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Found 173 results

  1. Hi everyone! I have a question! Im currently in the process of getting all the paper work I need for my AOS, I got married last September and I already have 90% of my paper work ready. I just need to ask about this matter. My husband was staying in the Philippines for 7 years prior to him moving here to the US to work again. he only has taxes from 2017 since he only started to work November 2016 and the requirements to show proof of financial support needs at least 3-4 years of his taxes to be shown. My sister in law told me that my parents in law or her and her husband can help to sponsor us and that we can show/submit their taxes instead of my husbands.she also told me to hire a lawyer because she is worried that the USCIS might reject my application due to the texes only being a year old Because her friend is now in that current stuation. what do you guys think. I'm pretty certain the sponsor taxes will be enough for them. do I really need to hire a lawyer? im only asking because I know some of you got through it without asking help from one. please let me know. thanks in advance Nicole
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help. I filed both i-912 and i 751 12/2/17, received in California, no signature USPS 12/5/17 . My green card expires 1/26/18 and I am getting anxious. I called the USCIS help line and have spoken to 3 separate officers, all told me 'not to worry' as i - 912 fee waivers, take some time processing and that I could email support because they didn't see anything on their online system. I emailed on 1/10/18 and got a reply 1/12/18 stating that I should allow 45 days for them to process this. Friday 1/19/18 will be 45 days. I want to know if anyone has done both the fee waiver and 751 together and what their time line was in the California center. I dont know if I should just resubmit ( my fear is that someone has lost my paperwork) Also, I just got my insurance license and it will expire when my greencard does, any advice?
  3. Hello everyone, I know this sound maybe strange or odd but, I have a very long and hurtful journey behind me and been through some really rough times that are still going on and I don’t want to mention here any further due to personal reasons. Facts are that I am going through the ROC process since almost a year and haven’t heard anything from USCIS yet. I am going through this process by myself with an immigration lawyer due to the marriage not working out. (I have all my evidence of certified and faithful marriage together and I am not worried about this, the marriage with my ex husband was faithful),.... Long story short I have met someone in this past year and unfortunately he got arrested (US citizen) for burglary. Now the time is coming up for him to get in front of the Parole Board and I would like to help him writing a letter to the Parole Board, that I am here for him and want to have a family with this man in my future (I don’t have any kids yet; neither does he)..... So here is my question : With my ROC status still pending, could it hurt my case because I write a support letter to the Parole Board for him? Would they look me up (Name, Address, maybe see that I am a foreign nationality) in the system and maybe inform USCIS about me supporting a “criminal”??? I don’t know what to do, because I want to help him and feel aweful, by the thought that I might can’t help him due to my status pending? Please help me and sorry for the long post...
  4. My wife and I met Oct 2014 Canada fell pretty in love right away, she got a job in the US 3 months after we started dating, (she's a dual citizen), we started the K-1 process. I moved in with her in NYC Oct 2015, we got married Nov 2015, We got married in Vermont (a small ceremony on her grandfathers property with only her immediate family attending). We had a second reception Summer 2016 with 100 ppl including her family and mine back in Canada. Photos at both. We went on a honeymoon after in Canada for a week (I have proof of that). In May 2016 we signed a joint lease on an apartment. We also shared names on a US bank account, credit cards and utilities. She did not take my name. The relationship started to break down more and more until my wife ended up moving out of that same apartment mid April 2017. We seperated, I signed the lease by myself, and we divided the things, money in bank accounts/debt, cancelled credit cards etc. We are on good terms and want to do an uncontested divorce. I'll be handling the paperwork for that. My conditional GC is valid until Jan 2019. I have 1 year to get an uncontested divorce and apply for my greencard based on bonafide marriage. Does that seem likely? Also, what happens if I keep working on a conditional greencard when it expires if my work doesn't say anything, (They never mentioned anything when my work permit ran out, even though I had green card by that time). Also, If I got married in Vermont, is there a different process for divorce? I live in NYC so I will be divorcing from there. Thanks! -TP
  5. Hey! So... I have a few questions, and I would appreciate it soooo much if I could get some help here! We started my K1 visa process back in December 2016, received my K1 visa with no problems in May 2017. Came over, got married in June 2017 and then sent off for my AOS in September. Ended up getting an RFE after my bio appointment, and sent the info back off (an affadavit of support) which they received November 17, 2017. Today, my case changed from 'RFE evidence received' to 'Case ready to be scheduled for interview' however I still haven't received my EAD. My field office is Kansas City, MO. I'm just curious... 1. Is this a good or bad thing? I know that not everyone is required for an interview. 2. How long will this take? The processing times don't really make much sense to me when I'm reading the table. 3. What should I be prepared for? 4. What should I take with me, documents wise? Will my husband have to be in the interview with me? 5. Could my EAD still be approved before my interview? Anything would help me greatly right now! I know I haven't been active recently but when I have been you guys and this site help me so much, thank you!!
  6. I'm anxious waiting update from my case. It's been a while since my last time I check my case and no update I filled my case since April 2017 Still need wait update about AOS from USCIS
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has dealt with filing a I-90 form to replace a lost/stolen greencard? I was in Europe last year when my bags were stolen and my GC was in it. I filed the form I-90 in August 2017 and did Biometrics in September 2017. Now it's been months and there is still no update on the replacement greencard. Why does this take so long? Don't they just need to print a new card? Any insight would be very helpful! Thank you!
  8. I met my husband while I was on student F1-OPT and we live and work in different cities. We got married 1 month before my OPT expired, and then i applied for AOS. He owed a house before we got married, so whiling waiting for my EAD, i couldn't work so i moved there to lived with him for 4 months, but after that i got my EAD and i went back to my previous company in the other city, so we are living separately again. The reason we are living separately now is because we both just got our job a year ago and both are pretty good positions so we want to stay for another 1year to accumulate money and experience before changing job and move back together. We fly to see each other every other weekend and we spend all the holidays together. We Skype everyday and kept all our message history. We have joint bank accounts, credit card, insurance card. I live in rental apartment, my lease agreement has his name on it. He owed house before we got married and we consulted our realtor, they said adding my name to it is not simple, we will need to do refinance, so we left it as it is because we want to buy another house after 2 years, at that time we will have both our name on it. We also plan on doing our tax return together this year and is going back to see my family in May, we already bought tickets together. Right now, my biggest concern is the fact that we are not living together, I have heard people saying this is a big red flag although we have all other evidence. I wonder if people in this forum had similar experience can provide some good advice? What can we do to fully prepare for our interview?
  9. Hi! I'm just getting so frustrated waiting for my greencard to arrive. I filed at the beginning of May and my USCIS case status is "Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview" as of September 5th. I'm looking for people in the same boat as me and wondering if anyone thinks I should contact my congress person... I'm not sure if my case is just lost in limbo! I'm also wondering what date is usually on the greencard, the date you applied or the date of your interview? I want to become a citizen eventually to get out of this whole paperwork/uscis nightmare and don't know if I wait 3 years from the interview to take the test or 3 years from the date of my marriage or what. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I just received my Employment Authorization Document in the mail about three weeks ago and I was wondering the following: 1. How long does it take to get the interview letter from USCIS after receiving the EAD? 2. Before getting the EAD approved I had a Request for Initial Evidence. Now I wonder if there is still a chance to get the interview waived even if I had that Request for Initial Evidence? Has someone been through this before and had their interview waived? Thank you all so much for any information you could have on this matter.
  11. My mother's i-94 is been expired for 2 days. I finally got all her documents ready. Can I still apply green card for her?? Im US citizen. She has B2 visa. Im so nervous right now... I have everything ready.. I just dont know of its still ok to get green card for her.. I cant find information on USCIS site... Somebody please help me out... Thank you!
  12. Hi All, I am currently in the USA on the vwp & need to Adjust status as i got married randomly to my partner this week. As i am new to all of this and cannot seem to locate an up to date filing system/advice, could one of you lovely people assist me? I haven't the first place to start & every time i go onto the USCIS forms and website i get all confused! Could someone let me know what documents/forms need filing out & in what order they should be put in ie. Packet 1 - i485 with photo in separate zip lock bag, Packet Two - i130 with marriage certificate/abstract etc. Also i will be filing everything week commencing the 8th January 2018 - does anyone know the estimate it would take for NOA1 & The whole process min to max time? Thank you!!!!! XX
  13. Hello, I am filing for greencard for my parents who are living abroad right now. I understand that I need to file i-130 for both of my parents individually. Apart from that, some websites talk about G-325A (Biographic Information) forms, while others do not. Do I need to file G-325A or any other forms along with i-130? Thanks.
  14. Hi all, not sure if this is the right topic to post but here it is, feel free to move me somewhere more appropriate if so .. I am going to apply for AOS soon, and while we are waiting for the NOA1 receipt etc, we will be going on our honeymoon to Hawaii, the thing is my I94 will expire on February 1, which will be a few days past when we are returning from Hawaii to home in CO. I am a bit worried about this, I think I am going to have the receipt before we leave for vacation (fingers crossed), and EVEN if we don't have it at hand we can bring all the documents and application of AOS with us to our travel to show it's under process.... but does it suffice? I mean would there be any trouble at the customs? I know it's domestic flight and within the country but still. Should I apply to extend my B2 visa now so that I will have it valid while traveling within the country? Or is it not necessary? But it would be really close to my filing of AOS and I don't want to make any complications for the latter. Any advice? Many thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I have a question. So they sent me the request for evidence, I sent the evidence and they resent the same papers they sent me the first time. Is anyone familiar with this.?
  16. Good evening! I am looking for information and am hoping you can help me. My daughter was born in Germany and has no official father in her birth certificate. My husband is American and we live together in the states, since our daughter is 4 weeks old. I have a green card. We applied our daughters greencard twice and it got messed up twice. The first time our lawyer messed up the paperwork by applying a work permit also and she got denied. The second time the USCIS lost the paperwork. Our daughter will be 3 soon and I would love for my husband to legally adopt her. We have been waiting with the adoption process until the greencard is done and now that it got lost it would take another 14 months. At this point I was wondering if it would be easiest to screw the greencard and do adoption right away. That´s a super fast process of less than 3 months. But then what? How can our daughter get citizenship after that? Does she HAVE to have a greencard first? Could we file Birth Abroad and get citizenship through that? Our second baby will be born (in the US this time) in June and I would love to have everything figured out by then! Thank you in advance and please excuse if this is the wrong forum!
  17. So, I received a letter from USCIS it was an I-797 Notice of actions approval notice, what does this mean does it mean I'm a permanent resident? I thought there was an interview I would have had to go through? I feel so happy, I won't lie, I had a cry of joy. But I still feel so confused. It says; the above application has been approved. prior to receiving your permanent resident card you may be required to report for biometric processing ( i already did that back in may) Please do not take any action at this time if you are required to report for this processing you will receive another notice advising you of the date, time and location to appear If you have not received your permanent resident card or the above notice to appear for biometric processing within 90 days, please call this office at the number listed below.
  18. Hello all I have filed my I-485 along with all the other forms like I-765, I-131 for me and my wife. This was received by USCIS on 4th October, 2017. My wife received her Finger print notice and went for fingerprinting on 6th of November, 2017. There is no news about my fingerprinting. Now I have received a notice from USCIS that the case has been transferred to National Benefits Center, Lee's Summit, MO. What does this mean? More delays? or good news?
  19. Hi everyone, a few days ago we got an RFE regarding the i 864. On it it stated I (the petitioner) am supposed to file the i 864 as well even if we have a joint sponsor (which we do). Then it said the joint sponsor'd income wasn't meeting the requirements for the 125% poverty guidelines, which he makes way above the required minimum . And finally it said that the household number was calculated incorrect "The joint sponsor must correct the and/or complete page 4 of the form I-864." My questions are: 1. I wont be able to qualify for sponsor, do I still have to try to meet the required minimum (using assets) even if we will get a joint sponsor or it doesn't matter? 2. Could the miscalculated household size trigger the system to say that the joint sponsor doesn't meet the requirements 125% Poverty Guidelines? 3. When calculating the household size does the principal immigrant count in as well? (For example: joint sponsor has a wife and three children and will be sponsoring my spouse)
  20. Hello again forum! We are leaving the country for the holidays and are returning to the US in January, arriving home about 10 days before my husband's conditional greencard expires. We just filed our I-751 application to remove conditions and we were hoping to have the receipt with us when we return as proof that we have begun the renewal process. However, if we do not have this receipt in hand before we leave, we are concerned that the immigration officer would have discretion to deny entry or detain my husband. I spoke with the National Customer Service Center and they reassured me that as long as we enter the US before the greencard expires, we will not have any issues coming back into the country and that the immigration officer at the airport only goes by the date on the greencard. We both know people who have been turned away at immigration because they were returning just before their visa expired with no evidence that they were planning to leave before it expired or with evidence that they were renewing their visa. Granted, they were on a student visa, which is inherently temporary, but we are concerned nonetheless. Has anyone traveled under similar conditions and had issues? Or no issues? Thank you.
  21. Hello forum. We just submitted form I-751 to remove conditions on my husband's greencard and forgot to include a copy of his current greencard, which is required with the application. I called the National Customer Service Center and they weren't able to tell me definitively what will happen, but in theory there is a chance our application will be denied. For anyone else who has ever forgotten this item or anything else with their I-751, what was your experience? Did they return your entire application or just send you a request for more info? Did you have to pay your $680 fee twice? Did it jeopardize your entire ability to remove conditions? How much of a delay did this cause? Our application went through the Vermont service center. Any info is helpful.
  22. Hi, I am on F1 opt due to bad accreditation college is closing in a month I have already applied for adjustment of status (Greencard) on my spouse. I have just received receipt no of my green card file question is can i carry on my job as i working on my social or i need to stop while college closes also do i need to do anything else to maintain status or i am good as my application is in process.
  23. Hi everyone!! I am freaking out because my interview is Nov 30th and my husband mailed me our original marriage certificate and his tax forms on October 31st and it still did not arrive. If I just take copies will this affect my interview? I filed a claim with USPS but I am so worried I will not get the documents in time. I emailed the U.S. embassy to notify them and I did not receive a reply yet.
  24. Hi guys, So a quick overview: My hubby Brian and I got married in May 2017, I am from Austria and came here on a K1 Visa this April. We met here in the States during my times as an Au Pair (From 2014-2016). Today (11/21) we had our AOS / Greencard interview in Indianapolis. I prepared everything that the interview notice told us to bring. (Evidence or relationship like joint lease, joint bank accounts, insurances in both of our names, photos, congratulations cards, etc.) So we arrived at the USCIS office and took a seat while we waited. After a while an officer called out my name (Just mine, not my husbands) we both stood up and walked towards him. He said he only wants to speak to me so Brian went back and waited for me. The officer was really nice and said he would go through all my documents with me. In his office he took my photo and fingerprints and after searing the oath, he asked me questions like my date of birth, full name, address, etc. Then he only asked me really few questions to our relationship, when we met, if Brian has visited me in Austria before and when the thought of getting married came up. I answered everything truthfully and then he said that was it for today. He didn't even ask for any evidence or other things. I got a letter saying my application is under further review and he said I should hear from him in about 2 weeks, he said he has to do another background check on me before he can approve it. So my question now. Why did he only speak to me and not to my husband at all? And why did he not even want to see any evidence? Is that normal? I thought we would be approved today but I am kind of worried now, that we are not approved? Would he have told me if he has doubts about our relationship? Anyone here in the same situation or can tell me if it is normal not to get approved on the same day? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  25. I received my one year extension I-797. On the form, it says: "Your conditional resident status is extended for a period of one year. During the one-year extension you are authorized employment and travel" "In order to further process your petition, you will be receiving an Application Support Center (ASC) appointment notice with a specific time, date and location to capture your fingerprints, photos, and signature. You must wait for your appointment notice before going to the ASC for biometric processing" It's been months now, I got this and i'm not seeing any status updates on the USCIS site. Any idea how long will it take to hear from them ?