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Found 102 results

  1. Hi Did anyone travel to another country with advance parole while waiting for the green card after Trump became a president? I am planning on traveling back home in April with my combo card; work permit and advance parole. And I have not got the green card yet. Would it be safe to travel with advance parole? do i have to declare anything before i leave USA? or I just have to show my combo card and prepare all related documents at the immigration when getting back? Please advise and share your experience because I do not see anyone traveling with advance parole after Trump became the president at all.
  2. Hi all, I'm just preparing Form 2555 tax return for 2016, having moved over to the USA in June 2016. I had foreign earned income for the whole year insofar that my company was comfortable with me working remotely after I had moved to the USA and had my EAD, then later my Green Card. I'm confused about Part II, Question 10: Date bona fide residence began: this would be the start of the year. and ended: Now this is where I get confused. For the end date, is the end date when I filed for AOS even though I earned foreign income for the rest of the year? Or: is this the end of the year given I was still (and only) earning foreign income and continue to do so. In case it matters, my payment was made to a UK bank account in UK£ by a company that is only UK based. Simon. P.S. I worked remotely. paying taxes in the UK and fulfilling US permanent residency requirements.
  3. I was wondering if I could renew my passport before the Greencard interview? (I have the combo EAD card) Since I'd like to have my married name on my home country as well before traveling. Because once I get a new one, I will also receive a new passport number which will differentiate from the old one I applied with. Could it cause problems or affect my immigration status from the renewal of my passport?
  4. For all of you traveling: an article about cell phones and computers from The New York Times. Sukie in NY
  5. Hello VJ Members i had my interview last week , the Co lady didnt ask for any papier they asked me for on the list and also she didnt take any pics which 5/5 size she gave to me back those pic and also gave me 2 others we already sent on nvc step i had a joint sponsor making 50k but he is not in the same state where my wife residing so they didnt accepet it , they asked me for new sponsor which risiding in the same state where is my wife living , idk why they didnt accepted it they gave me a papier said my case has been suspended till i gave them the new sponsor papiers i dont know if i even get approved they said drop your sponsor papiers and your passport at aramix wut do u think guys , any one had the same issue
  6. Hello Everyone First and foremost THANK YOU for taking time to read this and help me out. I'm a Canadian citizen living in Florida. I was on F1 OPT status which ended on Aug 31, 2016. I married my wife on Oct 29, 2016. My wife is a permanent resident who filed for citizenship in June of 2016. We assumed she would have had her citizenship by the time we got married and would file for adjustment of status shortly after we got married. This week we received notice that she will have her citizenship interview on March 7, 2017. I've gotten mixed answers on how long it takes to get sworn in as a citizen after you've had and passed the interview? However long it takes (hopefully not long) I plan to file for my adjustment of status immediately. I also plan to submit an I-785 so I can get back to work as soon as possible. Here is where it gets sticky... My sister is getting married in Canada on June 2, 2017. I'm not only in the wedding party but suppose to MC the wedding! Her exact words were I will kill you if you are not there. Back in October when I got married we all figured everything would be settled by the time of the wedding, but now seems to be cutting very close. I'm aware that by just leaving back to Canada in June would bar me from the US for several years ( due to me overstaying). So I need an alternative. I'm also aware that there is a travel form I-131 that I can attach also. Although I'm unsure how soon this goes into effect after filing my AOS and if leaving for a wedding qualifies. IN SUMMARY : Assuming my wife is granted her citizenship shortly after her interview (lets say end of march?) And I file my AOS immediately afterward, how long is the waiting period to get an answer on my AOS and ability to travel? Is there any other type of document that acts as a waiver to travel while my AOS is in process? BONUS QUESTION : Am I somehow better off returning to Canada asap , which would put me at 90 or so days that I overstayed ( opposed to 180 if i return in june) and starting all over with a K visa process to avoid the risk of being banned from the US? Or something similar? If you're still with me here, god bless your soul! Any tips, advice or creative ideas would be appreciated! If you need any more information I'm more than happy to provide it. Much love to all, Chris the Canuck
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a last year PhD student on F1 VISA in a top school and program. My girlfriend is American, also a PhD student in the same school. We have been dating about a year. We are planning to get a courthouse marriage soon and then send the documents so that I can get my green card. But we are planning to have our wedding later this year after we graduate. I have a couple of questions: 1. Would we have a problem regarding proofing our marriage as bona-fide given that we do not have any joint bank accounts or the same address yet (she practically lives in my apartment but she still has her own too. We are getting a new place in august when our leases end). We have traveled a lot together though and even twice to her home town. I have met all her family and there is a tone of photos and plane tickets. Do you recommend we go and open mutual bank accounts and credit cards now? 2. How long should we wait after courthouse marriage to send our documents? Is it necessary to wait at all? 3. Given that I am graduating in the end of summer (in 7 months), if we send the AOS, would I still be able to get OPT? What is the best course of actions for me? Do you recommend waiting and first get my OPT and then get married? 4. Does she have to financially sponsor me? Currently we are both students and have full scholarships from university with waived tuition and monthly stipend. I would definitely get a job with six figure salary after I graduate. PS1: I am not going to travel outside of country because my F1 visa is single entry. So, there is no worries about doing any visa fraud case. PS2: I am a citizen of Iran. Do you have any experience with this? Thank you very much A poor student!
  8. can my Russian wife of 11 yrs with a 10 greencard that will expire in 2019 just renew it and not ever become a US citizen ? she don't want to be a citizen .
  9. can my Russian wife of 11 yrs with a 10 greencard that will expire in 2019 just renew it and not ever become a US citizen ? she don't want to be a citizen
  10. I came here through the k1 visa, currently holding a 2 year GC. I was a dependent on his tax last year (did not have a job then) but this year my mom in law says we might want to consider filing "married - separate" this year otherwise we'll end up owing the IRS some money. We have bank accounts, car, insurance, mortgage together (all are in both our names). I was wondering how badly filing married-separate will affect us.
  11. Will trump immigration policies, increase delays in F2A processing times or outright rejections? Can they pass a new law to remove F2A visa category?
  12. Hi everyone. My name is Alva. I am in a funny situation and I need help or any suggestions will be appreciated. I was on J-1 visa 2012 for an exchange student program. I was not acknowledged about the two years rule (212 E) and I never stayed in my country for the two years. Instead, I applied F-1 visa next year (2013) and came back to America for more schooling. I've been on F-1 visa until I married to my husband Sal half year ago. We submitted all the Green Card application (08/2016) and everything went smoothly, until we went for the interview yesterday (01/2017) (the interview for both Sal and me, I've already gone though the fingerprint and background check). They delayed for my Green Card application because I didn't stay for two years after J-1 and never filled the waiver (I-612). Now we have to start over again, from the very beginning. My F-1 visa was cancelled because I was applying Green Card, and now, my Green Card paper is delayed. So they told me that I'm back to my J-1 visa (which was expired 2013). What a funny situation!! Me and my husband are trying to reach out people who had similar situation and hoping you can give us suggestions. We are filling out the waiver (I-612) and will apply Green Card again. Is there anything else we have to keep in mind since I was on J-1 visa? Please reply to this or send Email to me at Thank you very much!!
  13. I am a Kenyan female in my mid twenties, currently residing in New York. I came to the US from Kenya in 2011 as a student on a F-1 Visa. After I graduated from my 2 year film program I was given a social security number for OPT for a few months. After my Visa & OPT had ran out, I did not leave the US. So I have been on overstay for about 3 years. At the end 2014 I had some issues & ended up staying in a homeless shelter for a month & received food stamps for a few months. In 2015 I worked for 6 months as a waitress. The employer knew about my situation & helped me out, however I gave him my social security number. Honestly even if I wanted to go back to Kenya I couldn't, I have no family there anymore that I could stay with & the job market is precarious especially in my field (film) so its just too much of a risk to go back for me personally as chances are I would end up on the streets. Therefore I want to get married this year & apply for Adjustment of Status to get a green card. I know the fact that I received public assistance & the fact that I worked illegally for 6 months may count against me. Could any of you kindly give me any information you have regarding how bad that will affect my chances of being approved for a green card through marriage? Any info is much appreciated! Thank you very much. Best wishes, Chaz.
  14. First of all, immigration is tough! My husband (the USC) and I have decided that we are no longer willing to make our marriage work. I came here on a K1 Visa, and we married in February 2016. I am now in Arizona, my USC husband is in Ohio (also where our paperwork is addressed at). We filed for AOS in June, and our case is still waiting for an interview to be scheduled. I guess my questions are as follows: 1. Is there a way I am able to stay in the states and get GC without my husband having to "bend the truth"? 2. If we file for divorce now, where do I stand? 3. Basically, what the hell can I do? Any help appreciated. I have seen a lot about the waiver, but I understand this is only if you have your conditiona GC and a divorce decree.
  15. What are they options of in the situation whereby a partner withdraws i130 and i485 was denied?
  16. Im so scared I have an upcoming international vacation booked I'm I not allowed back in with my Green card??? CNN are stating green card holders not to travel :/
  17. Hi guys, I was born in Iran and I have a German citizenship. I hold a Green Card in the United States and currently live in the USA for 6 years. From what I know you can not renounce your Iranian citizenship. Am I able to keep all three? I would appreciate it if Thank you, Mary
  18. Hi, I work for a company in tech and I am on a J-1 visa until July 1st 2017. I got married on December 2016 and I decided to change status to greencard. I have all the documents and I am about to file the I-140 and I-485 (concurrent filing). The problem comes from my company. They seem to want to terminate my visa now because they don't want me to immigrate as they say the J-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa. 1- Can they terminate my J-1 visa because I am trying to change status? Can I negociate? or can I do anything about it? Can I tell them I am not going to file for change of status so they do not terminate me? 2- If they do terminate it, what are my options to apply for my green card? Should I come back as a visitor or just wait until I heard from USCIS? 3- My file for a change of status is ready. Should I file it now as I currently have a valid J-1 visa or should I wait to hear from the lawyers from my company?What happens if I file now and then they terminate my visa in 3 weeks? Should I contact USCIS telling them the change of situation? Thanks for helping me out, this is extremely stressful. C.
  19. Hi All, I am an Engineer, working on a status of "F1 Student: Post completion OPT" and have an EAD card which is expiring on Jan 31, 2017. I recently got married and filled for Employment Authorization along with my Adjustment of status/Green card application. Following is my timeline: Nov 17, 2016: USCIS received my application packet I-130, I-485 (I-864 & I-765) Dec 02, 2016: I-485 received at their National Benefits center Dec 14, 2016: Got RFE for I-864 Dec 27, 2016: RFE documents submitted and received by USCIS Jan 10, 2017: Bio-metrics appointment at USCIS application service center. Now I am waiting for USCIS to call me for interview or send me a new EAD card. As my old EAD is expiring on Jan 31, 2017, which is next week. Am I allowed to work with an un-expired EAD since I am waiting for my new EAD or Green card? I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out. I am really worried. Thank you,
  20. Hey all, I was hoping to get some feedback and help on my pending case. Here is my progress on AOS so far: Filed I485 on Jan. 21 1st NOA on Jan. 25 RFE Request on March 5 RFE Received on March 31 Case Inquiry Letter Nov. 15 I'm trying to figure out why my case is taking so long, I recently filed the form for case inquiry on the USCIS website and they then sent me a letter stating "due to unrelated factors to your case expect a delay". Is anyone else still waiting for a greencard that filed in Jan. of 2016, or has anyone else received a letter like this?? I am starting to become very frustrated as it is coming up to the one year mark and I am seeing many other cases shorter than mine becoming approved. I have tried to reach out to my State Rep. but haven't received any responses. Is there anything else I can do? I haven't even received a biometrics appointment yet, however when I called the USCIS they said sometimes they will waive it if you had your fingerprints done at the airport, and that if they do decide to do that I won't be notified. The last case update I have is the one stating on March 31 the National Benefits Center has received my RFE paperwork and will begin to work on my case again. If anyone else is going through this, or has any ideas that could help me please comment and let me know!!!
  21. Hi, I have a question! My brother recently filed for his family to come to the US but before I get to my question here is a little bit of the situation. They got married in October 2015 after 8 years of being together and they have a 7 year old son which he declared on the form I-130 and include all evidence proving he is the father. December 2016 he received NOA 1 from USCIS that they received his petition but the name of his son is not indicated only his wife so we are concerned that his son will not be included in the petition. my question is that.. does my brother need to file a separate I-130 for his underage son ? I have read somewhere that underage child is automatically included in the petition as long as they are declared on the form.. PLEASE HELP so we could take action asap.. BTW. my brother is a green card holder not a US citizen Thanks
  22. 👋. Hi people. I wanted to ask, how long did it take to receive a green card ? We have sent all paperwork in the middle of September. I've received already a work permit (after2months), but our status for the card is still "fingerprint fee was received". I passed them in October and don't understand whether it's ok for them not to update anything ?
  23. We just our greencard and have three trips coming. The first is to go home to see our family, the second two are Europe for anniversary and then in fall Asia as a tourist. Has anyone ran into any problems with re-entry with a greencard with multiple trips? Each trip is about a week in length so definitely under the six month rule. Univison made a statement yesterday on a broadcast that people are reporting that they are having more of a hastle with re-entry. I don't know if that would be for travelers for visas or those with greencards. Thanks for the info.
  24. We filed i-1751 back in August 2015.. We never heard anything in all that time.. while it seemed everyone else was approved. We filed in the California service center. It seems they lost our application but no one would ever confirm. During the last 18 months we have filed 4 or 5 different service status requested based on case being outside of normal processing times. Each time only received a form letter saying we would hear something within 60 days, but each time 60 days came and went without no other contact or information. We probably called the 800 number about 10 times over the 18 months. We went to one infoPass appointment in July were the woman immigration officer actually threaten my wife saying if she was not happy with the time it was taking that she could just remove her application and start deportation proceedings. In October 2016 we went to our local congressman for help, but he lost his election and I don't think they did anything. So we went to our US Senator for help this last month and today we received a letter stating we need to go in for an Interview in 2 weeks. Can anyone help shed some light on why this may have taken so long, sense everyone else in our group on here in visa Journey the August 15 California Filers were approved within 4 to 6 months. We has ours taken 18 months and now we have an interview? Has anyone else had experiences like this? What should I expect in the Interview?
  25. Hello, So I was born in UK but don't have a UK passport. I have a Nigerian passport because I was born to Nigerian parents. My problem now is that the place of birth on my passport is Nigeria while I have a UK birth certificate. Will this be a problem at the NVC stage PLEASE HELP!