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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, is there anyone out there who did the i693 medical form in Georgia? I've been calling around some places and the prices are expensive. I am unable to get my immunization records because it was damaged in a flood back home years ago. The hospital can't retrieve the records because back in those days they didn't use computer. Most doctors are charging a high price if I don't have my records. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
  2. If I have a DS-3025 that says all the vaccination requirements were complete, do I need to still have a civil surgeon fill out an I-693 form and send out an I-693, or do I just send out the DS-3025. He had his medical on September 14, 2017 and we just got married November 11th. I'm working on AOS now and this is a little confusing because it says to send an I-693 form out. Can I just send a copy of the DS-3025?
  3. Need some help here please.... My Wife and I have an interview at USCIS for her green card from a KS1 Visa next month. We were looking through the checklist and saw I-693. When my wife was in her home country she got chest xray, blood taken, but remembers not getting any shots/vaccines. She got two manila folders after the appt one green and one white. The white one contains her chest xray the other was sealed and she did not know what it contains. At her K1 Visa interview they took the green folder from her and had her keep the Xray folder. She has no i_693 form or DS 3025... Does she need to get a medical exam before our interview for the Green card? Or is this already on file with USCIS? This is under a year from her upcoming interview to when she got the exam.. Would really appreciate any help. Thank you.
  4. So I live in Texas...I sent my I-130 and I-130A to USCIS Attn: I-130 1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034. I received my NOA and my case starts with LIN and from what I have read this is Nebraska if not mistaken. I then submitted I-485, I-693, I-765, and I-864 to USCIS Attn: FBAS 131 South Dearborn - 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60603-5517 and I received two NOA and both start with MSC and again from what I have read this is Nebraska. Is there any way we know how they determine what center processes your paperwork? The person I spoke to at USCIS said that my I-130 is being processed in Nebraska, I-485 was going to be processed in San Antonio, Texas which is where I live, and the I-765 was going to be processed in Chicago...odd and random that all these places are doing the processing. Can anyone shine some light on me? Thanks
  5. My interview for I 485 (based on marriage) is scheduled for Sep 25,2017. In the letter, I am told to submit I-693, unless it was submitted. I did not submit I 693 with my original application, but I just sent the sealed envelope to National Benefit Centre (NBC) mailing address at a later date. Now I do not know if USCIS has received my I-693. What happens if I attend interview w/o I-693, and tell them I already submitted (which I did). I need help. Making another I-693 is expensive.
  6. Hi, My husband applied for me and I got my working and traveling permit but before the first interview I started my divorce because I got tired about his threatening related to my immigration process. I couldn't resist his physical and emotional abuse anymore. I know I should have waited after my first interview but I feel very relieved he doesn't have any power on me now. I went to the interview alone and I told the officer everything I have been through. He even tried to kill my dog. It was a nightmare. Now Im sorprised because they sent me a letter asking me for my divorce decree when I was expecting a denial. Does anyone knows what it means? On the other hand, I'm preparing my case to apply for VAWA without a Lawyer. I have my medical evaluation that was submitted with my previous petition. Should I submit another? I have a copy but I understand that must be the original in an sealed envelope. I was 7 months ago, it's still valid I guess.
  7. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I completed my overseas medical in Nov 2016 in London and I'm up to date with all shots etc. I arrived on my K1 visa and applied for AOS in Feb 2017, having sent off DS3025 which looked like it was completed properly to me. Soon after I was sent a letter saying i693 was not included and I should wait until interview time to get this. I was under the impression I didn't have to get that form filled in, but even if I do I don't need to do all the shots and X-rays again, just get the doctor to do parts 1,2,3,4,6+9 provided he's happy with my overseas form. My question is, will my original medical and all of my shots become expired after November this year forcing me to get a full medical again ($$$) or will the original medical still be valid because I actually applied within the year? I haven't been notified of an interview yet so I'm wondering about this in case it goes past November. Sorry, awkward question guys. Cheers!
  8. My wife is going to apply for AOS and I am stuck trying to figure out if I have to get robbed by a doctor or not. The sticky at the top of this forum titled "Immunizations. DS-3025 or I-693?" indicates that because she received one shot in each required series (recieved tdap,mmr,varicella) and had waiver A applied to the rest with an F waiver for Influenza. Unfortunately my wife only has page one of DS-3025 as page 2 was taken at the port of entry. Page 1 however lists the summary with the box checked for US vaccination requirements complete, the panel physicians name (typed), the date, and the signature. Will page one suffice in lieu of submitting I-693? I was told that if they require more information they will simply request it, but I'm curious to know if they would reject her application because of this and whether or not page 2 also needs to be included. Thoughts?
  9. Hello.. I have a question, I got a RFE on my I-693 because one vaccination was missing or improperly filled the form (history on other post) The original I-693 was sent one year ago, and I have been requested to send an updated I-693 including the gonorrhea test. My question, since I took my MMR shoot one year ago, and it is recommended two shoots, should I take again the MMR vaccine? The doctor says it is not needed, but I guess he is getting the same approach as i would be sending the I-693 for the first time, when you don't have to show two shoots of the MMR on the I-693 as you have to wait at least 4 weeks between shoots, but as I'm sending it for the second time, should I ask for the MMR shoot? Please advice,
  10. Dear VJ Users -- OK another day another question. Disclaimer: K1 Holder; POE 14 May 2017; Wedding 4 Jun 2017. We're in the process of assembling my AOS. Here's my situation: I have my FIRST medical exam was performed in 30 August 2016 by a US embassy appointed doctor. I brought all the required documents including the previous vaccination record. NOTE: I've lived in West Africa 6 years prior this medical exam so I have quiet an 'intense' vaccination record. I presented all the records to the doctor and long story short, my medical result was completed all was 10/10. When I picked-up the medical test result, other than the sealed envelope for the US Embassy, I was given a folder with some documets inside and I was told that these are my copy. The document's tittle is "US Dept. State Vaccination Documentation Worksheet". To which I only realize today that this is the new form of DS-3025 according to this tread in Visa Journey: and it looks exactly like this: http://photos.state.gov/libraries/thailand/591452/iv/ds3025.pdf The doctor who performed my first medical exam gave me 3 shots: TDAP, Varicella, & Influenza all dated 30 August 2016. She also transfered the vaccines from my vaccination record books including: Hep-A: 07 Nov 2007 Hep-B: 14 Oct 2007; 19 Nov 2007; 11 Jan 2008 Meningococcal / Other MCV Conjugate: 16 Nov 2007; 18 Aug 2011; 01 Aug 2013 Yellow Fever: 16 Nov 2007 BCG: 16 Nov 2007 Typhoid: 26 Oct 2007 Just today frantically going through my files because I was very sure that I do not have a DS-3025 (before reading the VJ tread I quoted above) and I found out that the doctor didn't transfer to the DS-3025 form was my M-M-R ii shot which I received 23 Nov 2007 (and I sweat to god and my undead mother that I did receive MMR shot in 2007)..... In my first DS-3025 my MMR was marked with letter "D: Not routinely available". BTW. none of this make any sense to me at the time of medical exam back in 2016. In my SUMMARY Section the doctor ticked the "US vaccination requirements complete (requesting a Blanket waiver)" the form was hand signed and dated 30 August 2016. NOTE: Following my first medical exam, I scheduled my interview with the US embassy. visa was approved. BUT, as always, things were not goes as planned. I was not able to leave on my planned departure date due to work related mater. So I emailed embassy, they advised me to renew some documents including Medical Exam and attend another interview at the US embassy. So long story short I did all that. and was approved again for my K-1 (YEAH!!!) So today when I looked at my SECOND medical exam result (DS-3025) I only see the following shots in my DS-3025: TDAP: 30 Aug 2016 -- this was during my first medical Varicella: 30 Aug 2016 -- this was during my first medical; 13 March 2017 -- my second medical Influenza: 30 Aug 2016 -- this was during my first medical ..... and that's all.... nothing from the old vaccination record... and same as before at the time I received my copy, none of these make any sense / matter to me. My medical test was clear, i went for interview, visa was approved and I left home for the U.S. of A. And again, In my second DS-3025 my MMR was marked with letter "D: Not routinely available" and also my SUMMARY Section the doctor ticked the "US vaccination requirements complete (requesting a Blanket waiver)" the form was 'wet' signed and dated 13 March 2017. and this is my current situation: BOTH of my DS-3025 (August 2016 & March 2017) were signed and dated within the one year limit of my AOS submission -- which I will hopefully send by the end of June 2017. I've received MMR shot in 2007; and based on the information I read on CDC, I am only required to have at least 1 MMR vaccine. I've been reading the VJ posts from 2015-2016 and some people said that they got AOS approved without even sending I-693 form; they simply send the whole batch that came with DS-3025 and the vaccination record and was never questioned about the I-696. I want to save money (as simple as that...) QUESTION IS: "WHAT WOULD YOU GUYS DO??" Would you go see a Civil Surgeon and pay the fee to have all my records transferred to I-693?? Would you just send both DS-3025, vaccination record from both medical exams and my old vaccination record when they can see that I received all the shots along with the AOS package?? I want to save money but I also want to be smart either by not making things complicated for me.... so what to do??? BTW. Being in the U.S. I am kind of "ok" to just wing it and pray that AOS will be approved and worst case scenario I got an RFE for my I-693.... at least I can respond the RFE that within a couple of days or maybe even same day.... Am I being silly for even have this idea? What are your thoughts??? I'm sorry that this is such a long post.... MANY THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!! Best, J/G.
  11. Hi, I am extremely confused about this, and after scouring the internet couldn't find a definite answer to this. I will enter on my K-1 visa soon, and have prepared the AOS an EAD forms. In Israel, I have completed my medical exam a few months ago and got a couple of shots. On the copy that the Dr gave me (It says DS-3025 on it), it says that I have completed all necessary vaccinations (requesting blanket waiver) etc... He gave me this as a copy in an unsealed envelope, but also I have this big sealed packet that I need to present at the POE to the CO, right? So, do I need to file this copy that he gave me together in the AOS packet? Or do I have to see a civil surgeon in the US to perform further examination and fill the I-693 for me.. Or... what is actually expected of me to do? I feel like this is very straightforward and is the situation for many K-1 applicants, but a definite answer as what to do would be most helpful. Thanks!
  12. Hey everybody i have my interview coming soon for AOS so i m trying to gather all the paper needed but i have some questions can anybody help me please. my questions are : 1-they asked for completed medical examination (form I 693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope(unless already submitted) but i do not know if i already submitted it or not and if i did not how do i get the form? 2-They are asking also for i 512 what is it ? and how do i get it ? 3- My third question is does the co-sponsor need to be in the interview or not ? is it okay if i go only me and my wife ? 4-Can someone provide me with all the possible evidences that i can provide supporting the relationship ? 5- and is there anything else i need to provide or know before the interview. please can someone help me !! I m really sorry for asking many questions but i really need the answers . Any help or answers will be really really appreciated. and thanks.
  13. Hey guys, I'll get to the point. We are a month late for filing for AOS after wife entered on K1 Visa. Are there any other forms that we need to fill with out i485? How does filing late affect us in regards to AP and EAD and of course the legal status? And lastly, regarding i693 (medical)...wife got her medical done and submitted all her docs at point of entry, but we have no clue what forms they have. All we have is a copy of ds3025. So do we still get i693 filled out or what? Thanks in advance. AT
  14. Hi guys I am slowly and steadily moving along the K1 Visa/ Permanent Resident process. I have filed my AOS and have completed my Biometrics appointment. However, I have been advised that I will need to submit a I 693 when I eventually go for my interview. I know that I still need to get some vaccinations (which in hindsight I should have got before I left UK) and have contacted my doctor back in the UK for my vaccination record. My doctors office advised me that they had my records up to 2004 only as I had changed practice in 2006 for university. To cut a long story short, my university doctor has lost my records and I can't remember if I had any more vaccinations post 2004. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems? My plan so far is to book an appointment with an approved doctor (as per https://my.uscis.gov/findadoctor) and get the vaccinations and I 693 completed ASAP. Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, My husband is current waiting for his AOS. We recently got an RFE for the medical vaccine part only to be completed. Before his interview in his country, he had everything done except the Vaccine part. I'm not sure why they didn't do that for him. Anyway we are missing that part. My question is, which vaccinations are required. I can't image he needs all of them that's on the list, but then again I could be wrong. He is 30 years old. He didn't bring any records with him either. I called around and some doctors offices told me he needs all of them, some say he needs just 3 (MMR, Tetnus, and influenza). Anyone had a similar situation or can advise?! Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, I've posted about this AOS medical exam issue for k1 holders earlier as it is very confusing to me for whatever reason even though I read a lot about it on the forum and different websites. So I've done my AOS medical exam in less than a year so I know I don't have to do it again and all I need it to prove I'm up to date on vaccinations therefore I submitted form DS-3025 which I thought was sufficient. However, when I got the interview letter first line of what to bring with us was (a complete medical examination form I-693 and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope unless already submitted). As soon as I read that I was second guessing my self. Now what? am I supposed to go to a civil surgeon just to fill the I-693 vaccines part at the end or what? It seems like a complete waste of time and money as it seems unnecessary to me as I already have DS-3025 and proof of any further vaccinations from my family doctor. Do I really need to do it? It's just that time and money are both tight and I would rather avoid it but at the same time worried about delaying the process too much because of that or getting denied and not getting a chance to obtain it... I've noticed my DS-3025 kinda only covered the vaccines required for the k1 visa and there was blanket waiver for few others so is it still considered properly filled? I know it might sound like silly questions to some but I'd like some help clearing things up as my interview is 28 days away. Thank you in advance.
  17. I did my medical examination around 6 months ago, while I was in the process of getting all the paper work together my husband lost his job and we didn't have an way to prove that he had enough money to support me. We put all the process on hold and now that he has another job we are doing the process over again. My question is for how long the medical examination is valid for? I need to go back to the doctor and to the examination again? Thank you.
  18. Hi guys I have posted previously on this topic, but I am looking for some feedback from the community . I want to make sure that my wife and I dot every i and cross every T before we send the I-485. We have every document ready to send on the checklist, the only problem is I will need one more vaccination before I can complete the I-693. Obviously, this will delay things somewhat in our submission. I checked the USCIS website about the I-693 submission and it states the following, "If you are applying for adjustment of status, you may submit Form I-693 in one of the following ways: Submit Form I-693 by mail, together with your Form I-485, Application to Register for Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, to the location specified for your Form I-485 (see “Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-485”). Submit Form I-693 by mail, after filing your Form I-485, to the location specified in your most recent communication with USCIS (for example, a Request for Evidence letter from USCIS). Submit Form I-693 in person, at an interview in a USCIS field office (if an interview is required)." My question is , has anyone ever submitted a I-485 without including a I-693? I was hoping to get the process of the I-465 started asap (I-765 + I-131 proces started) and then complete I-693 once I have all the relevant vaccinations. Thanks