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Found 7 results

  1. My husband are filling application for me for AOS and what copies of ID he need beside his American citizen birth certificate to go in to my I-130 package?
  2. hi - i was reading through posts about needing at least needing the AOS NOA1 in order to get a temporary driving license. but receiving the NOA1 will obviously take some time and i would really like to be able to drive and get to know my new city as soon as possible after i land. anyone here have any experience driving on an international driving license? i am arriving on a K1 and will be residing in virginia. the international license will be issued by the united arab emirates and is valid for a year. i know it is ok to use when driving in the us while on b1/b2, i am just not sure if using it on a k1 is ok too? thanks for your advise.
  3. I went to the local DMV to renew my driving license today and I am located in Salem NH. So I would like to share my experience. Here was my situation: 1) I applied driving license in MA in 06/2015 with 5 year valid date as I came here on F1 visa; 2) I transferred my driving license from MA to NH in 09/2015 and they have gave me two year valid based on my conditional permanent residency, which is expiring in 08/2017; And I applied to remove condition in 06/2017 and received the regular I-797C letter of extending one year this month and went to renew my driving license. What I have brought: 1) Green Card; 2) Driving license; 3) Extension letter; Here are what they told me(they are very nice): 1) I can keep using my current license until 08/2017; 2) DMV will mail me an new card in 08/2017 without charging me renewing fee; 3) Next year when I get the 10-yr green card or citizenship, I can just go back and update information. I am pretty happy with that I don't need to pay extra to get a new driving license and will update if I receive my renewed driving license.
  4. We've filed AOS and waiting for it to be done now. I am preparing for the driving license test. I've read that EAD is necessary for the driver's license. Is it required to have a EAD to take the written exam test? there is no such requirement on the DMV website. I am wondering whether anyone has experience before? and I am in California... Thank you.
  5. I would just like to share my experience around obtaining a Driving license in the state of Utah while adjusting status through marriage to a US citizen. I entered the country on a K1 visa. All threads I've read on obtaining a license in this state ended in failure for the immigrant applying for a license past the I94 expiration date without a valid Green card or EAD. I have neither of these and was able to get my Utah license which is valid for 1 year from today. Utah like other states require you to show proof that you are in the country legally verified through SAVE. To satisfy this requirement I showed my passport with my I94 (Legal entry proof) and my Noa1 for my I485. Today Instead of using my passport number or I94 the lady at the DLD took my Alien registration number to verify me with SAVE. When I received both my SSN and temp license back in December, the two departments used my I94 number which expires in 90 days. The consequence of using these numbers at the DLD is you only get a license with a couple of months valid or until the I94 expires, thats what comes back from SAVE I think some people have run into issues with not being able to get the 1 year license because the DLD uses your I94 and passport to verify on SAVE instead of the A-number which should be used when you have received your NOA1 for you I485. So if you are going to the DLD and using your NOA1 from your I485 to get your license, tell them to verify with your A-number. You shouldn't have the same problems as lots of people in the threads of searched for around this topic. I hope this makes sense and can help some people going through this. I got my license in the Provo office in Utah and had no hassle at all.
  6. Hello Ohio folks, I just got notice that my spouse's AOS packet was accepted, and that the I-797 is in the mail. He needs to learn to drive, and the Ohio BMV is pretty vague about what he needs to get an actual license. I've seen a few posts where a BMV branch has given hassles, yet some will grant a license with the I-797 and no problems. Does anyone have their own experience to share? Thank You, -Adam
  7. Hi Everyone, I went to the DMV office yesterday to apply for a driving license and I have been told that I can only apply for a learner's permit which will only allow me to drive with someone who's 21 years or older. I found that a little odd since I obtained my driving license in my home country in 2010 and it is valid until 2020. (I was also told something totally different at another DMV office, that I could drive using the license from my home country for up to 6 months) I would love to hear about your experience obtaining a driving license in Pennsylvania, since the laws aren't clear and the staff at the DMV doesn't seem very knowledgeable Thanks