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Found 106 results

  1. My ex, I believe, is a covert narcissist. Me, a codependent. Very bad mix of people. Fireworks at first, wow did I think I was in love. I think emotional abuse can be just as extreme as physical abuse. He set the seed for my own self destruction, basically watched me fall apart while he was Mr. Cool guy with no issues. These long distance relationships have the potential to really blossom and be amazing, but they can also be very dark with someone who shows strong personality disorder tendencies. The night he left I for once didn't go chasing after him, begging to forgive me for doing nothing wrong. Which he hated and then decided to go back home and throw me away like I don't mean anything to him. He went back and we didn't speak for a week or so. Then we talked and of course it was all my fault. His drinking problem, my fault. His mom kicking him out, not having any money, my fault. His personality did some 180s once he got back, being very vulgar and even putting my mom down. Then he also messaged me a week after that, he had gone to the Philippines with his friend on a vacation. Found a new woman and even sent me pictures of her. What is he 18? No he's 39. He also told me he's going on dating sites and sleeping with woman. Mature. It helps me actually remove all my feelings and not hurt, this is not a person that loves me and I deserve better. So I have no real idea who this guy is. At all. We would always joke about 90 day fiance and how sorry the relationships were. We would have been stars. So I'm leaving next month for my new job. Amazing state. I talked to a lawyer and it's going to be 2500 down for the divorce. I know it's not a ton of money, but when you're moving and wanting to buy a home, money is tight. Do I choose to divorce immediately or a better opportunity? I feel like this relationship has already taken enough of me. 3 years of my life I spent trying to fix things and bring us together. Only to be emotionally broken down. He will not corporate at all. He says he will send documents, but then he said he dosnt have the money for postage (victim here, guess he shouldnt have spent all his money on alcohol, clothes, McDonald's and a vacation to find a replacement). Then I've also got the moving issue. Do I fly back for the divorce? Do I just wait and try to do it in my new state later? Is it even possible once I move? If I post it in the paper it takes a month! I'm actually worried he might try to go after me for something. He has lied to me so many times. His personality changes hourly. I can't trust a word the man says. He tells me I'm abusive. I don't want to go into too much detail but I think I was heavily brainwashed in a very covert way. It's like hes controlling, but not your typical control freak. He would never say, "don't do that", or "you can't go there". It's a completely different technique that makes you question your own sanity and self worth. Flips everything so he's the victim. Me being the codependent, I always fell for it, it was like falling down a never ending hole. He would have allowed me to keep falling too had I stopped feeling sorry for him. He left the country though, I should be in the clear right? Plus he's supposedly broke. Or course when I talk to a lawyer they tell me to do it NOW. Is it really necessary if he's left the country? I just don't want things to bite me in the ### later. Also, when he was here he got in a huge fight at the bar. It was one of the many nights he decided to leave his family, told me to off, and went out drinking (with all his bags). Ended up going to the hospital and getting stitches. He owes about 3500 in medical expenses. To be honest this is annoying. I work in healthy care. Insurance is so expensive and it's partly because of this. He'll never pay it. But could I report it to the uscis? I'm not about screwing him over. Or maybe I am. I do feel I was used for a good, fun time.. Not an actual marriage. Which is what he made me believe he wanted. But it's some loser from another country using our system, being a child, and not taking responsibility for his actions. Now I realize why the process is so hard. But it still dosnt keep mentally unwell people out. Sorry for the long post. I don't want to underestimate how manipulative and deceitful this man truly is. I sometimes still see the cognitive dissonance, he's a horrible guy or, he's not that bad and will change. Should I hold off on the divorce? can I wait until I move states? is it really going to make a difference if I wait another 6 months to file divorce? But then it leaves time and space for him to creep back in, he's already tried. This is my first marriage. The state is beautiful, lower taxes, lots to do outdoors, the work is better and lots of benefits pay wise. Plus I have grown to kind of hate my town. It's a small town and the guy made "friends" with everyone (friends that he would speak badly about all the time). So of course he smeared me to others. In my own town. He's charming and everyone loved his accent. But I think it'll be a great opportunity and a way for me to even move on from this mess. Thanks for reading and if I'm being a baby or horrible let me know.
  2. Hi. So long story short. I moved to California from the UK, after my ex-wife had told me she was pregnant from my previous visit. We had been seeing each other long distance over the years. So I adjusted status through marriage to her (US Citizen). I have my conditional permanent residency green card. It expires in DEC 2018. My wife and I ran into problems with our marriage after the first year. She drank a lot, and threw her phone at me and punched me in the face when I was holding our 1 year old daughter. So I called the police. As the police were arriving, my wife hit herself in the face as she didn't want to be arrested and taken away from our daughter, as she had already been arrested for domestic violence and cruelty to a child in the past. Bare in mind, I'd never been arrested for anything before. The police only took her side and arrested me. I spent 3 days in LA Jail, the public defender managed to bring the charge down from spousal abuse(felony) to domestic violence(misdemeanor). I couldn't afford an attorney at the time. I was basically advised to take the plea deal of no contest because if I had pled not guilty and was found guilty, my public defender said I could of been placed into removal proceedings there and then. Now skip forward a couple of months, my wife and I were back together, trying to work things out. I have multiple screenshots of texts from her apologising for hitting me, and hitting herself and acknowledging that I'd never physically abused her. Things didn't work out and she ended up filing for divorce and a restraining order. The divorce hearing is tomorrow. I didn't contest it. I just want visitation of my daughter and that's it. My ex wife caused me nothing but hurt and misery, to the point I even stayed in a Domestic Violence shelter for months because of her abuse. I'm just looking for any advice, or anyone to share their success stories(if any), where people have gotten divorced while they're still on their conditional green card, have a DV conviction, and have still managed to have the conditions removed and been granted a 10 year green card. I'm trying to save up money right now for an immigration attorney for when the 90 day expiry period comes up to renew. But is it even worth paying out all the money for an attorney and the fees, if it's just going to be a firm NO from USCIS. Is there literally any hope? My biggest fear is having to go back to the UK and not be able to see my daughter grow up, and her not to have her father in her life. Also once you file to have the conditions of your green card removed, how long does it take for them to approve or deny? And do you get some kind of extension on your green card while it's been reviewed? Thank you
  3. I am writing because I need both some legal and emotional support. I fell in love and loved unconditionally a law enforcement officer (federal employee). He is a USC at the age of 44, while I am a GC holder at the age of 26. After 1 year of dating, and 2 years of marriage, he told me he was no longer in love with me, but he loved me and that life was comfortable with me. There was chemistry and passion at the beginning of our relationship, but they faded away from his side. I still loved him, and wanted to be intimate with him, but he couldn't. He filed for divorce, which is emotionally devastating for me. A bit more about him: As a child, my husband's mother’s partner was emotionally and physically abusive toward him. His mom knew about the abuse, but she still sided with her partner. My husband was shamed on a consistent basis. He had to learn how to put a mask to pretend someone he was not. Though the relationship with dad is now better, his biological dad also ridiculed his good grades and his interest in books, education and history. He never felt comfortable at home, and he was never able to have stable and loving relationships. He found his "home" with the law enforcement. In the past year, he moved 1000 miles away for a job, he told me not to move with him, and he divorced me. However, he said he wanted to continue a relationship with me, and, after 8 months of separation, tells me he wanted me close to him. After divorce has been heard and signed off on (final divorce decree will be in November), I moved for him across the country because I wanted to be closer to him (and I wanted to work on our relationships), and he wanted me close to him. He seemed to have cared about me. He spent a lot of his free time with me, doing weekend trips and what not. He also helped me a lot in moving closer to him. However, once I moved here, I discovered he was on hook-up and dating applications. Unfortunately, I saw text messages between him and his new "lover." He denied the existence of those texts. I was extremely disappointed. I confronted him about this, and he told me he liked the idea of dating other people. He understood I felt unsettled to see him date other people, and he would feel the same about me. He also said it would be unsettling for him to commit to me. At the same time, he would also make some long term plans with me, like taking days off when my family comes to visit next year, he would ask me to sign cards that he was sending to his family (who I have met and they are wonderful human beings), and he would plan my naturalization ceremony. I ended up setting the boundary with him, because the pain was too great for me. I love him unconditionally, and I wanted to grow with him together. I just could not continue living in this insecurity. I lost trust in him, and I pain a lot. I told him that I cared about his happiness and needs, but it seemed like we had to be friends as he wanted to date other people and be on his own to figure out what he wants. It has been 2 weeks now, and I have not heard anything from him. Emotional support questions: Did I do a right thing to let him go? Why did he string me a long for so long? What was his purpose in making long term plans with me if he was not ready to commit? What are the chances he will come around? Is there anything else I can do to win him back? Why did he choose fantasy over a real, loving and stable relationship with me? Why has he not contacted me? Legal support questions: I do have screenshots of his activity on dating profiles before divorce (but during separation). I also have screenshots of his activity on hook-up applications from before the divorce has been finalized. Should I include them in the package? Will they have any positive bearing on my application, as a proof that he simply needed something other than my love? I have also written up my own statement detailing the relationship and my interactions with my husband. Since my ex-husband works for the law enforcement, he has a pretty high security clearance. While my statement is true and correct , I do not want any of that to affect his security clearance now or in the future. Will my statement have any bearing on his background screen?
  4. Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my story, I am in a very dangerous place right now of my green card status, and I truly wish someone can give me some kind of guidance, so here is a brief timeline of my case, A little information about me, I am 26 and originally come from China, I met my ex-husband in China and came to the states together, he is 28 and originally from New Jersey, he is a smart guy and sometimes might be too "smart"=manipulative. He started physically hurt me about 10 months later we know each other, and we were getting ready to get married, I know that I should have left the relationship long time ago, but every time I change my mind when I see him put his knees on the ground and begging me to forgive him and said he will never do it again, and of course he did it again and again. 04/20/2013 we met each other by a chatting app in China 12/08/2013 He proposed to me 05/30/2014 Got married 08/16/2014 Arrived in the US 09/12/2014 I moved out after three continued fights and physical abuse again 09/28/2015 Divorce finalized 12/2015 Filed for waiver of my green card condition based on divorce and abuse 10/04/2017 Interview with USCIS at New Jersey Here is what happened during the interview: Officer told me that if I want to interview with him in NJ, he will most likely deny my case, reasons are he thinks that I didn't try to fix the marriage, and I used my ex-husband, but truth is we had restraining orders against each other, and I tried to talk to his lawyer to see if he wanted to reconcile, my ex rejected again and again and stated that he was only interested in divorce, that leaved me no choice but divorce him. Second option the officer told me was that to have my file transferred to California since I moved to California couple months ago from New Jersey, and let another officer decide my case. Because what happened in the interview, I am extremely worried that if my case can be still denied in CA office. I am trying to get more proof that I did not use my ex as a play doll, and I have the right to stay... ... More personally, I am in a committed relationship right now, and it would be enormously painful to even think about be separate from him and all of other people that I love here. I know my options are limited and I'm still waiting for interview notice from CA office, but will somebody can give a few advice to help? Thank you thank you so so so much! Whatever help can literally change my life. God bless all. Signed fighting for my right
  5. Hi all, My husband and I got married about 4 years ago (after being in a relationship for 10 years) in our home country. Husband got transfered for work (L1) and I came with him (L2). His company sponosred his Green Card about two years ago and I went through process with him, so we both have our 10 year GCs now. Unfortunately we separated last year and we're getting a divorce. I don't anticipate any drama / issues with divorce (it's amicable and no fault). We are getting the divorce in our home country (faster, less complicated, cheaper than in US). I was wondering what do I need to do regarding my immigration status... send USCIS the (translated) divorce decree? Anything else? Is there any possibility that even though I have my 10 year GC I'm still somehow bound to my husband? Are there any other reprocussions? Thanks!
  6. I am going through divorce with my wife and it is completely her who stepped out from relation. First 2 months she was okay and we were trying to work on our relation. But shockingly she filed for divorce all on a sudden 3 months ago and some of our common friends informed me that she went to USCIS field office either to complain against me or to withdraw her I864. Nothing to hide; to be honest- I never had any bad or wrong acts from my side; I don't even have any answer why she turned so hostile. The informers were not sure what she was doing but it is sure: She went to USCIS field office 3 times. I am on my 2 years Conditional GC; she knows I am in process of filing ROC with waiver. My question is: Can she jeopardize my ROC through her complains to USCIS? We don't have any good communication now; she is doing all in my back and I am really on blind side. Please help. Also my evidences at hands are: 2 Joint Bank accounts, 2 years joint tax return, our joint home lease-light-water bills; joint motor insurance, 3 joint car loans where 2 already paid off and one more joint car, 2 months joint health insurance, a lot letters from schools-works-financial organizations-govt organizations under our name to same address; several counseling for marriage with 2 different counselors, 3 affidavits from neighbor-landlord-common friend and one affidavit from her, our many pictures and mexico tours (she is mexican american), her amazon credit card under her name and our many purchases through that and pay off from joint account, our family T-mobile plan with her brothers, our driving license showing same address, our many correspondences and emails (email from me only coz she always replied my email in FB/ Whats app chat), joint walmart and sams club card since she started working with Walmart. Are these evidences okay or I am missing some other required important evidences? Please advice.
  7. Hello Everyone I'm new to the forum. It was a long story, but I try to keep it short, if anyone interested in detail, I will have more. I am from China and married to a USC, originally I came here by F-1 visa and studied at a prestigious university. I met my ex-wife on the internet in September 2014, after three months of dates, we bought a house and moved in together. We entered our marriage in 2015 May. In 2016 March, I got my 2 years green card. However, my wife, she cheated on me and had a baby with another man after she filed divorce last year April. Our marriage comes the its end by August 2016. And I hired a lawyer to file I-751 waiver based on good faith marriage, it went to CSC, at this point, I am still waiting for RFE. We had a strong pack of evidence, every possible evidence, joint house, cars, all bills, membership, pets, air and hotel tickets to New York-Hawaii honey trip, receipt of a diamond ring, e.t.c... the list goes on. However, my lawyer had some personal prejudices against me, saying "the local office will never believe a China man could ever marry a white American woman." "You are the kind of person USCIS wants to deport and kick you out of the country" "if you travel, you may never come back, e.t.c." "They will put you in prison if you get denied." So, I am worried about 'kangaroo court', if you know what I mean. Now I have already graduated from my alma mater but could not find any decent mean to live here. So I am thinking about going back to China in October, at least my departure will make America greater again one step ahead. I see current CSC processing time in on 20 June 2016, I am afraid what if I got called to an interview before my departure and denied, fast placed to immigration prison? My lawyer threatens me if I got denied by the local office, ice will bust my house arrest me, I don't know if I should believe him? Because I studied on this matter if my case denied, I can no longer have the valid statue once the card expired, which it will be in March 2018, but then I would be long gone. My current plan is pack up, leave the country on October 15th, once I'm in China, I will go straight to US embassy in Beijing and surrender my green card, then say God bless America. Most likely I won't be back to states in a long time, perhaps never again. Now my question is if I got called to the interview before my departure, and I went and got denied, or simply not showing up, what will happen? Can I safely stay here until my departure?(Again, my card expire by March 2018) Right now I feel like I'm acting the movie Dunkirk, intensified and scattered. I only have roughly 40 days left. Anyone has any idea, Please comment, suggest and help me!
  8. Dear All, I currently have my change of status (K1 visa) being processed and my wife of only 2 months has just announced that she whats to separate and possibly divorce. Obviously I am devastated by this, the marriage was entered into in good faith. Can anyone advise as to where this leaves me as to my change of status? Also, will I have to leave the USA, if so when? Many Thanks
  9. Hi all, Long story short - I moved to the states in 2014 on K1 visa and got married, lived happily ever after (for two years) until my beloved husband decided that he doesn't want to be with me anymore and that he wants something else in his life. I'm not going to go too deep into details, let me just tell you that I didn't see that coming. A week before Christmas 2016 he asked me to move out and give him space to think about his life. Seriously, on Christmas. I did as he asked. I attempted to talk to him a few times in the first couple of months, tried to make him go see a couples therapist, but he refused. He also refused to talk to me about what was going to happen next. He never brought up divorce, but as the time passed it became obvious that he had no intentions to work on this marriage. Four months after the separation (March 2017) i realized that I needed to start gathering documents for the i-751 filing and I made my husband meet me and to talk through the options. Unfortunately he wasn't very communicative and helpful again, but he did say that he didn't want to hurt me even more so he would sign/file whatever I needed. Not a word about the divorce again. I went to sick help from an immigration attorney right before filing and was advised to either file together as a couple and attach an additional letter with explanations to why we didn't live together anymore or get divorced and file alone. I chose the the first option - had my husband sign the petition (he didn't even want to read it) attached a few letters from our friends as witnesses and filed my petition on June 30th 2017. It's been 9 months since the separation and the relationship with my husband is not getting better. He has started acting very disrespectful towards me, wouldn't even say hello when sees me in public, we don't talk at all. To be honest, I'm not even sure anymore if he will want to go to the interview with me in a year (current timeline for the CA center), and even if he agrees to go to the interview - we are strangers to each other at this point. I don't want to file for divorce because I don't want to hurt my case, but I also find it impossible to keep living like that for another year. The situation is very messed up. To answer a few questions in advance: I believe i have enough evidence to prove that the 3 years (2 years in marriage) we spent together were real - apartment lease, insurances, gym memberships, taxes, phone bills, dozens of family trips and photos etc. No kids. I didn't do anything obvious to cause this separation - I was a faithful, loving and supporting partner to him, always. Does he have another woman? Maybe, I don't know. His friends and family never reached out to me. I don't know what he told them, but they all clearly took his side and no-one's really talking to me except for those few people who agreed to write a witness letter for me. I don't want to consider moving back to my Motherland and leaving my immigration case behind. I moved here for him in the first place and I started building my life here with a person I loved. During the time we were together I managed to build a career here in the US, my work is all my life here now. When he turned his back on me I had to start all over again - got a much better job offer, found my own place to live, bought my own furniture and had to find new friends. I've been through hell and I think I deserve to keep living my life here, at least for now. I cannot be responsible for another person's poor decisions and break my life into pieces again. Needless to say, how disappointed and hurt I am to find out what people are capable of. I feel like a used toy. This is so messed up, I have no words.
  10. My ex wife and I are naturalized US citizens. My ex wife gave birth to my child in India. I've done DNA tests in India to prove that he is my child. She does not want custody of the child. We have the divorce finalized. She does not want to accompany me to the us consulate when applying for the CRBA. I don't have any pre-natal records and she says that she destroyed them. Can I still apply for the CRBA for my child? What supporting Documents do I need?
  11. I am married to US citizen from 2014. Filed to remove condition on March 2016. Received REF on March 2017 (Not enough joint financial documents) Responded to REF April 2017. Got I-551 stamp May 2017. Contacted USCIS to follow up and was told the case has been transferred to local office. I guess it means we will be asked for an interview. Filed for N-400 to expedite the interview on August 2017. Now, US citizen spouse is asking for divorce!! I am waiting for possible interview letter and any day I might get the interview scheduled. She is pushing me to get mutual divorce since it is faster. otherwise the divorce will take over a year since we must spend 1 year separated before filing. Now I am stuck with her wanting divorce and I do not know to agree to get mutual divorce or let her file herself and go through this long divorce process.· If she files for divorce by herself, It will take over a year and half. What will happen to my status with 2 pending immigration cases and pending divorce decree?· How about I agree to get mutual divorce. Then what should I do with my pending I-751 and N-400? Should I go to interview? Will I get into trouble to get mutual divorce?
  12. Hi all, I am a U.S. Citizen and my (soon to be ex) husband is here on a marriage-based conditional green card. My parents signed the Affidavit of Support considering neither my husband nor I had a job at the time of filing the I-130 & I-485. We were together for 2 1/2 years prior to getting married, so we had A LOT of proof of a bonafied, happy relationship during our initial interview. Fast forward to just before our 2 year anniversary, we're both unhappy and it becomes clear I'm the only one trying to fix the marriage. After months of emotional abuse, I eventually find evidence that he is having an affair with a co-worker (who is also married). I will add that he was very adamant about keeping his workplace and me completely separate (I only met less than a handful of his co-workers despite the fact he worked over 10 hour days, 6 days a week) and I believe many of them knew about his infidelity. I filed for divorce on grounds of Adultery and he chose not to contest it because he has no money for a lawyer. The divorce will be finalized in another month, just at the beginning of the 90 day period that he can file to remove the conditions off his green card. Despite the last few months of hell, I do genuinely believe that his intentions were good at the time of proposal through our first few months of marriage (He didn't start acting cold and detached until over a year and half in), so I don't necessarily want to raise flags of fraud. We both agreed to divorce, I kicked him out for the cheating and neither one of us want anything from the other but to be left to our own. Beforehand, I handled all the paperwork (He doesn't really understand any US legal processes), but now he's on his own and can go get a lawyer to figure everything out considering it won't look good that he caused the divorce due to infidelity. That being said, I have a very strong feeling that he's going to ask his co-workers to write sworn statements as evidence of a bonafied marriage. There's not a ton of evidence because most things were in my name and all of our shared accounts/etc. are now closed and we did not see one another very often or even do much together because he devoted so much time to his job/friends/affair. It's almost a guarantee he'll have to provide proof/witnesses and those are the only people he knows here. I don't, in any way shape or form, want to be associated with his workplace or the people who work there. I've only really met 3 or 4 of them anyway and (mutually) did not like any of them. I'm sure he did a fair amount of lying about me to them and I never really was around anyone enough for them to know anything substantial about our relationship. Long story short, I'm not necessarily trying to put his permanent green card even more in jeopardy than it already it, but I definitely want to alert USCIS about the divorce, distance my parents from the responsibility of financial support they signed and (somehow?) request that anything from these ill-meaning co-workers not be considered actual, truthful affidavits. How do I do this? Should I write a letter? Call? Request an interview? Needing any and all advice. Thanks!
  13. My husband and I got married in Feb 2015 after I overstayed my 90 days ESTA by 3 or 4 weeks. (i'm from the UK, he's a US citizen) I got my Greencard approved in March 2016 Now we have decided to divorce but that won't be final until after I've left the US - I'm moving back to the UK next month and we haven't filed the divorce yet. I was planning to inform USCIS about our divorce and me going back to the UK next month when it's all in progress. My questions are: - Will I have a ban from entering the US again because I overstayed my initial 90 day ESTA and married him in 2015? - Do I have to wait until the divorce is finalized to inform USCIS? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Hi - I cannot find good information about this online... is it simply too difficult to answer accurately? Assuming one had a good amount of proof (shared accounts of all sorts while married, etc.) and divorced sometime within a year of the initial 2-year green card, how likely is it to receive the 10-year green card if you file separately after divorce? Thanks so much.
  15. Hi good morning guys . Really depressed and looking for some advice. got married 1 year ago but my husband is controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive. He shove me a few times and pushed me down when I was walking up the stairs. He uses profanities to me and call me names. A few months ago I told him I wanted to get certified as a Home Health Aide he told me if I did that he would send me back home or call USCIS to tell lies on me. When I told him I don't like the profanities he said he is the man and I shouldn't tell him what to do, and that I am being disrespectful. He tell me everything that I should do, if I don't always do what he says he says it's because I am ungrateful. I love my Husband so I tried to tell him he need to exercise (he has underlying illness) he curses me. He will take away my phone, take away the key so I can't leave the house, I can't use his computer or his wifi, and he tell me I can get back the phone only if I behave myself. I have to hide and watch certain reality shows because he says he doesn't want certain shows to watch in his house. I ask him for us to go counseling but he refuses to go. Even though I can't use his things, I still have to wash, cook, clean, iron every thing as before, he told me he is still giving me food. I take care of him, everyone who knows him says it's the healthiest he have looked in years because I keep him eating clean, he doesn't appreciate it and treats me more like a slave than his wife. He verbally abuses me constantly and threatened to call USCIS, even though he know we both married for love. if I decide to try and stay would it be possible, I don't have much evidence. What I do have: 1. One year tax return 2. Joint bank account 3. Health Insurance 4. Postcards from both Of us 5. Emails and text messages 6. Photos of us. 7. Electricity bills He had his home before we met. i don't know if I should even try as I don't have much evidence. He told me if I don't behave myself and do certain things, ( 1 thing I couldn't do) he won't put my name on his bills so I don't have much. I got my 2 year green card 9 months ago so I know it look bad, but I have tried to make it work to seek counseling and he refuses. He told me Sunday it's not going to work because I told him it can't be okay to speak to his wife that way, he said it's disrespectful to say that to him. I don't know if he files for divorce yet. He refuses me to work but don't give me any allowance, I love and want to work when I tell him I want to work, he says it's because I don't appreciate what he is doing to support us. I feel like I am going crazy can't believe he is treating me this way. he says he will file for divorce, have not happen yet but just want to know what my choices and chances are. sorry my writing is not cohesive Thanks in advance for your help it will be greatly appreciated.
  16. Good day to everybody! Thank you so much for taking some time to read this post and help me out. I will appreciate it so much. I will make a good contextualization, so you may understand better I am in a crazy situation and I would like to ask for advise. On December 2015 I traveled to United States with a K1 Visa. I got married with my fiancé one day after my 90 day period be done, however, 15 days later I came back to my country. The reason why I decided to come back to my country was not good at all. When I was in the United States I was victim of many kind of abuse that I even do not want to remember: emotional abuse (my fiancé called me names all the time, sometimes was 'playing' like he would punch me, I had to write down what I was doing each hour and I could not move out of the house because people could 'kidnap me'); financial abuse (I did not have money and he did not provide an allowance to me); sexual abuse (I even could not do control birth and as result of that I got pregnant). I could not communicate with people: I had an old phone that barely worked to chat with my family, I did not want to tell them what was going on to do not make them feel bad, anyways they could not do nothing for me. My fiancé removed the land line and set passwords in all his devices with the objective of not allowing me make use of them. For me was forbidden talking to people outside, because if I do was because I was thinking on being unfaithful. My fiancé used to humiliate me buying me a ticket to come back to my country. He did it several times. But one day I could take that ticket. My fiancé left me in the house alone, he did not know that in secret I was going to a Christian Church, the Pastor of that Church helped me out to get in the airport. I escaped to my home. Once in home, I discovered I was pregnant, it was so devastating to me. I talked to my fiancé again, I was needing his economical support since I was alone, with no job and really sick. He took it as an opportunity to keep his emotional abuse. Even he visited me and pushed me against a wall, he knew I was pregnant back then. I started to fell in depression and because that I lost the baby. However, I was not feeling good at all, my spirit was broken and I stayed some time with my 'husband' in long distance relationship. He wanted to control me in the distance, and he set on my phone applications to control what I was having in there, also an application to see in real time what I was doing, was pretending to install cameras in my house to see what I was doing, and of course, closed my social accounts and took the passwords of each account I had. I got tired of it how was logic, and decide to break up with him and move on with my life. However here is my big issue, ¿how to divorce him? He is pretty much making fun of me because he says I do not have a Visa to come in to United States and I do not have money neither, which is true. But I want to get divorce, and I will for the right reasons: he was giving me a cruel treatment. I documented some of this mistreatment when I was on United States. However my fiancé deleted all of them when he catch it. I have documented some of the stuff he said to me when I get back... I have a very long list of conversations, videos and voice recordings to support what I say -I did not record him, the program he installed to spy on me did it, I only discovered it-. I want to divorce him for his mistreatment for one single reason: if his first wife would talk to me about this, I never would have fell on this scam. Obviously I would not had to live all what I did and dealing with the loss of my baby. I do not want any other women experience all the soul pain I felt. I do not want to be coward anymore, I was enough already by putting up in silence with his mistreatment and acting like losing my baby did not break my heart. Please guys, if any of you has a good recommendation of what I should do and which are my chances to be successful with this, I will listen with the mind open. I am not looking for Visa benefits -I do not want to ever go back to States, at least t has to be to a court- or money arrangements neither, I just want justice, I want people recognize that I never have been crazy, that I had reasons to leave and stay away from the 'gentleman' that people from outside see on my 'husband'. My punctual questions are, can I request divorce for cruel treatment even if I only can prove the mistreatment when I arrived back to my country? And second, how could I initiate the process when I am overseas with no permission to come in to United States and no idea about how to get a lawyer that does not charge so much? By the way, the mistreatment started once I arrived to United States and continued after getting back. Thank you so much for Reading. I will appreciate your help.
  17. Divorce Laws In Colombia

    Hi! Here's the situation. Married couple in Colombia marries in the 70's. The husband leaves the country in the 80's and can not be found. The wife is trying to get a divorce but is having trouble because he's nowhere to be found to sign paperwork. She is trying to get get married and come to the US, but this is preventing it. Can and how can she get a divorce with the stranger husband? Thank You!
  18. I wish someone with proper knowledge will read my post and give me right advice. I (29) came to USA in 01/2015 with 5 years of F1 visa. Started my MS, met my present wife (24), got in love and relation for 3 months and got married in 10/2015. Received my Conditional green card on 09/2016. We were happily married couple had all and everything together and nice. Joint lease, Joint car loan, Joint bills, Joint Insurance, Joint Bank Ac, Millions of chats and symbols of love, pictures. We lived together in same home till 12/2016 I am more career ambitious and moved to Dallas 12/2016 for my MS+PhD. She is student of Bachelors of my old city. She was registered for Spring 2017 and we were in plan to move her to Dallas after Spring 2017 and during summer break. Even I was working on her transferring credit. She was living in our home and I was visiting her every month despite my severe academic loads and work pressure. From 03/27/2017 something went wrong with her and she started breaking the communication first. She started getting irritated and mad easily, behaving rude every now and then, stopped responding my texts and calls (just a minimum response from her), started saying she does not like the person I am because she feels I am tough guy. My life has been my school, work and her. I don't have anyone here at USA. She started turning real rude and brutal to me through her behavior. I was just crying and trying to discover why she was doing like that suddenly. I told her to visit me in Dallas after my semester and planned to come back together. When she was visiting me in Dallas for two days in the mean time she gave our home keys to her parents and they moved all her staffs while she was there. When I came back home I was just thundered watching our gifts, rings and cards on the shelf and nothing of her stuffs. She just said she is feeling more easy to live as daughter with her parents than living as a wife with me. I cried and cried. Now her parents are pursuing her to give me divorce and wants their daughter at their home because she is working now and she can contribute there! I am just thundered, smashed and broke at all these brutality. She started saying me she does not love me any more. I took her for marriage and relationship counseling and she said she is not sure what she will do. She does not want to go Dallas because her family is here and she was brought up here. She is completely ignoring my educational future and career prospect. She is saying not to count on her; Just to lead my life by myself. I can't eat or sleep; I am getting sick. I am saying here honestly- She had been my everything and I love her for real. Its both out 1st marriage. I don't know what she will do. My ROC is within 06/2018-09/2018. I have my student loans, car loans everything and I can not pay off immediately if my ROC gets denied based on possible divorce from her. I am trying my all best to get her back in life and save my marriage. Any advice is welcome. God bless you all.
  19. Hello All, New to the forum and excited about the future with my fiance from India. We met through work engagements about 5yrs ago and are both divorced; his being finalized more recently while mine was over 6yrs ago. We are crazy in love but have complicated family scenarios. Has anyone run into difficulty with international spouses who were previously married? Any divorced spouses have children who will come at a later date? I am debating whether to complete the ppwk myself (well versed in legal ppwk), use a service or hire an immigration attorney.
  20. Good morning everyone. Came USA F1: 01/2015; Married: 10/2015; CPR: 09/2016; Living separate: 05/2017; CPR expires: 09/2018; Now She is proceeding for divorce Finally after all the hurdles I am assuming I have no other way without proceeding to divorce. I tried each and everything; but she does not want to continue because of unknown issue (that she does not want me to know). So here is my position: She is filing for divorce, My CPR will expire on 09/2018, I need to stay till 2021 to complete my education, I wish to continue my life here since in last three years i set up my life here. More or less I have the following evidences. Please advice me if I am missing something or any advice: > I will add a cover letter detailing the relationship from beginning till end- Where, when and how > Marriage certificate, Our driving license (same address), birth certificate, our passports > Divorce paper (after the divorce gets completed) > Joint apt. lease from 10/2015 to till date > Joint light bill, Joint water bill > Internet and cable line under HER name in same address > T-mobile plan under MY name including me, her and her two brothers > Joint auto insurance > Jointly purchased 3 vehicles&auto loans and 1 more vehicle (cash paid before marriage) where she was included in Title after marriage > 2 Joint Checking accounts > 2 years Joint Tax return > Walmart and Sam's Club Spouse Card as her spouse (She is an employee of Walmart now) > Some letters from human services, Govt organizations, insurance, banks, schools under our both name in same address > 2 marriage counselors papers (Counseling as attempt to save relation) > HER Amazon card and Prime Orders showing different purchases from the beginning of relation by me, her, her brothers in different addresses > Police report of her abandonment > JOINT Police report of family violence where she convicted me taking her phone and I convicted her for physical abuse (I have affidavit of neighbors who witnessed) > One hotel vouchers during our trip to another city > 15-20 Pictures from beginning of relation of us, some with family and some with friends in different occasions > My all emails and correspondence during living separate > Her verbal conversation records where she admitted beating me > Our text messages, chat and call history of last one year. > One affidavit from HER, One from Land lord, One from neighbor, One from common friend, One from our ex roommate (No Affidavit from her family because she does not want me to see them even as she ill-intendedly placed me as an awful person in front of them) > Proofs of her some recent suspicious communication with her ex-bf and one other guy > Proof of her threats to me if I try to meet her family > My psychologist's prescription for depression, anxiety and insomnia during her living separate and my attempts to get her back As per other threads on evidences; I am missing the followings/Red Flags: > We never had 401K or Life insurance or Joint savings account > We never had health insurance continuously since she was having medicare through Govt > I don't have hundreds of pictures since she had all of them and she is saying she deleted them! Even I have that text records where I was asking for pictures and she was ignoring my requests > I was arrested for 7 hours for a Class C misdemeanor with my friend (he stole a head phone and put that in my bag even without my notice at Walmart!!) Before Conditional Green Card Approval; Later on it was dismissed because I was not at fault and I proved that. Based on above statements; any advice for : > Any additional evidences needed? Or Am I missing something? > Should I go for Good Faith Marriage Waiver or Abuse Waiver or Extreme Hardship Waiver(Considering my Financial ties, Educational issues and Existing loans at USA) ? > Should I try to get an affidavit any how from her family even though she does not want me to meet them? Any helpful advice welcome.
  21. Muslim Divorce

    Hi everyone, looking for answers about my situation. I was working in kuwait where i met my son's father who's now my ex .. i got pregnant in kuwait and got scared that i will be in jail if I won't go back to Philippines .. one of my colleagues said that they know someone who make fake marriage certificate. It's just to show whenever there is a police checking .. me and my ex agreed to it, my ex doesn't have contract, their company let them exit every three months then come back to work.. so unfortunately he doesn't have CIVIL I.D .. the guy working for fake marriage didn't allow my ex as my husband on my fake marriage coz he doesn't have civil i.d .. so i asked my friend's boyfriend who is a muslim and local from kuwait .. he agreed after telling him it's fake .. i was 8months pregnant when i came here in Philippines for good .. after a year me and my ex decided to get marry, unfortunately my supposedly fake marriage got registered in NSO 😥😥 i was so shocked and upset,i contacted the person who made it and he saidhe will divorce it .. we just need to pay 50k. We paid him but my divorce didn't happen .. till me and my sons father broke up .. my american fiancé is now paying a real attorney to fix my divorce .. but i had doubts when i heard that divorce is getting denied by the embassy now ☹️we we're thinking about getting it null and void coz i don't have signature in my marriage certificate but tge attorney said he can work on getting it divorce.. i Don't know what to decide about it .. i just wanted to know if, will i be denied if i just divorce my marriage?? .. thanks in advance for the response ..
  22. Hi Everyone, hope you could help me with our situation here. My fiance a US citizen was separated from his wife just a few months before we met in February 2016 but didn't file a divorce yet, just filed the divorce last December of 2016. The divorce was just granted last June of this year and we are planning to file for the I129F form this month. I read to some forums and blogs that this is a red flag. What would you suggest that we could about this to make sure that my fiance was not cheating on his ex wife. I would appreciate your responses to this matter. Thank you guys!
  23. Hello all, Long story short. I am applying I 751 waiver (Cruelty) soon. Divorce proceedings are also started. Ours is a bona fide marriage with lots of documentation. My Green card is expiring this year end. My attorney doesn't want me to check both the boxes Cruelty and Divorce Questions: 1) If I check both the boxes, do I need to prove both cruelty and divorce waivers? Or USCIS will approve/send interview notice if I am able to prove atleast 1 category? I will not get decree until atleast 8 more months. By that time, my GC will expire. 2) If I check only 'extreme cruelty' check box for now and can I amend my petition to divorce once I get a decree? My concern is, I should not be in a situation where I apply only for extreme cruelty and my application gets denied because of insufficient documentation. By that time my GC expires and cannot be able to change to divorce waiver category Please advise.
  24. Hi there!.. So my story is, I got married in 2015.. I'm a March 2017 filer for the I751. However I am now thinking of filing for divorce as me and my wife (whom is a US citizen) no longer see eye to eye. My question is IF I decide to file for divorce, will this affect my current application and will the processing time change? If anyone has been in a similar situation please could you kindly share your story or advice what I should do as I am really confused at the moment.. Much appreciated Thanks in advance
  25. Hello, let me start off my very long story, I married my ex husband on Aug, 2009, and applied for residency in 2011, got approved in 2012 for my 10 year green card, we already had 1 son, and had another in 2013, we separated in 2014 NOT legally, I finally filed for divorce in 2015. We do not have lawyers and I haven't finished the process of my divorce. I now live with another partner and had his child this year 2017. I no longer work, but did when my ex husband left. would any of these events affect my application? should I wait until my divorce is finalized? can anyone show me a link to applying with divorce? TIA!!