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Found 181 results

  1. Could not find a thread for October filers, so thought I'd create one. After much delay, finally dispatched my I-751 packet today to the Vermont Service Center. Expected to reach there on Monday, October 3, 2016. Now the wait begins.
  2. Hi team! Does anyone have any experience with traveling abroad while they are processing the removal of conditions and the current permanent resident card w/ conditions has (or will be) expired. Doing my research and bringing my current (expired) card + the letter notice of extension + a I-551 stamp should do the trick, but wondering if anyone has any experience . I travel frequently outside the US - for work and leisure, but did get a little worried once I saw the processing times. Based on the information I find, as long as I take the expired card, stamp AND the letter I should be fine. But would love to hear any experiences from people who are/have been in the same boat. My card expires end of January - and my next travel to Europe will be in March. I751 was sent in back in November, Bio taken in December, now just waiting Any feedback/experiences will be appreciated Thanks team!
  3. Good Morning VJs! We are currently filling out our I-751 form using an Acrobat Reader. We noticed that the box under the Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center where it states I, _____________ understand that the purpose...." fills automatically when we enter our names on Part 1 and Par 4. BUT it does not transfer our full names. Instead, it automatically transfer our initials and last names only. For example, if we put John Miller Doe and Amy Alex Doe, the boxes automatically fill out like these: I, J.M. Doe, understand that the purpose of USCIS ASC appointment is for me..." I, A.A. Doe, understand that the purpose of USCIS ASC appointment is for me..." Do guys have the same experience? Is this okay and normal to submit? If anyone submitted like this, did you have any issue regarding the form? How should we put our full names? Your help and responses are greatly appreciated!
  4. Hello Everyone I'm new to the forum. It was a long story, but I try to keep it short, if anyone interested in detail, I will have more. I am from China and married to a USC, originally I came here by F-1 visa and studied at a prestigious university. I met my ex-wife on the internet in September 2014, after three months of dates, we bought a house and moved in together. We entered our marriage in 2015 May. In 2016 March, I got my 2 years green card. However, my wife, she cheated on me and had a baby with another man after she filed divorce last year April. Our marriage comes the its end by August 2016. And I hired a lawyer to file I-751 waiver based on good faith marriage, it went to CSC, at this point, I am still waiting for RFE. We had a strong pack of evidence, every possible evidence, joint house, cars, all bills, membership, pets, air and hotel tickets to New York-Hawaii honey trip, receipt of a diamond ring, e.t.c... the list goes on. However, my lawyer had some personal prejudices against me, saying "the local office will never believe a China man could ever marry a white American woman." "You are the kind of person USCIS wants to deport and kick you out of the country" "if you travel, you may never come back, e.t.c." "They will put you in prison if you get denied." So, I am worried about 'kangaroo court', if you know what I mean. Now I have already graduated from my alma mater but could not find any decent mean to live here. So I am thinking about going back to China in October, at least my departure will make America greater again one step ahead. I see current CSC processing time in on 20 June 2016, I am afraid what if I got called to an interview before my departure and denied, fast placed to immigration prison? My lawyer threatens me if I got denied by the local office, ice will bust my house arrest me, I don't know if I should believe him? Because I studied on this matter if my case denied, I can no longer have the valid statue once the card expired, which it will be in March 2018, but then I would be long gone. My current plan is pack up, leave the country on October 15th, once I'm in China, I will go straight to US embassy in Beijing and surrender my green card, then say God bless America. Most likely I won't be back to states in a long time, perhaps never again. Now my question is if I got called to the interview before my departure, and I went and got denied, or simply not showing up, what will happen? Can I safely stay here until my departure?(Again, my card expire by March 2018) Right now I feel like I'm acting the movie Dunkirk, intensified and scattered. I only have roughly 40 days left. Anyone has any idea, Please comment, suggest and help me!
  5. Hi all, Long story short - I moved to the states in 2014 on K1 visa and got married, lived happily ever after (for two years) until my beloved husband decided that he doesn't want to be with me anymore and that he wants something else in his life. I'm not going to go too deep into details, let me just tell you that I didn't see that coming. A week before Christmas 2016 he asked me to move out and give him space to think about his life. Seriously, on Christmas. I did as he asked. I attempted to talk to him a few times in the first couple of months, tried to make him go see a couples therapist, but he refused. He also refused to talk to me about what was going to happen next. He never brought up divorce, but as the time passed it became obvious that he had no intentions to work on this marriage. Four months after the separation (March 2017) i realized that I needed to start gathering documents for the i-751 filing and I made my husband meet me and to talk through the options. Unfortunately he wasn't very communicative and helpful again, but he did say that he didn't want to hurt me even more so he would sign/file whatever I needed. Not a word about the divorce again. I went to sick help from an immigration attorney right before filing and was advised to either file together as a couple and attach an additional letter with explanations to why we didn't live together anymore or get divorced and file alone. I chose the the first option - had my husband sign the petition (he didn't even want to read it) attached a few letters from our friends as witnesses and filed my petition on June 30th 2017. It's been 9 months since the separation and the relationship with my husband is not getting better. He has started acting very disrespectful towards me, wouldn't even say hello when sees me in public, we don't talk at all. To be honest, I'm not even sure anymore if he will want to go to the interview with me in a year (current timeline for the CA center), and even if he agrees to go to the interview - we are strangers to each other at this point. I don't want to file for divorce because I don't want to hurt my case, but I also find it impossible to keep living like that for another year. The situation is very messed up. To answer a few questions in advance: I believe i have enough evidence to prove that the 3 years (2 years in marriage) we spent together were real - apartment lease, insurances, gym memberships, taxes, phone bills, dozens of family trips and photos etc. No kids. I didn't do anything obvious to cause this separation - I was a faithful, loving and supporting partner to him, always. Does he have another woman? Maybe, I don't know. His friends and family never reached out to me. I don't know what he told them, but they all clearly took his side and no-one's really talking to me except for those few people who agreed to write a witness letter for me. I don't want to consider moving back to my Motherland and leaving my immigration case behind. I moved here for him in the first place and I started building my life here with a person I loved. During the time we were together I managed to build a career here in the US, my work is all my life here now. When he turned his back on me I had to start all over again - got a much better job offer, found my own place to live, bought my own furniture and had to find new friends. I've been through hell and I think I deserve to keep living my life here, at least for now. I cannot be responsible for another person's poor decisions and break my life into pieces again. Needless to say, how disappointed and hurt I am to find out what people are capable of. I feel like a used toy. This is so messed up, I have no words.
  6. as the title says, my son came a year after me on his K2 visa, mine expire next month ( 2 years ) but him doesn't expire till dec 2018 this is the explanation on the letter i received : " children not linkable : 595 and 85 $ for bio fee $, " child name " cannot be included in a joint petition filed by your biological parent and step parent due to the fact that you did not acquired conditional resident status concurrently with the parent or within 90 days from the date that they obtained conditional residence, children therefore will require their own Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence. " i suppose i have to his own ROC i-751 which means i will have to pay the 595 fee + 85 fee for biometrics my question is, can i do this whenever i want before 90 before his green card expire or do i have to wait for the 90 days pre green card expiration ??? thanks in advance !!
  7. I filled in November 2016 and just the boring wait for 10 months now any luck for same month filers got any replies earlier or we have to wait till October 2017 I filled in Vermont office
  8. Hi all, I've lurked on these forums for months and finally need some advice. I'm getting ready to file I-751 but do NOT have a physical green card as it went missing overseas in December 2016, I immediately filed an I-90 but they are so backlogged. I'm STILL waiting to receive it but it could be a while (Current processing times are in Sept 2016, so still 3 months out from me). I'm expecting my I-90 will be approved in Nov/Dec Anyway- I can file my I751 Mid October and I'm already worried about not having enough supporting evidence. But my major concern is I do not have a physical green card, nor do I have anything besides a picture of the front of green card before it went missing, I don't have a back copy (my PC died and it wasn't backed up, luckily had a photo of the front on husband's old phone). Everywhere I've read you have to submit front and back copy of card. Another thing I need advice on- if I file I-751 at 90 days before GC expires, and my I-90 to replace hasn't been approved, will it cancel it and I won't get my physical GC because it's so close to expiration? If that happens, I will get the stamp to travel. But, I'm just worried because then when I want to file next October 2018 for N400, I doubt i will be able to because I will have NO physical green card or real copy..... Filed I-90: December 2016 (Still pending and only processing Sept 2016 currently, so I expect another 3-4 month wait) Filing I-751 October 2017 (Will this cancel my I-90? I don't want to not file my I-751 to close to deadline but also I want physical green card back even if it will expire so soon) Filing N-400 October 2018 ??? I feel like I'm in such a difficult position with my I-90 hoping to be approved so close to I-751 filing time. I've dreaded this moment since my GC went missing and now having to face reality head on. Any advice anyone can provide will be great. I have spoken to a few immigration lawyers in my area who honestly have no idea what to do either, alot of them said I know more about the process than them
  9. Hi, for those that already submitted I-751 and has a pending case or have already been approved. Can you please help me decide what evidence to submit? My husband and i have no kids and we are renting a room so we have no real lease. However, we do have joint accounts, joint cell bill, we vacation frequently etc. Will this be enough? Also how long did it take for you to receive a receipt notice?
  10. Hi VJers, hoping to gather some input from others regarding financial rationale for I-751. My wife (GC holder) and I (USC) are getting ready to send our ROC packet. In the packet, we will be including evidence from our bank showing a shared checking and shared saving account. My wife, who is employed, has her paycheck direct deposited into our shared savings account. My paycheck is direct deposited into our shared checking account, which we use to pay our cost of living bills (credit cards, utilities, auto lease, etc). We are saving up to purchase our first home. In turn, my wife's paycheck is used for this purpose, hence why her paycheck is deposited into our shared savings account. Is there a need to explain this situation as part of our submission? We are including bank statements and materials showing we share both accounts (shared account numbers). Curious though if we need to explicitly call out why our paychecks are deposited into different accounts.
  11. It will be 30 days tomorrow from my I-751 NOA1 date (July 26th) and I'm going to call USCIS tomorrow. Many of us late July filers are still waiting and no one in the August group have received their bio letter. I want to find out what's going on with my case. My question is, what's the fastest way currently to talk to a live person? (I'm saying currently because I have seen many variations on this site before but some of them seem to be outdated.) What numbers do I have to press? I know that once I get hold of a Tier 1, I will have to ask to be tranferred to a Tier 2 officer and from what I understand the Tier 2 officer will be able open a service request for me since the 30 day mark has passed. Has anyone called USCIS before about the same thing recently? How did you get to talk to a live person? I have never called USCIS before so I'm clueless.
  12. I sent in the I-751 for my wife. We received the noa 1-year extension... and in a few days it will have been 1 year and we haven't heard anything back, it's at the VSC. Who do we contact what do we do?
  13. Hello helpful VJ members, My husband and I are getting ready to file removal of conditions for his Green card which expires in January. We are debating the pros and cons of filing a fee waiver as well because money is a little tight. We definitely are below the poverty level, and our children and I (USC spouse) use Medi-Cal (California Medicaid). The concerns that make me hesitate are two: 1. If I file and they reject, I may perhaps have to pay the higher fee in December when the fees increase, and 2. Could it make them mad or have any negative effect on my husband's residency in the future, or eligibility for citizenship if he decides to naturalize? I have been searching on here, and haven't found much information about the fee waiver. It would be really helpful to hear from people who are knowledgeable or have recent experience. If anyone doesn't want to publish their experience, they can certainly PM me as well. (I remember there was a case of someone being rude to a person who had requested a fee waiver recently.) Thank you all very much!
  14. The 1 year extension on my husband's I-751 is about to be up. I have called USCIS several times and been assured that his actual status remains the same until his case is reviewed but they will not issue any documentation saying this unless we make an appointment with the local field office. Has any one done this already? Its seems that the California Service Center is at least 5 months behind.
  15. Hello all, This is a partial copy of a post I made in a previous thread. I just wanted to see if I could get a few more second opinions (really, as many second opinions as possible) on this. I've discovered that I am having major difficulty filling out Form I-751, and judging from previous posts on this current edition of the form, I am thinking that I'm definitely not the only one. The instructions to put "N/A" or "None" in spaces that are not applicable seem fairly straightforward, but looking at the form itself, it quickly becomes unclear whether they mean really, actually EVERY line or just certain ones. I have read posts on here that state that a mistake with this could mean that an entire package gets rejected, so I want to be sure to get this 100% right, especially now, at a point where I have worked on this paperwork for months and will have to mail it all out before the weekend as the expiration date of my green card, September 21st, is approaching very soon. So today, I filled out a copy of Form I-751 with generic information to show how I approached this, in which spaces I put "N/A", in which spaces I put "None", and which ones I left blank. I would like to ask and encourage everyone, and especially the forum moderators if they should have the time, to take a look at this example and tell me what I did wrong so I can learn, correct, and once the we've worked through it, hopefully the final result can serve as an example form for others trying to figure out how to fill out non-applicable spaces. I am attaching the .pdf of this "example form" I made to this post. Here are the questions I have referring to it: Page 1: I put N/A in the middle name line (1c). 2a and 2b are incorrect, as I would have to add my maiden first name and last name there. But otherwise, should I put "N/A" in every line for previous names that I can't fill out? Does putting "None" as the USCIS Online account number work? Should I instead put N/A or leave it blank? Can I leave any question with an "(if any)" blank? Under "Marital Status", question 13, asking for date of divorce or date of death, neither applies. Can I put "N/A" in the place where the date should be or should I leave it blank? Page 2: When it comes to addresses and there is no "In Care Of" name, should I put "N/A" or leave it blank. If an entire address isn't relevant, can I just put "N/A" in the top line/field and leave the rest blank or does every line of the address need an "N/A"? What about the State? Page 3: Under my spouse's personal information, if he doesn't have an A-Number, should I leave the field blank, put N/A, or should I put "None"? If "Province" and "Postal Code" don't apply in an address, should I put N/A for both, None, or leave them blank? Page 4: When it comes to Children (which we don't have), if I put "None" in the first name line and leave the rest blank, should I put N/A under that child's address, None, or leave it completely blank? Have I done it correctly in the form attached? Page 5: In part 6 ("Accomodations for Individuals with Disabilities and/or Impairments"), if I answer "No" to all of the first three questions, should I put N/A in the spaces provided for those who have answered "Yes" under questions 4a - 4c? Or should I leave them blank? Page 6: Under "Petitioner's Statement", similar to my question above, if the box next to an option isn't checked, should I still put N/A in the space provided? Or should I leave it blank? Page 8, 9, and 10: When it comes to the information for the Interpreter and the Preparer (we don't have either), should I put N/A in all the name fields (First Name, Last Name, and Business)? Should I put "None" in all? "None" in the first line (as I have it) or N/A in the first line? How about the mailing address for Interpreter and/or Preparer? N/A in the first field/line and leave the other ones blank? Or N/A in all? Under Daytime Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, and Email for Interpreter/Preparer, I have put N/A on every line. Is that correct? If not, what else should I put? Page 9: Under Part 9, "Interpreters Contact Information, Certification, and Signature (continued)", in the blank space provided, is it correct to "complete" the sentence with "I am fluent in English and N/A..."? Should it instead be "None"? Or should the space be left blank? Under "Interpreter's Signature" and "Preparer's Signature", should I put "N/A" in both the signature line and the date line? Or is that completely wrong? Page 11: I forgot to include Page 11 in the .pdf file attached, but we have two entries for previous addresses, which go into the first field. Once again, I have last name, first name, and then an N/A in the middle name line. Below that, we have my A-Number in Line 2, "Page Number" in Line 3.a., "Part Number" in Line 3.b., and "Item Number" in Line 3.c. For the following fields (4.a. - 7.d.), I have put "None" in each line under "Page Number", "Part Number", and "Item Number" and "N/A" in the main fields underneath. Is that okay? Is there anything I should change? Thank you very much in advance for any and all replies! I-751 Example Compressed.pdf
  16. Hey you guys, Sorry, once again really confused here: Where on the i-751 does an N/A apply? Does it really have to be EVERY blank space?! I don't have a middle name as such, so N/A for middle name? N/A for no Province or Postal Code in an address? If we have no children whatsoever, should we put N/A or None in every single space under each child, or just in the first line? This is highly confusing and honestly, I'm terrified of getting something wrong. In all the examples I see here on VJ and in other places online, people simply leave spaces blank when they don't apply. Are there any examples out there where someone actually put N/A or None so we have something that makes sense? Lastly, can we write the N/A's or None's in by hand, or do they have to be typed? My .pdf setup for the whole USCIS form doesn't allow me to write N/A anywhere. Thanks!
  17. Dear All, I am going through this situation right now, and I hope anyone here can help me with any advice. Here is some information of my application. - My husband is an USC, and we filed I-751 jointly. - Submitted I-751 jointly in July 2016 in California. - Took my biometrics in August 2016 and received 1 year extension on my GC, which will expire in August 2017. - As of today, USCIS office is still processing applications submitted in June 2016. So it's only a matter of time before they get to mine. We dated for 1 year and 4 months before we got married. It's been 3 years and 3 months since we were married. However, things have not been great, and we have always tried to work it out in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, he has decided that he wanted a divorce. We are going to court next week (5/15/2017) to file for a divorce. It will take at least 6 months for the divorce to finalize in Southern California. I consulted several lawyers and they all told me to file the divorce now if he really wants to but just wait for immigration’s notice before further action. I feel I should notify immigration office right after we file a divorce, but I really don’t know how that will affect my application. Every lawyer told me, once we file for a divorce, not to have any actions right now but wait. I think Immigration Office will get to my application in 2-3 months. I went through several posts on VJ and some people also suggested to wait first and if I did get RFE, that's when I should notify IO about divorce process and maybe then switch to a waiver? What's your opinion? I am also likely to move out once we file for a divorce, should I change my address too? Will changing my address affect my application? Thank you in advance!
  18. My husband got his extension letter today after sending his I-751. I'm assuming his HR rep at work will know he can still work with the letter. Does he turn in a copy? Or do they need to see the original? I don't want him to lose it or have it stolen. Also does he keep the original in his wallet or a photo copy?
  19. I'm about to send our I-751 with I-912 and supporting evidence. The actual paperwork isn't that thick but I see they ask for us to use ACCO fasteners. Do I fasten each form with separate fasteners? I think I read to paperclip supporting evidence to each form, is that correct or should I include all supporting evidence in acco fasteners with the forms? Please confirm if I use separate fasteners with each form or simply fasten all pages together in one. Thank you so much.
  20. Hi, I am filling out the I-751 and the instructions are really specific about using N/A for questions that don't apply to you. But on the version of the form that you can fill out on your computer, it doesn't let you input N/A (doesn't recognize the slash). Do I have to handwrite N/A in every box that doesn't relate to me? For example I don't have a child so do I have to put N/A on every single box on the two pages of the form that relate to children? Or I don't use another name, so in 2.a. 2.b 2c 3a 3 b 3c do I have to put N/A to not leave anything blank? Seems a bit excessive. I called USCIS and the person on the phone suggested that I should do that (put N/A everywhere that doesn't apply) just to make sure it's not sent back as incomplete. Any thoughts much appreciated! Here is the para on the instruction doc: Answer all questions fully and accurately. If a question does not apply to you (for example, if you have never been married and the question asks “Provide the name of your current spouse”), type or print “N/A,” unless otherwise directed. If your answer to a question which requires a numeric response is zero or none (for example, “How many children do you have” or “How many times have you departed the United States”), type or print “None,” unless otherwise directed.
  21. All- I decided to create this folder to keep track neatly of who gets approved. I think the forum is great but I have noticed that often times people veer into discussions into the forum, which is fine, but then trackers get buried under many pages. Some of us are here just for the stats, don't comment often, just monitor and sigh sadly at the slow pace at USCIS. So to save people the additional stress and frustration of digging through pages of information to find the trackers, I created a google docs file with data only for VSC September, October, November 2016 filers for now. The list is for viewing only. I am happy to share the responsibility with someone else in the future if this topic picks up and people like the idea. For now, this is just a proof of concept. If it doesn't pick up, I will do my best to track the forum topics for these 3 months and update it regularly and afterwards I am sure it will get buried slowly in the back of the forum. My main goal is to help myself and others here. Rules of this topic: 1. View updated list here: VSC I-751 Sept / Oct / Nov-16 Tracker 2. Message me at VJ or at with your update or if you want to be added to the list, also with any comments and feedback 3. No comments / posting in this topic I really hope people find this helpful and there is interest to expand the list to other months as well and the topic gets pinned at the top of the forum.
  22. I came here through K-1 visa last Dec 2013 and got married at the same month/year. Filed my AOS and got my EAD last Jan 2015 and currently waiting for my I-751 result, filed it last Dec 2016. I caught my husband multiple times chatting with different women since 2014 and read a chat from his friend that he regretted marrying me and confronted him about it. He told me that it was just a gush of emotions and he really didn't mean it. I know I was so stupid to believe it but honestly speaking I love my husband so I let it go. Everything went smooth, we moved to our own apartment after a year of living in his parents basement. Just this past few months, I started to earn good money and he started acting weird,we have been fighting all the time and it came to my knowledge that he sent a withdrawal letter, since we filed jointly. I just found out that he's been on dating site and met a woman when i was sleeping so I decided to call it done. He was telling me that I will be sent to my country. I am so worried that it will affect my I-751 papers. We have been married over 3 years, almost 4 years now. -Just wanna ask for advice what are the steps i have to do since he sent a withdrawal letter? -Do i need to sent any docs to USCIS? any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hey all, These will hopefully be the last questions I have to ask before finally sending our I-751 package. Sadly, this is also our most difficult issue in the process so far. Sorry this is such a long story, but please bear with me: We have had a lot of problems with Health Insurance Marketplace (aka since 2015. At first, there was the issue with them not allowing me to get on my husband's health insurance plan. I received my Green Card in September of 2015, but in order to get on the same health insurance plan, they made us sign up for a brand new one. This process took a while and we weren't officially covered jointly until March of 2016. From that point onward, we had to switch insurances twice as not all the information on our choices was disclosed right away and we ended up with plans that did not work for us. We finally settled on the plan that we are on now in July of 2016 and have had the same health insurance plan ever since. We have had to wait for the overdue correct paperwork for a long time, but Health Insurance Marketplace has now finally given us three consecutive 1095a documents for 2016, showing all the times so far that we have been covered jointly. They are having trouble producing paperwork saying that we have been covered for 2017 as well, but Florida Blue, our actual health insurance provider, has that covered. The evidence that we have from them, however, still has our previous address on them (we moved in November of last year), since address changes have to go through Health Insurance Marketplace and...let's just say they are having problems getting that to work as well. We have tried our best, called them almost every other day, but we are at a point right now where we are running out of time, have to just send what we have in health insurance-related documents with our I-751 and hope for the best. My questions are: 1) Could USCIS take issue with the fact that we were not jointly insured until March of 2016, considering I arrived in 2015? 2) Should we send those 1095a forms as proof and explain the circumstances in a letter? Should we send all of them, or only the ones that show both of us insured? Or will that just raise more questions? 3) I don't drive, so can't be on my husband's car insurance and the only other joint insurance plan we have proof of is renter's insurance, which we signed up for merely a month ago. Will it be enough if we can prove that we have had health insurance since the beginning of the year, even if the address information is outdated? Thank you very much for your help in advance!
  24. Has anyone actually had their ROC and N-400 adjudicated at the same time? I've seen people say they've been told it will happen...but does it actually happen that way? My wife's ROC is now 14 months old (June 20, 2016) and her N-400 was filed in June 2017. We had an Infopass appointment today to get a stamp in her passport since her one year extension expires on September 12th, 2017. In the course of the conversation, we were told that her N-400 would be adjudicated before the I-751. I find it hard to believe that they will simply let the ROC linger until Jan or Feb of next year while the N-400 proceeds.