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Found 395 results

  1. Hello I am a us citizen and I am married to a non us citizen spouse who has a us tourist visa. I reside with my spouse outside the USA. My non us citizen spouse also resides outside the USA and posesses a us tourist visa. I plan to live outside the USA and my spouse would like to live most probably in the USA or at the very least have a green card. I have been married to my spouse for about 1 year and 11 months. I would not like to sponsor my spouse for a green card because most likely she would go to live in the USA and I wouldnt like that.Can a non US citizen apply for a green card after 2 years of marriage if the US citizen’s spouse refuses to sponsor the non-US citizen’s spouse green card? Thanks
  2. Hi I would like to know if we can file for the N-400 90 days before the anniversary without the physical green card? I have copies of the old expired Green Card front and back. In my situation, I had to surrender my physical GC to get a stamp in the passport after filing for the i-751. Can we appear for the N-400 interview without the physical green card?
  3. Hi everyone! I got here on a k1 visa and applied for the removal of my "conditional status" on my green card last year December 2016. They received my application on January 4, 2017, and sent me a schedule for my biometrics. I did it on March 3, 2017, and until now I am waiting for my green card. My husband and I are hoping that I could submit my application to be a citizen this month since I will be a resident here in the US for 3 years next year in February 2018. One of the requirements to apply for a citizenship is the copy of the green card. Since I am still waiting for my new green card to arrive, I am wondering if I could use my old one? I read some posts that some people use their expired or old green card to apply for a citizenship. I am not sure if I could use mine since it's the conditional green card. I called USCIS but of course, their answers are pretty general and was not helpful at all. She told me that they are only processing October 2016 applications.
  4. Hello Can a non US citizen who has B2 tourist visa and is married to a us citizen who resides outside the USA enter the USA and file for a status adjustment without the us citizen spouses sponshorship?". thanks
  5. Hello Can a non us citizen spouse with a B2 tourist visa petition for a green card under the VAWA violence against woman act if the us citizen spouse who resides outside the USA refuses to sponsor the non us citizen spouse for a green card? thanks.
  6. Hi, Just wanted to share my experience of using my AP for the first time. As the title of the post says this is not a combo card, as I applied for AP separately from my EAD (which I also have). I was issued with 2 identical I-512L forms, neither of which were stamped. Having read other forum posts I realized this was normal and that when I arrived back in the US, they would take one and leave me with one. When I got to Heathrow in London, we had checked in on line but when I tried to get my boarding pass on the machine it wouldn't process my passport and I was told to see someone at the check-in desk. She had to see my AP before I could travel. Although I had it with me, I was surprised that they checked it in England before leaving. We (I travelled with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law - my husband was on a separate flight as he had travelled with work) arrived in Baltimore (BWI) and I asked which line to join. I was told to join the visitors line, and when I got to the officer he went off to check what he had to do with my AP form. He came back and walked me to secondary processing, as I expected. He asked me when I met my wife, I corrected him and said 'husband'. He then asked how we met and where we got married. He said congratulations. Then I was in the secondary processing room. I was the only one in there and the officer who processed my forms didn't engage with me at all. He was just sighing as he processed everything! After about 5 minutes he motioned for me to come forward, gave me my one remaining AP form (not stamped) and said that was all. I just want to know from others who have used their I-512L forms whether it is normal to get the second one back un-stamped, and what happens the next time you fly? All in all it was a very painless experience and it puts me at ease for when I fly home at Christmas, although I do want to know what will happen when I return with my one remaining AP form. I anticipate getting my I-485 interview around May next year (looking at local processing times in Baltimore) so I don't know if this means I can't travel again after Christmas. Will they take my one remaining form off me? Do I have to apply for AP again?
  7. Hi everyone! I came across the problem that many seem to have which is what date should be considered the last valid date to enter US if your green card expired and you received an extension letter (notice of action I-797)? My GC expired last January,17 and I received a letter in December, 16. Currently I am out of state and getting ready to go back in December,17. My extension letter was issued on 12/12/16 and I am planning to enter country on 12/18/17 which is a week after the "expiration" of extension letter but a month before one year extension of GC. And yes, in letter it doesn't clarify what is considered the date to start counting from which makes me kinda worried as I read before it all depends on the mood of the officer I contacted my lawyer and now it's all clear! This year USCIS started issueing new variant of letter (i think due to confusion of everyone) where it says " Your conditional resident status is extended for a period of one year FROM the expiration date on your CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD"!! Here I attach the proof of it: I hope this information was helpful !!
  8. Hi all, This is in regard to K1/AOS marriage based Green Card: We are preparing for our AOS interview in the States on Monday, and have a few final questions as we prepare our packet. Thank you for all replies and support! Should we bring originals and copies of documents in two separate binders (i.e. will one have to be left there? or can documents all be in one binder?) So far we have included: - copy of I-129F K1 petition in full - copy of all K1 documents to sent to my husband in his home country - copy of full 1-485 AOS/EAD packet - copy of full response to RFE (updated I-865 with new evidence) - original and copy of husband's birth cert - original and copy of my birth cert - certified copy of marriage license - explanation of exemption from I-693 - copies of all additional paperwork re: immigration from USCIS - letter of employment for my husband's job - photo evidence of our marriage including legal ceremony and reception party, with a few photos in between - signed rental agreement for our living arrangement - loan approval for our car - declaration page of insurance for our car We are of course bringing passports and a copy of my husband's I-94. Do you think this will be enough? We've reviewed the I-797C checklist but I still have some anxiety that we're missing something and will somehow come up empty handed if asked... Basically, the interviewer should have copies of everything we've submitted already, and we are theoretically just bringing copies for if they've misplaced a thing, right? Plus additional evidence since submitting the I-485 AOS/EAD packet? THANK YOU to anyone who read this far and to those that reply. Can't wait till this is behind us. Good luck to you all!
  9. I haven't seen a June 2017 thread/forum for an AOS. I am petitioner filing for spouse, he arrived on a K1 Fiancee Visa. We got married May 19, 2017. I mailed AOS packet to Chicago on 5/31/17 and they received 6/01/17. Expecting email/text notification soon! We are waiting very patiently, but my husband is very eager to work. Anyone please share your timelines and experiences! 😊 Any June AOS filers here???
  10. Dear kind VJ Users -- I read so much post about AOS interview but 98% of them are from 2015 or older... I would like to have the most recent information on this subject. PLEASE bear with me I'm feeling a little scattered right now and I cannot seems to think straight, I was reading my I-797C for my AOS Interview and the followings are the ONLY documents that applied to my particular situation (I will bring the original and 2 copies of these documents): Interview Notice All documents establishing your eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident Status (i.e. Passport and wedding license, correct?) EAD Card & AP Card (approved 1 Nov 2017; physical card has yet to arrive via mail) I-94 My Passport My Birth Certificate Birth Certificate English Translation & certificate My SSN Husband's US Passport Husband's SSN Husband's Birth Certificate Original Marriage License Certified Copy of marriage license Joint Bank account Utility bills (Rent, Gas, phone, electricity, water, etc.) Photos (post the AOS submission) Correspondence (mails, bills, postcards addressed to both or either one of us with our current address) MAYBE Copies of the complete set of my AOS Package (approx 300 pages) MAYBE Copies of the complete set of my I-129F Application Pack (approx. 175) MAYBE Copies of the complete set of my K-1 Visa Application pack (i don't even know how many pages....) PS. My vaccination records & I-864 (principal sponsor & joint sponsor) have all been submitted along with my I-485 application pack back in August. In the interview notice (I-797C) it was written that I need to bring, "Original and copy of each supporting document that you submitted with your application. Otherwise, we may keep your original for our record." QUESTION: Does this refer to my supporting documents that I send along with my I-485 Application Pack or does this goes all the way back to my I-129F, K-1 Visa and including AOS?? I have all in my record I just wonder which "application" is the instruction referring to?? The following documents were submitted along with my I-485: Original Bank Check Original G-1145 Form Original I-485 Form (with 4 additional attachment) Copy of my Birth Certificate (BC) Copy English translation of BC and the certificate of Translation Copy of K-1 Visa Original Passport Photos Copy Vaccination Records DS-3025 (Original was submitted to the US Embassy back home) Original I-864 from my husband (with all the supporting documents i.e. copies) Original I864 from my joint sponsor (with all the supporting documents i.e. copies) Copy of I-797 with the WAC number Copy of my wedding license Copy of I-94 Copy of Passport Copy of US entry stamp So assuming would I be ok with just bringing my ORIGINAL AND COPY of my Birth certificate, its translation, my passport, Vaccination records, I-797, Wedding License, and I-94. So essentially I just need to add Vaccination record to the blue list above right?? I think I'm going crazy.... Can someone advise me on this? THANK YOU.
  11. Visa catagory f4. After getting passport with visa an instruction is given for paying immigration fee of 220$. Is it to be paid for every person of the family? I think it should be.It is instructed to be paid before traveling to USA.Can anyone tell me how much time it normally takes to receive the green card after paying fees? Does the process initiate before or after traveling to USA?
  12. I received my social security card like a week ago, but my green card was "undeliverable" for some reason because of USPS. So I sent an inquiry for USCIS to have my green card resent to me. But the thing is that my wife and I are going on a vacation for a week next week, Someone told me that if I don't pick up the mail and get the green card they will send it back to USCIS. So my questions are: Is that really true? Do I have to pick up the green card right away once It's delivered? if so, Can I just put a piece of paper to the mail man that says to leave the letter from USCIS in the mail until I get back from my vacation? P.S. I called USCIS and they don't know about this. I tried to call a supervisor but every time I called they were busy. Thank you.
  13. Hi - I have a question for those in Florida that has experience post receiving the green card and the DMV. My husband has his green card in hand, his 2-year card - his license is going to be up now in November. We have been playing the back and forth game with the local DMV and USICS. When he goes to renew his driver's license he still shows up as he has his VISA. Seems like USCIS hasn't updated it for other agencies to see, we had the same issue at the SS office - they saw he was still listed as temp. So we call USICS and they said to have the DMV fill out a G485 - verification of status, the form exists, I found it online but NONE of the DMVs know what to do with it. Does anyone have any experience renewing the license after they've received their green card?
  14. Dear VJ Users -- I'm scheduled for my AOS interview on 11 December 2017. I know I have more than 4 weeks but I always think better to prepare ahead of time. Can anyone share what does the AOS (K1 to Green Card) notice letter from USCIS said to prepare? I remember the email from US Embassy had a very specific list of documents to prepare for my K1 Interview, does the Notice for my Green Card interview will have a similar list of documents? Please advise. Best, J/G.
  15. Hey, what do you mean with "if you guys can support each other financially and if you can stay home for 6 - 8 months then go with k1. "? I applied for a K1 and per my previous research, if we marry as soon as I land in the US, let's say in the first month, I would get my permit to work in ~30 days after filing for the green card/AOS. Can you pls let me know where I can read further on the permit to work timing?
  16. I recently adjusted status from F-1 student visa to permanent residency. I have my green card. I am planning to travel out of the U.S. soon. Will I need to have any documents other than my passport and green card to re-enter the U.S.? When I was an F-1 student, I would need to get my I-20 signed by a university official before any travel and then present it to an immigration officer upon re-entry. I'm guessing that I don't need to do that anymore - is that right? Thanks!
  17. hi visa journey, Me and my husband are planning to have a vacation on my home country. I just renewed my passport using my MARRIED name but my GC is MAIDEN name. My ticket is under mg married name since thats tge on my my passport. My question is, will i have a problem coming back to the US with my PASSPORT having my MARRIED NAME and GC having my MAIDEN NAME? Thank you
  18. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  19. Hello my question is when a k1 adjust to permanent resident does the green card expire at 2 year anniversary of the marriage or two years after the date the green card is issued? Later on how does that affect the citizenship process? Is the k1 able to apply for citizenship 3 years after marriage, or 3 years after the conditional green card is issued, or 3 years after they receive the permanent green card?
  20. Question about Photo

    Hi , i have a photo with 600x600px , and i need to know if it's good one , without using the Photo tool , thank you.
  21. We had our adjustment of status/ green card interview today. My wife (USC) was nervous (as with any interview) but all in all it was a relatively stress free day. We arrived to USCIS Centre in Buffalo, NY at around 9:30 - Interview was at 9:45. we went in and waited until 10:05. The gentleman called us and we followed him to a small room. We done the oath. He went over our basic information (mother’s name/if either of us have kids/date of birth). He asked us when and how me met (online - june 2016) He asked when the wedding was (April 2017) He asked where it was. My documents said I entered on the 25 of March when I actually entered on the 20th. He changed this to the 20th. He asked was I ever arrested or convicted (I said I was, for drunk driving back in 2010)... I gave him a copy of the court report from the conviction and police certificate from Ireland - he said thank you and moved on. (I had already submitted court report with initial packet) He asked about our co-sponsor (my wife’s mom) and he looked through our pictures that we brought, asked about one - and then told us I was approved and my green card would be out in the next 3 weeks. I then gave him my medical report which I needed to get a new copy of after receiving and RFE for to bring to interview. He looked through it and then told me the that in USCIS view our marriage is bonified, my green card is approved and that it would be out in the next 2-3 weeks in the post. He told me that I can apply for naturalization in 3 years as my spouse in a US citizen, told us goodbye and that was that. Online Case status hasn’t changed yet however. ____ I want to thank everyone on the forum who helped and gave me advice, I appreciate it so much and I will look to see if I can return the favor or help anyone out who has MSC/ AOS questions!! The following is my timeline... JUNE 09 2017 : Submitted package JUNE 15 2017 : Everything was received by USCIS JUNE 23 2017 : Received BIO appointment JULY 13 2017 : Attended BIO appointment JULY 13 2017 : Received Request for initial evidence for 1-130A (Dated July 07) / Yellow paper AUGUST 09 2017 : Response to USCIS request for evidence was received. Our national benefits center will begin working on your case again (From CaseTracker app - did not receive notice in mail) AUGUST 14 2017 : Received a purple letter saying that : The version of the form I-693 is no longer in use....... >> if you receive an interview notice please bring the updated I-693 with you If your case don't require an interview you will receive an RFE AUGUST 23 2017 : Online Case status changed to "Case is ready to be scheduled for interview - October 2nd August 29 interview scheduled September 27 - EAD: New Card is being produced. October 2 2017 : Interview and approval for green card.
  22. Via USCIS. Read the original here. No photos yet of how the new GC's or EAD cards will look. I wonder if this means the cost will go up..
  23. I recently observed that the "Resident Since" date on my green card is wrong, and it may complicate the timing of my application to remove the conditions on my green card. Should I send the card back for correction? Here are my stats: CR1 approved: Nov 2015 Date of entry to the US (POE): Dec 24, 2015 Green card Residence Since date: Apr 2, 2016 If USCIS goes by my green card date, then I can apply for removal of conditions from around Jan 2nd, 2018. If, however, they use my POE date, then the latest I can apply for the ROC is Dec 24 of this year! Any thoughts on the best course of action? Thanks!
  24. Hello. I finally received my green card after a 9 month process. Having been out of status for years, I am looking forward to finally traveling out of the country. However, I have been seeing that people have had issues coming back into the country due to prior arrests. I don't understand why this would be an issue if the arrests happened prior to receiving the green card. You would think that if you were able to qualify for the green card, you would have no problems coming back in. However, there have been people held for questioning, and even sent to deferred inspection where you run the risk of losing your green card. Has anyone had any experiences with this? The arrests were not crimes of moral turpitude, and did not affect me receiving my green card in any way.
  25. Hello My boyfriend and I are thinking about getting married and I've got a B2 tourist visa for 5 years and we're not sure if we should go with a K1 fiance visa since we don;t have time for that since Christmas is coming and he is heading here for 3 weeks and then we want to head to the States in January. I was wondering if we can get married on my B2 visa and then apply for adjustment of status? You can;t possibly plan a wedding in 60 days as per the fiance visa- well you can, but it's really hard but coordinating that is nearly impossible since I would like my parents to attend and they need US tourist visas to come..and that takes time.. Also, another question I've got that no one really asked in this forum is about the I864P form. Does the spouse have to show proof of $20.300 earned up until that point of filing the documents even if it;s the first few months of the year? My boyfriend just started his own business so can't make that amount in the first 3-4 months of the year. Do we need proof of the IRS docs of previous year to proof his financial stability? If you can please give me some advice I would be so grateful! Thank you!