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Found 12 results

  1. Dear Kind VJ Users -- My fiancé and I arrived last night at LAX. It's good to be in our new home, but we must finish the work before we can really relax. So we made a list of what to take care of first: 1. Obtain my most recent i94: Downloaded the form and will print. 2. Arrange a local (Californian) mobile number for both of me and USC Fiancé. 3. Apply for my SSN. We'll go to SS Office closest to my ZIP Code and provide bring these documents: 1.) The SS-5 form; 2.) Passport; 3.) Valid I-94; 4.) Valid ID; 5.) Document RM 10211.530. Now here's where I have some questions about the SS-5 Form: Q1: I have never have a SSN before so I should just left the Question 2 empty, yes? Q2: With my K-1 visa, for Question 5?? Am I a "Legal alien allowed to work", correct? I also printed the information from: Q3: As a common practice in my culture, my mom only have one name (i.e. Michelle. no last name or middle name); So I can just leave the 9A section of Middle Name and Last Name empty, yes? Q4: If this is my first time applying for a SSN and I answer NO on Question 11 (re: filing / receiving SSN before), I can just skip question 12 (re: name listed in recent SSN Card) and Question 13 (re: different date of birth), am I correct? Q5: Is my mailing address should be the same one as the one I used during my i129F application or I can use the address of the apartment I'm currently residing? QUESTION: Should I didn't manage to get a local number before applying for SSN will this be an issue for me??? 4. Getting a Marriage License. We will bring of our: 1.) Passports & Birth Certificates; 2.) K-1 Visa documentations and all the whole shebangs. 5. Get Married. We'll bring bottles of champagne!!!! 6. Back to SS Office to notify name change. This will be at least our Part One of paper work we must sort out. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?????? Please advise. THANK YOU. J/G
  2. Dear Kind VJ Users - In two weeks time my US fiancé and I will be entering the U.S. with my K-1 Visa. Our PoE will be Los Angeles. I read the PoE review for LAX and would like to confirm few things here and hope to get some updated advice from other users who entered the US via LAX. 1. Can my USC fiancé and I be in the same line during at the immigration line? 2. Other than my passport and sealed envelope from the Embassy, what else should I prepare? Any other documents that the immigration officers might request?? 3. Will I be given any form or stamp or any type of document upon completing my immigration check / interview at the LAX?? Or what I should NOT leave the PoE without?? I'm so worried that I will miss something and complicate whatever process that follows my entry to the US with my K1 visa. Thank you for your kind advice in advance. Best, J/G
  3. Hi all- I have seen this topic floated a bit with mixed replies, and a few "long in the tooth" threads on the subject that might now be a bit dated. So I thought I'd pose the question anew: My wife came over on a K1 in October. We were married in December, but her I-94 expired earlier this month. We are slowpoking thru getting our AOS paperwork mailed off, and hope to have that completed next week. But in the meantime, we would like to travel in the not-so-distant future. Although her I-94 is expired, it's been my understanding that we can fly domestically, so long as she brings her up-to-date passport. To be on the safe side, we also plan to take a copy of our marriage certificate, along with her social security card for good measure. Is there anything concrete that stipulates that domestic air travel is kosher for us? Are there any risks involved that we should be aware of? Thanks in advance for the replies, folks.
  4. My wife cant find her proof of her i-94 from when she entered the country as a child with her parents. And unfortunately her parents can't even find her passport from 24 years ago. We've been married going on 2 years. How can we go about getting her citizenship?"
  5. I have a question about I94 for my Mother in laws visit to USA. B2 visa/visitor visa. My mother in law thinks she has 2 months of allowed time for stay, b/c, the agent at the port of entry had told her so. But I checked her i94 on and it states she is allowed until 5/14/17. My mother in law cant speak English or understand it. I am sure she misunderstood the agent at POE. and we should believe i94. my husbands thinks we should call CBP and get the correct answer. Now I have been calling almost every 10-20 min and it keeps telling me "all circuits are busy". So, I emailed the question online. and the CBP confirmed they have received my question and will contact me in 2-3 weeks due to high demands. Therefore, here I am asking for any insight on this matter. So, do we go by what is on the I94 and accept that her stay in USA expires on 5/14/17? If you need more clarification just let me know. Thank you in advance. Miti
  6. I am currently in the US and I intend to lodge Form I-485 to change my status from a B2 Tourist Visa to the Diversity Lottery Visa. My question is if my I-94 Arrival/Departure record is due to expire during the time that the I-485 is being processed, does this mean that the application will be rejected? I only have a matter of days on the I-94 and I am hoping that if the I-485 is received before the expiry it will mean I am eligible to remain in the US while it's processed.
  7. Good Evening, My father came to the US (2003) with a B2 visa but he overstayed it. Now, I am 21 and US Citizen, and I would like to petition for him. Only problem is that he lost his I-94 and the passport of the stamp. All he has is the Visa passport and a copy of his stamped passport. However, he has requested a copy of his I-94 twice but they have been denied due to a lack of proof to find it. Could I just go ahead and send the application to Adjust his Status? What would be the chances of him getting approved? Has anyone experienced something like this before? I will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.
  8. Hi, we're panicking here and would really appreciate some clarity! The situation is that we got married on a K1 visa (within 90 days) but some delays have meant that we only just sent off the adjustment of status package, on the final day of his I-94. They haven't received it yet and the I-94 is expired. We only realised this as we sent it and are now worried that the application will be denied because he's out of status and we don't know if we should have sent an I-130 too. Should we have sent an I-130 with the I-485 and if so, is there anything we can do, or are we worrying about nothing? Thanks.
  9. Hello, My Colombian parents are currently in the US as valid tourists for 6 months. They wish to visit Canada and want to apply for a Visa. Do they need to return to their home country to apply for a visa or can they apply directly from the USA? They aren't US residents, they are US Tourists right now under a B2 Status and have a valid I94 each. thanks,
  10. Hi Folks - I have filled out all the required forms and gathered the information for my mom in law AOS I485 and I130 applications (USC son is petioning her). I was going over the instructions for both forms when I stumbled upon this paragraph in i485 instructions... It seems as though if her i94 is expired, she is not eligible, does someone know if this is true? Or maybe they are talking about something else such as the actual visa B1/B2 expired. I was sure on my research I had stumbled on something that said even if her i94 is expired she can still apply for AOS and it would be approved. Please help. Thanks in advance "Who is Not Eligible to Adjust Status? Your authorized stay expired before you filed this application';
  11. We have filed all the necessary paper work but instead of submitting a I94(lost) I submitted my I-20 with an entry stamp. They said it was not valid and requested further evidence, so we filled out the form for them to find copy of the lost I-94. From that I have two questions: 1. Because the request for evidence have a deadline what the chances of them finding the I-94 before the deadline? 2. Will this request for evidence affect the work permit? I have send in all the document already, looking at this site my date has already past but the case status site on USCIS have not been change. Thanks in advance.
  12. I just got to the usa with a k1 visa i want know what is the next steps and how to get all the paper work needed all i know is i need to get the I94 should i get it online and what else is needed to be done thank you .