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Found 47 results

  1. Hello everyone! My husband and I have decided that the best option for us both is to split up but I have a concern. I had been travelling outside of the US before petitioning to bring him here as my fiance and therefore did not have the tax history necessary to be his financial sponsor. My sister was kind enough to volunteer as our secondary financial sponsor. I know that this sponsorship only ends if the beneficiary leaves the US, becomes a citizen, dies, or enters into a different immigration process of some kind. I also know that if one of these four things doesn´t happen, my sister serves as his sponsor even if we divorce until he pays Social Security for 40 quarters or credits. It is my understanding that while we are married, my credits are counting towards this 40 credit timeline as well. So while we are married, we are basically decreasing her financial responsibility timeframe twice as quickly. If we divorce before we collectively get to the 40 credit mark while married, do my credits worked while married to him not count for him anymore? And does anyone know how to get a firm number of credits that someone has earned through Social Security? On their website, they only give an estimate... Thank you in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this! I don´t want to screw over my sister!!
  2. i just want to start by saying my wife is a cheater. she has been cheating on me ever since she got here with my neighbor. a couple people have told me. she is here on a k1 visa. we have been married within the 90 days but i did not submit the 485. no application for green card has been submitted. what can i do to send her back home?
  3. Hey everyone this is my first post ever don't know if anyone else has asked this just want your inquiry. So my husband and I met when I was 14 I'm now 28 me and him dated until I was 21 and then we broke up . The 5 years we were apart I got married and had a child , he himself had children within those 5 years (2), my ex husband and I didn't get along at all and decided to call it quites, then I went to Dominican Republic reunited with my first love and he had broken up with his baby mother so we decided to give it a try again! I got divorced Nov 2015 and got remarried Feb 2016 I truely love him and we will be married a year this Sunday , since then I visited twice. I read somewhere in the Dominican Republic embassy website that it's recommended for the spouse to go to the interview (petitioner). But in the email for the interview says petitioners are not required, here is where the problem is I have a full time Job at a hospital and don't have any vacation time to attend the interview since I took time in October, I have all the evidence needed just scared he can get denied if I don't attend! Wanted to know what you guys here at visa journey think? Who ever is Dominican here knows that Dominicans take this seriously attending the interview! Please give me your input it will be highly appreciated
  4. Hi there, i am applying for a citizenship and my question is i get re-married before the divorce was finalized. About me im a Lawful permanent residents ( class admission IR2 ) since June 1990 i was petition by my naturalized father before im turning 16 yrs old. My first wife is a U.S citizen we got married in July 1999 and we got separated in December 2002 due to marriage didn't work out and we had one son . I got remarried in october 18 ,2007 from the Philippines ( she still in the philippines as of now ) i came back to U.S in October 28,2007 . The divorce decree was finalized in September 2008 in State of Maryland. My question and concern is this will affect me applying a citizenship. Do i need to bring a lawyer in N400 interview or what advice do i need to do . I heard i can be deported or send to jail for commiting bigamy .
  5. First of all, immigration is tough! My husband (the USC) and I have decided that we are no longer willing to make our marriage work. I came here on a K1 Visa, and we married in February 2016. I am now in Arizona, my USC husband is in Ohio (also where our paperwork is addressed at). We filed for AOS in June, and our case is still waiting for an interview to be scheduled. I guess my questions are as follows: 1. Is there a way I am able to stay in the states and get GC without my husband having to "bend the truth"? 2. If we file for divorce now, where do I stand? 3. Basically, what the hell can I do? Any help appreciated. I have seen a lot about the waiver, but I understand this is only if you have your conditiona GC and a divorce decree.
  6. What are they options of in the situation whereby a partner withdraws i130 and i485 was denied?
  7. Hi everyone - My case is very complicated. I must admit my guilt upfront. I did talk to a lady but that was borne out of frustration and repeated noises of I'd call USCIS almost twice every week. Now the story begins. I married my wife out of good faith. I bought her a Kay Jewelers ring for $3500 which I paid up in 1.5 years when we married in 2012. I filed in 2013 and got conditional GC which I changed and got my 10 year GC in February 2016. During those times, I have done a lot for this woman: She is on my Health insurance, I had 2 cars and gave her sister (my sister-inlaw) my second car to drive which she still has till today, her mother moved in with us during financial difficulties and stayed with us for 9 months with her dog even tho I don't like being around dogs, Paid for 2 trips to Bahamas, helped with the payment of my wife's car note for about 6 months when her clients as a hair stylist was eroding, and a lot more. Now she knows a lot about the immigration stuff because I walked her through every process as I didn't feel the need to get a lawyer. The whole problem started in 2014 when she caught me talking with my EX. I stopped it and even called my EX in front of her and told my EX I was married (Guys you know how embarrassing it is to do). But I noticed any little thing I do e.g. want to hang out with my friends she becomes insecure, and gets upset and starts hounding me with threats like I made you who you are, I gave you life in the US, I can make the USCIS revoke all you are. But I'd be scared and beg her during conditional and even after getting the 10 yr GC. This frustration pushed me to talk to some lady who I quickly cut all ties with when I realized my senses that I should never be doing that as a married man. However, my wife threatens she has text message proofs and a picture of me and the lady in a car. I only found all these proofs out because I just filed my Naturalization based on my marriage and she just told me she has all the proof to make them deport me. Need I add, She owes back logs of taxes cos I advised her as an entrepreneur you need to pay some form of tax or pay into the Social security so as to get Medicare. However, she filed taxes once and owed $9,000 which I am continuously paying with her as the IRS withholds all of my refunds based on out marriage. I never ever sort a reason to keep documents or do any form of research prior to her threats because I did love her for real as she was areal pillar to me while in school. But upon research, I am reading that I could get deported once she contacts USCIS because I have just filed my Naturalization. I have never had cause to hide any filings from her. Please, I am scared and want to know if I should start applying for jobs back in my home country in the event USCIS states that my texts with 2 other women are grounds to deport me. But I know that she knows that our marriage is real. She is just a very hateful and angry person. But who am I to judge her. Also, we are still married and wants a divorce. Please any advise is welcomed and Please sorry for the long read. I just had to pour out all the facts available.
  8. First of all, thanks a lot for this awesome forum and its members. My wife and I are going to get a divorce. We grew apart this last several months. She started seeing another man. We tried to work it out, but we didn't managed to. She is now leaving me for him and wants to divorce ASAP. I am still a conditional permanent resident. I am 6-7 months away from being able to apply for ROC. As I am doing an online business, I can do it from wherever. I am thinking of moving back home - Lyon in France -, but the U.S. is truly so much better to start a business. Taxes and regulations are really a breeze. Lots of smart people. And I love the culture and the mentality. I would live to stay here if possible. From what I am reading here, I should still be able to apply for a divorce waiver as soon as I got the final divorce decree and submit enough evidences about when we were together in a bona-fide marriage. We live in Round Rock, Texas. From my understanding of our marriage situation and being TX residents, we can either get a divorce for "unsupportable" marriage - no fault - or I can get a lawyer, gather evidences and ask to divorce for adultery. I wonder is the kind of divorce we are getting matter for ROC with divorce waiver? I am leaning towards keeping it civil and quiet, I still want to hang out with her and I think it's better for both of us to not have "adultery" in our records. She might also be willing to help gather documentation and maybe write affidavits from her and her brother.
  9. Hi guys, I need your help. I'm currently 4 months into my conditional residence. My husband physically abused me last November, and he has been cheating on me since. We also have fights about daily about the most mundane of things. I'm thinking of leaving him, but I'm scared of what would happen with my residency. 1) I know I can go the divorce -> waiver route, but I'm scared that my evidence for good faith marriage won't be enough. I mostly have some pictures, and bank accounts to our names.2) If both of us just agree to live separately, would this be a viable option for when the time comes to apply to remove the conditions?
  10. So my situation goes like this: got married last January 2016 but we were together since 2011, had two kids prior to the marriage, petitioned and got a green card by my husband, moved to the NJ, USA last June -- unfortunately (or fortunately), my husband left and moved to WA due to irreconcilable differences and in an abusive relationship. Bottom line is, the marriage went south. I stayed here in NJ since we were living with my side of the family. I'm planning to file for a divorce this July (to complete to 1-year residency requirement), but how will this affect my green card status? I have proof that the marriage was bona fide: * we had two kids (obviously) * my car insurance shows that he is one the drivers * he was under my health insurance * we had a joint Bank of America checking account * My Driver's License and his GDL permit shows the same address I don't know if this will be enough to prove the government that the marriage was bona fide. Also, I need help on how to file for child support since ever since he moved out, he is not helping with the finances to raise our kids. My situation is really rocky right now, especially I'm worried that I might be deported and I am planning to go to school this fall for a new beginning. I am very clueless on where to start and how to do things on my own, but I have to. I have no idea how divorce works (I'm in NJ, if that helps), how to start the process, and how to process my ROC... Please help me
  11. Hello,My name is Sumit.I am on Conditional PR. We got married on June 2015. My wife (USC) filed for my conditional PR.I received my Conditional PR on April 2016 and valid till April 2018.Our relationship is not well now. After being in 1 and half year in marriage, we both don’t want continue anymore. My wife(USC) took all his stuff and vacated our apartment last week when I was at work. Now we don’t have any communication. How can I make sure I can secure my Permanent PR? There was physical abuse involved where she hit me and I got 3 sutures. But I did not involved cops, I cannot handle this mental stress anymore.We have lot of evidences showing ours is real marriage.Like lot of photos, air tickets to many destinations, rental lease documents, joint auto insurances, Lots and lots of email communications, affidavits from her parents that our marriage is valid and we lived at their place for 6 months etc.If I apply for divorce, will that affect my chances of getting permanent PR?Please advice, I am in lot of stress and anxiety. I am in verge of loosing my job. I only have 1 more year of conditional pr.So my questions are, can I file divorce (non-USC) ?Will that impact my I - 751 approval decision?What are the chances of me getting a waiver for join petitioning?
  12. Hello All, New member here. My Filipino girlfriend and I were introduced by an American / Filipino couple here in the U.S. They got their K-1 Visa two years ago. Our situation is an exact copy of theirs... My girlfriend and I have been dating via Skype since August. She has been working in Hong Kong for five years. She is married in the Philippines with one 17 year old daughter. She has been separated from her husband for 15+ years. As we all know, divorce is not allowed in the Philippines and annulments take a very long time (years). Just as her friend did, that introduced us, she has filed for a divorce in Hong Kong and will be receiving the divorce decree soon. My question: Will her divorce decree from Hong Kong be accepted, for the purpose of obtaining a K-1 Visa (as it was for her friend two years ago) or, has the law changed? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  13. Hello all, i have been a member of this group for a while, though i have not been participating actively, but i do follow most topics every now and then. I moved here in 2012, after being married to my USC spouse for almost 2 years. We had a baby 2 years later, but we later separated , when baby was barely 6 weeks old. This was her decision, all efforts too get her to reconcile with me was unsuccessful and she filed for divorce a few months later. I really dont want to go into to much details here, but due to the nature of our separation and also because our divorce was not final , when it was time to remove my conditional 2 year GC, i ticked the 3 options, including VAWA. i did not get an interview until Feb 2016 and till today i have no heard a word from USCIS. Just to let you know, though my ex has since remarried, our separation was very messy, as i mentioned before, i really don want to bog you all with too many details, but she attempted to remove me from the country, by filing several bogus criminal charges and calling ICE and DHS several times. Her communication was revealed to me during the interview. During our numerous court appearances , she also accused me of marriage fraud. Well fast forward 2017, i have been cleared of all criminal charges, i have since expunged all traces of criminal complicity in order to enable me get a job, We have joint custody of our child , whom i see 2 times a week,including biweekly weekend visits, though i pay child support and have never defaulted. When my divorce was final, i sent in my divorce certificate and i thought my application will be taken away from vawa and moved to separation due to divorce, but i was wrong. Since my ex was in touch with USCIS and wrote bogus letters accusing me of every thing in living day light, from theft, to rape to fraud, though i am an accomplished professional, i am of the opinion that my 10 year GC is being delayed because i am currently under investigation. I have written , called and tried all efforts to communicate with USCIS, but i keep being told that due to nature of my case, they cannot respond to me directly. Its been more than 2 years and by the end of this year, i will be due to file my citizenship. I will like to request advice from learned members on what my next steps and options are. I cant afford an attorney at the moment and i cherish the bond between me and my daughter, so leaving the country may not be an option. Thanks.
  14. I noticed I have 2 profiles, can I request a moderator to merge my accounts. Seems I am the only one left from December 2016. Still don't have an approval.
  15. Hello Brazilians of VJ, I need your help! I got married and divorced to a US citizen while living in the US. I never registered the marriage or divorce with the consulate because I didn't need to in the time we were married - I didn't apply for a passport, or change my name, in the US or Brazil. Now I'm remarried and want to change my name in my passport, but apparently I need to register my divorce in Brazil? Has someone done this? How do I do that? Thanks for the help! Olá brasileiros do VJ, preciso muito da sua ajuda! Eu me casei e me divorciei de um cidadão americano morando nos EUA. Nunca registrei nem o casório, nem o divórcio, porque no tempo em que estávamos casados não precisei entrar em contato com o consulado (mudança de nome, renovação de passaporte, nada). Agora me casei novamente com outro americano, e quero registrar o casamento para mudar o nome no passaporte, mas pra fazer isso preciso registrar meu divórcio no Brasil? Alguém já passou por isso e pode me orientar? Muito obrigada!
  16. My girlfriend, she on divorce process with her ex-husband while she just received her conditional resident(2 yrs green card.). I heard that her ex-husband want her to be remove by January 2017. I did some research, they said she would be able to file I-751 by herself but what happen if they sent her to removal process. I would like to know what will happen to her, would she really going to get remove from us, or anything that I could help her with my u.s. citizenship? Also what kind of lawyer that I have to look for now and after please help me and my girlfriend out Thank you.
  17. Hi there! I met my fiancee online and we met/fell in love while I was technically still married. I was only married a short time and my then-husband had moved out and to another town. I haven't seen him since and our divorce was filed and granted 2 years later (2009). There was no drama, we just went on with our separate lives. Do you think I should make a note of this anywhere in my K1 petition, where I will be adding my divorce paperwork? I don't want it to look like I was cheating or doing anything questionable, like seeing 2 people at the same time. I also am a bit concerned because I was married to a man and now am engaged to another woman. I think it would be weird and maybe out of place to mention why there are 2 years of overlap...but maybe no one would notice or care. What do you think? If I added an explanation, where would I put it? Maybe this is something better posed for the interview portion later? Thanks!
  18. I apologize if this has been asked earlier. But i want help regarding my daughter's case. She got married some three years ago to a u.s citizen and got her CR 1 visa in 2014. She went with him to the u.s but as soon as they went there she started having problems. The guy asked her to go back home (Pakistan) in march 2015. She came back to us (her parents) in pakistan and tried talking it out with her husband and wanted to give him time to think abt it when nothing worked She returned to the USA in august 2015 just to try to talk it out with her husband. She didnt have neone else in that State to stay with so she went to her husband directly but he asked her to leave his home and divorced her. She was in a bad situation and returned to Pakistan immediately the next day after spending the night at a hotel. She came back started working in pakistan and hasnt returned to USA ever since. my question is i have a tourist visa and my husband and my son are applying too. We are planning a family vacation but her case is a priblem. Her green card was still there however it got expired in october this year. We asked if abandoning is required in order to get a tourist visa for her but people say it is a lengthy process is that true? Also if she applies for a tourist visa and surrenders her green card on the spot do u think it will affect her case in anyway? What is the best case scenario over here. Thank you for ur help.
  19. Hello everyone out there, My wife and I filed a joint i-751 petition 2 weeks ago because we were in the 90 days period, our marriage was going down but we were not sure we wanted to divorce, so we filed a joint petition. Now we are heading to divorce, unfortunately, she already filed. I received the NOA1 last week. I am looking to move out and change my address on the USCIS website, we expect the divorce will be finalized sometime around the end of the year or the beginning of 2017. I want to use the divorce waiver, but my question is, do I have to file a whole new application with all the supporting evidence? and pay a new fee again? and receive another NOA1? If so, can I ask them to return the old application to me so I can use the same evidence and just print and fill a new i-751 form? or can I ask them to amend my application to divorce waiver? Please your help is highly appreciated Thank you.
  20. Hey guys, As the title states i am out of status and about to fall behind on child support. Let me give you the full story and ill try and keep it as basic as possible I came here in 2013 on a VWP to meet an internet friend, we ended up getting married i overstayed which the uscis forgave, we also have one son together who has just turned 2, about 4 months after my 2 year conditional greencard was approved we separated and i moved out. We have been apart ever since, However now we are filing for divorce and it will be complete before i have my interview (I-751?) which i know puts me out of status and the form i filed for removal of conditions void as we did it jointly, Right? Secondly i have jsut been hit with a HUGE child support order, $512 per month plus medical insurance which i get from my place of employment which is $660 per month plus 60% of all medical bills. I know for a fact i will be falling behind on that within the next month as that far exceeds my outgoings and the courts will not re assess it due to it being based on previous years earnings. If i fall behind that also makes me ineligible for naturalization right? Would it be worth waiting for the interview or just leave the country before they deny my application and deport me? If anyone can give me more info that would be great. NOT LOOKING FOR A LAWYER JUST FURTHER INSIGHT p.s I can't even afford a lawyer LOL!!!
  21. Do the officers ask about divorce in detail or at all? Such as why did the previous marriage not work out and so on? (London embassy) How much detail should be provided? Thank you.
  22. We filed our I-130 on June 10, 2016. At the time of filing, my wife (who is the petitioner) filled her divorce dates based on the documents that she had (or by mistake). There was a fire at their residence a few months back (thankfully no one was injured) and currently her room is a wrack and she can not access the documents that she referred to wile filling the forms. We recently received RFE, in that they asked for the Divorce Decree, as the copy that we sent was not a valid Divorce Decree. When I tried to look for the case online, it shows different dates than what we originally filed. How can we resolve this issue? Please advice.
  23. I would like to just share my current situation and update throughout time so that others who may go through similar situation can possibly benefit from my experience. I am also seeking advice from anyone who have gone through similar situations as well. My husband and I have known each other since the third grade in grammar school and we grew up together practically all our lives. We started officially dating early 2012 and got married December of 2013. I received my conditional green card through my husband September of 2014. My husband and I have not been getting along since October 2015. He was not coming home and just out and about at bars not letting me know where he is or who he is with. Situation only got worse and we talked about divorce back and forth but he ultimately suggested that we live apart for a year so that he can determine whether or not I am "needed" in his life. He was refusing to compromise with me and only avoided me even more since I would beg him to come to his senses whenever I did get an opportunity to run into him. After 5 months of hell it was evident that my way of trying to negotiate and work things out with him is not working. He had missed spending my birthday and Valentines day with me and his time away from home only increased. He would come home when I am at work and change and leave so that he does not need to run into me. I finally decided in March of 2016 that since my way is not working, maybe it's best I give him time and try his way. I packed my things and rented a small room near my job splitting my time between this tiny room, my family's residence and my best friend's house. My husband was devastated the day I left. He was apologetic and talked about how he wants us to be together again in the next few months. I felt like I made the right choice by giving him some time as he had wanted because it seems he was back to his old self. Throughout the next month or so, we texted and talked on the phone like normal couples. He told me that he will be moving to NY to be closer to his job (our martial residence was in NJ) once our lease is up within the next month. So of course I assumed that I will be moving in with him as well later when we are ready so I withdrew from my school in NJ to start applying for schools in NY. In May of 2016, he moved and I was added to the lease. The following month in June, I started preparing my joint petition to remove conditions and he was cooperative and it seems there were no problems. My application was submitted early July and towards the end of July-early August he mentioned that he would like to get a divorce by the end of this year. Apparently, he has been seeing someone and he is currently happy with where he is and had a change of heart. I gave myself some time to process all this since I shifted my life around my husband and early September I reached out to him and agreed on a divorce. We have been having issues with the state's residency requirements to file a divorce since we just moved to NY. I spoke with a couple lawyers with some saying we can get a divorce now and others saying we will need to wait until we have lived in NY for at least a year. I am seeing a lawyer 11/1/2016 to file for divorce despite our residency issue. I will be sending in my request to amend my joint filing along with my final divorce decree if and once received. Here is my current timeline for those of you who are curious: 7/5/2016: sent completed I-751 joint packet to be filed with USCIS to my lawyer 7/20/2016: 1 year extension of my GC received 8/19/2016: Biometrics appointment completed 9/20/2016: Conditional Green Card Expired We will be filing for divorce under no-fault irreconcilable differences. I am suffering from extreme anxiety because this year has been a nightmare for me. I am uncertain if the IO will approve my waiver and I am just scared. Hopefully I can walk through my journey here and help those who are in a similar situation. Anyone with helpful suggestions would be appreciated also..Thank you.
  24. Hi all, I am preparing to put my evidence together for my ROC I-751 with a divorce waiver based on us being in a bonafide marriage which has dissolved since the getting my conditional green card. The primary evidence we have proving the bonafide nature of our relationship isn't very abundant. We have: Joint Federal / State Tax transcripts Proof of joint credit card use Joint cell phone bills Life insurance policy showing spouse as beneficiary 401(K) account information showing spouse as beneficiary Given the lack of primary evidence I also want to include detailed supporting affidavits. I will be getting the following affidavits: -My ex-wife, Sophie, explaining the circumstances of us meeting, becoming engaged, getting married and splitting up -My ex-wife's mother, explaining the circumstances of the relationship between me and Sophie and it's bonafide nature -My ex-wife's mother, explaining we were living in a property she owns, pays the mortgage for and where the utilities are in her name, which explains why me and Sophie have no joint tenancy/lease agreement -My ex-wife's best friend, Agnes, explaining the circumstances of the relationship between me and Sophie and it's bonafide nature -A very good friend of mine, Dominic, explaining the circumstances of the relationship between me and Sophie and it's bonafide nature, who came with me on a trip to New York to visit and stayed with Sophie and myself before I moved here -Another very good friend of mine, Sean, explaining the circumstances of the relationship between me and Sophie and it's bonafide nature, who came visit us in 2015 -My brother, who came to visit us in New York City in 2014 -My mother, who travelled to New York City to attend our wedding in 2014 -My father, who travelled to New York City to attend our wedding in 2014 All of these people were present throughout the span of our relationship and know it was bonafide. What I want to know is what should they write in their affidavits to show that they know our relationship was bonafide? Obviously this is quite stressful and sad for me to compile, so any help that can be provided is hugely appreciated, whether it is related to this specific topic or not!
  25. Hi all, I am a marriage-based 10-year green card holder. I am currently waiting for my N-400 naturalization interview after finishing my fingerprint appointment in mid July. However, after a couple of terrible arguments this summer, my spouse filed a lawsuit against me and claimed that our marriage is a fraud and I induced her to marriage for immigration, which are totally false and unfair accusations. We've been married for 3.5 years, and now she wants to either annual the marriage or divorce. It's been 4 months since I moved out from our house, but my mailing address and all of my belongings are still in our house. Since the final judge doesn't seem to come that soon, should I continue the N-400 process and explain the situation to the interview officer or withdraw my case? Any ideas? Thank you very much.