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Found 34 results

  1. Hello. My husband is a Cuban national living in Cuba. We would like for him to visit this year. Does anyone have any tips on this process? With the U.S. embassy in Havana closed to visa applications, we will have to have our interview in any other embassy in the world. Beyond that, any suggestions on which embassy might be most likely to accept our interview request is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone. I’m new to the forums and have lurked for about a year now off and on depending on my level of anxiety with US immigration. I would like to know if there are any Cuban applicants who have already gotten their interview dates for Bogota and about how long it took to receive the date after NVC confirmed receipt of all necessary documentation. I sent all documentation for my wife to the NVC on Dec 1st, 2017 and they confirmed no other documentation was needed in January. It’s been about 3 months now since they received everything. I would just like to know when I can expect to bring my wife home...
  3. Hi All Has anyone else experienced a long delay with the AOS process? Little background. I originally filed my AOS back in Dec. 2017 and received an RFE and the USCIS received my response within a week. 2.24.2017. Now, I've been waiting and waiting and nothing. My husband received the Bio-metrics already and he's received the work permit back in May 2018. We have called, requested info and we have shown up at the Field office by our home and no solid responses. The field office mentioned they we going to "start looking at our case file 1.5.2018 " and nothing yet. How long does it really take for them to process our paper work? I'm afraid it can be lost. We called USCIS yesterday 1.21.2018 to get an update and again the rep sounded like a robot reading a from a script. I hope i'm not the only one going through this, It's coming on a year now in 2 days since they received the RFE and nothing. any advice on what else we can do for our case? Thanks
  4. Hi VJ community, Due to the US embassy closing in Cuba I'm not sure if we should get married here in Cuba or if we should tie the knot in the USA. In Cuba it seems a bit complicated for a non- Cuban to get married here in Cuba to a Cuban. I have to translate my birth certificate and have a Consular of Cuba in the USA put a seal on it. Aside from that it's $725 bit they handle getting the documents legalized for international use. Either way I know he has to go to Columbia for the medical exam and the interview but I'm just curious as to which way is better and more secure so that we can be together. Thank you
  5. Has anyone actually gone to Colombia for their interview yet??? I am hearing they have been cancelling appointments with no explanation. I do not want to pay for a Colombian visa and buy flights if this is a pattern. Has anyone requested to transfer their case to another country and interview there? Did you have to have a qualifying reason or do they allow anyone to do this?Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. Hello! My fiance is Cuban and arrived to the US on a K1 visa in early September. We got married last week and are applying for Adjustment of Status. I wanted to make this forum for anyone going through the same process, previously, currently, or in the future, in order to share helpful information and advice. Questions Does anyone have a checklist of documents/information they submitted along with their AoS, SS, and EAD applications? Are all documents, including marriage certificates, meant to be submitted in copy form? As K1 visa applicants that were approved, do we have to submit as much evidence about our relationship as we did for the I-129F and visa interview? Does this include photos, messages, call logs, shared bank accts, etc? Finally, since our fiance's completed their medical in Cuba or wherever their home country is, do they need to do this again in the US? If not, what paperwork from their initial medical exam do they need to submit? Thank you all in advance. Tagging @058rocale and @forena99 who have also gone through the process and have been immensely helpful throughout! <3 x
  7. Hi all... We were scheduled for our interview in Havana September 15, then the hurricane bumped us to November 17, and now the cases are being transferred to Bogota with no information. I have an emerging serious medical condition and have filed for an medical expedite (lawyer sent information to NVC and Havana). But it has been 2 weeks with zero response. It seems no one knows anything about when they are planning to schedule the interviews in Bogota. We are having a terrible run of luck - first acts of god with the hurricane, then diplomatic bad luck, and now evolving health issue. My lawyer said she's trying to figure out this goat rope, but it seems information is in a vacuum. I'm hoping someone has heard something new. Questions: 1) Has anyone who got bumped to Bogota received ANY information about their interview date? 2) Has anyone actually been interviewed in Bogota since they moved everything there? 3) Does anyone know anything about medical expedites or how quickly they process them? I have an MRI guided biopsy next week, and my surgery is likely to happen soon after, with whatever treatment plan to follow.
  8. Interview locations for Cubans

    Our k-1 visa application was accepted on 7-20. I expect that it will be approved in the next month or two, at which time it will be forwarded to the embassy where we will interview. Originally that would have been Havana, but they are no longer doing interviews. I read that immigrant visas will be forwarded to Colombia for interviews, but ours is a non immigrant visa. I also read that no visas will be transferred to another embassy, you will need to reapply. The website said Cubans are welcome to interview at any embassy around the world, but Cubans are not allowed to travel to most countries, so how is this possible? I need to begin making plans for travel, but do not know what country we will be allowed to interview in. My question is this- since our application has not yet been approved or sent to Havana, will they instead send it to another country where Cubans are allowed to travel and interview at? Or will they make me reapply even though the application is still in the US?
  9. I am Egyptian & Permanent resident of Canada and i’m traveling to Cuba, i also have a valid B1/B2 US visa. My trip include 2 stops, one in USA & one in Cancun Mexico(through 2 different airlines). Will US embargo on Cuba affect me because my final destination is Cuba or that is out of the scope of the US costumes & Border Protection officers?
  10. Hi All, I just became a US Citizen and would to start the process of petition of my Mother. My mother is living in Cuba and with the recent events in the US Embassy I m concern on how to properly fill out the Form i130 as well as to where she could go for the interview. Cuban citizens are not allowed to visit foreign countries in an easy way. They are very restricted on the VISA requests to any country that may be providing the new visas for the Cuban citizens. Below I ave detailed my questions/concerns and will really appreciate your responses in this matter. Thank you PART 2: Information about you (Petitioner) Q: Should I put my Alien Registration Number if I already became an US Citizen, or should I leave it in blank as it may be confusing? (US Citizen or Green Card Holder?) PART 2: Information about your parents Q: My father is deceased, should I put under Country of Residence - N/A deceased? PART 4: Information about the Beneficiary 10. Has anyone else ever filed a petition for the beneficiary (Yes or No or Unknown) Q: Should I mark it as YES if I actually submitted a form DS160 in 2012 because I wanted her to visit me but her VISA was denied? Or should I say NO? Beneficiary's Marital Information Q: My mother is the widowed of my father, she has only been married one time (with my father); Should I fill out the section where it says Place of Beneficiary's Current Marriage? or should I live it in blank? Q: if I leave it in blank, should I provide my father's info under the section of Spouse 1 and enter the date of his deceased in the field that says Date Marriage Ended (mm/dd/yyyy)? Information about the Beneficiary's family Q: Should I put deceased next to section 26. Relationship ? e.i. Husband - Deceased? Beneficiary's Entry Information Q: My mother has never been in the US, but is asking me for her passport number (question 47.) under the section of "Beneficiary's Entry Information". Should I put her passport number or leave it in blank? Q: if Questions 58 and 59 are not applicable because either her name does use roman letters and I am not filing for my spouse but for my mother, should I then fill those fields as Not Applicable? or leave them in blank? 62. The beneficiary will not apply for adjustment of status in the US, but he or she will apply for an immigrant visa abroad at the US Embassy or US Consulate in: Q: I really need help on this question as I don't know what to put because the US Embassy in Cuba is closed and they are not longer processing any VISAs. What should I do? Suggestions please... thanks. Could I go to her interview on her behalf to any other US Embassy in the world? PART 5: Other information 1. Have you ever previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien? Q: Should I answer YES? I did submit an invitation letter (DS160) for my mother to visit me in the US (back in 2012) but she was denied. How should I response to this section? Q: Is the date filed the date I signed the application or the date they scheduled her interview in Cuba? PART 7: Interpreter's Contact Information Q: If I didn't use any interpreter, should I fill those cells as Not Applicable? Q: Same question for PART 8: Person preparing the Information other than the petitioner? should I fill those cells as Not Applicable? Thanks and regards, I really appreciate your time in advance
  11. I just finished reading that the interviews for immigrant visas for Cubans will be held at the US embassy in Bogota, Colombia. This means that any petitions for K1 or CR1 will be transferred to that embassy. Not only am I heart broken and confused . But I’m so upset because I just don’t understand how does the US government believe a Cuban who earns $30 a Month, can afford a trip to Colombia? And to top it off you need A VISA to travel there? I mean isn’t this automatic denial ? They’re just violating the 1994 agreement to let AtleaSt 20,000 Cubans enter the US per year. And now they’re settimg is up for failure. Why not just work with the Swiss embassy and open the interest section again? Why make the Cuba beneficiary who makes $30 a month and cant get a visa to go to Colombia , “travel” all the way over there? They’re expecting to send letters to existing petitions that were approved on how to handle it , but this is so not fair. You’re humiliating one of the poorest countries in the world. I ask that someone answer me or atleast give me some advice because I’m about to lose my mind.
  12. Was your spouse able to travel internationally without issues once their temporary green card had expired and all they had was the paper with the extension? I am especially interested in cases of international travel (ESPECIALLY TO CUBA) since Trump has taken office. My husband and I are traveling back to Cuba next year and from what I can see, there is a good chance that he will not have his permanent green card yet, and we are a little concerned about the Cuban government accepting his extension letter which is in English and the American government allowing his re-entry.
  13. Hello! My fiance has been in the US for close to a month and we are marrying in a few weeks. In the meantime, we are preparing paperwork for our Adjustment of Status process. One question we had was about opening a joint bank account together. Has anyone done this with their foreign fiances in the US? Moreover, because my partner is Cuban, my current bank cannot open bank accts for Cuban nationals according to OFAC regulations. What have others done in this situation? Thanks
  14. Hello! My fiance has been in the US for close to a month and we are marrying in a few weeks. In the meantime, we are preparing paperwork for our Adjustment of Status process. One question we had was about opening a joint bank account together. Has anyone done this with their foreign fiances in the US? Moreover, because my partner is Cuban, my current bank cannot open bank accts for Cuban nationals according to OFAC regulations. What have others done in this situation? Thanks
  15. Does anyone know if you have to travel to Cuba for interview or can you submit paper work and get approved in USA - can finance get visa to come to USA by submitting all info to Texas - not sure if Cuba travel is going to be a smart thing to do right now.
  16. My question is, if they decide to close the embassy in Havana, are we still able to apply for the K-1 visas? Or does this close the door on being able to go this route to get my fiance here? Anyone have any idea?
  17. Hello everyone, I need some advice. I'm in the process of getting divorced to my former husband whom came through a K1 visa in 2012 when I petitioned for him. In my city it takes 90 days for the dirvoce to be effective but I want to know how long should I wait to begin new petition for my new boyfriend after the divorced has been finalized? And the second question is can this cause any problems? I'm a little worried that because I petitioned for someone in the past it might give room for questions. My previous relationship didn't work out however, my former husband is An amazing father to our daughter. Any genuine advice will be great. Thank you,
  18. Trying to fill out a ds160 visa app for mother in law but im not sure if the passports they get over there have a "passpirt book number" in them. Anybody know?! Thx
  19. Hello, Cuba folks! Just curious your thoughts on how Trump's news will affect us. I estimate that the K1 interview for me & my fiancé will be in September or October, but what happens if I cant get into the country? I'll be flying in via UK. The past 3 times I have been to Cuba I also went through other countries. When I came from Europe I got no questions at all. Only when I went via Mexico did I get asked anything, and I just had to fill out a simple form saying my trip was "people to people", which it was but I organized independently. Of course, I know the policies are just going back to how they were, but under Obama before the change, it didn't seem like it was terribly enforced, and I have been reading that independently organized trips won't be allowed anymore. My fear is now these rules will be enforced. Any thoughts on this? For those of us planning to make Cuba trips -- should we make plans to join a tour group? Or independently organize some lessons? Ugh. Does a visa interview at the embassy count as a good enough 'activity'? Any thoughts much appreciated. Of course my fiance is terribly afraid this means we can't be together at all...
  20. Hi guys! Have any of my cuba vjers that have undergone or are undergoing AOS right now had to receive any extra vaccinations once in the U.S? If so, which ones? Can you tell me more about your experience/what they're like compared to the ones in Cuba? Thanks, Heather
  21. Hello, I am engaged to a Cuban guy and I'm getting really frightened reading various experiences about Cuba denials. Apparently, the Havana embassy people are super strict and/or just deny people for flimsy reasons. We got NOA1 on April 4, and so based on VJ data, it seems the interview will be in October. I am working really hard to get all our ducks in a row so that we have the strongest case possible. My fiancé and I will be 30 & 32 at the time of the interview (respectively), no kids (we both want ASAP w/ each other), no previous marriages, no criminal records. We met 1 year ago and since I have made 4 trips to Cuba spending all my time with him, totaling about 3 months. We have legit circumstances for meeting (some of my studies took place at his work). I am studying for my masters abroad for past 2 years and graduate in July. As the interview will be in October and I understand because it's Cuba I need to be there, I will likely go straight from where I am living abroad to Cuba for the interview, so I won't go home first and get a job. As of then, I will be able to show a diverse CV, and I will have my master's degree when I go to the interview. He has bachelor's degree and is currently employed and has been since earning his bachelor's, although it's Cuba, so you know...$20/month. And he doesn't speak English yet. So I worry about what the consular officer will think of our financial circumstances...me being unemployed at the time of the interview (although with fresh master's degree) and him not speaking English yet. The plan is to stay with my parents for a 1-3 months while I find work and he waits for the green card, and I could possibly get a letter from them stating this, but my parents haven't offered any other help. My big concern is the affadavit of support. I chose to go the K1 route rather than get married in Cuba because, stupidly, I assumed because the affadavit is not listed as a requirement it wouldn't be one. But now I am learning that...because it's Cuba....yes you need one. I worked previously but as I said, for the past two years I have been in a scholarship program abroad getting my masters. The scholarship pays me $1100/month stipend, but this doesn't show up on my US taxes, it ends after the summer, and it's not enough. So I am thinking of going to my parents and appealing to them to help me by doing the affadavit. They are lukewarm about this whole marrying a Cuban guy they never met thing, but I am working on them. They have assets and would definitely qualify. But I am also worried about how this will look to the consular officer. Any thoughts or advice from VJ community? How does it look to a consular officer when a 32 year old petitioner has her parents submit the affadavit? Any help, thoughts, ideas, commerseration would be much appreciated.
  22. Hello everyone, I'm a US citizen petitioning for my fiance who lives in and is from Cuba. I wanted to get your thoughts on whether it's important for both petitioner and beneficiary to be present at the visa interview? Does it help or hinder the process when the petitioner attends the visa interview? Does it make any difference at all? I would appreciate responses from couples that have gone through the process; a "plus" if you're going through the process with a Cuban national. Thank you in advance!
  23. Hey everyone going for an interview in Havana, Cuba in 2017! I decided to start a new forum for those folks whose interview is in Havana, Cuba, who want help on what to do after the NOA2 is approved. There seems to be a hold up of NOA2s pending to be approved (I think USCIS is working Nov 2016 cases right now - as I write this) and there are a few who recently submitted I-129fs who will soon (*I hope*) be on this track. Hope this will help anyone getting ready for the interview process in Cuba. This forum is to: 1. Share links and docs that help filers complete the necessary paperwork for the interview. 2. Share information from various sources that help filers complete forms and gather additional evidence for the interview. 3. Ask questions about the kind of information we need to gather evidence for the interview, especially questions pertaining to the interview process in Cuba. Hope that helps clarify the objective for this forum. Let's get ready! Forena99
  24. Hi All, I have a question for visa filers in Cuba, particularly K-1 but any input would be great. For the interview at the US Embassy in Havana, did you or your partner translate all of their documents to English? For instance, my fiancé will have to submit his birth certificate, police records, medical exam, single certificate, etc. - must all of these be translated to English for the interview? And if so, does anyone know of a certified English translator in Havana that we can use? I was able to translate his birth certificate here in New York and get it back to him, but surely I will not be able to do that for the rest of the documents that we will be getting much closer to the interview date. Has anyone gone through this? Thanks so much
  25. Hello everyone! I beginning my k1 process for me and my fiance. I am going to send my I-129F packet by the end of the week, but I have read so many forums and discussions that I am so nervous!! There is no doubt that we have proof we are in a relationship I have visited him a couple times, but as I mention some people are so negative! We haven't been together for as long as some couple, but we also have been together for awhile. Can you guys just tell me some of your own stories of your K1 journey. Thanks!!