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Found 19 results

  1. My mother's i-94 is been expired for 2 days. I finally got all her documents ready. Can I still apply green card for her?? Im US citizen. She has B2 visa. Im so nervous right now... I have everything ready.. I just dont know of its still ok to get green card for her.. I cant find information on USCIS site... Somebody please help me out... Thank you!
  2. Hi all, not sure if this is the right topic to post but here it is, feel free to move me somewhere more appropriate if so .. I am going to apply for AOS soon, and while we are waiting for the NOA1 receipt etc, we will be going on our honeymoon to Hawaii, the thing is my I94 will expire on February 1, which will be a few days past when we are returning from Hawaii to home in CO. I am a bit worried about this, I think I am going to have the receipt before we leave for vacation (fingers crossed), and EVEN if we don't have it at hand we can bring all the documents and application of AOS with us to our travel to show it's under process.... but does it suffice? I mean would there be any trouble at the customs? I know it's domestic flight and within the country but still. Should I apply to extend my B2 visa now so that I will have it valid while traveling within the country? Or is it not necessary? But it would be really close to my filing of AOS and I don't want to make any complications for the latter. Any advice? Many thanks.
  3. Hello, I am currently on the processing of COS to B2 from F1. I could print out my I-94 through the website about 6 months ago. I am trying to get a copy of I-94 and travel history, but it is showing "no record". I haven't left the states since last entry (August 2012), and suddenly, all of my information is gone. I put everything correctly and tried about 7 times to get I-94. Keep showing the same message - no record.
  4. I am under the impression that the longest any Canadian can stay in the USA (tourist) for any given calendar year is 6 months. My friend arrived in Aug, so we planned a departure date some time in Feb. However, when we left the USA this month (November) to go to Japan and then returned, the I94 record showed a renewed date, which is May 2018. This date is longer than the original 6 month duration. Does this mean my friend can stay longer now? pLease advise!
  5. First of all, I wanna say thank you to each member of this community that's here to help us. Well my wife is a US citizen, we're about to start the process of fixing my status. My last entrance was legally with my tourist visa and I'm still have my I-94. I married her and we have 2 years and half married. My question is I need to pay a $1000 fine and write down a forgiveness letter? or not because I came legally? I ask some people and they told me that I don't have to pay but just to make sure about it. I'm sorry if this topic isn't supposed to be here.
  6. You guys, this forum is amazing and I've learned a bunch the last few days and I'm trying to pre-plan and get everything in a row before we 100% decide to file (we've basically said we're going to get all the information, take it away individually and really consider the reality of going ahead with it and then discuss it face to face when I arrive for our 2 months together in 70 days). So anyhow, I just checked my i94 records online and it shows that I'm registered as having left the US twice in as many days back in 2013, without a corresponding entry into the country. I can explain exactly the reason (my flight was cancelled after two aborted take-offs and they didn't deplane us until nearly 2am - for a 9.30pm flight! - and we were just ushered back into the terminal and sent to different hotels without any checking of passports again - so when I went back to the airport the next day and I was checked, there was a 2nd departure) - but would it be best to pre-plan to contact that airline now and request they write an official letter confirming the cancelled flight and the time/date and all that, so I'm not caught out later on without proof of this? That airline is notoriously slow in doing anything (it took them 8 months to respond to my complaint about that flight and the financial impact I took because of it) so I figure it can't hurt to contact them now just in case... Thanks in advance for responding to my obsessive detail-oriented questions!
  7. Hi everybody I'm currently sitting on hold with the social security number people, and thought I'd come here to see if I can get an answer a bit quicker: I need to apply for my SSN as soon as possible, but I don't have an i94. They never gave me one. I do have a stamp in my passport next to my Visa page, but it doesn't say i94 or anything. I've looked through the threads here but to be honest, there's not a lot of agreement and a lot of the pages I found were much older. What do I do if I want to apply for an SSN without an i94?
  8. Hello everyone, My husband and I got married in May and I was putting together his documents. He currently has DACA and is a visa overstay. The last time he left the US was in 1999 for eye surgery. His family is terrible at having kept any documents... He doesn't have the passport or his I-94 or anything from his most recent entry to the US. Literally no information other than his name and POE are 100% reliable. My question is if anyone knows how I could locate his old passport number or I94 number other than an FOIA? I am doing a FOIA request to CBP and I have the date (his mom gave me so we can't rely on it.) I was thinking of contacting the American Consulate in Mexico? Or would I contact the Mexican Consulate here in America maybe? Someone would have to have a record of this being issued but I don't know where to look first. We do have an older I94 and passport from his entry around 1992 or so...If no records can be found of his 1999 entry (worse case scenario) would it be able to be argued these are proof of legal entry? I know it is supposed to be your most recent I94 but technically do you just need proof of legal entry? Thank you so much for any opinions or advice for us.
  9. I am filling my status adjustment form through my wife, I left in 2013 to my home country and re-enter now and I have the form i94, I need to know what kind of admission is ?? 46a? Beneficiary's Entry Information 45. Was the beneficiary EVER in the United States? Yes No If the beneficiary is currently in the United States, complete Items Numbers 46.a. - 46.d. 46.a. He or she arrived as a (Class of Admission): 46.b. Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number ► 46.c. Date of Arrival (mm/dd/yyyy) 46.d. Date authorized stay expired, or will expire, as shown on Form I-94 or Form I-95 (mm/dd/yyyy) or type or print "D/S" for Duration of Status 47. Passport Number
  10. Hello -- Inching our way to complete the AOS, EAD and AP package. K-1 Holder; PoE 14 May 2017; Married as of 4 Jun 2017. I've submitted one tread before and now I have some question: 1. My birth certificate is NOT in English. I have the english translation done by a sworn translator back when I was compiling the I-129F petition however I do not have a Certificate of Translation by this translator. I am thinking since I am able to completely translate the document from my native language to English might as well do this myself and save the expense. My question is, I read some post from 2014/2015 saying that the Certificate of Translation must be in the same page of the translated document, is this correct?? My birth certificate is quiet lengthy and I am not able to fit the birth certificate and the certificate of translation in one page. Would it be OK if I make them into two separate documents and have them listed and explained in my cover letter for AOS? It will be something like this: Will this be OK?? Or should I contact the sworn translator?? 2. Translating document back home cost just a fraction of what I would pay here in the US, should I decided to just translate the whole thing by a sworn translator does it have to be a sworn translator in the US or it can be anywhere as long as they're a sworn translator and are able to provide me with a certificate of translation?? 3. This sample of certificate of translation from Visa Journey should be enough, correct? I typed name , certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled . Signature Date Typed Name Address Sorry for the gramatical error in this post, it's late and I am tired. Hope someone will be able to advise me. Thank you. J/G
  11. I am a Canadian citizen and I have traveled to the US from Canada on and off for the past 7 years. I finished school a few years ago and went to the US to spend time with friends and celebrate graduating. I got into a relationship in the states and ended up overstaying. My passport was also stolen during my stay which was another reason I overstayed. I just recently came back to Canada somewhat emergently when a relative passed away. I had no problems re-entering Canada. My issue is that I love my boyfriend and want to immediately return to him. I never had an official "visa," as I entered as a visitor. My total time in the US since last being in Canada was 2-2.5 years. My question is, am I automatically banned from re entering the US? Is there a way to check? Is there a chance that I will be permitted to enter the US without any issues? I do know that ultimately I will need a fiancé or student visa to legally stay in the US longer than 6 months. I am just wanting to get back to my boyfriend after traveling back to Canada for my relatives funeral. I am unsure if I should book a plane ticket or attempt to cross via land. Please help!
  12. My boyfriend entered the USA last month on a B1 with a sub category that is "in-lieu of H" this allows him to be here for his company and earn a per diem. When he entered the county he was given a hard time but an officer stating that the visa type he was entering on didn't even exist. They ended up letting him enter the USA after 2 hours in secondary. He was afraid he was going to be sent back to Russia. In his passport it has it stamped as B1 and the exit date as 91 days later. But on his I-94, it states his expiration date as 180 days after entering the USA. He called someone to get a confirm. I don't recall where he says he called. But he is contacting another someone for more info. I really want to suggest to him to go by the website and and get an infopass to get his passport updated with the 180 days marked in it. Anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Dear Kind VJ Users -- My fiancé and I arrived last night at LAX. It's good to be in our new home, but we must finish the work before we can really relax. So we made a list of what to take care of first: 1. Obtain my most recent i94: Downloaded the form and will print. 2. Arrange a local (Californian) mobile number for both of me and USC Fiancé. 3. Apply for my SSN. We'll go to SS Office closest to my ZIP Code and provide bring these documents: 1.) The SS-5 form; 2.) Passport; 3.) Valid I-94; 4.) Valid ID; 5.) Document RM 10211.530. Now here's where I have some questions about the SS-5 Form: Q1: I have never have a SSN before so I should just left the Question 2 empty, yes? Q2: With my K-1 visa, for Question 5?? Am I a "Legal alien allowed to work", correct? I also printed the information from: https://secure.ssa.gov/apps10/poms.nsf/lnx/0110211530 Q3: As a common practice in my culture, my mom only have one name (i.e. Michelle. no last name or middle name); So I can just leave the 9A section of Middle Name and Last Name empty, yes? Q4: If this is my first time applying for a SSN and I answer NO on Question 11 (re: filing / receiving SSN before), I can just skip question 12 (re: name listed in recent SSN Card) and Question 13 (re: different date of birth), am I correct? Q5: Is my mailing address should be the same one as the one I used during my i129F application or I can use the address of the apartment I'm currently residing? QUESTION: Should I didn't manage to get a local number before applying for SSN will this be an issue for me??? 4. Getting a Marriage License. We will bring of our: 1.) Passports & Birth Certificates; 2.) K-1 Visa documentations and all the whole shebangs. 5. Get Married. We'll bring bottles of champagne!!!! 6. Back to SS Office to notify name change. This will be at least our Part One of paper work we must sort out. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?????? Please advise. THANK YOU. J/G
  14. Dear Kind VJ Users - In two weeks time my US fiancé and I will be entering the U.S. with my K-1 Visa. Our PoE will be Los Angeles. I read the PoE review for LAX and would like to confirm few things here and hope to get some updated advice from other users who entered the US via LAX. 1. Can my USC fiancé and I be in the same line during at the immigration line? 2. Other than my passport and sealed envelope from the Embassy, what else should I prepare? Any other documents that the immigration officers might request?? 3. Will I be given any form or stamp or any type of document upon completing my immigration check / interview at the LAX?? Or what I should NOT leave the PoE without?? I'm so worried that I will miss something and complicate whatever process that follows my entry to the US with my K1 visa. Thank you for your kind advice in advance. Best, J/G
  15. Hi all- I have seen this topic floated a bit with mixed replies, and a few "long in the tooth" threads on the subject that might now be a bit dated. So I thought I'd pose the question anew: My wife came over on a K1 in October. We were married in December, but her I-94 expired earlier this month. We are slowpoking thru getting our AOS paperwork mailed off, and hope to have that completed next week. But in the meantime, we would like to travel in the not-so-distant future. Although her I-94 is expired, it's been my understanding that we can fly domestically, so long as she brings her up-to-date passport. To be on the safe side, we also plan to take a copy of our marriage certificate, along with her social security card for good measure. Is there anything concrete that stipulates that domestic air travel is kosher for us? Are there any risks involved that we should be aware of? Thanks in advance for the replies, folks.
  16. My wife cant find her proof of her i-94 from when she entered the country as a child with her parents. And unfortunately her parents can't even find her passport from 24 years ago. We've been married going on 2 years. How can we go about getting her citizenship?"
  17. I94 and tourist visa

    I have a question about I94 for my Mother in laws visit to USA. B2 visa/visitor visa. My mother in law thinks she has 2 months of allowed time for stay, b/c, the agent at the port of entry had told her so. But I checked her i94 on CBP.gov and it states she is allowed until 5/14/17. My mother in law cant speak English or understand it. I am sure she misunderstood the agent at POE. and we should believe i94. my husbands thinks we should call CBP and get the correct answer. Now I have been calling almost every 10-20 min and it keeps telling me "all circuits are busy". So, I emailed the question online. and the CBP confirmed they have received my question and will contact me in 2-3 weeks due to high demands. Therefore, here I am asking for any insight on this matter. So, do we go by what is on the I94 and accept that her stay in USA expires on 5/14/17? If you need more clarification just let me know. Thank you in advance. Miti
  18. I am currently in the US and I intend to lodge Form I-485 to change my status from a B2 Tourist Visa to the Diversity Lottery Visa. My question is if my I-94 Arrival/Departure record is due to expire during the time that the I-485 is being processed, does this mean that the application will be rejected? I only have a matter of days on the I-94 and I am hoping that if the I-485 is received before the expiry it will mean I am eligible to remain in the US while it's processed.
  19. Good Evening, My father came to the US (2003) with a B2 visa but he overstayed it. Now, I am 21 and US Citizen, and I would like to petition for him. Only problem is that he lost his I-94 and the passport of the stamp. All he has is the Visa passport and a copy of his stamped passport. However, he has requested a copy of his I-94 twice but they have been denied due to a lack of proof to find it. Could I just go ahead and send the application to Adjust his Status? What would be the chances of him getting approved? Has anyone experienced something like this before? I will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.