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Found 144 results

  1. Dear All, I am going through this situation right now, and I hope anyone here can help me with any advice. Here is some information of my application. - My husband is an USC, and we filed I-751 jointly. - Submitted I-751 jointly in July 2016 in California. - Took my biometrics in August 2016 and received 1 year extension on my GC, which will expire in August 2017. - As of today, USCIS office is still processing applications submitted in June 2016. So it's only a matter of time before they get to mine. We dated for 1 year and 4 months before we got married. It's been 3 years and 3 months since we were married. However, things have not been great, and we have always tried to work it out in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, he has decided that he wanted a divorce. We are going to court next week (5/15/2017) to file for a divorce. It will take at least 6 months for the divorce to finalize in Southern California. I consulted several lawyers and they all told me to file the divorce now if he really wants to but just wait for immigration’s notice before further action. I feel I should notify immigration office right after we file a divorce, but I really don’t know how that will affect my application. Every lawyer told me, once we file for a divorce, not to have any actions right now but wait. I think Immigration Office will get to my application in 2-3 months. I went through several posts on VJ and some people also suggested to wait first and if I did get RFE, that's when I should notify IO about divorce process and maybe then switch to a waiver? What's your opinion? I am also likely to move out once we file for a divorce, should I change my address too? Will changing my address affect my application? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi! I got married and I changed my social security card to my married name but I was told I need to change my green card in order to update the last name on my drivers license. In order to do that I need to fill out form I-90. What documents do I need to submit as evidence along this form? (Copy of current green card, marriage license) Also, if I don't submit the changes, will this be an issue when it's time to file for citizenship? Any help will be much appreciated!
  3. My husband came her on a work permit visa P-3 to be precise, he has been out of status for some time now and now that we're married we're looking for some guidance on how to proceed with his AOS application and so forth and so on. Can someone please guide me in the right direction.
  4. I would like to just share my current situation and update throughout time so that others who may go through similar situation can possibly benefit from my experience. I am also seeking advice from anyone who have gone through similar situations as well. My husband and I have known each other since the third grade in grammar school and we grew up together practically all our lives. We started officially dating early 2012 and got married December of 2013. I received my conditional green card through my husband September of 2014. My husband and I have not been getting along since October 2015. He was not coming home and just out and about at bars not letting me know where he is or who he is with. Situation only got worse and we talked about divorce back and forth but he ultimately suggested that we live apart for a year so that he can determine whether or not I am "needed" in his life. He was refusing to compromise with me and only avoided me even more since I would beg him to come to his senses whenever I did get an opportunity to run into him. After 5 months of hell it was evident that my way of trying to negotiate and work things out with him is not working. He had missed spending my birthday and Valentines day with me and his time away from home only increased. He would come home when I am at work and change and leave so that he does not need to run into me. I finally decided in March of 2016 that since my way is not working, maybe it's best I give him time and try his way. I packed my things and rented a small room near my job splitting my time between this tiny room, my family's residence and my best friend's house. My husband was devastated the day I left. He was apologetic and talked about how he wants us to be together again in the next few months. I felt like I made the right choice by giving him some time as he had wanted because it seems he was back to his old self. Throughout the next month or so, we texted and talked on the phone like normal couples. He told me that he will be moving to NY to be closer to his job (our martial residence was in NJ) once our lease is up within the next month. So of course I assumed that I will be moving in with him as well later when we are ready so I withdrew from my school in NJ to start applying for schools in NY. In May of 2016, he moved and I was added to the lease. The following month in June, I started preparing my joint petition to remove conditions and he was cooperative and it seems there were no problems. My application was submitted early July and towards the end of July-early August he mentioned that he would like to get a divorce by the end of this year. Apparently, he has been seeing someone and he is currently happy with where he is and had a change of heart. I gave myself some time to process all this since I shifted my life around my husband and early September I reached out to him and agreed on a divorce. We have been having issues with the state's residency requirements to file a divorce since we just moved to NY. I spoke with a couple lawyers with some saying we can get a divorce now and others saying we will need to wait until we have lived in NY for at least a year. I am seeing a lawyer 11/1/2016 to file for divorce despite our residency issue. I will be sending in my request to amend my joint filing along with my final divorce decree if and once received. Here is my current timeline for those of you who are curious: 7/5/2016: sent completed I-751 joint packet to be filed with USCIS to my lawyer 7/20/2016: 1 year extension of my GC received 8/19/2016: Biometrics appointment completed 9/20/2016: Conditional Green Card Expired We will be filing for divorce under no-fault irreconcilable differences. I am suffering from extreme anxiety because this year has been a nightmare for me. I am uncertain if the IO will approve my waiver and I am just scared. Hopefully I can walk through my journey here and help those who are in a similar situation. Anyone with helpful suggestions would be appreciated also..Thank you.
  5. Dear all, Since January 26th the NVC told me that my case is completed. I called them every day to know when I will have the interview but they always say that "the embassy has to schedule my interview..." so please correct me if i wrong: The embassy gives to the NVC some days to schedule my interview...but...when do the embassy gives them the available days..??? when do i should be notified?? The NVC says that each month they give them days... Please would be so nice to explain to me the process? The NVC don´t explain to me anything at all.. Pd: My interview will be in Madrid, Spain. Thank you for your help and time. Regards, Jose
  6. Hi everyone, I just received a request for initial evidence from USCIS for my I-485 form which applying for my wife as a k1 visa going into U.S and apply for a Green Card. We filed everything correctly as it should. My income didn't meet the 2017 poverty guidelines so I have my uncle help as a Joint sponsor, his tax is filing by himself no dependents whatsoever. His tax return was 56k for year 2016. We send it all together all w2 and complete tax return with the form i485 but today I received request for initial evidence which they state that his income didn't meet a 125% of poverty guidelines which make me confuse a lot. Please help us because we don't know what to do.
  7. Hi Everyone, My husband and I are taking a vacation to Iceland and London. His passport is from the Dominican Republic and he has a green card. We live in the United States. Does he need to request a visa to enter those countries or is he ok with just his green card and Dominican passport? I am very confused because I remember I traveled to swiss land when I was a green card holder myself and I just traveled with my green card and Dominican Passport.
  8. Hi, I am an immigration adviser from the US based in Dubai, UAE. We are having a free event in Gujarat on May 14. We have a former US Diplomat and Visa officer speaking an answering questions. If you cant make it feel free to ask any EB-5 related questions you have here. If you can make it then register your interest at Zac
  9. Hello everyone, My question is, is it possible for me to get a greencard? Ive lived here almost all my life, studied , and worked here. I'm actually noworking a DACA work permit holder, which is a blessing.and I'm re-applying this year again. If anyone know of any cases that are similar to mine, born in a different country and been here for almost all their live, and been able to apply and get a greencard. Or if you guys know of anyway I can try to apply or program I quality for would help so much, thanks in advance. I've asked immigration lawyers, I'm still waiting for a reply. Thanks again.
  10. Hello Visa journey family! Oh boy, it has been almost 7 years since last time I was here before I even gain my first temporary green card... well, I'm a proud American citizen since 2015 and now I'm in the process of bringing my mother to live with me in the United States . I filled the application and filed all the affidavits of support needed and all proofs that she is my mother and that I'm filing my taxes regularly every year.. then I received a letter from the NVC that I need to re-submit the affidavit of support again because I filed an expired form, so I went ahead and did so, now I have been waiting since they received the corrected "non-expired" forms for 2 months and 4 days now! After that being said, I have few questions: 1- how usually does it take for the NVC to review the case before sending it to the embassy here in Cairo? 2- my mother has a bad history with the American embassy here in Cairo because she went to America before with my dad and she gave birth to my little sister there , not only that! But also my dad over stayed and broke his B1/B2 visa since 2001 till this moment! My mother tried to renew her visa after it got expired in 2005 and they refused the renewal 3 times!! Will this story affect my mother during her interview for her green card even thought she is separated (not divorced) from my dad and that I'm her naturalized American son ? 3- last question, is ther anyway I can attend the interview with her ? Thank you
  11. I apply my wife ( China) i-130 in February. My Priority date is Feb 15 2017. I received Form i-797C Notice date 17 Feb 2017. Today i check and case status is in Initial Review. What is the next step and how long will it take ? is anyone can tell me when will visa available from my Priority date? I really have no idea how exactly it's work. I am currently with US Army , would that be any advantage for this case or nothing at all ? Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, i have been online and in lawyer offices for the past week and a half trying to figure out why this is happening. I am a US citizen and i brought my husband legally to the US and he has held a green card for the last 5 years. 2 weeks ago we got correspodence that someone wants to file a lawsuit for sexual assault against him and our business. Our business is a hair salon where we cater to men women and children. One of our clients accused him of sexually assaulting her and filed a police report and now a lawsuit. He also has 2 other police reports on offensive contact, one resulting in a trial and the others we are waiting for the citations to be issued so we can fight it. We have evidence that these accusations are untrue (video, payment reciepts, witnesses). My problem is, her lawyer threatened to go to uscis to find out info about my husbands past to ses if there are any complaints similar to this and probably to find some way to get ice involved. The only thing he has been convicted of was disorderly conduct class c mis back in 2014. And they still issued a greencard to him after we applied for removal. Im worried about the new administration in washington and how to deal with this whole mess. Her lawyer is doing something illegal by getting ice involved in a civil case which has nothing to do with criminal court and i am just worried that ice will show up and arrest my husband because this lowlife scum wants to make a quick buck. Any advice and help please, i have not slept or ate in 10 days since since this happened and i am trying to gather as much info and intel as i can to be prepared and to fight this. Thank you.
  13. I'm the American citizen and my husband and I will be interviewed soon for my husband's Adjustment of Status. I don't have my birth certificate but I have a current passport and ID. Is that enough info for the USCIS? We have all other info they require.
  14. Hello Everyone! Since I got many helps from this form, I wanted to share my experience about expediting card through a job offer 07/06/2016_ Got married 02/28/2017 _ I-485, I-130, I-765, I-131 sent all together 03/10/2017_ My application has been accepted 03/16/2017_ NOA mail & Biometrics appointment 03/22/2017_ Biometrics done (early walk in) 03/23/2017_ RFE in the mail 03/27/2017_ RFE sent ( it was for an initial evidence so process started from the 1st again) 03/30/2017_ Called USCIS to make a request for expediting EAD 04/03/2017_ Contacted with the congressman 04/10/2017_ Submitted the necessary documents through congressman As of this morning "04/15/2017" my EAD has approved!! I got it approved within 44 days from the first I submit my forms and within 17 days after RFE! Contacting with the congressman definitely helped me a lot! And, I honestly told him my situation and the importance of having the job. Also, the executive officer of my company emailed him stating the importance of having me back ASAP ( I completed my OPT over there but did not work after I got married). I believe the job offer letter & and the letter you write for yourself is important! So, if there is anyone who needs help, I will be more than happy to share my experience! Good luck to everyone!
  15. Hi everyone! I just received my greencard but my first name is missing the last letter because I have two first names and then just my middle initial. 18 letters total but 19 if space is included for my first name then my middle name has 8 letters. Will that be okay? The back of my greencard is also the same as the front it's also missing a letter and only my middle initial is there. Please help. Thank you im trying to get a hold of uscis but their new menu options is a pain I can't seem to talk to a customer representative. Hopefully I wouldn't need to have it replaced because I don't want to pay for it again and wait 10 months for it I'm so scared cause we're planning a vacation back to my country (Philippines) and I'm afraid they'll deny me entry back to the US
  16. Hi I need some advice on what to do. We filed AOS for my husband who is a K1 visa holder. I could not prove that I make above the poverty limit for affidavit of support because I have never filed taxes because I was a student and didn't make enough/ have a full time job until recently, therefore my mom filed form I-864a and is our joint sponsor. She makes way above the poverty line and we included all supporting documents that are stated in the letter to include. My husband and I received a pink letter in the mail titled: Request for Initial Evidence (I-485) I will write down exactly what it says: Based on the documents submitted with form I-864, Affidavit of Support, for the petitioner/sponsor, the income did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline for the petitioner/sponsors household size. Highlighted: Submit evidence of assets that meet the standars listed below or obtain a joint sponsor Assets must equal the stated difference between the petitioners/sponsors household income and 125% of the poverty guideline. Evidence of Assets includes: Banks statements etc etc.... If you decide to obtain a joint sponsor they will need to: -File form I-864 Affidavit of support -Provide copies of their most recent federal income tax returns -provide copies of all supporting tax docs. We do have a joint sponsor and we provided all the docs when we initially sent everything in. Could this be a mistake or could they have lost the documents we sent? Should I just resend everything with a letter? Any advice is appreciated.
  17. hi me and my wife married for 2 years we have filed for green card, but i before we go to interview, we got into slide conflicts of our relationship, so we basically i did not go to interview,and flew back to my country,it s been almost 2 years ! still we are married on papers, and we talk few times a month, not that good relationship, now she wants file divorce ! is there any way that she can file a green card for me, or get me visa ? she is ready to do help me. any chances anyone see and help me, what kindda papers she can file for me and help me. ?
  18. I had my interview on the 9th August 2016 at the US consulate Islamabad, the usual routine and was given 221g form with denied mentioned on it. i have created this topic to get to know the usual wait time for AP in 2016, as previously the AP average time was almost 6 months to an year, whereas in 2016 its average time is 3 to 6 weeks. kindly share your cases. thanks.
  19. Hey everyone, I'm in the process fill out paperwork for AOS. I have question about form G-1145. The latest version is 09/30/2016 which is already expired. Where I can find newest one? Or I can use it? Thank you
  20. Hello everyone, i just received my immigration visa (spouse based, don't know the type of visa lol) so now I'm planning on traveling soon. I have a question, can I apply for greencard before traveling to the US, and if I can, is it okay for me to travel near the time to collection of plastic card, instead of waiting there in US? Or the processing of greencard starts AFTER I land in the US ? Thanks
  21. Hi Forum members, In January of this year i got married to a US citizen, but i filed for annulment of the marriage a day after we married since i caught my spouse doing drugs and cheating on me with my roommate,on the first day of our wedding . Fast forward to now ,i have met someone wonderful and her family and my family have given their blessing to marry. Please will like to know if there will be problems with USCIS and at greencard interview, since this is my second marriage and the first marriage didn't last for a week. Also am an F1 student in status and without any scrape with law since i came here.
  22. Hey everyone, My ex husband and I were married in November 2014 and lived in Chicago together for two years. Without going to in too much detail, we separated in November 2016 and consequently divorced soon after. He is now being very spiteful and is accusing me of marrying him for a green card (completely untrue) and has told me that he has called USCIS to report me. I left our home in Chicago and moved to Nashville in quite a hurry and he is refusing to let me come back to collect anything that I left behind. Unfortunately all of the bills in both our names and anything official that links us in that way, is there. I have plenty of evidence as far as anniversary cards, wedding invitations from others, little notes we would send each other and things like that (I'm very sentimental) but I am worried that I may be rejected. Also, I have had a read through some of the topics on here and have seen that I will have to file on my own. This is a relief, as I have had to block my ex in order to stop getting his abusive messages and the idea of asking him to do anything towards this is quite scary to me. I just have no idea how to go about this. I would love to get some recommendations for an immigration lawyer as there are so many and a lot of them will charge you hundreds of dollars just for a consultation. Do you think I should hire a lawyer or will I be able to do this on my own? Also, on another note, I would like to buy a house here in Nashville and am a little worried about my visa status. Am I going to have to wait until I have my conditions removed? It's all so very confusing and seeming to all happen at once. Any advice or just a link to a similar story would be so very appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. Stay happy!
  23. We just our greencard and have three trips coming. The first is to go home to see our family, the second two are Europe for anniversary and then in fall Asia as a tourist. Has anyone ran into any problems with re-entry with a greencard with multiple trips? Each trip is about a week in length so definitely under the six month rule. Univison made a statement yesterday on a broadcast that people are reporting that they are having more of a hastle with re-entry. I don't know if that would be for travelers for visas or those with greencards. Thanks for the info.
  24. We had filed form I-485 to apply a Green Card for my wife which came into the United States as a K1 fiance. We send the form in and USCIS had received it at September 20th. We've got 2 request of evidence because the tax return of the cosign we turn in didnt complete so we did sent all of what they( USCIS) need and USCIS received at January 4th 2017 and the status of the case when I checked on Jan. 4th is processing and we been waiting for over 2 months until March 23rd, we checked the status of the case and see it got denied which I don't know why it got denied. I've called USCIS CUSTOMER SERVICES and they state they cant provide any further information. So now I have to wait until the mail arrive to see which reason they'll give me. Anyone have this problem before? Thank you for reading this article. Any comment will help
  25. We had filed form I-485 to apply a Green Card for my wife which came into the United States as a K1 fiance. We send the form in and USCIS had received it at September 20th. We've got 2 request of evidence because the tax return of the cosign we turn in didnt complete so we did sent all of what they( USCIS) need and USCIS received at January 4th 2017 and the status of the case when I checked on Jan. 4th is processing and we been waiting for over 2 months until March 23rd, we checked the status of the case and see it got denied which I don't know why it got denied. I've called USCIS CUSTOMER SERVICES and they state they cant provide any further information. So now I have to wait until the mail arrive to see which reason they'll give me. Anyone have this problem before? Thank you for reading this article. Any comment will help