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Found 22 results

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has dealt with filing a I-90 form to replace a lost/stolen greencard? I was in Europe last year when my bags were stolen and my GC was in it. I filed the form I-90 in August 2017 and did Biometrics in September 2017. Now it's been months and there is still no update on the replacement greencard. Why does this take so long? Don't they just need to print a new card? Any insight would be very helpful! Thank you!
  2. Hello all, My wife entered the country Nov 16, 2017 after going through the entire immigration process. We just received her green card in the mail, and we believe the expiration and issue dates are wrong. Am I correct in thinking that if she came in on a CR-1 visa, that her "residence since" date should be the date she crossed the border? Currently, the month and day are correct (11/16) but the year is wrong (2016). On her card, it shows that the card expires 11/16/2018 which would be one year after her arrival date (should be 2019). Can anyone here confirm that the date is indeed wrong and that I should file an I-90 for a replacement card? Any idea how long that could take? Will we run into any issues if the incorrect expiration date on her card passes, and we have not received a new green card? I can't believe that they made this mistake after all this time, effort and money. Please help! Thanks in advance for any responses received!
  3. I need to file an I-90 for my daughter because she turned 14 this month. I would like to file online because her case is eligible to E-file ( line G1 below). I have attempted to do so but the E-file will not let me add another case. I had to file an I-90 for my son because they incorrectly sent him a 2 year instead of 10 year green card. When I click on add case, all it brings up is an application for my son to naturalize. Anyone know how to add a case? You are eligible to file the Form I-90 online if: You are NOT eligible to file the Form I-90 online if: (A) Your card was lost, stolen or destroyed. (B) Your card was never received. (C) Your card was mutilated. (D) Your card was issued with incorrect data due to a USCIS administrative error. (E) Your name or other biographic information has legally changed. Your card is expiring within 6 months or has already expired. (G1) You are filing to renew your card within 30 days of your 14th birthday and your existing card will not expire before your 16th birthday. (G2) You are filing to renew your card within 30 days of your 14th birthday and your existing card will expire before your 16th birthday. (H1) You have taken up commuter status. This means you commute regularly to work in the United States but reside in Canada or Mexico. (H2) You have been in resident commuter status and are now taking up actual residence in the United States. (I) You have been automatically converted to lawful permanent resident status. (J) You have an older edition of the card and must replace it with the current type.
  4. Hi all, I've lurked on these forums for months and finally need some advice. I'm getting ready to file I-751 but do NOT have a physical green card as it went missing overseas in December 2016, I immediately filed an I-90 but they are so backlogged. I'm STILL waiting to receive it but it could be a while (Current processing times are in Sept 2016, so still 3 months out from me). I'm expecting my I-90 will be approved in Nov/Dec Anyway- I can file my I751 Mid October and I'm already worried about not having enough supporting evidence. But my major concern is I do not have a physical green card, nor do I have anything besides a picture of the front of green card before it went missing, I don't have a back copy (my PC died and it wasn't backed up, luckily had a photo of the front on husband's old phone). Everywhere I've read you have to submit front and back copy of card. Another thing I need advice on- if I file I-751 at 90 days before GC expires, and my I-90 to replace hasn't been approved, will it cancel it and I won't get my physical GC because it's so close to expiration? If that happens, I will get the stamp to travel. But, I'm just worried because then when I want to file next October 2018 for N400, I doubt i will be able to because I will have NO physical green card or real copy..... Filed I-90: December 2016 (Still pending and only processing Sept 2016 currently, so I expect another 3-4 month wait) Filing I-751 October 2017 (Will this cancel my I-90? I don't want to not file my I-751 to close to deadline but also I want physical green card back even if it will expire so soon) Filing N-400 October 2018 ??? I feel like I'm in such a difficult position with my I-90 hoping to be approved so close to I-751 filing time. I've dreaded this moment since my GC went missing and now having to face reality head on. Any advice anyone can provide will be great. I have spoken to a few immigration lawyers in my area who honestly have no idea what to do either, alot of them said I know more about the process than them
  5. Hi Guys, My 10 yr GC expired in April 2017. In June, I applied for my citizenship, filling out the N-400. I have done my Biometrics and waiting on interview. I got offered my DREAM job and my start date is on the 28th of this month. However, I do not have proof of ability to work since my GC is expired and I do not have a SS card. I need to get the I-551 stamp on my passport to enable me work and travel while my applications are pending. I already have an infopass appointment for the 21st. However, If I show up there with my notice of action for N-400, will I get the stamp? Or do I have to file for I-90 and take that notice of action to get the stamp? I do not want to file I-90 as that will just be a waste of $500 since I should be getting my citizenship in a few short months. So thats my dilemma. SHould I go to my infopass appointment with my expired GC, notice of action for N-400 and biometrics, and hope to get the stamp? Or should I spend $500 to apply for 1-90 before I go to the infopass appointment? Help will be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi. Some concerns that I have - I created an online account on myaccount.uscis 1 week after i entered the USA as a LPR end of last year. Since then, i have used the online form AR-11 twice to update my address, and shockingly, the address on my online profile still shows the original address when the profile was created! Now my concerns are as follows: 1. I am not able to find any ways to update the address through myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov website. Well maybe there is a way to do so, but for now, i am not able to find it. under My Profile, i can only update my mobile number . Can others confirm this as well? 2. I am about to initiate an online GC replacement process (even though i am not in the USA at the moment). I entered the current friend's address where i will reside for 3 months starting September this year, but would it affect my application if the address on myaccount.uscis is incorrect? I assumed USCIS will only use the address entered in the form (I-90 for GC replacement - even when i apply using the online feature) 3. I tried uploading documents on the online I 90 form via myaccount.uscis - but for some reasons it just kept uploading (after more than 5-6 minutes). I believe my connection is fast enough to upload just 500kb scanned document. Anyone else had this issue?
  7. Hi all. I have some questions here. Currently I am out of the USA - but will be in USA within 1 month. The expected duration of stay would be exactly 3 months. Within that 3 months, i would like to apply the following documents: 1. Green Card replacement I-90 for myself (my GC is MIA - tracking says it is delivered but no where to be seen - USCIS helpline said if it is said as Delivered, nothing else they can do) 2. Green card replacement I-90 for my toddler (no biometric - and no need to come in-person) [same case as mine] 3. Re-entry permit I-131 for myself 4. Re-entry permit I-131 for my toddler (no biometric - and no need to come in-person) Re-entry permits are to be delivered to the US embassy in Malaysia. My toddler and I both have a valid I 551 stamp on our passports (but will expire end of this year). Questions: 1. From my readings, i've come to understand that my toddler would not need to have his biometric taken. Can other verify this as well? a. therefore i would not need to pay for biometrics in both I-90 and I-131 right? b. i do not need to bring him to any of the interviews right? 2. Would 3 months be enough for me to reach to the point of the biometric to be taken? 3. If the answer for No 2 is NO, then what are my options? I am not sure if i can prolong my stay in the USA longer than 3 months as it is putting a lot of strain on me financially. (changing flight would cost a lot of money too). I plan to be back in the USA for good maybe middle of next year (a huge maybe there - hence i need to have the re-entry permit in place).
  8. Hi Everyone, I need some advice from you guys on my travel. Just a little history about my replacement of Greencard. When I came to the country, USCIS sent my GC to my spouse's previous address despite updating the address online about 2 months prior to the mailing date of GC. I tried to apply twice with a fee waiver suggested by the USCIS officers on the phone as it was their mistake. However, they terminated my application because of the fee waiver. So in August of 2016, I reapplied with a fee. Yet, I haven't received my GC but I was able to travel twice with a stamp on my home country passport with no issues at all. With all that time taken back and fourth applying for replacement of GC, I should be eligible for my N-400 by late October. Questions: 1. Can I apply for N-400 without a physical GC? 2. Keeping the current situation in mind and sudden changes in immigration rules, do you think it is still safe to travel with a stamp? 3. Also, Can I travel to Pakistan for my sister's wedding in December while my N-400 is pending? What are my options? Thank you!!
  9. Hello, So my greencard card arrived this week, which was great except it had been issued incorrectly. It was issued with an IF1 category and a ten year expiry date, instead of having a two year conditional date and a CF1 category. We were only married in December 2016 so I know this is a mistake. I made an Infopass appointment to get an I-551 passport stamp on the recommendation of another forum user, and managed to get one in two weeks time, but I am wondering if I should send back the greencard and the I-90 form prior to the appointment, or keep hold of it, take everything along to the appointment and turn it in there. On the one hand I don't want to give up my proof of residency, but on the other I don't want to get to the appointment and have them refuse to stamp my passport with an I-551 because i haven't submitted an I-90 yet. I tried calling USCIS but they weren't too helpful! Anybody have any experience in this area? Thank you!
  10. I entered the US in 2005 with a conditional resident (CR) visa issued by the US embassy in London. After 2 years I filed form I-751 with the USCIS California Service Center to remove the conditions of my residency and received my 10 year green card in January 2008. Now I would like to renew my green card using form I-90 but I'm not sure if I should answer the questions about my original conditional visa issued in London or about my 10 year visa issued by USCIS California. For example, I-90 part 1,questions 14 & 15 ask for class and date of admission. Well I entered the US with a CR class visa in 2005, but my current visa was issued in 2008 after I removed the conditions and is class IR. Similarly, part 3, questions 1 & 2 ask for the location where I applied for an immigrant visa and where it was issued. Well I applied for a visa to enter the US at the London Embassy and that's where it was issued. However, my current green card was issued by the California USCIS Service Center. I have consulted the I-90 instructions on uscis.gov and I suspect that they're looking for information about my current visa rather than the original conditional visa that let me enter the US but I'm not 100% sure. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello all, I applied for a replacement of my green card a year ago, I had my biometrics shortly after and a year went by without hearing back from them. Just a couple of weeks ago, I applied for my ROC and given I don't have my green card I sent in copies of the I-551 stamp in my passport as proof of residency. Today I got a notification from the USCIS website saying that my I-90 case finally had an update. I checked it and it says that it was denied. So now I have to wait until the letter comes in the mail to know exactly why it was denied. But I'm starting to panic and I can only hope it's because I already filed for the ROC! Any ideas on why it happened? this ruined my day Thank you
  12. Hi! I got married and I changed my social security card to my married name but I was told I need to change my green card in order to update the last name on my drivers license. In order to do that I need to fill out form I-90. What documents do I need to submit as evidence along this form? (Copy of current green card, marriage license) Also, if I don't submit the changes, will this be an issue when it's time to file for citizenship? Any help will be much appreciated!
  13. Hello Visa Journey Members: I hope everyone is well. It has been a long road to obtain the removal of conditions on my wife's green card. Last April (2016), we submitted the I-751 to remove the conditions for 10 years. We received an update in late November (2016) finally that it was approved and the card was to be delivered. We were ecstatic. Long story short, the card never arrived to our mailbox. Distraught, upset, etc., the USCIS said they could do nothing for us. The postal service could do nothing for us besides giving me a letter indicating it could have been misplaced in another mailbox since we live in a multi unit apartment building. We waited until early February (2017) hoping it would turn up or would be sent back to the USCIS office. It never arrived. We contacted our local congresswoman's office but they were not able to assist and informed us to submit the 1-90 form and payment once again. Obviously, it was greatly disheartening and mind boggling that they do not provide tracking numbers, etc. I would gladly pay $200 to do so but it is not an option nor having it delivered to our local USCIS. We sent in the I-90 in early February (2017), saw shortly after that they cashed the check and my wife had her biometrics screening in early April (2017). For the past month plus, we have not had any updates. Has this occurred to anyone else regarding the I-90 or having it lost/stolen? Do you know roughly when we should expect to receive the replacement card if we filed in February 2017 again for a replacement? It is frustrating since they approved her, indicated everything was sufficient and all is needed is the card! Trying to remain positive in a far too rigged and complex process. Thanks for your time and assistance in advance! Brian
  14. My husband got his visa on Dec 11, 2015 and his conditional green card got sent to our old address even though I have confirmation that I changed our address on USCIS website before the card got mailed. As we all know, anything lost in the mail is not USCIS's fault, so we were told to file I-90 to get a replacement, which we did in May 2016, and we just received a denial notice that says we are ineligible to be issued a replacement I-551 and accordingly USCIS denied our I-90. It says since your conditional permanent resident status will expire and the conditions on your residence were not removed, you are not eligible to receive a replacement I-551. We can't remove conditions until September anyway (90 days before 12/11/17) as I understand it so what are we supposed to do? Any advice would be appreciated!
  15. Since my green card was set to expire in May this year, I applied to renew it in November '16 and the status of the case online hasn't changed since I had the biometrics appointment on Dec. 12th. They put a decal on my green card at the biometrics appointment that extended the validity of the green card until September '17 presumably due to the time it is taking to process the I-90 renewal applications. In the meantime, I decided to apply for US Citizenship in Feb. '17 which has been approved in somewhat record time (68 days thanks to online filing the N-400 I think) so I will no longer need the new green card after I attend the oath ceremony next week as I will have become a citizen in April '17 before my existing green card expires in September '17. Does anyone know if I can withdraw or cancel my I-90 renewal application which is still being processed since I will be handing in my expiring green card at the oath ceremony?
  16. Hi VJ, I just saw the e-file option for I-90s and had a few questions: I know that with the paper version, you have to send your GC back but what about the online version? What's the timeline been for I-90s these days? I'm filing for a name change, but my marriage certificate doesn't list my new name. Will that still work? Thanks!
  17. Hi all, Unfortunately, I lost probably the two most important documents an immigrant could have (I know, how stupid of me!), and since then I've been trying to fix my situation. I applied for an I-551 card replacement back in June, I had my biometrics appointment still in June, and haven't gotten back from USCIS since. Just recently I had an infopass appointment so I could get an I-551 stamp on my passport, in case I need to travel home or work. So far, so good. The officer told me I could get my SSC replaced with that stamp as well. So, today I went to the SS building downtown in hopes to order a new card, and to my surprise, the stamp wasn't enough as it didn't contain the actual card number. I've looked through all of my paperwork and it is nowhere to be found. As I am still waiting on my I-551 to come in the mail, I was wondering if there is a way for me to get a hold of the card number, possibly through another infopass appointment. Also, I was hoping to go check on my I-90 application anyway since it has been processing for a little over six months already (I don't know the current window processing times, maybe it has been taking that long for all applicants) What concerns me is the fact that I'm about to get my ROC letter soon as it's been almost two years since I had my green card approved. Does anyone know if I can send a copy of my I-551 stamp in place of the actual card, in case I don't have it by then? Has this (or anything relatable) happened to anyone on here? Any information or insight on this will be greatly appreciated Thank you
  18. Hello, please help...my case is super urgent... I lost my wallet with my green card inside on 1/31 in Fresno, i talked to the police and he said he would check the cctv and get back to me if he could find anything. since he hasnt replied me till now... and i have to travel on Friday (2/3) i am extremely frustrated and not sure what i should do now 1) My initial idea is to submit i-90 for replacing greencard first, then to make an appointment for Infopass to get an I-551 stamp. But the biggest problem i, i never manage to make an appointment given the fact that it keeps saying no appointments available. (the earliest one i could make now is on 2/9, and 4 hours away from where i live) as this is super urgent, is it possible for me to walk in to USCIS office?? or can i file I-90 then leave US first? 2) if the above doesnt work, can i leave US first then apply for I-131A (carrier document) in order to come back to US. then file I-90 and get I-551 stamp next time (because i cant stay in US for too long, the reason I went to US this time was actually for re-entry permit...but now i have lost my green card so i could do nothing about it) 3) can i still submit I-131 for re-entry permit even though i have lost my green card? So next time when i come back to US i can record biometrics. Please help....thanks
  19. Hi just want to ask a question. I sent back my geeencard because they gave me a 10 yr GC instead of only 2 years. I received NOA1 on Feb 22 and did biometrics in March. It's been 9 months and haven't received my new GC yet. I'm just worried. The 90 days before my CR1 expires will start on the first week of December 2016. Me and my husband are ready to file it. What should I do? I know I have to submit a photocopy of my CR1 GC when filing the i-751. Well I called USCIS and they said they're working on the February 28 case now. Why did they skip my case.? Can someone enlighten me???? Pleaseeee ?
  20. The unthinkable happened. My wife was mugged in Mexico. They took her purse with everyones GC. My wife and 2 stepkids have a conditional GC. Police report has been done and reported. Was told that in order to reenter the states, one needs to pay $585 per person. Thats a hefty amount. Question is, is that just to reenter or does that grant you a replacement Card. What is the cheapest way to go about it?
  21. Hello, I am currently filing an I-90 as I received my GC but it has an error on my DOB. It's an error on USCIS side (we spoke to them and they confirmed). Now, I'm trying to file out the I-90 but I am having a very hard time. In part 3 it ask; 1. Location where you applied for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status. 2. Location where your immigrant visa was issued or USCIS office where you were granted adjustment of status I am really lost, I have tried looking around online but I still can't seem to find a certain answer. What am I supposed to write? How do I know in the first place where I filed? I can't remember... My case # starts with MSC, does that mean I should put National Benefits Center, MO as my answer for 3.2? And as for 3.1 what do I put? :/ Complete Item Numbers 3.a. and 3.a1. if you entered the United States with an immigrant visa. I came in on a K-1 visa. I assume I need to file 3.a and 3.a1 then? My POE was JFK so I write New York?? Thanks in advance, hope someone can help!
  22. Hello, Good news, and bad news.. Today I received in the mail my conditional GC, I went to check the information and my birth date is wrong. This was originally a mistake made from our side when we filed the I-485, but we called later on to get it fixed. From what I understand, I need to file out form I-90 but do I need to pay the replacement fee of $450 (I think) or is it the USCIS? (since we called to get it fixed but they didn't seem to take note of it). If someone could give me a step-to-step of what I need to do to solve this problem, I'd be super grateful - this has been a roller-coaster of emotions since day 1 :/