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Found 372 results

  1. I haven't seen a June 2017 thread/forum for an AOS. I am petitioner filing for spouse, he arrived on a K1 Fiancee Visa. We got married May 19, 2017. I mailed AOS packet to Chicago on 5/31/17 and they received 6/01/17. Expecting email/text notification soon! We are waiting very patiently, but my husband is very eager to work. Anyone please share your timelines and experiences! 😊 Any June AOS filers here???
  2. I recently observed that the "Resident Since" date on my green card is wrong, and it may complicate the timing of my application to remove the conditions on my green card. Should I send the card back for correction? Here are my stats: CR1 approved: Nov 2015 Date of entry to the US (POE): Dec 24, 2015 Green card Residence Since date: Apr 2, 2016 If USCIS goes by my green card date, then I can apply for removal of conditions from around Jan 2nd, 2018. If, however, they use my POE date, then the latest I can apply for the ROC is Dec 24 of this year! Any thoughts on the best course of action? Thanks!
  3. When my wife and I applied for the form we answered yes to if i want a social security number. I've been in the U.S for more than 2 weeks and haven't received my social security card or GC. So I went to the local social security office. they told me they couldn't find my name and I have to register for a new one and it may take up to 8 weeks to receive it. My question is: Would the delay of my social security number affect when I receive my Green Card? P.S i came here with an IR-1 visa.
  4. Hello everyone I'm in need of advice regarding how I'm gonna proceed to get my first job in The United States. I have an accountant degree from France , I have an evident lack of experience that could stop me from working in that field unless I'm very very very lucky. in the area I live in , jobs don't grow on trees , it is a really rural area and there are a very few jobs available. I'm young , done with high school and a 2 years degree in accounting but not a lot of experience (6 months ). We have here a bunch of factory around here and I wouldn't mind work there as long as it can bring food on the table for my wife and I. I have worked a year and a half in the kitchen of a fast food. This could help my case to work in a factory ? Working fast , doing repetitive work in hot kitchen is not the dream job but this experience could help ,is it ? how do I proceed to work in a factory ? Should I go to each factory and give them my resume ( along with a cover letter maybe ? ) and telling them if they hire , I'm always available ? It seems to be the best way to go , we usually do this in France. Showing in person give a good impression and brake the ice too . thanks for the help and advice in advance. PS: interview for AOS is positive , i haven't received it yet .
  5. Hello, I am a US citizen married to a German citizen. We live in Germany right now. I want to move back to the US for a job next summer (2018), but my husband is finishing his graduate studies here and won't be able to move with me until spring 2019. Could we still apply for his permanent residence while living in Germany through Frankfurt? I know this process is A LOT less stressful than filing once I am back in the US for whatever reason and takes only 3 to 4 months to process and grand visas/green cards. So basically, my question is: if we apply for his visa in March 2018, and it is granted by June or July 2018, but he can't permanently move to the US until March of 2019, would this disqualify him from getting his green card through filing directly in Frankfurt? Is there a six month (or similar) time limit to when he can ''activate'' his visa by arriving in the US? Our timeline: I move back in May 2018 ---> He receives permanent residency in summer 2018 ---> He moves to US permanently late winter/early spring 2019. We can definitely establish a domicile for him (a place of residence, open a bank account, transfer his driver's license, etc) but he would have to go back and forth between Germany until the end of March 2019. We would like to limit our long distance time as much as we possibly can, obviously, so I would much rather apply for his visa while we are still together in Germany if possible. This also means that if he already has his visa he can start applying to jobs while still finishing up grad school, which would be a huge weight off of our shoulders because it means less time spent unemployed. Thank you!
  6. Hello Community! Are there any folks out who have filed for marriage based AOS in Denver? I would like to know the timelines. My application has reached USCIS on May 30 and I've received an RFE which I promptly replied to, in July. My biometrics is also done. But I haven't received any update after that. No EAD, No AP, No Inteview notice - none at all. Hence, I'm getting bit anxious and would like to see what other folks in similar time frame situation are going through! Thank you!
  7. Hello, my name is Matheus, I'm 20 years old, I'm in the process of getting my green card, my father is an American citizen, he applied for me in May 2017, my priority date is 05/30/17, my Nebraska Service Central, my father lives in Orlando-FL, we are entering the fourth month of the process, someone can inform me how long the process is taking the child of a US citizen under age, If someone can help, Thanks in anticipation to replies... The case of my status is this, but I already received the Form I-797 Notice of action, saying that they have already received my documents, I received it in early June ...
  8. Good evening everyone, I am entered in USA 2015 and I am a green card holder K1 through marriage for 2 years. Now it is time for me to apply my renewal card. Last year something bad happens to me. I had to fight with somebody who was treated me and I did beat him up very because he Insulted me and spitted on my me. After that incident I went back to my place and thought that incident was over. The guy did hurt in his feeling called 911 and I was arrested, detained for 2 hours at the police and got a court date. I was charged for simple assault and destruction of propriety. After my second hearing, my lawyer told me to accept an arraignment with the prosecutor and plead guilty then I will have 06 months on probation, 30 hours community service, $500 fine and the case will be dismissed. I did accept the deal because I understand anything relating with the Justice even though I was back home. My lawyer told me do not worry because it is my first offense and I should just be careful in the future do not have problem with the justice. Thanks God, I completed everything and my case is dismissed by the court. My problem right is my renewal card and this new administration, to be honest I am very scared because I repeat that next month (October 2017) is my date to apply again. Please If somebody was through or have an experience with this similar case, your advice will be very welcome. Thanks all yours
  9. I have a question,, My mother in law has been a permanent resident for 14 years. She's going to Brazil to take care of her mother that is very sick. She's going to stay there for 8 months. We called the USCIS service center and we asked them if she is going to have any problem when she returns (because everybody believes that you can only stay outside of US 6 months) and they said that a Permanent resident can stay out of US for 1 year and return without any problems. My question is: Has anybody been trough the same situation? She is still worried that she will have problems when she get back. Thank You!!
  10. Hey every one!! Please could someone point me in the direction of a thread that could answer this question (I can't find one) or if you have the answer that would be awesome! My green card will expire on the 18th Aug 2017 and as of that day so will all of my government ID's (drivers license, state ID). Is there any way to renew these IDs with the extension letter? I don't really want to carry my passport around with me as I have a tendency to loose things and getting a new one would be rather annoying. Thank you so much in advance!! Helene xx
  11. Hi everyone, Last week my husband and I got an RFE for his green card asking to prove the validity of the marriage. We are in the process of getting the evidence together and have some questions that we can't find answers to. First of all, one of the suggested documents in the letter was a lease/rental agreement showing we both pay rent and live in the same place. We live with my mother who rents the house, and we give her money towards her rent and bills every month. We don't have utility, phone, or internet bills addressed to us because she is the one renting the house. Does anyone know of a template for something like that? We want it in writing stating we pay her rent, but we also don't want to write up a lease agreement because she's not really sub-leasing the rooms. We live with her, we aren't her roommates but we do pay her to live here. How can we get this down in a way that is acceptable to UCSIS? Also, one of the other suggested documents are affidavits from people that know us certifying we are a couple and that they have known us. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to structure those document as well? Is it just a sort of letter? We are in the process of transferring one of the car titles to both our names, and are opening a joint bank account as soon as our bank opens (damage from Irma) and we are both authorized on each other's credit cards and have pictures of each card with the same number on it with our names on each one. We also have a flight itinerary from when we traveled together to RI and several pictures of us at a wedding we attended. We are not in a financial position to do much else- do you all think that evidence will be enough? Getting tired of proving to strangers that our love is real. Thanks.
  12. Hello, my name is Matheus, I'm 20 years old, I'm in the process of getting my green card, my father is an American citizen, he applied for me in May 2017, my priority date is 05/30/17, my Nebraska Service Central, my father lives in Orlando-FL, we are entering the fourth month of the process, someone can inform me how long the process is taking the child of a US citizen under age, If someone can help, Thanks in anticipation to replies... The case of my status is this, but I already received the Form I-797 Notice of action, saying that they have already received my documents, I received it in early June ...
  13. Hi there, My husband and I are considering traveling the world for awhile after I receive my 2-year green card from marriage. How do we go about doing this in a proper manner? From what I understand I can't travel more than 6 months outside of the USA, however we can hop around during that time in other countries each year... right? How does a permanent residence work? If I'm renting our place out during our travels it can still be used as our "permanent residence", right? Thank you!
  14. My girlfriend (30/F/Kuwait) and I (31/M/US) have been dating for 5 years while living most of that time outside the US. The only time we've been here in the US for more than a month was in May 2017 and we've been here since then. She travels here on her visitor visa, which is valid for 6 months at a time. She wants to get her green card so that we can build a life here together. We are considering: Getting married in the US in the next month, low key, then traveling to Mexico for a few days to celebrate/ reset her tourist visa, then returning to the US together using her tourist visa to enter. After which, we will complete the CR-1 marriage visa and wait for processing while in the US. If I recall correctly, she can travel outside the US during the processing time using her tourist visa as long as she doesn't break the rules on overstay etc. Our primary goals are: Ensuring she can repeatedly enter the US while processing marriage visa so we aren't forcefully separated, quick green card issuance, staying legal. It's the above route our best option? Or should we consider doing an adjustment of status? To clarify: We are both currently in the US now. She did not enter the US in May (last entry) with intent to get married.
  15. Hi Everyone. So I have my package ready finally. With the Form i-864, These are the documents being attached: 1. Tax transcripts for years 2012, 2011 and 2010 2. Four (4) pay stubs that for the month of December 2013 and November 2013 The issue however is that I do not have an employment letter from the sponsor detailing her work and her annual salary. I want to know if the pay stubs alone are enough to prove her current annual income? Her income exceeds the federal poverty limits so that's not a problem at all. The issue is I currently only have her pay stubs BUT not her employment letter? Will this be a problem or I need to get that too..which wont be a problem..I just felt like if it wasn't necessary, then I shouldn't bother her with it. Your replies/answers will be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance! :-)
  16. Hei! My applications (I-485, I-765 and I-131) was accepted in the middle of August. I have my biometrics appointment next week. My question is: is it safe for me to travel back to Norway for Christmas before my Advance Parole card has arrived? If so, can I receive it in my home country at the US embassy? Or should I stay in the US until I get the card? How do I know if I will even get the card at all? Do they let me know that I will get it or do I just wait and see? It makes it very hard for me to plan, and I would really love to go home to my family for Christmas. Also, how do I do it in regards to passport and name change? I still have my old name in my passport, is this still valid? Do I have to bring my marriage certificate and/or other documents if I wanna re-enter the us? Thank you!:)
  17. Hi Everyone, I am new here. I am looking for help to figure out what I should do. I am a US Citizen, living abroad for 3 years now. I am a citizen of the country where I reside as well and I recently got married in December with my wife. She is a citizen of the country we live in and I am wondering if I want to give her residency of the US if we would need to move back to the US once all the paperwork is done if so how long would we have to stay in the US? We don't want to live in the US all year long but I want to be able to give her citizenship of the US if possible in the future. We have a business here and also I work remotely from the country I reside at but I still have a mortgage, bills, bank accounts, file US taxes as a CA resident. Any tips on what to do? Thank you!
  18. Hello guys! I got a quick question, If Someone works with a fake ID under a different name and a fake ssn under a different name, when applying for Adjustment of Status, should that person write down the places where He/She worked with the fake id on the Green Card form, where it asks your employment history? Thank you so much guys!
  19. Hi all, I've lurked on these forums for months and finally need some advice. I'm getting ready to file I-751 but do NOT have a physical green card as it went missing overseas in December 2016, I immediately filed an I-90 but they are so backlogged. I'm STILL waiting to receive it but it could be a while (Current processing times are in Sept 2016, so still 3 months out from me). I'm expecting my I-90 will be approved in Nov/Dec Anyway- I can file my I751 Mid October and I'm already worried about not having enough supporting evidence. But my major concern is I do not have a physical green card, nor do I have anything besides a picture of the front of green card before it went missing, I don't have a back copy (my PC died and it wasn't backed up, luckily had a photo of the front on husband's old phone). Everywhere I've read you have to submit front and back copy of card. Another thing I need advice on- if I file I-751 at 90 days before GC expires, and my I-90 to replace hasn't been approved, will it cancel it and I won't get my physical GC because it's so close to expiration? If that happens, I will get the stamp to travel. But, I'm just worried because then when I want to file next October 2018 for N400, I doubt i will be able to because I will have NO physical green card or real copy..... Filed I-90: December 2016 (Still pending and only processing Sept 2016 currently, so I expect another 3-4 month wait) Filing I-751 October 2017 (Will this cancel my I-90? I don't want to not file my I-751 to close to deadline but also I want physical green card back even if it will expire so soon) Filing N-400 October 2018 ??? I feel like I'm in such a difficult position with my I-90 hoping to be approved so close to I-751 filing time. I've dreaded this moment since my GC went missing and now having to face reality head on. Any advice anyone can provide will be great. I have spoken to a few immigration lawyers in my area who honestly have no idea what to do either, alot of them said I know more about the process than them
  20. All, So, I know when my fiancee comes here we have 90 days to marry. But, the wait list (last I checked) for getting the green card is two years. So, what happens between that time? She won't have to go back to Brazil after we marry will she? Further, I haven't (yet) seen any good info on the USCIS website for what I'm supposed to do _after_ we get married. Do I just mail in a copy of the marriage certificate as proof or what? Thanks!!
  21. Hi Everyone and please help me. conclusion if you don't want to read what's in the bottom : I'm a foreigner and I came here in work visa and got married to African america man for love, we been together for almost 3 years and he does not work and I been working 3 jobs to pay for everything starting from Rent, all bells and his cigarettes and food. He has his name with me in the lease and I can't get Reid of him or I don't know how because I filled for divorce and he received the paper and asking me for $1500 to sign it and mail back to the lawyer. I'm thinking about sending him to jail because he is really abusing me every night and he told me before that he needs the money for perks. Lately, I had to move to my friend apartment while I have to keep paying for rent as both our name are in the lease. 1 - "My husband asks me for money everyday or he will send me back home because i'm in CR1" 2 - "He wrote checks with his name using my checks that I never wrote to him and I have a prove" 3 - "He insults me every time telling me i'm ####### and police or immigration can't do anything to him because i'm foreigner and I need to keep giving him money" 4 - "he stole money from my credit card when I found out he told me the bank will give it back to you but don't tell them it's me" 5 - "I wrote check for rent and he erased the landlord name and put his name on top it to get he money and buy drugs" 6 - "my husband is threatening me to send me back home if I don't give him money, I filled for divorce and he said he won't sign until I give him money. I gave him $250 and his signed it but the mail returned it and now he is asking for $1500" I just need advice please should I go the court way and send him to jail or what ? He has the paper and I took a picture of it singed by him before I sent it but I have no $1500 to be able to mail to the lawyer ?? I Called the police on him 2 times and they said you have to go to family court. Also, he is now staying at my place while I have nowhere to go.
  22. Hello Here is my situation. 5 years ago I got married to an american. We were living abroad for 5 years and now we would like to stay in the States. We have 3 kids who are all americans but I am here with an ESTA visa as a tourist.I only have 2 months left before my Esta is up... What should i do? apply for a visa or directly a green card? While I wait for my green card should I just apply for a visa? would a visa be enough to stay and maybe work? What do you think is the best solution? Thank you
  23. Good day, I am a bit confused. I have arrived to the States with IR-1 visa. My SSN and GC are on their way. Am I eligible to work or do I have to apply for Employment Autorization Card? Kind regards, Lia
  24. Ok so me and my wife moved to USA about 2 months ago from Philippines. We did the Spouse Visa (DCF). I recently saw a letter from USCIS saying its the final notice or something like that for paying the GreenCard fee of $220. I didnt see the first letter long story. My question is how long do we have to pay for the Green Card fee of $220 ?
  25. Hi everyone! We finally got the GC in the mail surprizingly fast, about a month after POE. The problem is, under my husband's first name, it has his FIRST and MIDDLE name together as one line on the front of the card, and because of this, the two last letters of his middle/patronymic name are cut off. We went to the local USCIS today here and they said the issue looks like that they listed his first and middle name together on the "first name" line and the "middle name" line was actually left blank in the system. She told us that all we could do is basically send in an I-90 for a replacement card but that it would it take up to 9 months to get a new GC in the mail.... Weirdly enough, on the back of the card, his middle name is listed in full without the letters cut off. I'm wondering, what if we just waited until ROC to correct this and just kept the faulty GC? Would this be a problem later? Would we then just attach a cover letter with the ROC package explaining the situation with the mistake? Or would it be better to go ahead and send in the I-90 right now and wait? Would appreciate any feedback from anyone else in a similar situation. Thanks so much guys! We asked the same questions to the USCIS worker but she seemed unclear as to what the best option would be herself.