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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I just received a response from USCIS that they have received my i130 form. I have the receipt number and everything. My question is, What happens? And how long?
  2. My (now) wife came into the US from Canada on December 1st and was given until March 1, 2018 to find a job on her I-94 which is attached to her passport. On Feb 16th, we got married, however we need to wait for the Marriage Certificate to get processed before we send in the paperwork as we need to attach a copy of said Marriage Certificate to the packet. We also need to send a copy of the I-94 that is attached to her passport. Will she be deportable since the packet will be sent after March 1?
  3. I married my husband 10/12/13 in sudan, received approval of I-130 10/2014, my husband interview was july 2015, but his visa was denied Nov 2016 because they said his birth certificate was fake. My husband was born in a refugge camp in sudan but returned to our country Eritrea after the war ended. His nationality is Eritrean. When he went to get birth certificate from Sudan government, they denied him because he is not a sudan citizen. They someone in the office told him they would help him if he paid them. So with no other choice he did. The Us embassy said the birth certificate is not real and asked him to get another one. My husband got his birth certificate from eritrea which stated he was born in Sudan, and got the cetificate authenticate, but Nov 2016 the US embassy denied my husbands visa because they said he committed fraud and needs to get birth certificate from Sudan because he was born in Sudan. My case was sent to USCIS 4/31/17 for review. I file a 1-601 waiver accepted 9/17. And yesterday I received a update i will receive a letter of intent to revoke my I-130. My husband and I are so sad and tired over all of this. My lawyer said they will fight it but does anyone have any similar experiences or ideas of what me and my husband can do. I just want him here with me so we can start our family, as soon as possible. I am at an age were my window for child bearing is get late. And i want to have a baby asap with my husband. But I want us to be together when it happens.
  4. Hi My husband had his interview on 11/6 and they told him to get a new joint affidavit and took his passport. They gave a white slip 22g1. The consular said itll take minimum 2 weeks. We sent everything on the 22nd and its been 3 weeks now. They updated the ceac website twice, one recently (12/14) so how long will take for them to approve the visa? Please tell ur experiences. After how many updates did they approve?
  5. Our love story and or brief Time line Met on Facebook in June in a comment section Conversed on whatsapp He asked to marry in July, planned and executed small private wedding I traveled to Jamaica to marry Mr. , Married in August 21st 2017 I then returned home to New York. Then visited Mr. again in September returned home to New York. Mr. recently changed jobs and home address, his current address is temporary, because its too far away from the new job. My question is should I wait to file the I130 for when he has a permanent address. Does the beneficiary receive mail during the process.
  6. Hello! I (a US Citizen) am helping my husband (who came here on a K1 visa, and got married within 90 days) fill out his AOS. (I-485) On the application, there is a question that says this. What exactly is this? Im a little confused. Am I the US citizen supposed to fill this out... or is he supposed to fill this out? Thank you!
  7. I filed the I-130 for my husband last month. I used my maiden name on the paperwork because that's the name on my passport, and I didn't want any confusion or delay. I originally planned to change my last name to his after the process was complete, but I've since realized that the process may take up to a year. Can I change my name during this process? Or should I wait until next year?
  8. Hello guys I'm getting really worried waiting for my I-130 approval, I filed it in May 2017 and about a week later they sent me a letter saying that they received it on May 18th I called earlier this week and they said that the Texas Service Center still has a delay and that they are reviewing cases filed in December, does this mean I have to wait another 5 months until they get to May to get approved (I pray) Its been 4 months since they received my documents I am a US citizen and live in Michigan I filed for my husband who lives in Albania i was just in Albania for 10 days bc my grandpa passed away but I really didn't have any time to enjoy with my husband. This waiting is getting very stressful and emotional for me!!
  9. Hello I have sent my form I 130 with other documents for my husband who is in albania, and I'm a US citizen. It says that they received it on May 18th and today it's 4 months since they received yet I still haven't heard anything from them, when I check my status online it still says the same thing. I'm just really nervous on how long the process of the approval should take?
  10. My visa has been issued for 10 business days now and I still haven't heard anything from anyone letting me know when i can pick up my passport with my visa. What am I supposed to do? I can't call the embassy because this is an immigrant visa case, and i tried emailing them and no answer after 8 days...
  11. I'm green card holder, living and doing job here for last 6 months. My brother petitioned for me so that I got the visa, now question is that i want to go my homeland Pakistan and get marry there, if i get marry there then i can sponsor for my husband? He can get visa or how much time will be take?if yes
  12. Hello to all. I know there is plenty rfe threads but I haven't seen recent ones. Why don't we state with our filing date, for who and where from , what type of visa and what center , when received rfe and how long waiting for response. So that we can all keep track and maybe just maybe not feel like we are the only ones waiting. I'll go first; Filing Date: October 31, 2016 Who: My husband (Egypt) Type: Cr1, form I-130 Rfe Received: May 19, 2017 Responded: June 29, 2017 Waiting Time: 60 Days, no response still Center: TSC
  13. My husband and I got married in Sweden a few weeks ago. He lives in Sweden and has been there for a few years. He currently has a travel document (originally from Syria) and will be applying for his Swedish citizenship summer of 2018. If we apply for the spouse visa (CR-1) now and hopefully get the application approved by next summer, he will be in the process of getting a new Swedish passport. My question is, how will this affect his visa because he will no longer have his travel document and will have a new passport?
  14. Good day to everyone, I have an inquiry regarding my immigration process, by F2A category. My wife and I got married this month (July), and we are filling out the documents. For family purposes, I changed my surname position right before our marriage, placing my middle name as last name (ie: Frank Mclane Smith changed to Frank Smith Mclane). So, by the time we got married, our Marriage Certificate already has my “new” full name. Occurs that - since they were issued before my marriage - my passport and U.S. Visa have my previous surname (Frank Mclane Smith) and my marriage certificate has my new full name (Frank Smith Mclane). Question: Because of it, is it necessary for me to change my passport and U.S Visa right away? Considering that only my surname position changed (the names are the same as before), will be necessary for me to issue a new passport in the future? This matter can somehow delay my immigration process? Thank you so much.
  15. Hi all. Does anyone remember what questions they asked you at your interview appointment for spouse visa, if you don't mind me asking? I've researched but i'd like to know from your personal experience. I am an american girl married to a pakistani. -Thanks
  16. Hi all. Does anyone remember what questions they asked you at your interview appointment for spouse visa, if you don't mind me asking? I've researched but i'd like to know from your personal experience. I am an american girl married to a pakistani. -Thanks
  17. My husband received a NOA with ASC appointment code 2 (fingerprint) after Point of Entry. I want to know if this is normal because I actually thought you receive a welcome package followed by a GC after entering😳
  18. Hi guys! Have any of my cuba vjers that have undergone or are undergoing AOS right now had to receive any extra vaccinations once in the U.S? If so, which ones? Can you tell me more about your experience/what they're like compared to the ones in Cuba? Thanks, Heather
  19. Quick question. My case has been completed with NVC, but they are sending me a checklist for my husbands Australian Police Certificate which i sent in, but now i'm unsure if its the correct one that they are looking for or if there's anything additional i need to add. It was a name check only certificate.
  20. My husband is currently a permanent resident of the US. He came over on a 129-f Fiance Visa. He received his conditional green card in 2015. We are now in the process of removing those conditions and he will receive his 10 year green card. He has 2 children in Ghana that we are wanting to petition for to come to the US in the next couple of years using a I-130 petition. However, we have not included their names on any form thus far (we were under the (wrong) assumption that we had to include their names if we were also applying for their visas). I was hoping to get some insight on this. Will this hurt us if we now apply for them when we haven't mentioned them before? Will this hurt his permanent resident status? Any advice or insight is beyond helpful.

    Hi there. Hoping you all could help me. I am the petitioning USA Citizen sponsoring my husband from Vietnam. We are in the process of filing all our paperwork to NVC. Im currently pregnant and my husband who lives in Vietnam wants to send me money to help support me until he gets his Visa. What are some ways he's able to send money from Vietnam to the USA