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Found 120 results

  1. Good morning everyone, I would like to share my story with you and get some experiences from you guys. I came to the US in 2012 in a fiance visa, we follow all the process, had a wonderful marriage until it started falling apart for several reasons. We provided USCIS lots and lots of proof of our bonafide marriage during our process, we bought a house together, had joint accounts, etc. We are now in good terms and it was a very painful divorce with lots of conflicts. It's been 5 years now since I got my green card through him, got married again and sadly my late husband was abusive and a cheater, got divorced again but had a wonderful child with him , she is my life. I have no criminal records, pay all my taxes, I am a great mom and I'm employed. I am very afraid of judgement, of USCIS officers to judge me for failing at 2 marriages in 5 years, or to even think the first one was fake somehow. Attorneys tell me this happens often and I should not be afraid but with the current administration I can not NOT be afraid. Please share your experiences.
  2. Dear forum members, I once post my question here and I got many great comments. Thank you so much. I confirmed that my divorce is in process. It's been very stressful... ;( Now I have to be ready. Here are my questions. 1. How soon do I have to file I-751 Waiver? I know that I need do it within three month after divorce. Is it better to get everything ready and submit it as soon as I get my divorce decree? 2. I want to move to different states. I live in Idaho, and it's been really hard. Does it matter if I move to different states? 3. My sponsor is my boss at work. My wife couldn't do it since she didn't file the tax previous year. Should I mention this? 4. Only my name is on utility bill, and we used different phone company. Should I explain about these on my cover letter? 5. How many affidavits do I need? I have three now. Thanks for your support. I am welcome to get any advice.
  3. Hi... My wife is divorcing me. I did everything to change her mind, but since her parents are heavily involved, I can do anything to stop it. They threaten me to sign the divorce paper or they said they can cause me a huge trouble regard to my immigration status. I got scared and signed it which I regret so much. She filed the papers...now it is in the process. I was depressed for a long time, but I know I have to survive. I did research and started gathering evidences. I will hire the lawyer, but I am not sure who is good or not. I've talk to the one in local, and he said we should start right away. He seemed nice and he asked $3500 fee. At this point, more than money, I want to find someone is really good for sure. My life is depends on this... 1. Can you guys recommend any good lawyers? I tried avvo ratings, and I am not sure how reliable it is. 2. if I can prove that our marriage is bona fide, will it be approved 100%? because we loved each other so much. I still miss her a lot. I have evidences, but not a lot. Thanks for reading this. Please help me.
  4. My wife and I met Oct 2014 Canada fell pretty in love right away, she got a job in the US 3 months after we started dating, (she's a dual citizen), we started the K-1 process. I moved in with her in NYC Oct 2015, we got married Nov 2015, We got married in Vermont (a small ceremony on her grandfathers property with only her immediate family attending). We had a second reception Summer 2016 with 100 ppl including her family and mine back in Canada. Photos at both. We went on a honeymoon after in Canada for a week (I have proof of that). In May 2016 we signed a joint lease on an apartment. We also shared names on a US bank account, credit cards and utilities. She did not take my name. The relationship started to break down more and more until my wife ended up moving out of that same apartment mid April 2017. We seperated, I signed the lease by myself, and we divided the things, money in bank accounts/debt, cancelled credit cards etc. We are on good terms and want to do an uncontested divorce. I'll be handling the paperwork for that. My conditional GC is valid until Jan 2019. I have 1 year to get an uncontested divorce and apply for my greencard based on bonafide marriage. Does that seem likely? Also, what happens if I keep working on a conditional greencard when it expires if my work doesn't say anything, (They never mentioned anything when my work permit ran out, even though I had green card by that time). Also, If I got married in Vermont, is there a different process for divorce? I live in NYC so I will be divorcing from there. Thanks! -TP
  5. Long post but for anyone having doubts of any kind concerning your oversees fiance, maybe this will encourage you to have a third party check her out before you throw your life away to be with her. Not sure how this happened. I was successful but very lonely business man here in America and met a gentle 20 y/o Filipina online.. Fell so head over heels, I couldn't concentrate at work. I gave up my job, sold my cars, let my nearly paid off house go and moved my possessions clear across the U.S. for storage at families house.. then I went to Phil and married my dream woman. I should have been smarter. As soon as I got there, within two weeks it was obvious her family had been scamming me. None even tried to work. They'd been living completely off of me for months. I told my fiance that it wasn't right so if she wanted me, we should leave and we did. I set up a house far away from her families cause at this point she was afraid of them. We got married and things were good for the next 6 months while I was there. When I got back to USA, everything changes. I've since found out it was only a week later she started going out and within a couple months having men spend the night. I first noticed she was acting rude and short with me Until she needed her monthly finances..lol..nice for a few days ahead and a day or two after but then grouchy the rest of the month. Then pictures started showing up online and a mutual friend from there sent a picture of her snuggled on bed with another guy. Since then I confronted her and She denied everything. I sent a picture and then shes only texted responses to me since. Her mother texted me often to say her daughter didnt do anything wrong, just drunk and fell asleep like that and my wifes not talking because she's mad I accuse her, that I should apologize..lol..after awhile I wanted to believe her.. Friends from there are mad though because then she started being very open there with her infidelity. I have no doubt now with 260 pictures of partying and other men and witness accounts of her bringing them home or spending the night with them that she's not only been unfaithful but that she most likely never loved me at all. So great.. I've been scammed but worse ran through the most painful , degrading experience in my life. I nearly committed suicide I was so ashamed. But with the help of friends I've moved on but didnt divorce. One friend who helped me has been married for years to a Filipina and a few months back had his wife's cousin contact me. When I asked him about it, he chuckled and said everyone deserves to be happy and to get to know this young lady. I have and now as impossible as it seems, I love her. I'd like to marry her but my past is going to make things tough. Questions: 1. I can get divorce rather simply here. I would rather not get recognition of foreign decree there because of cost and time.All the information I find about the recognition of philippine courts concerns the Filipnas rights to remarry and it's affect on immigration. Since im American and goverened by American divorce law, If I have my divorce papers, will I be able to get a marriage license there? Will I be able to register our new marriage there. Will it mess up a DCF if I don't get it recognised first? When I go to be with my wife to be, I want to marry and just stay until I can file k3 DCF... I know this was long but when I go back to Philippines I want everything figured out first so I don't make a worse mess of things.. any help is appreciate.
  6. Dear all, We have now been asked to provide divorce proof from each of our FIRST marriages although we have already provided proof of our SECOND subsequent marriage's divorce. We got an RFE on 8 Dec which we complied with and returned then a second on 22 Dec asking for this additional proof. I have been married twice before, my partner twice too plus a long common-law relationship (his last one). My partner doe not have the certificate from 40+ years ago and we are familiar with what is needed having to go to LA to request one etc (having already been through this unsuccessfully!! In the case of his second marriage we ultimately got a death certificate as his ex subsequently passed) This feel like total red tape simply to obstruct. I have not seen anything in the instruction to provide proof of ALL previous marriages, only the last. Has anyone else encountered this or challenged this? I do feel that all we can do - again - is comply. We have already been seven months in process and not got as far as NOA2. Why was this not asked for on 8 Dec when they sought the death certificate or proof of no certificate for the last marriage? Your help appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, can you apply for fiance visa right away after you receive your divorce decree? Or do you have to wait for few months before you could apply for fiance visa. My ex and I are processing our divorce now and it should be final by next month, hopefully, but my now fiance wants to file for fiance visa as soon as i receive my divorce decree, is that possible? Thank you.
  8. Hi, We will be filing in April and getting as much done pre then as possible. My divorce decree is stamped by the court but no judges signature. Will this be an issue and if so how can I get the judge to re-issue? Amanda
  9. For those not familiar with my situation here's a breakdown: Husband entered 11/18/2017 Moved in with me 11/19/2017 Left me 12/9/2017 I have no idea where he's at other than he is staying at a men's shelter in Oakland, CA. I found that out by accident when he was facetiming me one night and ran outside to help break up an altercation. He stood in front of the building and I was able to see the sign partially. He made an unannounced visit to my job on 12/20/2017 to apologize and say he wants to reconcile. However, it's all bull. Since he has refused any contact with me. Twice he has said we will meet then when the time comes he acts cold and tells me he doesn't trust me, the marriage is over etc. I want to try to file an annulment based on fraud or divorce. Either way, he needs to be served. I called a process server and he said he hasn't been here long enough to create a trail so finding him is going to be really difficult. Does anyone have any advice for me? He had said he was going home, even asked me to help by his ticket. But, anything to do with meeting me he refuses claiming he's afraid and doesn't trust me etc. He flip flops back and forth and now I see it's a game probably just to prolong his time here while he figures out what to do next. Someone has to be helping him.
  10. Me: Woman, American citizen, early 30s, divorced from an American citizen. We separated in March 2017. I filed for divorce in August, and it was finalized in November. I have my decree of divorce and I'm past the waiting period for remarrying. Fiance: Man, Italian, mid-30s, living in The Netherlands. Never married. We met in university when I studied abroad in Italy 10 years ago. We've kept in friendly contact through the years. Last spring, I separated from my then-husband. Things had been bad for awhile. My Italian friend decided to come and visit me and take a class in the USA. We fell in love. I submitted a divorce application. After the divorce was final, he came to visit my family for Thanksgiving. I'm going to visit his for Christmas, and while we're together, I'd like to get the K-1 petition started. We'd like to get married and have him come here to live with me. We're both eager to have children! I'm nervous that I have no hope of getting the K-1 visa approved because our relationship started when I was still married. I know that the COs give these cases extra scrutiny. Has anyone had a similar experience? Would it be better for us to go the CR-1 route so we can circumvent concerns about my past marriage. Thank you!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm filing for ROC next April. My husband and I are separated, and we can do either "filing jointly while in separation" or "divorce waiver". We plan to divorce. Our state North Carolina stipulates legal divorce procedure be initiated after a year of separation. We're not sure when spouse clearly made the decision of not getting back. It could be any time this year. My question: Can I file divorce waiver while just separated, waiting for divorce? I read in this forum that other people file divorce waiver and wait RFE to submit the final decree. I'd like to do that if possible. Many thanks for your advice! MatchaRyokucha PS. I'm new here. Filling out timeline soon.
  12. Quick update to note that all conditions have been removed post divorce. In this case, I took the advice of other forum members and submitted a lot of documentation and evidence stating the facts up front. Processing time was over 1 year and I kept having to get i-551 stamps in the interim. Once I got to the interview, i prepared all my documentation and some more and sat in for the interview with my attorney. To my surprise, they had not reviewed my file in detail and after 10 minutes of cursory discussions to validate facts about my case the agent seemed satisfied and told me they would reach out if need be. I insisted that she contact me directly should she need anything and happy to see 1.5 months later my case status adjusted accordingly. New GC has arrived with 10 yr expiration. Let me know if there are questions.
  13. Hi all it's been a while. I'll try to make this short and to the point. My husband's visa was approved November 8, he entered the US November 18, and sadly I think I've been bamboozled as he left our home yesterday December 9. Now he's claiming I was verbally abusive, he's submitting the chats to the embassy etc, that he can no longer be here with me and has blocked me on whatsapp. He even sent the police to my house saying I threatened him and my own life etc. To my knowledge he is still in the local area staying in shelters. Him saying he's abused and feels like I'm a threat I thought about the vawa process, don't know if that applies here. We are CR1 but he doesn't yet have a green card. He is working and said with his first paycheck he's buying a ticket home. I don't believe him. I am devastated and truly don't feel this can be salvaged and will unfortunately be filing for divorce. From an immigration stand point is there anything I can do? I do know he misrepresented about previous drug use because he tried to smoke weed with a family member here begging them to let him have some that he used to use it all the time in DR to calm him etc. Family member wouldn't allow it because he knows it's a no no with immigration. Can he legally stay here? Sorry if this is all over the place I'm a wreck and please any help is appreciated.
  14. Hi there, I have multiple questions regarding to our case. I have a girlfriend who I am in love with and have a child. However, she is married with an older man. She has 3 children with the husband. I understand everything sounds wrong and I ask of all of you to please remove the judgement. It has been an incredibly difficult road and I know it will be an even more difficult road ahead. When my son was born, the wife and husband had my son under their names. However, my girlfriend is wiling to fill the paperwork necessary for a paternity test. My girlfriend is in the process of her removing her conditions from her 2 year green card. She is about to undergo the biometric process for the I-751. My concern is that if I file a paternity test, will it affect her green card status? My goal here is to see my son with joint custody and not have the mother of my baby deported. Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you in advance for any responses.
  15. Hi there -- If a married couple legally separates is it better than divorce in legal eyes? I have my conditional green card... are the two interchangeable in this place, or should we go with being legally separated? We've chosen to take a long break from one another and live in different places - will it seem wrongful or fraudulent to wait to be divorced? Thanks.
  16. Unfortunately our marriage ended though bitter experience in 09/2017. We dated for 4 months, got married 10/2015, received Cond. GC 09/2016. We started having issue from 04/2017 and started living separate since 05/2017. My ex-wife filed for divorce 07/2017; and that was finalized in September 2017. Note: I was at USA on Student visa (expiring 2019) and we both were going same school. We definitely loved each other and married for making a perpetual bond for this life. I tried my all best to save our relation; through friends and family advice, marriage counselors and other sources. But her mind was completely moved out; even she clearly mentioned she were not having any love or emotion for me. I understood, decided to try to solve issues but nothing turned good. Rather something bad came up as a result; some of her involvements with her ex-bf and things really turned rude and nasty. I did not fight for anything in divorce; rather I gave her everything we had since I really loved her and honestly still I do. I know it sounds dumb but I really loved her. I really don't know what happened during the process of divorce; somehow she ended up complaining at USCIS local office against me (Her sole intention was to withdraw her affidavit of support on me). I never did anything wrong or never had any questionable issue in our relation; I am sure she was provoked to do so by someone. She was scared if I could claim support from her which I never did or ever will do. I am totally on the dark side what damages her complain did to my status or towards my upcoming application of ROC because we don't have any contact now. My CGC expires on 09/2018. I went to some lawyers and also went through some threads here. I have 4 questions only: 1. Do I need to hire a lawyer to be safe regarding ROC? Or I can just fill out the forms and add the related proofs, then send to USCIS? I hope my provided list of evidences can help to advice regarding lawyer issue. 2. I have some bonafide-marriage evidences which are below: Are these evidences okay or enough? Or any other evidences required? Joint Apt. Lease, Joint Utility bills, Joint 2 bank accounts, 2 years Joint tax return, title and loan documents of 3 joint cars, Joint Car insurance, 2 months Joint health insurance (later I could not afford) Some government agencies letters to our common address and under our joint names, marriage counseling papers, T-mobile joint accounts with her family members in plan. Our hotel vouchers during travel, some couple and family pictures (she had most pictures and she did not provide me those when I asked her during living separate), spouse card from her employer Walmart and Sam's club, my emails to her during living separate, our all chats and communication histories, affidavits from neighbors and home owners- mutual friends (No affidavit from her family because I asked one time but they did not cooperate; I am not comfortable begging to them) 3. Is there any issue if I submit ROC application before CG expiry? Or I have to submit immediately since the divorce has been finalized? 4. As I said- We are not in contact and I really don't know what she did at USCIS local office. Can her any step do potential damages to my status/or upcoming application? I am confident about my honesty and relation; but I am worried if she misrepresents any thing under influence. Any help appreciated; God bless.
  17. Hello, me and my wife (US citizen) has two daughter within this two year marriage life. She file divorce when my 2 years conditional green card about to expired. What can I do? The divorce takes time to finalised . I have four month before it expired. What kind of action shall I suppose to take. this marriage fall apart due to her family involvement ( her mom and her niece used to live in our apartment ). for all valuable suggestion and recommendation I will be great full!!!
  18. hey everyone, i need some advice with my situation. I received my Conditional Green Card based on marriage in January this year. My wife started cheating in the meantime and filed for divorce as well. Pretty soon we will be divorced. From what i have read it is my understanding that i will have to just get a waiver for the requirement to file form I-751 jointly next year and since the marriage was entered in good faith there shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately the divorce is turning ugly - should i worry about my soon to be ex-wife doing something for spite to hurt my status? i know for a fact, that she went to the uscis website and changed my address to her current address. I tried changing it back, but the system wont accept my request since the case has been closed with me getting the GC. My second question is regarding bankruptcy - i have medical bills and i have accumulated a lot of debt through the divorce ( wife abandoned me, got stuck with paying rent alone, lawyers' fees, etc), so i am seriously considering filing for bankruptcy. I know it is perfectly legal, yet i cant find a definite answer whether it will hurt my chances for ROC next year. is it supposed to show "bad moral character"? and if yes, if i dont file for bankruptcy - doesnt having a lot of debt show that as well? Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  19. I will be divorcing my wife who I have sponsored. I signed an affidavit of support and my father was a co-sponsor. My wife does not work, and my lawyer feels that some spousal support is unavoidable for at least some period of time, probably a year max. However my father is very concerned about the affidavit of support. In reality, what kind of trouble can we expect down the road? I know that my wife wouldn't qualify for income based services like food stamps (unless she didn't list mine and my father's income when applying) and if she did, then the government could sue us to get the money back. But are there other issues? Like if she is uninsured and goes to the hospital? Can't pay her rent? Racks up credit card debt? Thanks
  20. My ex, I believe, is a covert narcissist. Me, a codependent. Very bad mix of people. Fireworks at first, wow did I think I was in love. I think emotional abuse can be just as extreme as physical abuse. He set the seed for my own self destruction, basically watched me fall apart while he was Mr. Cool guy with no issues. These long distance relationships have the potential to really blossom and be amazing, but they can also be very dark with someone who shows strong personality disorder tendencies. The night he left I for once didn't go chasing after him, begging to forgive me for doing nothing wrong. Which he hated and then decided to go back home and throw me away like I don't mean anything to him. He went back and we didn't speak for a week or so. Then we talked and of course it was all my fault. His drinking problem, my fault. His mom kicking him out, not having any money, my fault. His personality did some 180s once he got back, being very vulgar and even putting my mom down. Then he also messaged me a week after that, he had gone to the Philippines with his friend on a vacation. Found a new woman and even sent me pictures of her. What is he 18? No he's 39. He also told me he's going on dating sites and sleeping with woman. Mature. It helps me actually remove all my feelings and not hurt, this is not a person that loves me and I deserve better. So I have no real idea who this guy is. At all. We would always joke about 90 day fiance and how sorry the relationships were. We would have been stars. So I'm leaving next month for my new job. Amazing state. I talked to a lawyer and it's going to be 2500 down for the divorce. I know it's not a ton of money, but when you're moving and wanting to buy a home, money is tight. Do I choose to divorce immediately or a better opportunity? I feel like this relationship has already taken enough of me. 3 years of my life I spent trying to fix things and bring us together. Only to be emotionally broken down. He will not corporate at all. He says he will send documents, but then he said he dosnt have the money for postage (victim here, guess he shouldnt have spent all his money on alcohol, clothes, McDonald's and a vacation to find a replacement). Then I've also got the moving issue. Do I fly back for the divorce? Do I just wait and try to do it in my new state later? Is it even possible once I move? If I post it in the paper it takes a month! I'm actually worried he might try to go after me for something. He has lied to me so many times. His personality changes hourly. I can't trust a word the man says. He tells me I'm abusive. I don't want to go into too much detail but I think I was heavily brainwashed in a very covert way. It's like hes controlling, but not your typical control freak. He would never say, "don't do that", or "you can't go there". It's a completely different technique that makes you question your own sanity and self worth. Flips everything so he's the victim. Me being the codependent, I always fell for it, it was like falling down a never ending hole. He would have allowed me to keep falling too had I stopped feeling sorry for him. He left the country though, I should be in the clear right? Plus he's supposedly broke. Or course when I talk to a lawyer they tell me to do it NOW. Is it really necessary if he's left the country? I just don't want things to bite me in the ### later. Also, when he was here he got in a huge fight at the bar. It was one of the many nights he decided to leave his family, told me to off, and went out drinking (with all his bags). Ended up going to the hospital and getting stitches. He owes about 3500 in medical expenses. To be honest this is annoying. I work in healthy care. Insurance is so expensive and it's partly because of this. He'll never pay it. But could I report it to the uscis? I'm not about screwing him over. Or maybe I am. I do feel I was used for a good, fun time.. Not an actual marriage. Which is what he made me believe he wanted. But it's some loser from another country using our system, being a child, and not taking responsibility for his actions. Now I realize why the process is so hard. But it still dosnt keep mentally unwell people out. Sorry for the long post. I don't want to underestimate how manipulative and deceitful this man truly is. I sometimes still see the cognitive dissonance, he's a horrible guy or, he's not that bad and will change. Should I hold off on the divorce? can I wait until I move states? is it really going to make a difference if I wait another 6 months to file divorce? But then it leaves time and space for him to creep back in, he's already tried. This is my first marriage. The state is beautiful, lower taxes, lots to do outdoors, the work is better and lots of benefits pay wise. Plus I have grown to kind of hate my town. It's a small town and the guy made "friends" with everyone (friends that he would speak badly about all the time). So of course he smeared me to others. In my own town. He's charming and everyone loved his accent. But I think it'll be a great opportunity and a way for me to even move on from this mess. Thanks for reading and if I'm being a baby or horrible let me know.
  21. I am writing because I need both some legal and emotional support. I fell in love and loved unconditionally a law enforcement officer (federal employee). He is a USC at the age of 44, while I am a GC holder at the age of 26. After 1 year of dating, and 2 years of marriage, he told me he was no longer in love with me, but he loved me and that life was comfortable with me. There was chemistry and passion at the beginning of our relationship, but they faded away from his side. I still loved him, and wanted to be intimate with him, but he couldn't. He filed for divorce, which is emotionally devastating for me. A bit more about him: As a child, my husband's mother’s partner was emotionally and physically abusive toward him. His mom knew about the abuse, but she still sided with her partner. My husband was shamed on a consistent basis. He had to learn how to put a mask to pretend someone he was not. Though the relationship with dad is now better, his biological dad also ridiculed his good grades and his interest in books, education and history. He never felt comfortable at home, and he was never able to have stable and loving relationships. He found his "home" with the law enforcement. In the past year, he moved 1000 miles away for a job, he told me not to move with him, and he divorced me. However, he said he wanted to continue a relationship with me, and, after 8 months of separation, tells me he wanted me close to him. After divorce has been heard and signed off on (final divorce decree will be in November), I moved for him across the country because I wanted to be closer to him (and I wanted to work on our relationships), and he wanted me close to him. He seemed to have cared about me. He spent a lot of his free time with me, doing weekend trips and what not. He also helped me a lot in moving closer to him. However, once I moved here, I discovered he was on hook-up and dating applications. Unfortunately, I saw text messages between him and his new "lover." He denied the existence of those texts. I was extremely disappointed. I confronted him about this, and he told me he liked the idea of dating other people. He understood I felt unsettled to see him date other people, and he would feel the same about me. He also said it would be unsettling for him to commit to me. At the same time, he would also make some long term plans with me, like taking days off when my family comes to visit next year, he would ask me to sign cards that he was sending to his family (who I have met and they are wonderful human beings), and he would plan my naturalization ceremony. I ended up setting the boundary with him, because the pain was too great for me. I love him unconditionally, and I wanted to grow with him together. I just could not continue living in this insecurity. I lost trust in him, and I pain a lot. I told him that I cared about his happiness and needs, but it seemed like we had to be friends as he wanted to date other people and be on his own to figure out what he wants. It has been 2 weeks now, and I have not heard anything from him. Emotional support questions: Did I do a right thing to let him go? Why did he string me a long for so long? What was his purpose in making long term plans with me if he was not ready to commit? What are the chances he will come around? Is there anything else I can do to win him back? Why did he choose fantasy over a real, loving and stable relationship with me? Why has he not contacted me? Legal support questions: I do have screenshots of his activity on dating profiles before divorce (but during separation). I also have screenshots of his activity on hook-up applications from before the divorce has been finalized. Should I include them in the package? Will they have any positive bearing on my application, as a proof that he simply needed something other than my love? I have also written up my own statement detailing the relationship and my interactions with my husband. Since my ex-husband works for the law enforcement, he has a pretty high security clearance. While my statement is true and correct , I do not want any of that to affect his security clearance now or in the future. Will my statement have any bearing on his background screen?
  22. Hi. So long story short. I moved to California from the UK, after my ex-wife had told me she was pregnant from my previous visit. We had been seeing each other long distance over the years. So I adjusted status through marriage to her (US Citizen). I have my conditional permanent residency green card. It expires in DEC 2018. My wife and I ran into problems with our marriage after the first year. She drank a lot, and threw her phone at me and punched me in the face when I was holding our 1 year old daughter. So I called the police. As the police were arriving, my wife hit herself in the face as she didn't want to be arrested and taken away from our daughter, as she had already been arrested for domestic violence and cruelty to a child in the past. Bare in mind, I'd never been arrested for anything before. The police only took her side and arrested me. I spent 3 days in LA Jail, the public defender managed to bring the charge down from spousal abuse(felony) to domestic violence(misdemeanor). I couldn't afford an attorney at the time. I was basically advised to take the plea deal of no contest because if I had pled not guilty and was found guilty, my public defender said I could of been placed into removal proceedings there and then. Now skip forward a couple of months, my wife and I were back together, trying to work things out. I have multiple screenshots of texts from her apologising for hitting me, and hitting herself and acknowledging that I'd never physically abused her. Things didn't work out and she ended up filing for divorce and a restraining order. The divorce hearing is tomorrow. I didn't contest it. I just want visitation of my daughter and that's it. My ex wife caused me nothing but hurt and misery, to the point I even stayed in a Domestic Violence shelter for months because of her abuse. I'm just looking for any advice, or anyone to share their success stories(if any), where people have gotten divorced while they're still on their conditional green card, have a DV conviction, and have still managed to have the conditions removed and been granted a 10 year green card. I'm trying to save up money right now for an immigration attorney for when the 90 day expiry period comes up to renew. But is it even worth paying out all the money for an attorney and the fees, if it's just going to be a firm NO from USCIS. Is there literally any hope? My biggest fear is having to go back to the UK and not be able to see my daughter grow up, and her not to have her father in her life. Also once you file to have the conditions of your green card removed, how long does it take for them to approve or deny? And do you get some kind of extension on your green card while it's been reviewed? Thank you
  23. Hi all, My husband and I got married about 4 years ago (after being in a relationship for 10 years) in our home country. Husband got transfered for work (L1) and I came with him (L2). His company sponosred his Green Card about two years ago and I went through process with him, so we both have our 10 year GCs now. Unfortunately we separated last year and we're getting a divorce. I don't anticipate any drama / issues with divorce (it's amicable and no fault). We are getting the divorce in our home country (faster, less complicated, cheaper than in US). I was wondering what do I need to do regarding my immigration status... send USCIS the (translated) divorce decree? Anything else? Is there any possibility that even though I have my 10 year GC I'm still somehow bound to my husband? Are there any other reprocussions? Thanks!
  24. Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my story, I am in a very dangerous place right now of my green card status, and I truly wish someone can give me some kind of guidance, so here is a brief timeline of my case, A little information about me, I am 26 and originally come from China, I met my ex-husband in China and came to the states together, he is 28 and originally from New Jersey, he is a smart guy and sometimes might be too "smart"=manipulative. He started physically hurt me about 10 months later we know each other, and we were getting ready to get married, I know that I should have left the relationship long time ago, but every time I change my mind when I see him put his knees on the ground and begging me to forgive him and said he will never do it again, and of course he did it again and again. 04/20/2013 we met each other by a chatting app in China 12/08/2013 He proposed to me 05/30/2014 Got married 08/16/2014 Arrived in the US 09/12/2014 I moved out after three continued fights and physical abuse again 09/28/2015 Divorce finalized 12/2015 Filed for waiver of my green card condition based on divorce and abuse 10/04/2017 Interview with USCIS at New Jersey Here is what happened during the interview: Officer told me that if I want to interview with him in NJ, he will most likely deny my case, reasons are he thinks that I didn't try to fix the marriage, and I used my ex-husband, but truth is we had restraining orders against each other, and I tried to talk to his lawyer to see if he wanted to reconcile, my ex rejected again and again and stated that he was only interested in divorce, that leaved me no choice but divorce him. Second option the officer told me was that to have my file transferred to California since I moved to California couple months ago from New Jersey, and let another officer decide my case. Because what happened in the interview, I am extremely worried that if my case can be still denied in CA office. I am trying to get more proof that I did not use my ex as a play doll, and I have the right to stay... ... More personally, I am in a committed relationship right now, and it would be enormously painful to even think about be separate from him and all of other people that I love here. I know my options are limited and I'm still waiting for interview notice from CA office, but will somebody can give a few advice to help? Thank you thank you so so so much! Whatever help can literally change my life. God bless all. Signed fighting for my right
  25. I am going through divorce with my wife and it is completely her who stepped out from relation. First 2 months she was okay and we were trying to work on our relation. But shockingly she filed for divorce all on a sudden 3 months ago and some of our common friends informed me that she went to USCIS field office either to complain against me or to withdraw her I864. Nothing to hide; to be honest- I never had any bad or wrong acts from my side; I don't even have any answer why she turned so hostile. The informers were not sure what she was doing but it is sure: She went to USCIS field office 3 times. I am on my 2 years Conditional GC; she knows I am in process of filing ROC with waiver. My question is: Can she jeopardize my ROC through her complains to USCIS? We don't have any good communication now; she is doing all in my back and I am really on blind side. Please help. Also my evidences at hands are: 2 Joint Bank accounts, 2 years joint tax return, our joint home lease-light-water bills; joint motor insurance, 3 joint car loans where 2 already paid off and one more joint car, 2 months joint health insurance, a lot letters from schools-works-financial organizations-govt organizations under our name to same address; several counseling for marriage with 2 different counselors, 3 affidavits from neighbor-landlord-common friend and one affidavit from her, our many pictures and mexico tours (she is mexican american), her amazon credit card under her name and our many purchases through that and pay off from joint account, our family T-mobile plan with her brothers, our driving license showing same address, our many correspondences and emails (email from me only coz she always replied my email in FB/ Whats app chat), joint walmart and sams club card since she started working with Walmart. Are these evidences okay or I am missing some other required important evidences? Please advice.