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Found 137 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for advice on how should I do in my current situation... My husband is a US citizen. I marry my husband in Thailand in 2009 and we have ceremony and full wedding (pictures, family and everything) but did not do the paperwork to make marriage legal. We have son together born in 2011. Then in 2006 we do the paperwork and legal marry in Thailand. Then in July 2017 we apply green card for me and come to USA in Sept 2017. My problem is I am not happy with marry now. We live with his family and I find out he lie about a lot of thing and his family too. He not tell me we not do the paperwork make legal when we marry in 2009 because he still marry in USA, but not finish divorce so that why we wait. He also do the bankruptcy and his family do it too. He also have anger problem, and police arrest him and charge him for fight with family at their house and breaks stuff. So I'm scared for me and my son and don't know what else they hide from me. I don't trust him and his family anymore, but don't want to lose green card if divorce. I read online I can do the I-751 for the 10 year green card if divorce, do the waiver and say divorce. I cannot find out if I need divorce first then do the I-751 or do the I-751 before file divorce. What to do and when to do? Can someone please help? thank you so much!
  2. **I apologize if this post is in the wrong category!!** Hello, I live in Morocco, where I met my Moroccan boyfriend. We are discussing now about the K1 visa. We are concerned about the red flags that could possibly come up during the application process when I do actually file. The reason why we are concerned is that my boyfriend is currently married to an American. She lives in the US and he lives in Morocco. She initiated the divorce over a year ago and he has repeatedly encouraged her (especially after meeting me) to work on getting a divorce. However, she will not file for the divorce in the US because she is adamant about using a lawyer since she doesn't feel comfortable applying for the divorce on her own. She says she does not have money to file for it. He has tried getting her to come to Morocco (and offered to pay a lot of the costs). In Morocco, the fastest way to get a divorce is if the ex is actually in the country. This was confirmed by multiple lawyers. He found another way to proceed with the divorce process. This process will take time especially since he has to save up a lot of money. My questions: -In order to mitigate some of the possible problems with this red flag, we have decided to have a document that discusses when they were separated and why the divorce took a long time. What else should this letter include? Do you think that it will be helpful? My boyfriend has been trying really hard to get this divorce but a lot of things are out of his control. -If he gets his divorce finalized in the summer and I apply in December, will the COs look at that more positively since some time had actually elapsed after his divorce? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi everyone, Hope to get some clarification and advice here. Back in February 2017 my husband and I jointly filed i-751. Since that time a lot of things happened between us and at the end of last year I moved out from him. Not long ago I received RFE from USCIS asking for more evidence. I was going to write a letter to USCIS letting them now that we are currently separated, so they will treat the case as a solo petitioner, but can't find any forms or info about how to do that properly. Do I need to add all the documents proving our marriage was real or will have to bring it all to the final interview? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Filed a divorce yet illegal alien

    My wife left me to US, now staying illegally(TNT). She wanted to be and American and she wants to marry a citizen, however she's married here in PH and under PH law. However i received a Divorce letter with title JOINT PETITION FOR SUMMARY DECREE OF DIVORCE. Understood that we dont have divorce however will this action voids our marriage since we're married here and NOT in the US. Can she remarry in the US? She's not a citizen nor resident of the US, she had B1/B2 visa when she entered the US.
  5. Hello everyone. I will remove conditions on GC based on divorce + abuse. I hope will have my divorce final before submitting all documents for a GC. And I have few questions : I have few video / phone record of my husband, threatening me .I know in IL it's illegal to record someone without his permission.But how can I use it for immigration like a proof of mental/emotional abuse??? What can I do ? Can I bring this records to a po li ce department and ask advice there ? Or can they make a report base on the records ? Also I have some nasty text messages from him (sex related) ,and even some with a porno pictures , saying "if you will not do this with me, I will not go for an interview " ( it was for temporary GC). Of course I feel absolutely shame to tell someone about things like that, and don't know how send copies of this messages to immigr. for my 10 years GC. Thanks in advance for any advice !!!
  6. Hello everybody, I wanna explain my horrible situation and hopefully I will find a solution with people who's been through the same as I'm going through right now, or at least, I will know what to do. on October 2017, I filled my ROC I-751 jointly. on February 26th, 2018 my case was move from has been moved (as for a lot of people) from California service center to my local office, then on March 5th, I got another notification that my case was receive at my local office again and it says that I have to wait till march 29th to hear something back form them. Now, my problem is that my spouse and I have been dealing with so many issues that we decided we are gonna get divorce in the next weeks because is the best for both of us and theres no way we are getting back together. since they transferred my case to my local office, there might be a slight change that we get an interview within the next weeks while we are getting divorce!!! omg! What can I do to change my jointly to waiver? Should I go to the interview with my spouse and explain them that we are getting divorce in that interview, should I write a letter? please I need help. I'm really scare and having so much anxiety and depression over this. I have my life here, I'm going to school, I'm settle now! please if somebody has an advice for me or if they have been through the same as me, please tel me what you did.
  7. I was married in Kenya by traditional means, which is recognized as legal in Kenya, but there was no state registration. This marriage ended several years ago, by all reasonable measures, but as there was no record of the marriage, there is also no record of a divorce. I have had a tourist visa to the US for many years, and recently married a US citizen, in the US. Now I would like to apply for citizenship. My conundrum is, my past visa application states (correctly) that I was married. But I have no documentation to show that I am divorced. It is highly unlikely that I could get a divorce decree in Kenya, for a variety of reasons (no record of marriage, ex spouse is out of the country and not cooperative, etc.). I assume that USCIS would require proof of divorce before accepting that I am married to an US citizen. In that case, what would USCIS accept as proof of divorce (i.e. of termination of a traditional marriage)?
  8. Hello Everyone, Quick question for anyone who is filing in Michigan. It seems like Michigan only has Judgment of Divorce and not an actual Divorce Decree. When I went to court they told me that its the same thing. Has anyone sent their Judgement of Divorce and got an RFE for it? Or has anyone sent it and it was accepted? Thanks!
  9. Hi there, does anyone know whether you need to include a copy of the former marriage certificate in addition to the decree absolute to show the previous marriage was dissolved in the I-129F? Also, do you know if it matters if the documents are scanned and not perfectly straight or centred?
  10. Hello i need some help., I got married to a US citizen (we both live in the US) and we filed to obtain the green card, the I-130 was approved a couple weeks ago that's all we have done so far., the problem here is that lately we been having a lot of problems and we cant just not get alone anymore so we file for divorce now my questions are can I remarry and apply again with my new wife, and if i can do that right away or do I have to wait, also we live in Nevada and divorce here only takes 24 hours... please help!
  11. Hello, So my situation is this. Me and my ex husband (still married he recently filled for legal separation) My conditional Green Card is going to expired on May 2018, he said he is willing to file it with me jointly. Is it going to be okay to file it together eventhough we are separated? what should I do?! Should I do a waiver?! I really have no idea but I really need help cause May is around the corner. Thank you very much -Joannah
  12. Filipino citizen with USA divorce

    My brother who is a Filipino got married to a Filipina in the late 70s. They went to the US after two years and they got a divorce (both still Filipino citizens) and it was honoured in the US. The woman then remarried and got naturalized. Question, will the divorce be considered valid in the Philippines? If no, does that mean she’s married there to the American but considered void here? Since the American spouse petitioned her, is she considered American here in the Philippines? Wouldn’t that be fraud?
  13. I am a Filipino woman engaged to an American guy. We are looking to get married next year in the US. I was previously married here in the Philippines to a British guy. We separated in 2013 and he filed for divorce. I got a copy of the divorce decree in 2016. My question is: would I still need to have my foreign divorce recognized here in the Philippines when I am looking to get married in the US?
  14. Hello all, I recently got approved for my 10 yr green card, having divorce while in ROC. I have received some messages about my particular situation with my ROC process, so I think is a good idea to share my experience and what I did. The background story: I got married to a USC and I adjusted my status. I got my Conditional Residence in 2014. We had a good marriage for a few years and then I was set to Remove my conditions in 2016. I completed the paperwork, sent a ton of evidence, my then husband signed and we sent everything to the service center. I received a one-year extension letter and did my biometrics. Then in 2017 my husband and I began to have serious issues. We tried therapy, and after a few sessions and information I didn't know about before, it was obvious to me that I could not forgive what he did, I moved out and filed for divorce. By this time my ROC was still pending. This is what I did: I changed my address on USCIS as soon as I moved out. Once my divorce was final (took only two months) I sent my divorce decree, a letter asking them to change my petition to divorce waiver, 2017 tax returns, and a letter from our therapist to the same service center with a copy of both my NOA1 and my biometrics appt letter. I sent the package overnight and certified. I called a week after and talked to a Tier 2 officer to ask if there was anything else I needed to do. I was told that all was good, and to call back after 60 days to make sure my new documents were placed in my file. I called again after 60 days, the tier 2 officer place a service request. I got a letter a week after saying that the documents were in fact placed with my file. I received an approval in 2018, no RFE, no interview. If you are going through something similar, I know the struggle. Having to worry about all the immigration updates on top of all the issues you are living with divorce is hard (specially if you are the one who was hurt by your spouse). But, remember to keep USCIS updated! and keep a record of everything you send them.
  15. Evebing6 looking for any guiandance on this topic. I'm looking at filing for divorce from my husband who is a permanent resident and has been in the US since May. There has been several things revealed since he arrived that I found. I guess I'm just looking at what "finacially reslonsible" means also can I file for his green card revoked? Thank you
  16. Thank you in advance for reading. My wife and I got married 2 years ago, after being together for almost 4 years, and unfortunately, things have not worked out for us. The separation is mutual as none of us have done any harm to the other, but we realized that we have overall very different life goals/pursuits. I adjusted my status from student to permanent resident through our marriage, which obviously is bona fide. My conditional green card will expire next year, and I have read online that it was sometimes possible to remove the conditional status of the residency if the marriage is proven to be bona fide from the start. Does anyone know how to best prepare for that, or has some experience first-hand? I would really appreciate it any thoughts! Again, thank you for reading!
  17. I'm a 29 year old Filipina, married to a 27 year old, American born Taiwanese. We got married 2015, and i was able to join him in the US April of 2016. I am a greencard holder, although since we were only married for less than 2 years when i went to the US, i am supposed to apply for an adjustment of status or removal of conditions (from conditional legal resident to legal resident) before the 2nd anniversary of my arrival which would be (before april of 2018). However, i left the US October of 2017. To make the story short, our marriage didn't work out. So i rushed home to the Philippines. Initially planned to just take a break, and be in my comfort zone again. But after constantly exchanging emails with my husband i realized that we really couldn't get along anymore. On top of that, my dad's health condition is getting worse (he's now on his final stage of liver cirrhosis) and i couldn't, even for a second, think of being away from my family again especially with my dad's current situation. I haven't acquired any properties or anything there, I have nobody and no house to go back to, and also zero funds to start anew. So to me, there's no more reason to go back to the US. My concerns: 1. I want to know what happens to my residency status since i won't be able to apply for the removal of conditions this April. Will they just automatically void my visa? Not that I plan to go back but is there anything i need to do? to complete? or to submit? 2. My husband and I already agreed to separate, and get divorced but he is preoccupied as of the moment. He's got no time to find out what needs to be done. There's no rush, but is there anything i can/need to do on my end? Thanks in advance for your advice! Have a good day!
  18. Without citing how I'm either involved in this, or how I'm related to the persons in question, I will try to give as much info as possible otherwise. A female LPR from the Philippines came to the US with her likewise Filipino husband (current LPR) who had petitioned her to come with with him to the US after his visa was approved. Their work visas were for 10 years. 7 years after becoming an LPR the two separated. The pinay later began a relationship with a USC. She then filed for a divorce in the US and married said USC. Her green card, and Philippines passport both still say her ex husband's surname because the Philippine embassy denied her request to change it to her maiden name when she renewed her passport. She is still legally married to pinoy LPR in the Philippines, and legally married to the USC in the US. Her passport and greencard still has her pinoy ex husband's surname while her state ID and SS card have her maiden name. Her visa is soon to expire, which she is sure she wants to pursue renewing her work visa rather than becoming a USC or for dual-citizenship. She refuses to file for annulment in the Philippines because it's expensive. Would any of this block her from either renewing her visa or becoming a USC? Is that considered Bigamy? What could she do going forward to fix anything necessary if it is in the way?
  19. Hi, I (USC) divorced my then-husband (non-USC) at the end of last year, after filing for AOS but before the green card interview. We originally did the K-1 visa, then filed for AOS after our marriage. He got his advanced parole and work permit a few months later. Things were not working out (not due to abuse, just a bad marriage) so we agreed to get divorced before the green card interview was scheduled (it has still not been scheduled-- we moved so our case was transferred from one super-busy field office to the back of the line at another). The divorce is finalized and we are no longer married, and my ex-husband has returned to his home country. I want to notify USCIS and withdraw our application, but I am not sure what exactly I am supposed to do. Am I withdrawing the i-864 affidavit of support, or the i-485 adjustment of status? Thank you for any help.
  20. I got separated from my ex-wife back in March 2017, filed for divorce in June 2017 but on my divorce decree, it says the marriage officially ended in December 2017. I started seeing my fiancee in August 2017, which is earlier than the final divorce date on my decree, but by that time I'd already been long separated from my ex-wife. I'm getting ready to send my K-1 Visa application to bring my fiancee but will they deny our application since I began my relationship with my fiancee before the date my previous marriage ended according to the divorce decree?
  21. Hello, my conditional card is expiring 09/2018. My divorced got final 10/2017. Today I went to lawyer's office to open contract for I-751 filing. During that time I informed him that my ex-wife complained/wrote to USCIS about cancellation of her petition (after divorce). I am informed that she bashed me in her writing there and also wrote enough true and lies to unhook her Affidavit of Support. My marriage was fine; we loved each other till we fell a part. Some stinky things happened from her side which made us unable to continue the relation (regarding fidelity). Anyway, when I told the lawyer about her writing then he told me that my chances for getting approved is very low since she wrote to USCIS and also mentioned now it is 10 times harder to get approved because of her complain. Also he said: He will charge me double because filing for me will cost him extra time. He also said: If I file by myself my chances are 10% only. He mentioned: "You were staying here because of your ex-wife; if you are divorced then you have no right to stay; immigration will ask you to go back home." To be honest, I am very frustrated now. I have all the evidences of my bonafide marriages. Plus the most important thing-- I loved her truly and I do still. Whatever happened those were not expected from a loyal wife. And also I could not support whatever had been going on between us. Long story short-- We were divorced after 23 months of marriage life; she ended up being aggressive and hostile-- she tried to withdraw her sponsorship and wrote whatever she could. What you guys advice? Can I try by myself? or Hire lawyer? Or just for her writing -- I am done with Condition removal? I opened my business here; started new life after lots of depression, started school again-- I can move out from USA but I will make financial loss, academic loss and most importantly-- in my country it will be seriously difficult for me to get a good Job at my age (I am 31) coz I have to start from fresh as not experienced! If any of you can advice me properly I will be blessed. Thanks in advance
  22. The g325a now asks for the marriage date and location and the termination date and location. There is not nearly enough room on the form to put anything other than the country. Is that all they are asking for? Or should i include an attachment with the city state and country?
  23. My husband and I are applying for sponsorship for my in-laws, however they have divorced each other once before... Do i need to show their final divorce decree? (We cant really find it) Can i just show their first marriage certificate on which there is a stamp that there has been a divorce between them on a certain date by some judge? Do you think that will be enough? We cant get to their country and get that final divorce since its not in the Town but in a court and they are already here (In USA)...
  24. Hiii, If anyone has any advice about my question please feel free to share. so if you are divorced and you waited pretty much a year, the last 90 days period to file the I -751 is it still okay to travel? at the POE , the airport will you have any problem entering? there is no way to figure out if ex notified uscis about the divorce, so its like a 50-50 chance. please share any experiences. thank youu. appreciate it
  25. Hello VJ !! If anyone knows how to fill out I-751 when you're still pending divorce, please share your knowledge with me! I recently talked to an immigration lawyer, and he said this about Part 3. Basis for Petition, Waiver or Individual Filing Request (P.3): I cannot check 1.d. "My marriage was entered in good faith, but the marriage was terminated through divorce or annulment.", but I have to check 1.g. "The termination of my status and removal from the United States would result in an extreme hardship". Explain my intention to switch to Divorce Waiver on obtaining divorce decree, He said it's very easy, he does this all the time, but I've never read this on VJ. When you filed with Waiver request, you fill N/A for the Spouse's Individual Statement and Contact Information part, I guess ? Thanks!