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Found 105 results

  1. Hi all, I am a U.S. Citizen and my (soon to be ex) husband is here on a marriage-based conditional green card. My parents signed the Affidavit of Support considering neither my husband nor I had a job at the time of filing the I-130 & I-485. We were together for 2 1/2 years prior to getting married, so we had A LOT of proof of a bonafied, happy relationship during our initial interview. Fast forward to just before our 2 year anniversary, we're both unhappy and it becomes clear I'm the only one trying to fix the marriage. After months of emotional abuse, I eventually find evidence that he is having an affair with a co-worker (who is also married). I will add that he was very adamant about keeping his workplace and me completely separate (I only met less than a handful of his co-workers despite the fact he worked over 10 hour days, 6 days a week) and I believe many of them knew about his infidelity. I filed for divorce on grounds of Adultery and he chose not to contest it because he has no money for a lawyer. The divorce will be finalized in another month, just at the beginning of the 90 day period that he can file to remove the conditions off his green card. Despite the last few months of hell, I do genuinely believe that his intentions were good at the time of proposal through our first few months of marriage (He didn't start acting cold and detached until over a year and half in), so I don't necessarily want to raise flags of fraud. We both agreed to divorce, I kicked him out for the cheating and neither one of us want anything from the other but to be left to our own. Beforehand, I handled all the paperwork (He doesn't really understand any US legal processes), but now he's on his own and can go get a lawyer to figure everything out considering it won't look good that he caused the divorce due to infidelity. That being said, I have a very strong feeling that he's going to ask his co-workers to write sworn statements as evidence of a bonafied marriage. There's not a ton of evidence because most things were in my name and all of our shared accounts/etc. are now closed and we did not see one another very often or even do much together because he devoted so much time to his job/friends/affair. It's almost a guarantee he'll have to provide proof/witnesses and those are the only people he knows here. I don't, in any way shape or form, want to be associated with his workplace or the people who work there. I've only really met 3 or 4 of them anyway and (mutually) did not like any of them. I'm sure he did a fair amount of lying about me to them and I never really was around anyone enough for them to know anything substantial about our relationship. Long story short, I'm not necessarily trying to put his permanent green card even more in jeopardy than it already it, but I definitely want to alert USCIS about the divorce, distance my parents from the responsibility of financial support they signed and (somehow?) request that anything from these ill-meaning co-workers not be considered actual, truthful affidavits. How do I do this? Should I write a letter? Call? Request an interview? Needing any and all advice. Thanks!
  2. I am married to US citizen from 2014. Filed to remove condition on March 2016. Received REF on March 2017 (Not enough joint financial documents) Responded to REF April 2017. Got I-551 stamp May 2017. Contacted USCIS to follow up and was told the case has been transferred to local office. I guess it means we will be asked for an interview. Filed for N-400 to expedite the interview on August 2017. Now, US citizen spouse is asking for divorce!! I am waiting for possible interview letter and any day I might get the interview scheduled. She is pushing me to get mutual divorce since it is faster. otherwise the divorce will take over a year since we must spend 1 year separated before filing. Now I am stuck with her wanting divorce and I do not know to agree to get mutual divorce or let her file herself and go through this long divorce process.· If she files for divorce by herself, It will take over a year and half. What will happen to my status with 2 pending immigration cases and pending divorce decree?· How about I agree to get mutual divorce. Then what should I do with my pending I-751 and N-400? Should I go to interview? Will I get into trouble to get mutual divorce?
  3. My husband and I got married in Feb 2015 after I overstayed my 90 days ESTA by 3 or 4 weeks. (i'm from the UK, he's a US citizen) I got my Greencard approved in March 2016 Now we have decided to divorce but that won't be final until after I've left the US - I'm moving back to the UK next month and we haven't filed the divorce yet. I was planning to inform USCIS about our divorce and me going back to the UK next month when it's all in progress. My questions are: - Will I have a ban from entering the US again because I overstayed my initial 90 day ESTA and married him in 2015? - Do I have to wait until the divorce is finalized to inform USCIS? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Hi - I cannot find good information about this online... is it simply too difficult to answer accurately? Assuming one had a good amount of proof (shared accounts of all sorts while married, etc.) and divorced sometime within a year of the initial 2-year green card, how likely is it to receive the 10-year green card if you file separately after divorce? Thanks so much.
  5. Hi good morning guys . Really depressed and looking for some advice. got married 1 year ago but my husband is controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive. He shove me a few times and pushed me down when I was walking up the stairs. He uses profanities to me and call me names. A few months ago I told him I wanted to get certified as a Home Health Aide he told me if I did that he would send me back home or call USCIS to tell lies on me. When I told him I don't like the profanities he said he is the man and I shouldn't tell him what to do, and that I am being disrespectful. He tell me everything that I should do, if I don't always do what he says he says it's because I am ungrateful. I love my Husband so I tried to tell him he need to exercise (he has underlying illness) he curses me. He will take away my phone, take away the key so I can't leave the house, I can't use his computer or his wifi, and he tell me I can get back the phone only if I behave myself. I have to hide and watch certain reality shows because he says he doesn't want certain shows to watch in his house. I ask him for us to go counseling but he refuses to go. Even though I can't use his things, I still have to wash, cook, clean, iron every thing as before, he told me he is still giving me food. I take care of him, everyone who knows him says it's the healthiest he have looked in years because I keep him eating clean, he doesn't appreciate it and treats me more like a slave than his wife. He verbally abuses me constantly and threatened to call USCIS, even though he know we both married for love. if I decide to try and stay would it be possible, I don't have much evidence. What I do have: 1. One year tax return 2. Joint bank account 3. Health Insurance 4. Postcards from both Of us 5. Emails and text messages 6. Photos of us. 7. Electricity bills He had his home before we met. i don't know if I should even try as I don't have much evidence. He told me if I don't behave myself and do certain things, ( 1 thing I couldn't do) he won't put my name on his bills so I don't have much. I got my 2 year green card 9 months ago so I know it look bad, but I have tried to make it work to seek counseling and he refuses. He told me Sunday it's not going to work because I told him it can't be okay to speak to his wife that way, he said it's disrespectful to say that to him. I don't know if he files for divorce yet. He refuses me to work but don't give me any allowance, I love and want to work when I tell him I want to work, he says it's because I don't appreciate what he is doing to support us. I feel like I am going crazy can't believe he is treating me this way. he says he will file for divorce, have not happen yet but just want to know what my choices and chances are. sorry my writing is not cohesive Thanks in advance for your help it will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Good day to everybody! Thank you so much for taking some time to read this post and help me out. I will appreciate it so much. I will make a good contextualization, so you may understand better I am in a crazy situation and I would like to ask for advise. On December 2015 I traveled to United States with a K1 Visa. I got married with my fiancé one day after my 90 day period be done, however, 15 days later I came back to my country. The reason why I decided to come back to my country was not good at all. When I was in the United States I was victim of many kind of abuse that I even do not want to remember: emotional abuse (my fiancé called me names all the time, sometimes was 'playing' like he would punch me, I had to write down what I was doing each hour and I could not move out of the house because people could 'kidnap me'); financial abuse (I did not have money and he did not provide an allowance to me); sexual abuse (I even could not do control birth and as result of that I got pregnant). I could not communicate with people: I had an old phone that barely worked to chat with my family, I did not want to tell them what was going on to do not make them feel bad, anyways they could not do nothing for me. My fiancé removed the land line and set passwords in all his devices with the objective of not allowing me make use of them. For me was forbidden talking to people outside, because if I do was because I was thinking on being unfaithful. My fiancé used to humiliate me buying me a ticket to come back to my country. He did it several times. But one day I could take that ticket. My fiancé left me in the house alone, he did not know that in secret I was going to a Christian Church, the Pastor of that Church helped me out to get in the airport. I escaped to my home. Once in home, I discovered I was pregnant, it was so devastating to me. I talked to my fiancé again, I was needing his economical support since I was alone, with no job and really sick. He took it as an opportunity to keep his emotional abuse. Even he visited me and pushed me against a wall, he knew I was pregnant back then. I started to fell in depression and because that I lost the baby. However, I was not feeling good at all, my spirit was broken and I stayed some time with my 'husband' in long distance relationship. He wanted to control me in the distance, and he set on my phone applications to control what I was having in there, also an application to see in real time what I was doing, was pretending to install cameras in my house to see what I was doing, and of course, closed my social accounts and took the passwords of each account I had. I got tired of it how was logic, and decide to break up with him and move on with my life. However here is my big issue, ¿how to divorce him? He is pretty much making fun of me because he says I do not have a Visa to come in to United States and I do not have money neither, which is true. But I want to get divorce, and I will for the right reasons: he was giving me a cruel treatment. I documented some of this mistreatment when I was on United States. However my fiancé deleted all of them when he catch it. I have documented some of the stuff he said to me when I get back... I have a very long list of conversations, videos and voice recordings to support what I say -I did not record him, the program he installed to spy on me did it, I only discovered it-. I want to divorce him for his mistreatment for one single reason: if his first wife would talk to me about this, I never would have fell on this scam. Obviously I would not had to live all what I did and dealing with the loss of my baby. I do not want any other women experience all the soul pain I felt. I do not want to be coward anymore, I was enough already by putting up in silence with his mistreatment and acting like losing my baby did not break my heart. Please guys, if any of you has a good recommendation of what I should do and which are my chances to be successful with this, I will listen with the mind open. I am not looking for Visa benefits -I do not want to ever go back to States, at least t has to be to a court- or money arrangements neither, I just want justice, I want people recognize that I never have been crazy, that I had reasons to leave and stay away from the 'gentleman' that people from outside see on my 'husband'. My punctual questions are, can I request divorce for cruel treatment even if I only can prove the mistreatment when I arrived back to my country? And second, how could I initiate the process when I am overseas with no permission to come in to United States and no idea about how to get a lawyer that does not charge so much? By the way, the mistreatment started once I arrived to United States and continued after getting back. Thank you so much for Reading. I will appreciate your help.
  7. Hi! Here's the situation. Married couple in Colombia marries in the 70's. The husband leaves the country in the 80's and can not be found. The wife is trying to get a divorce but is having trouble because he's nowhere to be found to sign paperwork. She is trying to get get married and come to the US, but this is preventing it. Can and how can she get a divorce with the stranger husband? Thank You!
  8. I wish someone with proper knowledge will read my post and give me right advice. I (29) came to USA in 01/2015 with 5 years of F1 visa. Started my MS, met my present wife (24), got in love and relation for 3 months and got married in 10/2015. Received my Conditional green card on 09/2016. We were happily married couple had all and everything together and nice. Joint lease, Joint car loan, Joint bills, Joint Insurance, Joint Bank Ac, Millions of chats and symbols of love, pictures. We lived together in same home till 12/2016 I am more career ambitious and moved to Dallas 12/2016 for my MS+PhD. She is student of Bachelors of my old city. She was registered for Spring 2017 and we were in plan to move her to Dallas after Spring 2017 and during summer break. Even I was working on her transferring credit. She was living in our home and I was visiting her every month despite my severe academic loads and work pressure. From 03/27/2017 something went wrong with her and she started breaking the communication first. She started getting irritated and mad easily, behaving rude every now and then, stopped responding my texts and calls (just a minimum response from her), started saying she does not like the person I am because she feels I am tough guy. My life has been my school, work and her. I don't have anyone here at USA. She started turning real rude and brutal to me through her behavior. I was just crying and trying to discover why she was doing like that suddenly. I told her to visit me in Dallas after my semester and planned to come back together. When she was visiting me in Dallas for two days in the mean time she gave our home keys to her parents and they moved all her staffs while she was there. When I came back home I was just thundered watching our gifts, rings and cards on the shelf and nothing of her stuffs. She just said she is feeling more easy to live as daughter with her parents than living as a wife with me. I cried and cried. Now her parents are pursuing her to give me divorce and wants their daughter at their home because she is working now and she can contribute there! I am just thundered, smashed and broke at all these brutality. She started saying me she does not love me any more. I took her for marriage and relationship counseling and she said she is not sure what she will do. She does not want to go Dallas because her family is here and she was brought up here. She is completely ignoring my educational future and career prospect. She is saying not to count on her; Just to lead my life by myself. I can't eat or sleep; I am getting sick. I am saying here honestly- She had been my everything and I love her for real. Its both out 1st marriage. I don't know what she will do. My ROC is within 06/2018-09/2018. I have my student loans, car loans everything and I can not pay off immediately if my ROC gets denied based on possible divorce from her. I am trying my all best to get her back in life and save my marriage. Any advice is welcome. God bless you all.
  9. Hello All, New to the forum and excited about the future with my fiance from India. We met through work engagements about 5yrs ago and are both divorced; his being finalized more recently while mine was over 6yrs ago. We are crazy in love but have complicated family scenarios. Has anyone run into difficulty with international spouses who were previously married? Any divorced spouses have children who will come at a later date? I am debating whether to complete the ppwk myself (well versed in legal ppwk), use a service or hire an immigration attorney.
  10. Good morning everyone. Came USA F1: 01/2015; Married: 10/2015; CPR: 09/2016; Living separate: 05/2017; CPR expires: 09/2018; Now She is proceeding for divorce Finally after all the hurdles I am assuming I have no other way without proceeding to divorce. I tried each and everything; but she does not want to continue because of unknown issue (that she does not want me to know). So here is my position: She is filing for divorce, My CPR will expire on 09/2018, I need to stay till 2021 to complete my education, I wish to continue my life here since in last three years i set up my life here. More or less I have the following evidences. Please advice me if I am missing something or any advice: > I will add a cover letter detailing the relationship from beginning till end- Where, when and how > Marriage certificate, Our driving license (same address), birth certificate, our passports > Divorce paper (after the divorce gets completed) > Joint apt. lease from 10/2015 to till date > Joint light bill, Joint water bill > Internet and cable line under HER name in same address > T-mobile plan under MY name including me, her and her two brothers > Joint auto insurance > Jointly purchased 3 vehicles&auto loans and 1 more vehicle (cash paid before marriage) where she was included in Title after marriage > 2 Joint Checking accounts > 2 years Joint Tax return > Walmart and Sam's Club Spouse Card as her spouse (She is an employee of Walmart now) > Some letters from human services, Govt organizations, insurance, banks, schools under our both name in same address > 2 marriage counselors papers (Counseling as attempt to save relation) > HER Amazon card and Prime Orders showing different purchases from the beginning of relation by me, her, her brothers in different addresses > Police report of her abandonment > JOINT Police report of family violence where she convicted me taking her phone and I convicted her for physical abuse (I have affidavit of neighbors who witnessed) > One hotel vouchers during our trip to another city > 15-20 Pictures from beginning of relation of us, some with family and some with friends in different occasions > My all emails and correspondence during living separate > Her verbal conversation records where she admitted beating me > Our text messages, chat and call history of last one year. > One affidavit from HER, One from Land lord, One from neighbor, One from common friend, One from our ex roommate (No Affidavit from her family because she does not want me to see them even as she ill-intendedly placed me as an awful person in front of them) > Proofs of her some recent suspicious communication with her ex-bf and one other guy > Proof of her threats to me if I try to meet her family > My psychologist's prescription for depression, anxiety and insomnia during her living separate and my attempts to get her back As per other threads on evidences; I am missing the followings/Red Flags: > We never had 401K or Life insurance or Joint savings account > We never had health insurance continuously since she was having medicare through Govt > I don't have hundreds of pictures since she had all of them and she is saying she deleted them! Even I have that text records where I was asking for pictures and she was ignoring my requests > I was arrested for 7 hours for a Class C misdemeanor with my friend (he stole a head phone and put that in my bag even without my notice at Walmart!!) Before Conditional Green Card Approval; Later on it was dismissed because I was not at fault and I proved that. Based on above statements; any advice for : > Any additional evidences needed? Or Am I missing something? > Should I go for Good Faith Marriage Waiver or Abuse Waiver or Extreme Hardship Waiver(Considering my Financial ties, Educational issues and Existing loans at USA) ? > Should I try to get an affidavit any how from her family even though she does not want me to meet them? Any helpful advice welcome.
  11. Me and my spouse are in a bad situation where she filed for divorce 07/08/2017. She is completely acting like what her father wants and her father wants to buy a home under her name soonest and wants her to be free from relation and affidavit of support. Our relation went bad from 03/2017 and now it is completely destroyed. I have all convincing and strong evidence to support my Bonafide marriage. I am now in conditional residency; and whatever I just came to know- Since she can't withdraw I-864 after approval of I-485 so someone told her to write up INS or USCIS about withdrawal her entire file. I never did anything bad in relation; so she can not put me in any extreme fault line as per my belief. Now I don't know what evidence she will create. Honestly I lost my all trust on her as per her last 3 months quick changes and behaves. She probates and reprobates; she gave me a complete feeling of real life Tom&Jerry game. Even she is asking me to pay for her divorce and lawyers cost! I did nothing where she walked out from relation, hooked up with someone, hide it from her family, influenced her father to help her with divorce, lied to every one and I have all the proofs. I just said- I dont want to fight, I want peace. If you don't love me I don't want to keep you in ties of anything. I am now scared what she can do through I-864 withdrawal or her entire petition withdrawal during my this conditional residency? All her acts have been completely inhumane and extreme brutal. Please help.
  12. Hi everyone, looking for answers about my situation. I was working in kuwait where i met my son's father who's now my ex .. i got pregnant in kuwait and got scared that i will be in jail if I won't go back to Philippines .. one of my colleagues said that they know someone who make fake marriage certificate. It's just to show whenever there is a police checking .. me and my ex agreed to it, my ex doesn't have contract, their company let them exit every three months then come back to work.. so unfortunately he doesn't have CIVIL I.D .. the guy working for fake marriage didn't allow my ex as my husband on my fake marriage coz he doesn't have civil i.d .. so i asked my friend's boyfriend who is a muslim and local from kuwait .. he agreed after telling him it's fake .. i was 8months pregnant when i came here in Philippines for good .. after a year me and my ex decided to get marry, unfortunately my supposedly fake marriage got registered in NSO 😥😥 i was so shocked and upset,i contacted the person who made it and he saidhe will divorce it .. we just need to pay 50k. We paid him but my divorce didn't happen .. till me and my sons father broke up .. my american fiancé is now paying a real attorney to fix my divorce .. but i had doubts when i heard that divorce is getting denied by the embassy now ☹️we we're thinking about getting it null and void coz i don't have signature in my marriage certificate but tge attorney said he can work on getting it divorce.. i Don't know what to decide about it .. i just wanted to know if, will i be denied if i just divorce my marriage?? .. thanks in advance for the response ..
  13. Hi Everyone, hope you could help me with our situation here. My fiance a US citizen was separated from his wife just a few months before we met in February 2016 but didn't file a divorce yet, just filed the divorce last December of 2016. The divorce was just granted last June of this year and we are planning to file for the I129F form this month. I read to some forums and blogs that this is a red flag. What would you suggest that we could about this to make sure that my fiance was not cheating on his ex wife. I would appreciate your responses to this matter. Thank you guys!
  14. If any GENUINE LAWYER/ SOMEONE REAL WITH REAL EXPERIENCE read my post please respond- Thanks ahead! Since I post before about my falling marriage; its already in a point where I am now feeling that I am just losing self respect and getting nothing from the relation. Long story short- Married 10/2015 after 7 months dating, Got CG 09/2016, Our problem started 03/2017 and from then she started all the way changing herself, she abandoned home 05/2017 and on 06/2017 I figured out her on-going communication with her Ex-Bf! Anyway, we went for marriage counseling and everything possible; I guess she just went there to show me she is loyal! She came to know about mine knowing her correspondence with her ex and after that she started turning rude. I went to see that guy just to talk and tell him about their doing mistakes. After that my sweet wife came home, behaved me extreme rude and choked my neck in front of neighbors (I have the police report coz a neighbor called police) . She complained neighbors about me that I abused her financially (Asking her to be tight within budget), I put her down and disrespect her (Asking her to develop her grades and on 2nd semester I said- What Stupid result babe!! All C grade and D grade? ), I don't give her freedom (Becasue I ask her all the time where she goes and what she is doing when I am out of home). I know I was tough because I was serious and always cautious about relation. Long story again short- She is pushing me for divorce coz she wants to be free! Even when she abandoned home she told me to give her some space and she will file for Joint I-751 and she may reconsider coming back and glue up the relation. But after my discovery about her issues with her ex-bf- All she wants just to get rid off me! I know that guy through someone; he is just ruining her life, misguiding her extremely and pushing her even to give me divorce and move with him. All our common friends warned her- That guy is misguiding her; but she does not want to listen anyone. I am feeling sick with all these. I do love her truly and she knows it very well. She now says me: Why you are so worried about status? I was on F1 visa, switched to CR after marriage and she knows all. But she talks like a way she does not know anything and expects me to BEG her POLITELY. Honestly I can not beg because she is the woman whom I gave everything honestly. I just enrolled in PhD and its just my 1st year. My CG expires next 08/2018. I sold my property in country and invested here at USA- In car, In investment, In education. I am just feeling like ripped off for nothing and facing all these weird situations. I talked to few lawyers; all of them said- Yes Yes You can ROC by Yourself with Good faith Waiver after divorce. But they also added a line: BUT IT IS EASY IF YOU CAN STAY IN RELATION AND FILE JOINTLY! I don't know Why the talk of EASY through JOINT FILING comes if I can ROC by myself with Proper EVIDENCE? My evidences are: 2 years Joint Tax return, Joint Lease, Joint Light and Water, 2 Joint Cars, 2 Joint Bank Account, Joint Vehicle Insurance (WE NEVER HAD HEALTH INSURANCE FOR FINANCIAL HARDSHIP), Family T-Mobile Plan including me-my wife-her two brothers; Pictures, Marriage Certificate, Numerous Chats-Texts-Emails, Some affidavits from common friends, neighbors and one from her, Some expensive gifts like DSLR Camera, Laptop, Ring, Birthday gifts papers and receipts; Marriage counseling papers and My Psychiatrist prescription during my extreme depression when she left home and I found her contacts with her Ex. These all I have. Today is her birthday! She does not even want to see me where I know she is not at her parent's home. I feel she is not in our relation since she already stepped out too much. She wants to scare me talking about divorce but when I told her about Divorce by myself- both times she looked tensed and dumped. So I am pretty sure- She is not 100% confident to leave our relation but somehow she tangled up with that guy. I just don't want to lose my education and professional life (3 years to finish my PhD at least) along with personal life (divorce with her). And I can't tolerate something more from her side any more- Its enough dishonesty and inappropriate attitude from a wife! Any honest and knowledgeable advice or comment will be appreciated regarding ROC with Good faith waiver or Abuse Waiver. - Regards
  15. Hello all, Long story short. I am applying I 751 waiver (Cruelty) soon. Divorce proceedings are also started. Ours is a bona fide marriage with lots of documentation. My Green card is expiring this year end. My attorney doesn't want me to check both the boxes Cruelty and Divorce Questions: 1) If I check both the boxes, do I need to prove both cruelty and divorce waivers? Or USCIS will approve/send interview notice if I am able to prove atleast 1 category? I will not get decree until atleast 8 more months. By that time, my GC will expire. 2) If I check only 'extreme cruelty' check box for now and can I amend my petition to divorce once I get a decree? My concern is, I should not be in a situation where I apply only for extreme cruelty and my application gets denied because of insufficient documentation. By that time my GC expires and cannot be able to change to divorce waiver category Please advise.
  16. Hi there!.. So my story is, I got married in 2015.. I'm a March 2017 filer for the I751. However I am now thinking of filing for divorce as me and my wife (whom is a US citizen) no longer see eye to eye. My question is IF I decide to file for divorce, will this affect my current application and will the processing time change? If anyone has been in a similar situation please could you kindly share your story or advice what I should do as I am really confused at the moment.. Much appreciated Thanks in advance
  17. Hello, let me start off my very long story, I married my ex husband on Aug, 2009, and applied for residency in 2011, got approved in 2012 for my 10 year green card, we already had 1 son, and had another in 2013, we separated in 2014 NOT legally, I finally filed for divorce in 2015. We do not have lawyers and I haven't finished the process of my divorce. I now live with another partner and had his child this year 2017. I no longer work, but did when my ex husband left. would any of these events affect my application? should I wait until my divorce is finalized? can anyone show me a link to applying with divorce? TIA!!
  18. Hello everyone, I'm in a little dilemma about a situation i'm in and would appreciate any pointers you may give me. I'm a USC who recently got divorced. We got married in our native country and our marriage was never registered in the USA. It is also worth noting that my ex-wife sponsored me here and I eventually became a citizen through the marriage. We had a 9 year run before finally deciding to end the marriage. We filed our taxes as "MFJ" for all these years. We processed our divorce in our native country and did not file for a separate divorce in the US. The thought behind that was, since the marriage didn't occur in the US, nor it was formally registered anywhere other than mentioning "Married" on some forms, the marriage doesn't exist in the US. I'm planning to remarry and would want to sponsor my fiance and her kids at some point. My question is: - Will the USCIS/NVC ask for a divorce decree from the state we live in (MD)? - Can I sponsor my fiance (and kids) with the divorce decree from my home country? - Will she need custody papers from her ex for me to sponsor the kids? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you VJ Family. You Rock!
  19. Hi all- i was wondering if anybody here had experienced something like this. I really need to understand better. It has been 8 years since I first got my green card. After 4 years of legal marriage I got divorced. I had a child on my own before marriage she was 2y/o when I first got married. About 3 years later I found out that my (now) ex husband was having an affair. We separated from each other. Then I tried to give another chance to my ex ex husband (father of my first child) and accidentally got pregnant of my second child. I was not legally divorced yet but separated. Its documented that my second child was born on March/13 and that I signed the divorce letter on July/14. That being said I went to my naturalization interview last week. Passed the American History test but the officer spent almost 1 hour asking me questions regarding my ex husband and the time We were together. All the things that I've being trying to forget for so long. It was a mess!! I got really nervous, couldn't answer anything accurated I was worried about my knowledge on the questionnaire and never thought that they would go back and ask me things about him. Bottom of line, it seems like the officer didn't believe that my marriage was true love. She asked for more evidences regarding the time we were together. Anyway, now Inness to send 2 affidavit letters from friends that new both of us and that were witnesses in our marriage and another affidavit letter from me explaining how my youngest child was born DURING my marriage. Which means: before I've got divorced. PLEASE HELP!! How to write these letters? They gave me only 20 days to send everything. Thank you all!
  20. Me and my spouse are not in any position to fight and scream each other. She is threatening me now about I-751 petition. Summary: She messed us with her Ex when I was out of town and now she does not want to confess or does not want to continue; she already left our home. It is my real and true marriage; But I can not tolerate her infidelity, cruelty and actions outside of marriage as a wife. She even now started telling me: I need her to remove my condition; so for that I need to keep quiet and not to tell her parents anything about her all mess that she did. She presented me to her parents: I left her alone in town, she was paying everything, I don't care her financial needs or I am not caring. All are lied and she does not want me to blow up her cover and show her parents her real things that she did. She said: If u want divorce go for it or wait till u remove condition. I did not marry her for Green card; so how can I hold this dead horse for my condition removal? Some of her friends scared me: USCIS will never remove condition if you get divorce and have no evidence of ABUSE from her. But I have my self respect, I can not tolerate all these any more. Here is the list what I have: Evidences: Ø Copy of Cond. GC Self Ø Copy of Passport Self & USC Spouse Ø Copy of DL Self & USC Spouse Ø Certified copy of Marriage Certificate Ø Copy of Divorce petition and Divorce decree Ø Copy of Birth Certificate Self & USC Spouse Ø Joint lease and rent payment receipts Ø Joint Light Bills Ø Joint water bills Ø Joint Cell phone bills Ø Joint bank A/C 1 Ø Joint Bank A/C 2 Ø One joint credit card statement Ø Joint Vehicle insurance Ø Joint two vehicles Ø Joint motor loans Ø Joint 2 years Tax returns & certificates Ø Our Pictures Ø Affidavit from roommates Ø Affidavit from USC spouse Ø Affidavit from mutual friend Ø Affidavit from neighbor Ø Affidavit from land lord Ø Receipts of marriage counselling Ø Certificate of marriage counselor Ø Communications with marriage counselor- Two counselors Ø Prescriptions from psychiatrist regarding mental abuse Ø Our thousands chats and texts during relation Ø Proof of psychological tortures Ø Proof of abandonment Ø Proof of threats Ø Proof of infidelity Ø Police report of her abandoning home Ø My complete long statement saying all details from beginning to reasons for divorce Based on all these; Can any one honestly advice me if I can take risk of filing I-751 with divorce waiver? Help please; I can not see my wife going out with that guy anymore. It is extremely insulting and pathetic for a husband who gave her all his heart and love.
  21. Background: - this is a wavier case which has plenty of evidence to show good faith marriage. - there is indication that the US spouse has made crude false allegations against the applicant to a senator's office and DHS. Those allegations are way beyond what you might expect. None are true. - there is indication that the US spouse has contacted at least one lawyer to ask "how do I get my spouse deported". Approximate timeline: - I-751 for removal of conditions was filed in Oct 2012. - Bio-metrics in November of 2012. - November 2012 to January 2016 - a dozen InfoPass appointments, 4x I-551 stamps and several "case outside of normal processing time inquiries", yielded "case pending adjudication" and nothing more. - February 2016 attorney attended yet another InfoPass appointment and advised the officer that if there is no resolution soon, he would proceed with a writ of mandamus. - Bio-metrics appointment May 2016. It appears that the file may have sat in California Service Center until February or March of 2016 and the infopass appointment in Feb 2016 did help to move it along. - Interview at local office in August 2016. The officer did not seem to question the legitimacy of the marriage at all, but rather the moral character of the person. It is believed that the false allegations mentioned above were the cause. - Request for evidence August 2016. USCIS received response by end of August 2016. The evidence, court records and other, showed that the applicant does not have any criminal charges. - Present day - May - June 2017. Yet another "case outside of normal processing time inquiries" yielded "we are unable to move forward with your application until the required background checks have been completed.". - InfoPass appointment June 2017, officer indicated that the background check has been pending since March 2017 and they have no control as to the amount of time it will take to complete. - A senator's office was contacted for assistance with the case. The constituent representative promptly contacted USCIS and received the following in summary: "case is pending, we are unable to determine at this time when the review process will be completed. USCIS will issue a decision once certain issues are resolved." - A request for case assistance was filed with the USCIS Ombudsman. This is the most recent action on the case. Other info: - Applicant has been a permanent resident for > 6.5 years. - Applicant has remarried happily 2 years ago. Options left: - Continue to wait indefinitely. - File N-400. - File writ of mandamus. If your case has been pending for a period greater than 3 years, please share your experience.
  22. Hi everyone. I have not posted or even logged on here for years. I met my Nigerian husband in 2008 and brought him here on a K-1 visa in 2009. I thought he loved me by all the sweet words he said, the hundreds of hours on the phone and webcam, messenger..... Well he was only here three days and took my bank card and purchased dating website subscriptions. He was on several sites. I was not aware of this until three months later. Meanwhile, we got married and I got pregnant . I was devestated when I found out and confronted him. he said it didn't matter because he was just bored and wanted to talk to them for fun and wasn't planning to meet anyone. He promised to stop, but he fell into a habit of doing it every few months, me catching him and then he would do it again. We got into a lot of heated arguements and I turned into a detective in my own house. He claimed to be addicted to it and it wasn't personal. We went to counseling , we prayed and fasted, he even fly to Nigeria to seek deliverance from his Pastor. He still kept having emotional affairs, often getting a woman's phone number and then talking to her secretly. Twice he had physical affairs. By August of this year I caught him again and kicked him out. I told him to get help and if he could control himself, he could return. He decided to get a second job, buy himself a new car, a new tv, anything but get help. On Christmas ev he announced that he want to have all the young pretty woman he wants now and wants to be single. He said he cant stop going on dating websites and will cheat on me if he returns. He is also emotionally and verbally abusive. He never even gave our kids Christmas presents. He has ruined my life and my kids' lives. He sucked $15,000 from me overall, he took my youth and beauty, he damaged my relationship with my family, I lost my best friend, he took away all my hope and happiness in life. I regret ever meeting him!!!! Everyone told me he is going to scam you or treat you badly, don't talk to him, but I did it anyways. In addition, I many many other people on here who married a nigerian a few years ago and we all regret. One lady married the guy and he turned around and married a Nigerian woman right after his interview (meanwhile taking thousands from her over the years). Another lady brought her husband here on a K-1 and he cheated on her allll the time, was rude, unloving. He was even doing romance scamming here in the states in front of her and the kids. When he wasn't doing that he was in stip clubs and bars picking up new girls. another lady just found out her Nigerian husband of two years, has been having an affair for the past year with a co-worker much older than him. Many of these men have no shame and no integrety. Please use extreme caution. Run away!!
  23. Hi Everyone, I just want to know when is the right time to apply for a divorce. I am still on the process of AOS (from K1 visa) and I applied last June 2016. I already had my biometrics, but no interview schedule yet. Do you think, it is now the right time to file for a divorce case before the USCIS send me the greencard? My case is like related to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. It is not yet proven, but I would like to get an answer to my above question before I go ask for a consultation to the local law offices. I am looking forward for any responds and any significant infos regarding this matter. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Rossieanne
  24. Hello, I have to submit written statement from friend/family regarding a divorce decades ago. According to i130 instructions: Can anyone point me to a sample affidavit, statement template (pdf/word) that I could use? If it is divorce related awesome otherwise any other type of written affidavit template used for immigration would do as I can modify the text. Thanks
  25. First of all, immigration is tough! My husband (the USC) and I have decided that we are no longer willing to make our marriage work. I came here on a K1 Visa, and we married in February 2016. I am now in Arizona, my USC husband is in Ohio (also where our paperwork is addressed at). We filed for AOS in June, and our case is still waiting for an interview to be scheduled. I guess my questions are as follows: 1. Is there a way I am able to stay in the states and get GC without my husband having to "bend the truth"? 2. If we file for divorce now, where do I stand? 3. Basically, what the hell can I do? Any help appreciated. I have seen a lot about the waiver, but I understand this is only if you have your conditiona GC and a divorce decree.