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Found 413 results

  1. I came here 2 years ago and got my green card September 2016, I ended up divorcing my husband, but got back together with him last year, this year I have to file papers to remove the condition. Would I have to re marry him to be able to remove the condition?
  2. My husband and I are in a difficult situation with the military and the naturalization process. He enlisted February 2017 and was promised citizenship after basic training. He was supposed to receive it in October but his command wouldn't allow him to travel to Houston for the ceremony and they made him transfer it to our current duty station. Since then, the government has changed regulations which requires an O-6 or above to sign his N-426 form and more department defense checks. His command is making it impossible to get the form signed. We are trying everything but they won't send it up the chain of command. This has been happening for a month now. I'm worried because during this time period his conditional green card expired so now we are left without a green card or citizenship. Before it expired I contacted USCIS and they said we didn't need to renew because he had a "change in status". I'm regretting this decision and I don't know what to do?!?! Please help! Can we try to get a green card now just to feel secure or is there anything we can do? We can't be the only family in this nightmare.
  3. Hello fellow VJers... I haven't been here in a few years but yet, I continuously find this site extremely helpful when it comes to immigration. Family keeps growing and wife has been a US citizen since 2015. I have a question about family visa for my mother-in-law.... Long story short, she now has a boyfriend who is a US citizen boyfriend and he proposed..so my question at a high level is, which one of the 3 options are better to get her to live in the US (independent of the cost for each option)? 1) Have my wife sponsor a Green Card for her while she is here on a tourist visa; 2) Have her boyfriend file for a K1; 3) Have her boyfriend marry her in Ukraine and then file for a K3; Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, So I had my green card approved from a K-1 visa last week. I have a notice that arrived two days ago saying my green card is on the way. My husband and I leave the country Thursday and when I expressed the worry to the officer about the green card not arriving in time he gave me the stamp. My question is: should I bring any extra documents with me but my passport?! I’m bringing my marriage certificate in case I get asked about my name change, also bringing my ID with new name, as well as the notice I received two days ago.
  5. Dear forum members, I once post my question here and I got many great comments. Thank you so much. I confirmed that my divorce is in process. It's been very stressful... ;( Now I have to be ready. Here are my questions. 1. How soon do I have to file I-751 Waiver? I know that I need do it within three month after divorce. Is it better to get everything ready and submit it as soon as I get my divorce decree? 2. I want to move to different states. I live in Idaho, and it's been really hard. Does it matter if I move to different states? 3. My sponsor is my boss at work. My wife couldn't do it since she didn't file the tax previous year. Should I mention this? 4. Only my name is on utility bill, and we used different phone company. Should I explain about these on my cover letter? 5. How many affidavits do I need? I have three now. Thanks for your support. I am welcome to get any advice.
  6. Hello Everyone, Currently in H1B visa and applying for GC through marriage, but form I 765 is confusing me, I am having hard time to decide on 2 questions: (1)I am applying for: Permission to accept employment Replacement of lost document Renewal of my permission to accept ..... Since I already have my work permit, Am I supposed to pick first or the last option ? (2)Eligibility Status: I think Adjustment Applicant--(c)(9) right one? Any ideas? Thank you for your help
  7. My wife’s residency expires next month in February, we have not yet renewed due to financial issues, we have to travel due to a family emergency, our concern is that we don’t know if she will have any trouble getting back into the states even though her green card has not expired
  8. Hi guys!! So, I just got my conditional, marriage based, 2-year green card. I now that 90 days prior to my second anniversary as a conditional permanent resident I must start the process to get my conditions removed. I would like to know generally how long does that take because the officer told me that on my third year green card anniversary I could apply for citizenship, but if the process to take the conditions out takes longer than a year, what does one do?! Just trying to understand how it all plays out... Thank you!
  9. My husband is from Germany and here in the United States working on an E2 visa. This is an employer specific visa, meaning he cannot change employers without losing his visa and having to go back to Germany. We just had our first appointment at our local USCIS office today and they only confused us more. Our question is: once we mail in the 130 (my petition for him), the affidavit of support, the 485, and any other necessary forms and receive the receipt for everything, can he then change employers? The man we spoke to today said my husband does not need to file for a work permit. Please help!!
  10. Hi, when my husband and I filed I-485 for me we added his last name (Stott) to my last name (Liao), so when I received my green card the last name is Liao Stott. I'm worried because the last name on my green card and my passport issued from my home country is different I'll have trouble return to the States after traveling. I'd like to know how I can change the last name back to my own last name. I remembered when we were at USCIS green card interview, I was told I can go to court to change my last name. ( $25 in California) But that doesn't change the name on my green card. Also according to USCIS's website I-90 is not for conditional permanent resident. Anyone can advise what I can do now?? Thanks! Liao
  11. Hi... My wife is divorcing me. I did everything to change her mind, but since her parents are heavily involved, I can do anything to stop it. They threaten me to sign the divorce paper or they said they can cause me a huge trouble regard to my immigration status. I got scared and signed it which I regret so much. She filed the papers...now it is in the process. I was depressed for a long time, but I know I have to survive. I did research and started gathering evidences. I will hire the lawyer, but I am not sure who is good or not. I've talk to the one in local, and he said we should start right away. He seemed nice and he asked $3500 fee. At this point, more than money, I want to find someone is really good for sure. My life is depends on this... 1. Can you guys recommend any good lawyers? I tried avvo ratings, and I am not sure how reliable it is. 2. if I can prove that our marriage is bona fide, will it be approved 100%? because we loved each other so much. I still miss her a lot. I have evidences, but not a lot. Thanks for reading this. Please help me.
  12. I am married to a U.S citizen and he is abusing me. I came to the U.S and I got sick and had a major operation and spent one year in a rehab facility. While I was in the rehab I met the most wonderful man. He was sweet, kind, loving, he was just overall amazing and we fell in love. He got released from the rehab about 2 months before I did and when I got out I decided I was gonna rent an apartment and just start fresh because I had lost one year of my life. I was trying to move on from him. Trying to convince myself that what we had was just because we had no other options. But I couldn't and it didn't help that he was calling and texting me non-stop so I decided ok let's just see where this leads. BAM! He asks me to marry him. I was over the moon because I love this man. I told him I wanna do this the right way. I don't want us to move in together until after the ceremony. He said he was so eager to make me his wife we had to get married right away. A few weeks later we were standing in line at the court house, giddy in love and eager to be man and wife. We did it. We got married over a year ago and I moved in. We were happy for the first couple months and then I got a job. He would argue that he couldn't work because of his hip and I was working and acting like I was better than him. I tried to play it down because as this point we're already married and I have no family here so I have nowhere else to go. And he had already filed the I-130. I noticed he started drinking and his sister told me he always drank - this was news to me. The first time he beat me I was shocked and humiliated. I'm a 50 year old woman and I've never before experienced this. I didn't know what to do. Then he would apologize and say he's sorry and do it again a couple days later. I got my work-permit a couple months after we filed and he said he was happy and then that night he beat me because he said I would get a good job and walk around like I was somebody and I was nobody. I went and did a nursing course a couple months after that and on the day of my exam he used his cane to beat me bloody and break one my fingers so I couldn't do the exam. I've called the police countless times. I contacted a lawyer who does VAWA cases for the state and she promised to get the paper work started but up till yesterday when I spoke to her she hadn't started yet because she says they have to meet with me a few more times. I'm writing this from a hospital bed with a brace on my neck and back because he tried to break my back tonight. He says he isn't going to stop until he kills me. What can I do? The VAWA application hasn't started processing and for all I know our interview is being scheduled right now. I can't do this anymore. What can I do? Please help me. He says he will tell them he doesn't know me if we go in to the interview together. I know realistically he can't say that but it just shows that he... At this point I don't even know.
  13. Hello Everyone, My family and I (brother and niece) opened a restaurant in 2010 and opened a second location in 2014. I am a US Citizen but they (brother and niece) are here with E-2 Visas for the past 8 years. Their visas were renewed once for another 5 years. They are set to expire in 2020. My brother’s wife and son were also given the visas so they can be together here. My brother has an approved I-130 (brother petition) since June 2005 but there has been no activity since it was approved. I understand that brother gets almost last priority on family related visas. Question: is there any hope for a path to a green card at this point for the E-2 Visa part of it? My concern in my niece because the E-2 is the only reason she is here legally. She is having a baby within the next 3 weeks and she is worried about her future and her family. Husband is undocumented so there is no hope on that side now.
  14. Is here had anyone can share experience to me: 1: how long did it takes to receive green card interview notice after received combo card? 2: how long did it takes to receive green card without intervention ? my agency told me it only takes around 2months to receive green card after combo card in general, not so sure is it true. I wish
  15. Hello Hoping someone else had this experience or can help me out.. So I filed my i751 February 2017, my card expired April 27th 2017. I received the one year extension letter which I have traveled with several times with out any problems. Here is the issue though, I will be leaving the country with my husband February 27th and come back end of May.... and I pray i get my new card BEFORE i leave but if I dont then my letter will be expired will I not be able to get back in the country? I understand I could get the 551 stamp to extend another year BUT the lady at uscis told me they ONLY give it 30 days before expiration and i wont be here at that time.... That would be march 27th... We have to leave march 19th. Please help. Also what if I get my new card mailed to me while im out of the country? Will i have issues getting in? There is really no way i could be denied while away, because my marriage is legit (5 years) and I moved from Canada (Canadian citizen) , my case and interview everything has been pretty easy this far. Thanks sooo much for all your help I appreciate it!
  16. Hello Vj Family! Basically I have a question regrading employment. I am working for US cellular right now which is a phone company. I was talking to my co worker today and he mentioned that if we don't meet our quotas for the month we can get fired but incase we do get fired we can claim unemployment. In state of Iowa, If we get fired for some absurd reason we are eligible to file for unemployment and not meeting your sales quota is one of them. Me being on green card and I know cannot become public charge but can I still file for unemployment incase I get fired?
  17. Hello I am planning to apply for I-130 for my mother. I have my birth certificate from India, with both parent's names. However in India the children can be named a few days to weeks after birth so my name (Child's name) is blank in the birth certificate. What are the alternate documents that I can submit? I am sure people from India have run into this problem.
  18. Hello all, My wife entered the country Nov 16, 2017 after going through the entire immigration process. We just received her green card in the mail, and we believe the expiration and issue dates are wrong. Am I correct in thinking that if she came in on a CR-1 visa, that her "residence since" date should be the date she crossed the border? Currently, the month and day are correct (11/16) but the year is wrong (2016). On her card, it shows that the card expires 11/16/2018 which would be one year after her arrival date (should be 2019). Can anyone here confirm that the date is indeed wrong and that I should file an I-90 for a replacement card? Any idea how long that could take? Will we run into any issues if the incorrect expiration date on her card passes, and we have not received a new green card? I can't believe that they made this mistake after all this time, effort and money. Please help! Thanks in advance for any responses received!
  19. Hi. My name is Gerome, originally from the Philippines, and permanent residency card holder thru same-sex marriage. My husband and I are planning to move to the Philippines this year. However we're concern about how my status here is going to be affected. We're going to sell our house, leaving us with no address. I just wanna know my options, since we're still planning to go back here and stay for a long time vacation (like at least a month). What are the options that we need to do on my status?
  20. I have a friend who is here in the US as a refugee from Iran. His Iranian passport has expired. He does have a green card. If he travels to Turkey, will he need to pay the re entry fee, or does the green card mean he would not have to pay that? I have tried to call USCIS many times, but cannot get a real person. Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. hi I just filed my N400 online yesterday 01/01/2018 and they already updated me in the system after 8 hours and sent my NOA ....super cool here is what you will get when everything goes smoothly and how it supposed to be (check the pic I took from my profile) I have 28 days till my fingerprints appointment (based on the website info) BUT there is no way the process will take up to 15 months to be done!!! I think it's just the approximation (maximum time an application may take in case any complexity or lack of evidence the application needs) because I know/contacted 2 people that did it online too back on in Feb 2, 2017 and they got theirs after 68, 90 days respectively .............which I am sure that what the case will be......but they filed from California and I filed from Arizona! hopefully the E-files will be handled all in one center ............if you have any questions or suggestions or info you would like to share, please enlighten us Thank you
  22. Hi Everyone, Quick question. I have some issues with my taxes and school loans so I cannot file taxes with him due these circumstances. He is up for renewal in March of 2019 and I already thinking ahead. Now we have joint car loan, we have traveled all over so I have all my flight and hotel receipts, we have a 6 month baby, I am petitioning to be legal guardian of his daughter of 8 year old daughter but I do everything for her. Her mom is back home in Haiti and she knows me as her mommy. I am on his health (we all are) insurance, he is on my dental insurance, we have a joint account together, we have a lease together. I have two sworn affavidats of our union. Plus plenty of pictures of us....from union to our baby shower, to everything from then and now. Anything else I could add ? Do you guys think this will be enough without filing together ? Please help. Tax season is upon us.
  23. Dear VJ Users -- I received my Green Card in the mail today!!! My husband and I are both very happy and still in disbelieve that this is all happened in the last few days of 2017. My conditional green card was approved 15 days following the interview. So for those who did not receive any final decision on the day of the interview, know that if your files are all complete and align and that your interview went well, I believe the Greed Card will be on your way sooner than what you expect it would be. So now I have a question: 1). With this green card, I am assuming that my EAD(and AP) are no longer valid, am I correct? So I won't have to re-new / re-apply for another EAD in a year, correct? 2). My SSN card has the, "Only valid for employment with EAD" thing statement. My conditional Green Card basically cancel this statement, yes? As I am now legally able to live and accept employment without considering my EAD. 3). Do I need to go to Social Security Office and obtain a new card (one that won't say the 'Employment' thing) or I won't be required to do that until I am a citizen? 4). My Green Card will be expired on December 2019. How soon should I begin to submit an application to remove my condition? 5). Am I able to proceed with Naturalization at the end period of my conditional GC or I will only be able to proceed with that AFTER living for 5 years in the US? Note: I came in with K-1 Visa) I'm so happy now that I can't even think what other question I should ask... Anything that I should pay attention??? THANK YOU. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! J/G
  24. So, I may not have this question under the right category. I heard yesterday that if you obtain US Citizenship, that it automatically revokes any other previous citizenship's. So as a Canadian, me going to the US with my husband and eventually obtaining citizenship would cancel my Canadian citizenship? Just needing some clarification.
  25. Hi everyone. This one is a silly question. Feel free to laugh at me if you wish. USCIS updated the I 751 form and there is this message there : "Starting 02/19/2018, we will only accept the 12/05/17 edition. Until then, you can use the 12/23/16 edition. You can find the edition date at the bottom of the page on the form and instructions." We need to submit my paperwork in January, so does it mean that I can use either forms (old or new one)? Thanks.