us (though a week ago we thought it would), but here's what the officer said: You do need to get a stamp for this (otherwise there's some kind of special consular permission or something you have to get to re-enter the country, I think she said). She said that you can get the stamp for this reason, even if your letter isn't within a month of expiring, but "I would probably ask you to come back in to get the stamp just a week or two before you leave". 4. What if you're starting a new job that needs to see your papers, and you expect to stay at the job past the expiration date of the extension letter? This actually did apply to us - my wife was just offered a new job the day before our InfoPass appointment. The officer said that you don't need a stamp for this - that the employer will accept your current extension letter, and wait until it's expiring to ask for documentation of continued residency. (But in our case, she gave us the stamp anyway because of the expiring driver's permit.) I imagine all this could vary from officer to officer, and as I said before, it seems that it's ultimately up to their discretion, but I thought others (including people searching this in the future) might find this general information useful.
  17. Hi All, I've been trying for two days now to schedule an Infopass appointment, no luck. The reason I'm posting here is to ask if the webnsite is actually working? When I go to the website, enter my ZIP, select my local office and then click "See available appointments", I see the following: Today's day highlighted and the message that there are no appointments available, and to please select another date. Thing is, I cannot select another day. I cannot click on any of the other days on the screen. I was wondering if there just aren't any appointments available for any of the days, and the wording is a bit poor, or if not being able to select another date actually is a bug? I tried on both iPad and my MacBook, same issue. Thank you very much!
  18. Hi everyone ..I came to the us in aug 2015 on a k1 got married and submitted everything for aos and ead. I got my ead in April 2016 but I never got my aos all it says anytime I check is we accepted your finger print till date 07/03/17 and now my ead expired so I'm left with nothing I called customer service several times same stories and I even get mails that says they don't know when. They told me on the phone to use infopass but Idk how that works.my wife is the petitioner but she has clinical on that date so my question is can I go by myself or she must be there ?
  19. Hello, So my greencard card arrived this week, which was great except it had been issued incorrectly. It was issued with an IF1 category and a ten year expiry date, instead of having a two year conditional date and a CF1 category. We were only married in December 2016 so I know this is a mistake. I made an Infopass appointment to get an I-551 passport stamp on the recommendation of another forum user, and managed to get one in two weeks time, but I am wondering if I should send back the greencard and the I-90 form prior to the appointment, or keep hold of it, take everything along to the appointment and turn it in there. On the one hand I don't want to give up my proof of residency, but on the other I don't want to get to the appointment and have them refuse to stamp my passport with an I-551 because i haven't submitted an I-90 yet. I tried calling USCIS but they weren't too helpful! Anybody have any experience in this area? Thank you!
  20. Good Afternoon All, I did not find any similar Topic so I thought it would be important for people to have some sort of guidance on what they are doing from past experiences. My 2 years GC expired in September 2016, I have applied for the ROC in July 2017, received the NOA in July 2016, and received my Biometric Processing Stamp at my biometrics appointment on 8/2/2016. My questions is: When do I actually NEED/HAVE TO make a infopass appointment? We all know that info pass appointments are useless the most of the times and lengthy all the times, however there are cases that in order to stay within the rules, you have to make one but I am not sure when. Is it withing 30 days from your Biometric Stamp date or what? If anyone could share their experience and/or answer the questions, I think it would be beneficial for all the ROC applicants. Thanks!
  21. Hi everyone, I'm about to get an I-551 stamp on my passport as my one-year extension letter is drawing close and will be traveling quite a bit in the next few months. Can anyone advice on what to bring besides the appointment letter, NOA letter, passport, expired green card? Would I get the stamp on the day of the appointment or are there conditions tied to it?
  22. Could the people who went to the infopass appointment and got the stamp for 6-12 months clarify this... I have the I797C NOA (from my ROC application), with the stamp from when I went to do the biometric appointment. The i797c is dated 7/16/2016 and the bio stamp is 8-2-2016, can I go to the info pass with that? Also when would you recommend making the appointment? Thank you!
  23. Just sharing my experience with an I-485 Intent to Deny with this box checked: Submit a properly completed and signed Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record (all pages of Form I-693 must be the same revision date). The medical examination must be conducted by a civil surgeon who has been designated by USCIS. And also providing a link to another post below I found to be very helpful. We had 30 days to reply to the Intent to Deny or have the I-485 process start all over again with all associated costs again. I called USCIS and spoke to 2 different people. Neither could see the Intent to Deny in our file. The first was entirely unhelpful, basically saying do what the letter said. The second was much more willing but didn't have any notes from the adjudicating officer to have any more detail about the issue. This story has a happy ending! The key to this happy ending was a relationship established with an officer at an Infopass appointment to resolve missing dates on our NOA1 for the I-485 and I-765 back in March. She provided her direct email at that appointment and then assisted us with an expedite request on the I-765 in April via email that was approved. When we received the Intent to Deny for the I-485, I contacted her - first with a more general email to which she responded "The officer adjudicating this case indicated that the documentation submitted was not sufficient (likely reasons it was rejected: photocopy, or missing age appropriate vaccinations, or vaccinations not included, or entire package missing from the file)." I then responded with the following information: Can you please provide the reason that the documentation submitted was not sufficient? He had a medical examination overseas with a USCIS surgeon within the past year, and we submitted the original DS 3025 created at the same time with the I-485. We would like to understand if the entire medical including the vaccination supplement must be repeated at an additional cost of over $500 or if just the vaccination supplement must be completed at a cost of around $75. We are asking in the context of the following references: I-485 instructions for section 7C Fiancé(e)s: If you are a K-1 fiancé(e) or K-2 dependent who had a medical examination within the past year as required for the nonimmigrant fiancé(e) visa, you only need to submit a vaccination supplement, not the entire medical report. You may include the vaccination supplement with your Form I-485. I-693 frequently asked question #3: What if I am a K nonimmigrant visa holder and already had a medical examination overseas? If you were admitted as a: • K-1 fiancé(e) or a K-2 child of a K-1 ancé(e); or • K-3 spouse of a U.S. citizen or a K-4 child of a K-3 spouse of a U.S. citizen; and • You received a medical examination prior to admission, then: • (1) You are not required to have another medical examination as long as you le your Form I-485 within one year of an overseas medical examination; and • (a) The panel physician did not find a class A medical condition during your overseas examination; or • (b) The panel physician did nd a class A medical condition, you received a waiver of inadmissibility, and you have complied with the terms and conditions of the waiver. • (2) Even if a new medical examination is not required, you must still show proof that you complied with the vaccination requirements. If the vaccination record (DS 3025) was not properly completed and included as part of the original overseas medical examination report, you will have to have the Part 9. Vaccination Record completed by a designated civil surgeon. In this case, you must submit Parts 1., 2., 3., 4., 6., and 9. of Form I-693. She escalated to a supervisor and then replied back that the Intent to Deny was submitted in error and later that same day we received notices that the I-485 had been approved and the card was in production. If I had it to do over again, I would schedule an Infopass appointment for informational purposes even if I didn't have any challenges, just to have the opportunity to establish a relationship with an officer. Best of luck in your journey!
  24. Good evening, I need advice please. My green card (2 year) expired May 29th 2016. I filed for removal April 2016. I received my 1 year extension letter. It expires May 2017 (in a few days time). They wanted more proof of my marriage which I duly sent them (asked and sent April 2017). I have heard nothing further. I need another extension or some proof for health insurance etc. I tried using Infopass to make an appointment (Durham, NC office). All it says is it only shows appointments for next 14 days and there are NEVER any available. There is no phone number or anything listed. HELP! What do I do? It's got to the point I need the documentation urgently! Thanks for the help Emma
  25. Hello, I unexpectedly need to travel out of the country for a week, I'm in Los Angeles. My Conditional permanent green card expired March 19, I submitted my I-751 Removal of conditions back in December. I got a I-797 Notice of Action that states my info, the amount I paid for the ROC, followed by: "your conditional resident status is extended for a period of one year. During the one-year extension you are authorized employment and travel...) (plus biometrics info which I already did in february) Can I travel using this letter as proof of my case and let back in the US ? I read that I can get an I-551 stamp on my passport using info pass, but whenever I check their appointment website it tells me there are not any appointments available. Do I need the stamp on my passport to travel? can I do a walk in for this stamp? I'm traveling in 2 weeks, again unexpectedly. thanks in advance!