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Found 8 results

  1. My wife cant find her proof of her i-94 from when she entered the country as a child with her parents. And unfortunately her parents can't even find her passport from 24 years ago. We've been married going on 2 years. How can we go about getting her citizenship?"
  2. Hey all, I was hoping to get some feedback and help on my pending case. Here is my progress on AOS so far: Filed I485 on Jan. 21 1st NOA on Jan. 25 RFE Request on March 5 RFE Received on March 31 Case Inquiry Letter Nov. 15 I'm trying to figure out why my case is taking so long, I recently filed the form for case inquiry on the USCIS website and they then sent me a letter stating "due to unrelated factors to your case expect a delay". Is anyone else still waiting for a greencard that filed in Jan. of 2016, or has anyone else received a letter like this?? I am starting to become very frustrated as it is coming up to the one year mark and I am seeing many other cases shorter than mine becoming approved. I have tried to reach out to my State Rep. but haven't received any responses. Is there anything else I can do? I haven't even received a biometrics appointment yet, however when I called the USCIS they said sometimes they will waive it if you had your fingerprints done at the airport, and that if they do decide to do that I won't be notified. The last case update I have is the one stating on March 31 the National Benefits Center has received my RFE paperwork and will begin to work on my case again. If anyone else is going through this, or has any ideas that could help me please comment and let me know!!!
  3. My adjustment of status case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. There has been no date set yet, but when I look at the processing times of my local field office I would expect it to be scheduled in late February/early March. There is one problem however. I will be moving from Florida to Alaska on February 1st. Normally, the move will be temporarily (4 months) and for tax reasons etc. I will keep my official residence in Florida. Now if I get an interview date set it will be in Florida. I can't afford the money or the time to fly from Alaska to Florida for the interview. So my question is what can I do? - Can I change my mailing address so the case will be assigned to the Alaska USCIS field office while I am there? Can I do this without changing my official residence? - I know I can ask for another date when I get an interview notice, but can I do this a few times? If for instance they reschedule it from march to april that won't help me much. I have called the helpline, but they were more line than help. All they said was that if the case is ready to be scheduled for an interview that it is with the local field office and they can not contact them about it. (what?). So if any of you has been in a comparable situation please share your experiences. Thanks!
  4. I've seen some old posts about this, but was wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this issue. Is anyone that completed their AOS interview STILL waiting for any decision activity/the card itself? I've posted about our AOS from K1 visa interview back on July 18. It went well, no red flags, IO said he was going to approve us but that the computer system was down so he couldn't put the decision in that day. He spent the rest of the interview talking to us about the ROC and citizenship process. Hearing nothing, at three weeks, we made an InfoPass appointment at our field office. They hadn't seen any status change in the system and basically had no new information for us. They told us that officers have 60 days from interview to make a decision, so to come back if we didn't hear anything by then. Supposedly they sent a message to our officer about our case. In the meantime, we travelled together on her AP and came back into the country with no issues, but now it's September 1 and still--nothing. No online status change (that didn't even change when our interview was scheduled), no letter, nothing. And I know it's still within the 60 day window, but we're just discouraged/frustrated at yet another wait and having to hassle USCIS to do their jobs when we've done everything asked of us. Any one else in a similar situation and want to commiserate? Any advice to give?
  5. Hi my wife came here in 2013 her k1 visa was issued oct 2013. She has her 10 year greencard now and is going back to philippines next month. She has 2 kids that we were going to bring over with her k1 visa that we listed them as accompany children, but chose not to because of finances. Now we're more fortunate and wish to bring them over this year. The kids are now 7 and 6y/o. We're not totally sure what to do because there is one problem, The eldest. when he was born had misinformation on his birthcert. the original father put that they were married and with a fake date. Now with the original father out of the picture and nowhere to be found. We're wondering how we can get this changed. My wife has never been married before except for me seeing how she passed her cenomar to get here. If there is anyone out there with a similar situation please give us tips and how you went about it. Thank you
  6. Hi Guys I want to know that What happens if you work while waiting for your EAD? Actually I am working for a fast food from last week and they gave me Check, I am just wondering Do I cash it? or Do I quit the job and wait for EAD? and 2nd question is What is the timeline for Chicago Lockbox for EAD processing Case submitted 07 NOV, 2016 NOA 22 DEC, 2016 Request for Initial evidence 14 DEC, 2016 Evidence Submitted 27 DEC, 2016 USICS acknowledged REF recieved 02 JAN, 2017 Biometric 05 JAN, 2017 EAD ??
  7. Happy New Year Guys, I just wanted to create a thread for the December filers to see how our progress are going so far. I sent my documents for I-130 and I-485 concurrent filing to Chicago USCIS office on the 19th of December and tracked it by UPS and found it was delivered on the 21st. I'm currently waiting to receive NOA. Wish you guys all the best!
  8. After all that waiting we finally got to attend our aos interview yesterday at Pittsburgh PA office. The interview went a lot smoother and a lot less complicated than I ever expected. My husband and I showed up in the building about 15 min early and went through security smoothly. We handed the interview notice and then only got to sit down for 10 min max before we got called into the interview room. The interviewer was a very nice lady. She made sure we raise our right hand and swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. She sked for IDs and then proceeded with the interview. She was very friendly and not too serious. She mentioned that she knows that normally interviewers ask about the marriage and everything but the only thing that really matters that we actually got married. She did not ask any question about how we met, wedding nor living situation or anything of that sort at all. She went through our file to make sure all the papers are complete and verified our information are correct. She compared my original birth certificate to the copy. She looked through both my old and current passport. She asked for a copy of my passport and the entry stamp for my recent entry using advanced parole. She asked me few casual questions about the denied entry when I tried entering using a tourist visa to meet my mother in law while the k1 is pending but she did not get into it too much only made few notes in the file. She did say that they might need a passport picture of my husband in file and we were not prepared for that as I don't recall them ever asking for such thing. She said that might trigger and RFE. She did not ask for any additional papers at all even though we were prepared with a lot of extra relationship evidence and photo album.Therefore, I asked her to add few family pictures with my in laws some during the holidays and a couple picture of me and my husband and our cat. I also added the rings receipts and the shared phone plan bill that has my name, my husbands and his brother on it. I did notice the shared checking and savings account papers were missing from the file even though I'm certain of submitting so I gave her copies. She said paper tend to get lost when handled by many people!!! After that, she said well that should be all and before ending the interview she said a decision is still to be made and she can't tell us how long it might take for someone to review the file and there is still some security checks to be made.... etc. Then, she gave us a paper about how to remove conditions in two years. The paper also had (what to expect after interview) section. That was all there is to it. I felt like I was stressing for months and months over nothing. The interview is beyond easy and short. It only took about half an hour and we were out the door. I'd like to think that we are approved even though she did not say that. I'm hoping for the best! My status check as of today still says interview been scheduled. Let me know what you guys think about our experience? Do you think that kind of interview is probably approved judging by the paper she gave us? Thanks for reading and sorry if it was too long. I do hope I made someone less nervous about the interview!