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Found 189 results

  1. Hello , I did not see a thread for I-751 October 2017 filers so thought of creating a new one. I sent out my package on Oct 2, now waiting to get NOA. Good Luck Everyone!
  2. Could not find a thread for October filers, so thought I'd create one. After much delay, finally dispatched my I-751 packet today to the Vermont Service Center. Expected to reach there on Monday, October 3, 2016. Now the wait begins.
  3. Hi folks, My ROC was received by CSC on July 25th 2017. Until now, I have not received a notice for biometrics appointment. The receipt number is not even updated online. It's been over 3 months and two weeks and nothing. My lawyer followed up and all he got was that is in the service center and is pending for scheduling for biometric appointment. Any similar cases on here? Thanks!
  4. How important are the field office for making the decision? Have filed the 751 but they are so backlogged that I will have to file the N-400 before the 751 is finished processing. Am concerned: as part of a same-sex couple, one of the places I could move has a field office in Montgomery, which has had a very very bad reputation for anti-gay legislation/attitudes OR we could spend a little bit more money and go to a place that is in a solid blue state, and be seen in San Bernardino (At the moment, I work online, so we are not totally chained to location, it just has to be affordable. Blue states are, in general, not. If the decision is largely independent of the local culture, made at some central location either way, with the local instances just doing the formalities and ferreting out possible red flags for fraud, it does not matter. However, if the decision is really left up to the local office, I am uncomfortable with having somebody from Montgomery making a decision.
  5. Ok guys I going through alot right now I need some advice I currently have my conditional 2 years green card but my wife is now wanting a divorce and she threaten to make it look like a business marriage and not love and if that go on the divorce decree I know I would be sent back home what do I do to prevent that during the divorce.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm in an unusual situation, for which I haven't managed to find an answer in past discussions. I'm a conditional resident, and about two weeks ago I submitted my i-751 to remove the conditions and become a permanent resident (it's definitely been received at the VSC, because they cashed my check). Unfortunately, though, I think I've lost my green card. I last used my green card a week ago, to travel from Austin to New York. I'm still waiting to hear back from all the various lost property places (airline, airports, etc) I've contacted, but not feeling that hopeful right now. This has never happened to me before, and it's REALLY bad timing, because in 6 days time, I'm flying home to the UK for Christmas. I'm due to return to the US in early January, and now am very worried that if I go, I won't be able to re-enter. My green card expires at the end of February. I've yet to receive my NOA1. Hopefully that will come within the next week. The New York InfoPass centre has zero available appointments (same for the Long Island one). So I have a few questions: 1. If I receive the NOA1, but don't find my green card, will that, plus my valid UK passport, be enough for me to re-enter the US? 2. If I don't receive the NOA1 in time, is there any other document that could get me back in? 3. Is there any way to get an i-551 stamp without an InfoPass appointment? Should I try to make an InfoPass appointment at the London embassy? 4. I know that ordinarily I would use form i-90 to apply for a replacement green card -- but can I do that after having submitted i-751? 5. How screwed am I? Any help that anyone would give would be hugely appreciated. I'm feeling pretty freaked right now! I'll update this thread if I get any more information, or am lucky enough to find my green card. Thank you! FM
  7. Submitted I-751 December 2016. Conditional green card expired February 2017. Went to USCIS in October 2017 to get an I-551 stamp in passport since 1 year extension letter was set to expire. I got the stamp but they took the expired green card. Is this normal???
  8. I have submitted the I-751, and just checked the timelines - the CSC is servicing people from July 2016--that's seventeen months ago! We will become eligible to apply for naturalization after January 11, 2019, which is three years from the conditional green card. However, at this rate, it is possible that in January 2019, there will be no decision on the 751 at all--it might easily be May of 2019 before we get the final verdict. So then, what do we do? Can we apply for naturalization after January 11, 2019, even though the I-751 decision might still be unknown? Or must we wait until they decide? Let's say they send us a message in May saying, okay, we allow this. Do we then immediately apply, or must we wait for a year after the permanent green card? Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone! Hoping someone has had similar experience and can help how they worked it out... The details: - I-751 pending (November 2016 filer) - VSC filer (so expecting it to take over a year to be processed) - NOA1 extension expires Jan 31st, 2018 - plan on traveling from NY to Australia & Malaysia to spend time with family with our newborn infant - for 7 weeks (Dec 4th - Jan 22nd 2018) - returning to US 9 days before 1 year extension expires - will be entering US at LAX I understand I should make an InfoPass appointment to get I-551 passport stamp before I go. Anyone share they're experience for doing this in NYC? A few more questions: - can I make an Infopass appointment to get I-551 passport stamp 2-3 months before GC extension expires? - what happens if I receive an interview notice or RFE while I am gone? potentially not seeing it if I don't have someone checking my mail regularly. That would be unfortunate timing. - will I have any issues coming back to US just 9 days before green card extension letter expires? - if green card is approved and sent to my US home while we are gone, will my NOA1 extension letter/I-551 passport stamp still be good for re-entering the US or is it cancelled, and I will not be allowed in without my current green card to present at immigration? - does expired green card get taken away when I-551 stamped? If so, would immigration still accept NOA1 extension letter and/or I-551 stamp? Any help greatly appreciated! I will be calling USCIS tomorrow but expect not to get a very helpful answer, through previous experiences with them.
  10. You can read more on my previous post but I just want to discuss what happened to me during the approval process Feb 2017 went for interview with spouse, no decision and was told to wait until Jun 2017 before inquiring Jun 2017 requested for Infopass and went into office and hand wrote to officer to inquire about status of case and to contact me should officer need any additional information Aug 2017 submitted Ombudsman request about case status and detailing information about the wait since Jun 2015 Sep 2017 submitted assistance to Chuck Schumer with details about the wait since Jun 2015. FedEx signed document to his office Oct 2017 received status update from Ombudsman to inform that case decision has been made. Called Ombudsman to find out if decision was favorable or unfavorable. Ombudsman could not provide additional details and told me to call USCIS. Submitted electronic request to USCIS about case status. Received an e-mail from USCIS about 2-3 weeks later to inform that card was in production. Original documents were returned by mail from VT. Late Oct USCIS case status was updated to card was in production and to wait until mid Nov before contacting USCIS about not receiving the card. No approval letter sent Nov 2017 Received card in mail
  11. Dear Visa Journey family; So I am in a little bit of a conundrum here. I filed my ROC application in July this year before CSC. According to their estimated processing times as of August 2017 their processing cases from July 19 2016. I know, is nuts that is 1 year 1 Month. Anyway, my extension expires by October next year but I need a I-551 with 6 months in it to be able to start training with the Marines. Is it possible, to get a I-551 passport stamp which would have a validity according to some sources I've read of 6 to 12 months BEFORE my extension expires? So that way my I-551 would have over 6 months in it and I have no problems with the military? Marines do take enlistees on conditional I-551 FYI. So to sum up, I guess the big question would be how soon can you request an I-551 passport stamp before your extension's expiration date? Two months before it expires three? Has anyone experienced a similar situation? Thanks!
  12. I came on K-1 visa and applied for greencard on time. But due to RFE my green card arrived late. My time to remove condition is 12th December 2017 and I will be finishing my 3 year on 9th January 2018. I am applying for I-751 in a week. My question is: Can I apply for Naturalization at same time as I am applying for I-751(remove condition on green card) Any knowledge sharing would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  14. Hi Everyone, Situation: I am unable to get infopass appointment, every time I punch in the search using my zip code, I received a message that currently there are no available appointments and to check in again later. Background: I-751 filed Jun 2015, case is still pending, the green card will expire in Sep 2016. I need to prove to employer that I am still "in status", legal, and can continue to work. I read that I need to get an Infopass appointment at the local office to get my passport stamped with I-551 to validate my status. 1. Can I just walk into the local office at Federal Plaza with no infopass appointment? 2. When is the best time to go online to schedule Infopass appointment? Appreciate your assistance with this matter!
  15. My husband got his GC 12/10/2015. We moved to a new address 10/31/2016 and are currently in ROC process. I mailed the package on 10/23/2017 and it was received at the VSC on 10/25/2017. We have not received NOA1 yet but I am wondering whether I should have submitted a change of address form or it was sufficient that we listed our new address on all the application forms for ROC and all of our evidence? I'm just getting concerned because they haven't cashed the Money Order yet and I see people at VSC with same date of shipping already have their Biometrics appointment.
  16. Does anyone know when I can get an explanation of the extension letter on the USCIS website. I have a potential employer asking about my 10 year Green Card and obviously its not coming anytime soon. Such a pain in the **** Thanks
  17. Hi everyone! We filed our joint I-751 in November 2016, and this week we got an RFE. Which is quite surprising, since we've made sure to include as much evidence as possible. A bit of background: I am a Russian citizen, my wife is an American citizen. Got married in 2013, lived in Korea in 2014 while waiting for my GC, moved to the US in 2015. Lived together with her parents until March 2016, then moved to a new place (that's the lease we sent them), in March 2017 we moved yet again and got a new lease (this is what we are going to send them since we didn't have it before). Moreover, in the RFE letter, it almost seems like they either ignored or overlooked some of the evidence. Here's what they say: The thing is, in the copy of a lease form 2016 beside my spouse's name there is also my name under the "Use of property section", it's right there on the same page. I am considering resubmitting that and underscoring both names, just in case. Is that a good idea? We also sent them copies of our IDs mentioning the same address where we were living in 2015. (Her parents' place) Here's what we are thinking of submitting now: Copies of our joint bank statements from 2015, 2016 (unless I shouldn't submit the same year twice), 2017. Copies of our joint credit card records for 2016 and 2017. A new lease for 2017 with both our names on it. My wife's life insurance with me as her beneficiary. Plane tickets for our trip we took earlier this year. My mother's written statement saying that my wife and I lived together in her apartment in Russia from August 2013 to January 2014. My wife's former employer statement saying that we both lived in Korea in an apartment provided to us by him while my wife was an English teacher there. That's all we can get at the moment. Do you think that would be enough? Do the written statements from my mother and my wife's former employer have any value here? Thank you!
  18. Early next year I can start the process to remove my conditions on my green card while being stationed in Germany. After my green card came in, I went to Korea with my mother and ended up laser removing a mole from my face, cosmetic eyeliner tattoo, as well as eyebrow tattoos done. I'm curious if I should send documentation of such work being done? My passport style photos are going to look like I'm wearing makeup and show the scar where the mole used to be. Or should I just send the packet without an explaintion to the permanent facial changes?
  19. Documents for removal of conditional submitted June 2015. Removal interview in Feb 2017. Still no news. Anyone in the same boat?
  20. Hi All. I called USCIS this morning and was transferred to an immigration officer. He confirmed my address, then told me my case was 'protected' and could only be discussed with an attorney or a Congressperson's representative. A few months ago I was told my case was 'restricted' and 'sensitive' and couldn't be discussed over the phone, only in writing. Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone know what it means for an i-751 application to be considered 'sensitive', 'restricted' or 'protected'?
  21. Hello, I wanted to know if my wife can travel outside the US after we file i-751? can we submit an i-131, like with the AOS? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my story, I am in a very dangerous place right now of my green card status, and I truly wish someone can give me some kind of guidance, so here is a brief timeline of my case, A little information about me, I am 26 and originally come from China, I met my ex-husband in China and came to the states together, he is 28 and originally from New Jersey, he is a smart guy and sometimes might be too "smart"=manipulative. He started physically hurt me about 10 months later we know each other, and we were getting ready to get married, I know that I should have left the relationship long time ago, but every time I change my mind when I see him put his knees on the ground and begging me to forgive him and said he will never do it again, and of course he did it again and again. 04/20/2013 we met each other by a chatting app in China 12/08/2013 He proposed to me 05/30/2014 Got married 08/16/2014 Arrived in the US 09/12/2014 I moved out after three continued fights and physical abuse again 09/28/2015 Divorce finalized 12/2015 Filed for waiver of my green card condition based on divorce and abuse 10/04/2017 Interview with USCIS at New Jersey Here is what happened during the interview: Officer told me that if I want to interview with him in NJ, he will most likely deny my case, reasons are he thinks that I didn't try to fix the marriage, and I used my ex-husband, but truth is we had restraining orders against each other, and I tried to talk to his lawyer to see if he wanted to reconcile, my ex rejected again and again and stated that he was only interested in divorce, that leaved me no choice but divorce him. Second option the officer told me was that to have my file transferred to California since I moved to California couple months ago from New Jersey, and let another officer decide my case. Because what happened in the interview, I am extremely worried that if my case can be still denied in CA office. I am trying to get more proof that I did not use my ex as a play doll, and I have the right to stay... ... More personally, I am in a committed relationship right now, and it would be enormously painful to even think about be separate from him and all of other people that I love here. I know my options are limited and I'm still waiting for interview notice from CA office, but will somebody can give a few advice to help? Thank you thank you so so so much! Whatever help can literally change my life. God bless all. Signed fighting for my right
  23. Hi team! Does anyone have any experience with traveling abroad while they are processing the removal of conditions and the current permanent resident card w/ conditions has (or will be) expired. Doing my research and bringing my current (expired) card + the letter notice of extension + a I-551 stamp should do the trick, but wondering if anyone has any experience . I travel frequently outside the US - for work and leisure, but did get a little worried once I saw the processing times. Based on the information I find, as long as I take the expired card, stamp AND the letter I should be fine. But would love to hear any experiences from people who are/have been in the same boat. My card expires end of January - and my next travel to Europe will be in March. I751 was sent in back in November, Bio taken in December, now just waiting Any feedback/experiences will be appreciated Thanks team!
  24. My husbands GC expires January 16 2018. 90 days before is October 18 2017 exactly. I did all the paperwork and am sending it with express overnight mail so it should arrive tomorrow Oct 18th. My friend told they will reject it and that I did it too soon but it's arriving exactly 90 days before. Can someone explain if I did it too soon. thank you