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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have three questions regarding the affidavits from family and friends for bonafide marriage relationship (CR1 visa). Thanks a lot for your help in advance! - How many affidavits would I need? I was thinking having 3 from friends, one from my father and one from my spouse's mother - Can all affidavits have the same format? Can we use the same template? Is there any sources with good templates to use? - Do I need the original affidavits or a scan is okay? Our friends/family live in different countries so gathering the originals is a bit hard. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi everybody i need some advice about what to do in this case, this the story i submitted my aos package including i130 and i765 and all the other documentation about sponsor and medical examination everything fine until i realize we didnt include any evidence of bonafide marriage for the i130 we are afraid now because we dont want any rfe or noid because it will delay the process and we are in a hurry waiting for the work permit bc in this moment we are living in separate states me(beneficiary) in new york and my wife(petitioner) in florida, i know it looks weird that we are not living together or even that we dont have a joint bank account but we can not do that before i get my ead because i need it to move to florida there is difficult to get a job that pay cash or the transportation without a car if you dont have a driver license in florida so i think we have a vallid reason. can anyone give us an advice, will we get a noid or rfe??
  3. Hello everyone, Hope you guys are doing well. This is a long urgent post but we appriciate your help. This is my friend’s case which she just took AOS interview yesterday (Nov 9) but was put on hold for further investigation. Since the IO did not trust her marriage is bona fide. A little bit details: About my friend: She came by K1 visa, married to her now husband and applied for AOS and got her AOS interview with non-decision was made. She divorced once with all paperwork was done in her country quite long ago before she started I129F application. Will this be a red flag? About her husband: He works in army, also married once before, sponsored his ex-wife to come over to USA but she ended up giving up on him due to long distance, time, and above of others he found out she got boyfriend in her country. So he divorced (I don't know how this was processed) but he still left the USCIS case open/pending until he met his current wife now (my friend). He closed the case quite close to the time I129F petition was opened. This means, it was a big gap between the dates divorce was taken and USCIS case was withdrawn. About the AOS interview: The IO doubted the previous marriage of her husband was not bona fide, and so her marriage now, even if she is 7-month pregnant. He addressed that what he is doing right now is to protect her… do not know what he meant. He said he needs to transfer her case to another department to dig into the husband previous marriage and the decision will be made once he gets something back from investigation. The worst case is that she will need to provide DNA proof for the kid and her husband. My questions are: - What should she do now? - If the previous marriage investigation results adversely for her, will the case remains pending till she gives birth and provides DNA proof? As I know, if USCIS rejects, she must leave the country. Will health situation allows her to stay legally for some time? - If DNA proof is accurate and USCIS still rejects, can they sue them back? If it really happens I swear that I do not see where humanity exists in this place, her life goes down the drain just because of what happens in the past and that she has nothing to do with. If you know what is the best bet to do, please share...
  4. Okay so I'm getting married next week and I'm already preparing my papers. My fiance and I living together in my place that I rented before I invited her to live with me. So I don't know how to prove we live together (any ideas?) Anyways, I was thinking of making her a co-owner of my car. What that work as a proof of course ownership of a property? It is for real but due to time restrains I find it difficult to to prove it's bona fide. That's what we're are going to do: 1) joint car ownership. 2 joint bank account 3) pix of marriage (small one) and me putting the ring on Any help is appreciated!!
  5. Hello everyone, I have been reading here for awhile now, and it has helped me and my boyfriend with our plans tremendously. I am currently in the US on a J1 visa, my employment authorization ended on September 30th but October is my "travelling month" so I'm still in the US right now. This is my third J1 visa and I have never overstayed, I would usually leave before the end of September. Anyways, so me and my boyfriend decided the best option for us would be to get married now. He doesn't want me to go back and wait for the K1 visa to be approved. We have been together for around 4 months now and are practically living together and spending all of our time together as well. We were also coworkers while I was still working. We have the full support of his parents who have been amazing so far and we are planning to get married pretty soon. My question is: can we file I-130 and I-485 with minimal proof of bonafide marriage and start collecting more asap? Let's say we file with just the marriage certificate, photographs, one hotel stay and one or two affidavits? Would that be enough just to get the process started? Since I am so close to the end of my visa, we can't just go and open a joint bank account or get a lease in both of our names. So I was thinking we can get more evidence in the months after the wedding when I can be here legally and get all of these things while my case is pending.
  6. Hi all, Context: I'm a US born citizen and wife is a Canadian citizen. No previous marriages, children, or criminal backgrounds. I am compiling all the documents to file the I130 and needed a little bit of help with the evidence of a bonafide marriage part. I am able to get sworn affidavits pretty easily, but I feel like I should include more. I am currently living with my parents - planning to get my lease a place once I get my wife over here (in about a year, hopefully). So, showing documentation of ownership of property is out of the question (or is it?) , along with showing that we lease together. So, I wanted to prove co-mingling of financial resources. I've talked to 3 banks now, and they all require my wife to be a citizen or a green card holder in order to add her to my bank account. Anyone have any ideas how I can fulfill this requirement? Thank You!
  7. Hi, If we have already sent proof of a bona fide marriage with things such as a letter from the bank stating we have a joint bank account + joint rental lease, screenshots/pics/wedding pics etc.. Do they need to be "followed up" at the NVC stage and sent to the NVC aswell or just taken to the interview? .... All "proof" that we've gathered after sending the I-130, that is.
  8. Can ANYONE shine some on light on my next steps or how much longer I will have to wait to get a response to my rebuttal? I see on here that people are tracking other cases and time frames some how. How and where is that done? I'd like to see a case like mine (Ghana) to compare time frames. And with my visa application expiring soon, is there something I should be doing in the mean time? 10/19/16 -USCIS sent NOIR 11/28/16 - Evidence was received by USCIS 1/11/17 - I sent a inquiry about why my case is taking longer that our processing time. 1/11/17 - USCIS sent a GENERIC reply saying I should give them 60 days to review My Case Status: Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received On November 28, 2016, we received your response to our Request for Evidence for your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number LINxxxxx. Our Nebraska Service Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. CEAC Status: Expiring Soon Immigrant Visa Case Number: ACCXXXXXXX Case Creation Date: 20-Jan-2015 Status Updated Date: 28-Oct-2016 Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that your registration be canceled and any petition approved on your behalf canceled, if you do not apply for your immigrant visa within one year of being advised to do so. You were advised of this requirement over 1 year ago, but we have not received a response from you since then. As a result, your application for a visa has been canceled and any petition approved on your behalf has also been canceled. Your application may be reinstated and any petition revalidated if, within one year, you can establish that your failure to pursue your immigrant visa application was due to circumstances beyond your control. Please provide a written statement to the Embassy or Consulate outlining the circumstances beyond your control and noting that you still wish to pursue this visa petition. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV.
  9. Is notarized letter from a close friend attesting to the validity of our marriage without the friend's DOB/POB Date of Birth(DOB) Place of Birth (POB) acceptable to USCIS agent or would I be wasting my time? Have a friend we lived with for two months before we married (when my wife had her K-1 visa), she took pictures at our wedding, shortly afterwards we moved into our own home; however, we have been visiting her at least once a month for the past three years. She would be the ideal person to attest to the validity of our marriage. Problem is she is super paranoid and refuses to give her "private personal" information including Date of Birth and Place of Birth "to any government employee" She would give her phone number and address of the home she owns and has lived there for 15+ years so she could easily be found; however I read that Date of Birth(DOB) and Place of Birth (POB) is used to verify she is a legitimate person
  10. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here and I wanted to share my experience with the whole process and looking forward to your comments and guidance. I also realized that a lot of people share a lot of personal stories, which I really do appreciate as it provides guidance to the whole process, so here is mine United States story: I first moved to the United States in 1998, went to High School, College (F1 visa) then did an internship in Los Angeles under CPT and worked for a year at the same company under OPT and continued to pursue a grad degree (F1 visa) and finally moved back to my country in 2010 prior my legal status being expired in the United States. How I met my wife: I met my wife almost 10 years ago in Turkey, she is of Turkish decent born and raised California girl. We started dating in 2007. When i moved to Turkey in 2010 she followed a year later and moved to Turkey working for an American company. In May 2013 we got married. Been happily married since. Our application: So we started the process with a lawyer in New York in April of 2015. After the petition got accepted obviously we needed to submit additional information. We did not submit the additional information till about 10 months later in which time we received a letter from NVC asking us whether we still wanted to immigrate. We did not submit because we were figuring out the move process on our end. However the lawyer responded to the letter after having a consultation with us and confirming that we were still interested. Long story short we submitted everything in September of 2016 and our application was finalized. We received a letter from NVC a month later stating they received everything. Finally on first day of December received the letter for the appointment, which will be Jan 11, 2017. My sponsor is my mother in law because my wife has foreign income. Preparing for the interview: I have already scheduled a medical examination which requires all the vaccinations, luckily enough all my vaccinations have been translated to English back in the day and approved by the Los Angeles County Medical Center-makes it convenient. Medical exam is next Saturday. I’m having a hard time preparing the documents for the interview process. Obviously the basic stuff such as bank statements, photos, honeymoon tickets etc are set. I’m sure going into Facebook will prove sufficient information on the bonafide marriage. I want to get my stuff straight in regard to US domicile. My wife works for a American company which has offices globally. I work for a International Company which have offices globally. Both of us have US bank accounts, both of us have credit cards which we still owe debt to and paying off, wife has ROTH IRA, we both have California car insurance, we both have USA cell phone bills, wife has student debt which we have been paying off, has voted in the past two elections including the recent one (not sure how we can prove this). We also have valid California drivers licenses which we both renewed last year. And she is also thinking of signing up for a PRE-MBA program at UCLA Extension. She is going through the application process now. We will be residing at her parents house which is empty because they both work out of state, mother in law already stated this in her sponsorship form, we have the deed from the house. We also have a quote from a logistics company for transporting our stuff in June, a hefty price which we were both surprised with Anyway, how else can we move along in proving US Domicile, we’re moving back for sure we just need to have the right documentation to be able to prove it Looking forward to your suggestions. Best