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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, New member here. My Filipino girlfriend and I were introduced by an American / Filipino couple here in the U.S. They got their K-1 Visa two years ago. Our situation is an exact copy of theirs... My girlfriend and I have been dating via Skype since August. She has been working in Hong Kong for five years. She is married in the Philippines with one 17 year old daughter. She has been separated from her husband for 15+ years. As we all know, divorce is not allowed in the Philippines and annulments take a very long time (years). Just as her friend did, that introduced us, she has filed for a divorce in Hong Kong and will be receiving the divorce decree soon. My question: Will her divorce decree from Hong Kong be accepted, for the purpose of obtaining a K-1 Visa (as it was for her friend two years ago) or, has the law changed? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  2. Hello,My name is Sumit.I am on Conditional PR. We got married on June 2015. My wife (USC) filed for my conditional PR.I received my Conditional PR on April 2016 and valid till April 2018.Our relationship is not well now. After being in 1 and half year in marriage, we both don’t want continue anymore. My wife(USC) took all his stuff and vacated our apartment last week when I was at work. Now we don’t have any communication. How can I make sure I can secure my Permanent PR? There was physical abuse involved where she hit me and I got 3 sutures. But I did not involved cops, I cannot handle this mental stress anymore.We have lot of evidences showing ours is real marriage.Like lot of photos, air tickets to many destinations, rental lease documents, joint auto insurances, Lots and lots of email communications, affidavits from her parents that our marriage is valid and we lived at their place for 6 months etc.If I apply for divorce, will that affect my chances of getting permanent PR?Please advice, I am in lot of stress and anxiety. I am in verge of loosing my job. I only have 1 more year of conditional pr.So my questions are, can I file divorce (non-USC) ?Will that impact my I - 751 approval decision?What are the chances of me getting a waiver for join petitioning?
  3. Hello all, i have been a member of this group for a while, though i have not been participating actively, but i do follow most topics every now and then. I moved here in 2012, after being married to my USC spouse for almost 2 years. We had a baby 2 years later, but we later separated , when baby was barely 6 weeks old. This was her decision, all efforts too get her to reconcile with me was unsuccessful and she filed for divorce a few months later. I really dont want to go into to much details here, but due to the nature of our separation and also because our divorce was not final , when it was time to remove my conditional 2 year GC, i ticked the 3 options, including VAWA. i did not get an interview until Feb 2016 and till today i have no heard a word from USCIS. Just to let you know, though my ex has since remarried, our separation was very messy, as i mentioned before, i really don want to bog you all with too many details, but she attempted to remove me from the country, by filing several bogus criminal charges and calling ICE and DHS several times. Her communication was revealed to me during the interview. During our numerous court appearances , she also accused me of marriage fraud. Well fast forward 2017, i have been cleared of all criminal charges, i have since expunged all traces of criminal complicity in order to enable me get a job, We have joint custody of our child , whom i see 2 times a week,including biweekly weekend visits, though i pay child support and have never defaulted. When my divorce was final, i sent in my divorce certificate and i thought my application will be taken away from vawa and moved to separation due to divorce, but i was wrong. Since my ex was in touch with USCIS and wrote bogus letters accusing me of every thing in living day light, from theft, to rape to fraud, though i am an accomplished professional, i am of the opinion that my 10 year GC is being delayed because i am currently under investigation. I have written , called and tried all efforts to communicate with USCIS, but i keep being told that due to nature of my case, they cannot respond to me directly. Its been more than 2 years and by the end of this year, i will be due to file my citizenship. I will like to request advice from learned members on what my next steps and options are. I cant afford an attorney at the moment and i cherish the bond between me and my daughter, so leaving the country may not be an option. Thanks.
  4. I noticed I have 2 profiles, can I request a moderator to merge my accounts. Seems I am the only one left from December 2016. Still don't have an approval.
  5. Need immediate Respond I am on my range for the removal of my conditional this year, I am already divorce and my divorce is final how long should a send a file to the USCIS for my removal of conditional ?