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Found 97 results

  1. Hi everyone. I have not posted or even logged on here for years. I met my Nigerian husband in 2008 and brought him here on a K-1 visa in 2009. I thought he loved me by all the sweet words he said, the hundreds of hours on the phone and webcam, messenger..... Well he was only here three days and took my bank card and purchased dating website subscriptions. He was on several sites. I was not aware of this until three months later. Meanwhile, we got married and I got pregnant . I was devestated when I found out and confronted him. he said it didn't matter because he was just bored and wanted to talk to them for fun and wasn't planning to meet anyone. He promised to stop, but he fell into a habit of doing it every few months, me catching him and then he would do it again. We got into a lot of heated arguements and I turned into a detective in my own house. He claimed to be addicted to it and it wasn't personal. We went to counseling , we prayed and fasted, he even fly to Nigeria to seek deliverance from his Pastor. He still kept having emotional affairs, often getting a woman's phone number and then talking to her secretly. Twice he had physical affairs. By August of this year I caught him again and kicked him out. I told him to get help and if he could control himself, he could return. He decided to get a second job, buy himself a new car, a new tv, anything but get help. On Christmas ev he announced that he want to have all the young pretty woman he wants now and wants to be single. He said he cant stop going on dating websites and will cheat on me if he returns. He is also emotionally and verbally abusive. He never even gave our kids Christmas presents. He has ruined my life and my kids' lives. He sucked $15,000 from me overall, he took my youth and beauty, he damaged my relationship with my family, I lost my best friend, he took away all my hope and happiness in life. I regret ever meeting him!!!! Everyone told me he is going to scam you or treat you badly, don't talk to him, but I did it anyways. In addition, I many many other people on here who married a nigerian a few years ago and we all regret. One lady married the guy and he turned around and married a Nigerian woman right after his interview (meanwhile taking thousands from her over the years). Another lady brought her husband here on a K-1 and he cheated on her allll the time, was rude, unloving. He was even doing romance scamming here in the states in front of her and the kids. When he wasn't doing that he was in stip clubs and bars picking up new girls. another lady just found out her Nigerian husband of two years, has been having an affair for the past year with a co-worker much older than him. Many of these men have no shame and no integrety. Please use extreme caution. Run away!!
  2. Hi Everyone, I just want to know when is the right time to apply for a divorce. I am still on the process of AOS (from K1 visa) and I applied last June 2016. I already had my biometrics, but no interview schedule yet. Do you think, it is now the right time to file for a divorce case before the USCIS send me the greencard? My case is like related to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. It is not yet proven, but I would like to get an answer to my above question before I go ask for a consultation to the local law offices. I am looking forward for any responds and any significant infos regarding this matter. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Rossieanne
  3. Hello everyone, I'm in a little dilemma about a situation i'm in and would appreciate any pointers you may give me. I'm a USC who recently got divorced. We got married in our native country and our marriage was never registered in the USA. It is also worth noting that my ex-wife sponsored me here and I eventually became a citizen through the marriage. We had a 9 year run before finally deciding to end the marriage. We filed our taxes as "MFJ" for all these years. We processed our divorce in our native country and did not file for a separate divorce in the US. The thought behind that was, since the marriage didn't occur in the US, nor it was formally registered anywhere other than mentioning "Married" on some forms, the marriage doesn't exist in the US. I'm planning to remarry and would want to sponsor my fiance and her kids at some point. My question is: - Will the USCIS/NVC ask for a divorce decree from the state we live in (MD)? - Can I sponsor my fiance (and kids) with the divorce decree from my home country? - Will she need custody papers from her ex for me to sponsor the kids? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you VJ Family. You Rock!
  4. Hello, I have to submit written statement from friend/family regarding a divorce decades ago. According to i130 instructions: Can anyone point me to a sample affidavit, statement template (pdf/word) that I could use? If it is divorce related awesome otherwise any other type of written affidavit template used for immigration would do as I can modify the text. Thanks
  5. First of all, immigration is tough! My husband (the USC) and I have decided that we are no longer willing to make our marriage work. I came here on a K1 Visa, and we married in February 2016. I am now in Arizona, my USC husband is in Ohio (also where our paperwork is addressed at). We filed for AOS in June, and our case is still waiting for an interview to be scheduled. I guess my questions are as follows: 1. Is there a way I am able to stay in the states and get GC without my husband having to "bend the truth"? 2. If we file for divorce now, where do I stand? 3. Basically, what the hell can I do? Any help appreciated. I have seen a lot about the waiver, but I understand this is only if you have your conditiona GC and a divorce decree.
  6. Hi good morning guys . Really depressed and looking for some advice. got married 1 year ago but my husband is controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive. He shove me a few times and pushed me down when I was walking up the stairs. He uses profanities to me and call me names. A few months ago I told him I wanted to get certified as a Home Health Aide he told me if I did that he would send me back home or call USCIS to tell lies on me. When I told him I don't like the profanities he said he is the man and I shouldn't tell him what to do, and that I am being disrespectful. He tell me everything that I should do, if I don't always do what he says he says it's because I am ungrateful. I love my Husband so I tried to tell him he need to exercise (he has underlying illness) he curses me. He will take away my phone, take away the key so I can't leave the house, I can't use his computer or his wifi, and he tell me I can get back the phone only if I behave myself. I have to hide and watch certain reality shows because he says he doesn't want certain shows to watch in his house. I ask him for us to go counseling but he refuses to go. Even though I can't use his things, I still have to wash, cook, clean, iron every thing as before, he told me he is still giving me food. I take care of him, everyone who knows him says it's the healthiest he have looked in years because I keep him eating clean, he doesn't appreciate it and treats me more like a slave than his wife. He verbally abuses me constantly and threatened to call USCIS, even though he know we both married for love. if I decide to try and stay would it be possible, I don't have much evidence. What I do have: 1. One year tax return 2. Joint bank account 3. Health Insurance 4. Postcards from both Of us 5. Emails and text messages 6. Photos of us. 7. Electricity bills He had his home before we met. i don't know if I should even try as I don't have much evidence. He told me if I don't behave myself and do certain things, ( 1 thing I couldn't do) he won't put my name on his bills so I don't have much. I got my 2 year green card 9 months ago so I know it look bad, but I have tried to make it work to seek counseling and he refuses. He told me Sunday it's not going to work because I told him it can't be okay to speak to his wife that way, he said it's disrespectful to say that to him. I don't know if he files for divorce yet. He refuses me to work but don't give me any allowance, I love and want to work when I tell him I want to work, he says it's because I don't appreciate what he is doing to support us. I feel like I am going crazy can't believe he is treating me this way. he says he will file for divorce, have not happen yet but just want to know what my choices and chances are. sorry my writing is not cohesive Thanks in advance for your help it will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Can anyone please help? My gf and I have been together for about two years. Finally her ex-husband (USC) has filed for divorce from CA. They have been apart for ten years. Since we have the divorce decree, can I apply for the K1 visa for her to fly here and be married in 90 days without dealing with the Philippines Annulment process? Is the divorce decree all the US Embassy need for us to apply for the visa?
  8. Can anyone please help? My gf and I have been together for about two years. Finally her ex-husband (USC) has filed for divorce from CA. They have been apart for ten years. Since we have the divorce decree, can I apply for the K1 visa for her to fly here and be married in 90 days without dealing with the Philippines Annulment process? Is the divorce decree all the US Embassy need for us to apply for the visa?
  9. My soon-to-be ex-wife is from Philippines. We have been married for 9 years but separated for one. I'm pretty much a single dad and do not have time to go on many dates. Currently my soon-to-be ex-wife is out of the state and will be back within the next few months to finalize the divorce. Like I said we have been separated for a year. I have now met the love of my life another Filipina and I would like to go see her. What I'm wondering is if I see her before my divorce is final can I use that visit on my K1 visa when I apply for her after my divorce? We really want to meet each other we have been video chatting now for six months. Because of work and money I cannot afford to keep going back and forth to the Philippines from Houston. I've only been putting it off because the divorce is not finalized and I did not want to waste a visit and not be able to use it on my application.
  10. So I'm in a dilema, I will file my I-751 next week with my spouse, right now we don't have any "big" problems in our relationship, but I really want to get out, I know they're not the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, we think different and do things differently but somehow we have still managed to live together. I'm in my late 20s and I don't want to waste the rest of my young years living like this so I was planning to file for divorce soon, but then I found the processing for the Removal of Conditions is taking about 1 year. So I've been thinking about some options, please tell me which one you think should be less risky for the Removal of my Conditions: - File jointly now, wait a few months (let's say 4) to see if we get interviewed or not, then file for divorce and move out of my house (without a waiver). - File jointly now, wait until almost the end of the process and divorce before my approval. - File jointly now, and move out without divorcing. - File jointly now and live another year depressed about this relationship until my Remove of Conditions is approved. I have enough evidence to prove this marriage was real, so that's not a problem, the problem here is I don't know if I can't make it another year living with a person that I don't want to live with anymore. Is really risky to move out without divorcing while the I-751 is processing? What options do I have? Thanks.
  11. I wish someone with proper knowledge will read my post and give me right advice. I (29) came to USA in 01/2015 with 5 years of F1 visa. Started my MS, met my present wife (24), got in love and relation for 3 months and got married in 10/2015. Received my Conditional green card on 09/2016. We were happily married couple had all and everything together and nice. Joint lease, Joint car loan, Joint bills, Joint Insurance, Joint Bank Ac, Millions of chats and symbols of love, pictures. We lived together in same home till 12/2016 I am more career ambitious and moved to Dallas 12/2016 for my MS+PhD. She is student of Bachelors of my old city. She was registered for Spring 2017 and we were in plan to move her to Dallas after Spring 2017 and during summer break. Even I was working on her transferring credit. She was living in our home and I was visiting her every month despite my severe academic loads and work pressure. From 03/27/2017 something went wrong with her and she started breaking the communication first. She started getting irritated and mad easily, behaving rude every now and then, stopped responding my texts and calls (just a minimum response from her), started saying she does not like the person I am because she feels I am tough guy. My life has been my school, work and her. I don't have anyone here at USA. She started turning real rude and brutal to me through her behavior. I was just crying and trying to discover why she was doing like that suddenly. I told her to visit me in Dallas after my semester and planned to come back together. When she was visiting me in Dallas for two days in the mean time she gave our home keys to her parents and they moved all her staffs while she was there. When I came back home I was just thundered watching our gifts, rings and cards on the shelf and nothing of her stuffs. She just said she is feeling more easy to live as daughter with her parents than living as a wife with me. I cried and cried. Now her parents are pursuing her to give me divorce and wants their daughter at their home because she is working now and she can contribute there! I am just thundered, smashed and broke at all these brutality. She started saying me she does not love me any more. I took her for marriage and relationship counseling and she said she is not sure what she will do. She does not want to go Dallas because her family is here and she was brought up here. She is completely ignoring my educational future and career prospect. She is saying not to count on her; Just to lead my life by myself. I can't eat or sleep; I am getting sick. I am saying here honestly- She had been my everything and I love her for real. Its both out 1st marriage. I don't know what she will do. My ROC is within 06/2018-09/2018. I have my student loans, car loans everything and I can not pay off immediately if my ROC gets denied based on possible divorce from her. I am trying my all best to get her back in life and save my marriage. Any advice is welcome. God bless you all.
  12. Hi, I would really appreciate your time and help regarding my case and bless you for helping me out in such a terrible situation I am stuck into. I came to the United States in 2015 on a K-1 fiancé visa and got married to my husband on December 12 2015. Soon after a few months I have been issued a conditional greencard that expires next year (April 8th 2018). It took me a long while to recognize that he has been emotionally and physically abusing me. He constantly made comments on getting me deported. I have had no access to any of his finances. In the beginning of our marriage he gave me an authorized credit card to do groceries but I have no accounts, bills or receipts in my direct name though he has added me on his joint insurance. After er a few months of our marriage he started accusing me that I married him to get citizenship. When he stopped with that he started physically hurting me by pushing, biting, slapping and pulling my hair. His emotional abuse started way before but I failed to recognize. He would constantly swear at me, lock himself in a room, won't sleep in the same room with me, eat with me and things like that. I let go of all those. It got worse and when I couldn't take his beating I pushed him only (he is a giant guy) he called the cops saying that I'm abusing him and his life is in danger. When the cops came and saw my marks and all the situation they arrested him and filed second degree assault charges on him along with a protective order for three months. I moved to his his mothers house during that time and I was scared that he will leave me and I've no family of my own here in Maryland and so I am solely dependent on him. To remove the charges the state filed, I wrote a written statement saying that I don't believe he is an abusive person and all that. When we we got back together, things have been worse than I would have really imagined. He doesn't communicate or come near me at all. He has cameras and recorders all over the house and I am under constant surveillance. He tells me everyday to go to the lawyer with him and file for a no fault divorce and go back to my country. Now, since I am on conditional green card I desperately need to know if someone has been in the similar situation how did they handle their legal status or what am I supposed to do? Divorce is a big taboo in my country and me being so young, even the thought of going back and facing the society gives me absolute fear and anxiety. 1.How can I protect my legal status in the United States lawfully and under what brackets? 2.When can I apply for to remove the conditions from my greencard on my own? 3. How long does it take and honestly what are the chances I can get it? 4. Do I need to be divorced before I apply for the waiver, during or after? Any other advice, suggestions or guidance would really help me. I am new in the United States and I've been here a fullbright scholar here before I got married. I've always maintained a healthy record of my character and I don't want it to get ruined because of somebody else. Many regards & thankyou.
  13. I got engaged to a foreigner and I called her to U.S. on K-1. Within 3 months of her being here, we got married. I applied for her immigration. Differences grew up apart while I-485 was in process. We filled annulment based on immigration fraud and send my spouse to India, after completing annulment process. One week after she left & annulment was finalized, I got her Green Card in mail without interview. (marriage was already annulled as I claimed that she had only married me for Green Card). I then got married ( in the same foreign country) with another person, 5 months after my annulment. I just applied I 1-30 for second spouse. I got an info pass appointment with USCIS and they said since my annulment..... things are between USCIS & my ex-wife. USCIS cannot cancel her Green Card and it will expire if she does not renew. She left for India and doesn't even know that she got the green card. How long will it take to approve the i-130 for second spouse, that I married 4 months after my Immigration-fraud-based-annulment from my first spouse? What are the important issues that I should be worried about?
  14. Hi all. So I moved to the US on a K-1 visa in November 2015, my wife and I were married in Jan 2016, and I got my AoS in July 2016. Recently, though, our marriage has been problematic and we're not getting on as well as I'd hoped. My green card expires in July 2018, and my question is this: If we were to file for an uncontested divorce, would that typically be resolved before my green card expiration in roughly 14 months time? If not, and I decided to move back to my home country (the UK) when the green card expired, how would the divorce process continue? Can it be completed while I'm back in my home country? Do I need to stay in the US for the entirety of the divorce process? Many thanks.
  15. Hi all- i was wondering if anybody here had experienced something like this. I really need to understand better. It has been 8 years since I first got my green card. After 4 years of legal marriage I got divorced. I had a child on my own before marriage she was 2y/o when I first got married. About 3 years later I found out that my (now) ex husband was having an affair. We separated from each other. Then I tried to give another chance to my ex ex husband (father of my first child) and accidentally got pregnant of my second child. I was not legally divorced yet but separated. Its documented that my second child was born on March/13 and that I signed the divorce letter on July/14. That being said I went to my naturalization interview last week. Passed the American History test but the officer spent almost 1 hour asking me questions regarding my ex husband and the time We were together. All the things that I've being trying to forget for so long. It was a mess!! I got really nervous, couldn't answer anything accurated I was worried about my knowledge on the questionnaire and never thought that they would go back and ask me things about him. Bottom of line, it seems like the officer didn't believe that my marriage was true love. She asked for more evidences regarding the time we were together. Anyway, now Inness to send 2 affidavit letters from friends that new both of us and that were witnesses in our marriage and another affidavit letter from me explaining how my youngest child was born DURING my marriage. Which means: before I've got divorced. PLEASE HELP!! How to write these letters? They gave me only 20 days to send everything. Thank you all!
  16. K1 beneficiary here, I just had my interview with the U.S. Consular from the U.S. Embassy Manila. I'm excited, well prepared and very positive when I went there. But after the CO asked about my fiance's previous marriage, she told me to acquire his CENOMAR from the PSA. Now, I'm puzzled, here are the facts: My fiance is a naturalized citizen on 2007 in the u.s. by marrying his u.s. citizen (Filipina) from Cr1 on 1992. He re-acquired his Philippine Citizenship on 2010 (so he’s a dual citizen) and got divorced from his u.s. Citizen wife last year 2016. He then filed a petition in USCIS K1 visa for me. I am worried because I have read a lot of negative article online regarding recognition of foreign divorce. But I couldn’t find a similar story as mine. I want to ask what do you think the US embassy in manila and the CFO might foresee in our situation? I’m a bit confused because considering these facts: *They were married in the Philippines (1991) *The wife is the u.s. citizen and my fiance is the alien (cr1) and got naturalized *My fiance is a dual citizen but his wife is a u.s. citizen Do they (USEM & CFO) have legal reasons for not allowing me to acquire k1 visa because of these facts? Thanks for the reply in advance. Shayne
  17. I would like to just share my current situation and update throughout time so that others who may go through similar situation can possibly benefit from my experience. I am also seeking advice from anyone who have gone through similar situations as well. My husband and I have known each other since the third grade in grammar school and we grew up together practically all our lives. We started officially dating early 2012 and got married December of 2013. I received my conditional green card through my husband September of 2014. My husband and I have not been getting along since October 2015. He was not coming home and just out and about at bars not letting me know where he is or who he is with. Situation only got worse and we talked about divorce back and forth but he ultimately suggested that we live apart for a year so that he can determine whether or not I am "needed" in his life. He was refusing to compromise with me and only avoided me even more since I would beg him to come to his senses whenever I did get an opportunity to run into him. After 5 months of hell it was evident that my way of trying to negotiate and work things out with him is not working. He had missed spending my birthday and Valentines day with me and his time away from home only increased. He would come home when I am at work and change and leave so that he does not need to run into me. I finally decided in March of 2016 that since my way is not working, maybe it's best I give him time and try his way. I packed my things and rented a small room near my job splitting my time between this tiny room, my family's residence and my best friend's house. My husband was devastated the day I left. He was apologetic and talked about how he wants us to be together again in the next few months. I felt like I made the right choice by giving him some time as he had wanted because it seems he was back to his old self. Throughout the next month or so, we texted and talked on the phone like normal couples. He told me that he will be moving to NY to be closer to his job (our martial residence was in NJ) once our lease is up within the next month. So of course I assumed that I will be moving in with him as well later when we are ready so I withdrew from my school in NJ to start applying for schools in NY. In May of 2016, he moved and I was added to the lease. The following month in June, I started preparing my joint petition to remove conditions and he was cooperative and it seems there were no problems. My application was submitted early July and towards the end of July-early August he mentioned that he would like to get a divorce by the end of this year. Apparently, he has been seeing someone and he is currently happy with where he is and had a change of heart. I gave myself some time to process all this since I shifted my life around my husband and early September I reached out to him and agreed on a divorce. We have been having issues with the state's residency requirements to file a divorce since we just moved to NY. I spoke with a couple lawyers with some saying we can get a divorce now and others saying we will need to wait until we have lived in NY for at least a year. I am seeing a lawyer 11/1/2016 to file for divorce despite our residency issue. I will be sending in my request to amend my joint filing along with my final divorce decree if and once received. Here is my current timeline for those of you who are curious: 7/5/2016: sent completed I-751 joint packet to be filed with USCIS to my lawyer 7/20/2016: 1 year extension of my GC received 8/19/2016: Biometrics appointment completed 9/20/2016: Conditional Green Card Expired We will be filing for divorce under no-fault irreconcilable differences. I am suffering from extreme anxiety because this year has been a nightmare for me. I am uncertain if the IO will approve my waiver and I am just scared. Hopefully I can walk through my journey here and help those who are in a similar situation. Anyone with helpful suggestions would be appreciated also..Thank you.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm gathering the supporting document to submit at NVC. I'm preparing the copy of marriage certificate, divorce certificate (From the previous marriage) and the court document for the custody of my son who is also immigrating to USA with me. Do I prepare these documents for my son as well? Does his package need my marriage certificate and divorce certificate?
  19. My husband and I care about each other deeply, but things might not work out. We are set to interview for the Green card. I guess my question is, if he gets the conditional green card, which I hope he does, and we divorce, is his conditional green card still valid, and in 2 years time, can he still qualify to have the condition removed? Or, if we divorce, when he has the conditional green card, will he have to go back to his country of origin? If things don't work out, I would like him to move in with his sister in Canada. But, with a conditional green card, would that even be possible? But pray for us. I certainly hope things don't turn out that way.
  20. My fiance is a naturalized citizen on 2007 in the u.s. by marrying his u.s. citizen (Filipina) from Cr1 on 1992. He re-acquired his Philippine Citizenship on 2010 (so he’s a dual citizen) and got divorced from his u.s. Citizen wife last year 2016. He then filed a petition in USCIS K1 visa for me. I am worried because I have read a lot of negative article online regarding recognition of foreign divorce. But I couldn’t find a similar story as mine. I want to ask what do you think the US embassy in manila and the CFO might foresee in our situation? I’m a bit confused because considering these facts: *They were married in the Philippines (1991) *The wife is the u.s. citizen and my fiance is the alien (cr1) and got naturalized *My fiance is a dual citizen but his wife is a u.s. citizen Do they (USEM & CFO) have legal reasons for not allowing me to acquire k1 visa because of these facts? Thanks for the reply in advance.
  21. Hi guys, I am filling I-751 with removing the condition while I am getting divorce, I just don't like the lawyer at all, It is the best lawyer in town that I can find! I get everything he ask for and he always tell me it is ok, I feel he is no negative and sometimes I he say wrong stuff, and he did a lot of spelling mistakes. I catch most of them I just feel that I don't like him ( the reason I chose him is he has some good advice and he has very good reviews too! Anyone has the same experience? Do you think should I show him some anger and concern or just ignore it till he finish the case?
  22. I start my divorce while I am filing for removing the condition. We had like per-wedding in my country but i came on K1 visa. Do you think is good idea to send that picture as evidence!We did not have wedding but looks like wedding. I just don't want to wast that pictures, but I am afraid to show and send the USCIS! because K1 visa for engagement visa!
  23. Asking for a colleague at work. He got married to a Ghanaian lady living in Ghana. He has found numerous evidence of infidelity. He wants to divorce his wife and halt the immigration process. He only has NOA1 for CR-1 process. My colleague lives in MD and needs help in how to accomplish this either in Ghana or in his home state. My colleague is certain that he wants to end this marriage. My colleague really needs advice from anyone who has divorced a foreign spouse that lives abroad or any advice in general. Thank you guys!
  24. Hi! I am just wondering if anyone here could help. My brother (US Citizen) is petitioning our mom in the Philippines. To cut the chase, she already have her interview date scheduled. The case is, my mom is divorced by my dad here in the US but in the Philippine law, she is still married. However, when my brother filed for petition, her marital status is DIVORCED, even on her DS-260. I am just wondering if she still needs to bring her marriage certificate or just the marriage termination documents? Thank you so much in advance!
  25. Hello, I am going thru a divorce right now and i got my green card 2008.. Me and my soon to be ex husband has been married for almost 10 years. My question is: When the divorce has been finalized what'sgoing to be the effect of that me being a Permanent Residence? My green card will expire on 2020. Does that mean i can't renew it or apply for citizenship since I am not married anymore to a US Citizen? Just need some insights. Thanks.