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  1. Hello All, I was able to mail my AOS Concurrent Filing (i-130,i-485,i-765,i-131) on December 5, 2016 to Chicago Lockbox. I used Priority Mail Box and mailed it at the PO Box address of Chicago Lockbox with tracking. Important thing to note for people who mail their AOS in second half of December is that the new fees comes into Effect post Dec 23. So please be careful about that. Intent of starting this thread is for people on similar timeline as mine Best of Luck to everybody Cheers
  2. Hello, Is it possible for an individual going through AOS to volunteer at a church? Because the EAD has not yet arrived, I was wondering if it would be OK to volunteer but how can one make sure that it fully counts as volunteering. Obviously it will be unpaid but are there any other requirements? I read somewhere it can't be a resume builder. Well, this is somewhat vague and open to interpretation. How can I make sure that it's a "bonafide" volunteering? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to share my journey so far: I am on an F1 Student Visa and currently working full time under OPT. I got married on July 27th to a US citizen and filed on November. The packages (I-130 and I-485) were shipped via second day USPS Express on Nov 14th. USPS confirmed delivery on Friday 17th. I received an email=text from USCIS on Monday 27th at exactly 12:23 AM and I-797 NOA was sent. After I checked my case status, It said that fingerprint fee was accepted on the 22nd and I-485 is pending so far. I will keep you posted. Good luck to everyone. Ansbekk
  4. Hi, I'm 27 years old Japanese living in MN from May 25th 2017. I came here with fiance, K-1 visa. I got married June 13th. We had our wedding ceremony in October. It was crazy stressful but the day was the best. We are taking things seriously and we were submitting papers ASAP with checking so many times. But so many troubles soooo stressful. The most recent issue is my insurance. I was kicked off because I don't have SSn and my fiance VISA expired and I changed my last name on my old passport. In this country, things are so different from Japan. People are not so kind than Japanese. I miss Japanese kindness and hospitality. Nobody tells what to do. We feel totally lost. I hope I can help others and others can help us here. Living in a different country is so tough. Language, no friends no family, inconvenience.
  5. So i tried to apply for a new driver license today with my NOA and got denied lol. I'm an out of status F-1 with a social and a state ID already, but i currently have an aos petition pending. The DPS website actually says i should be able to get one with my i-797, but the computer wouldn't let the lady process and verify lawful presence because the 797c doesn't have an expiration date and most likely bc i was out of status on my F-1 too. The lady was actually really nice, and even though she had obviously never had to deal with someone in my case before, she still tried her best to help me figure it out lol. Heck, she made me repeat the eye test like a million times (which means i should probably get glasses or contacts now) haha. Anyway, i have resigned to just try again when i get my EAD. If anyone has any information, or if i was supposed to do things differently, please share. Thanks.
  6. I submitted my I765, I130, I131, I485 in mid July 2017, so far i have tried 2 times SR (only received generic answer), called for expedited request, set appointment to talk to the officer, still not hearing back. I wonder if anybody else is experiencing such a long delay in their EAD and those who have received it, is there any good advice?
  7. Dear VJ Users -- Just a quick question, are we allowed to bring our laptops, mobiles, USB drive into the building for our AOS interview?? I searched this information but most posts are from 2014 or older. I would like to have more recent information from VJ users who recently interviewed in Los Angeles office (300 N Los Angeles Street). THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! J/G
  8. Starting new thread for November 2017 AOS Filers in proper standard VJ format.. MONTH YEAR AOS Filers Hope all novembers filers enjoy this jouney. Some references for November Filers; https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do https://www.uscis.gov http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/k1list.php?cfl=&op1=&op2=&op3=1&op4=1&op5=&op6=All
  9. I came to MN on May 25th 2017 from Japan with K-1, fiance VISA. I married on June 13th 2017. They received my I-485, I-131, I-765 on June 19th 2017. I went to get done Biometric on August 2nd. I got my insurance, Minnesota Care as a wife of American citizen from August. I was kicked off of my insurance because I don't have my SSN. I didn't know I should have SSN to have my insurance. My K-1 VISA is expired August 22nd. I changed my last name on my passport, so my expired VISA is attached my VOID old passport. We were so busy to have our wedding in October and some important stuff for my husband. I feel so shame. I should have done better job. Now I have to wait I-765, EAD to come. I sent e Request on October 30th. I finally got an email saying You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly on December 8th. USCIS is taking too much time and insurance is messed up and I lost my insurance and I don't know when I can get my insurance back. Does someone know insurance for people like me? Maybe we should pay so much money. Help us.
  10. So, I received a letter from USCIS it was an I-797 Notice of actions approval notice, what does this mean does it mean I'm a permanent resident? I thought there was an interview I would have had to go through? I feel so happy, I won't lie, I had a cry of joy. But I still feel so confused. It says; the above application has been approved. prior to receiving your permanent resident card you may be required to report for biometric processing ( i already did that back in may) Please do not take any action at this time if you are required to report for this processing you will receive another notice advising you of the date, time and location to appear If you have not received your permanent resident card or the above notice to appear for biometric processing within 90 days, please call this office at the number listed below.
  11. It's September :)! I sent in my package today to file AOS from F-1 as a Dutch Citizen. I requested expedited processing for Form I-131 so I can attend my wedding celebration back home!
  12. Hi! I'm new here, i'm very sorry if this is not in the correct topic location. I am in desperate need of advise relating to my current position. I am currently in Ohio, visiting my boyfriend & have been here for nearly two weeks, this is my second visit. I am here via the Visa Waiver Program(VWP) from the United Kingdom. I had no intention of staying past my planned trip, i have a car on finance, credit cards & a job all back home, however my boyfriend proposed to me two days ago & at the spur of the moment we got married the next day. I am now married to a USC and i do not want to leave my husband! Am i able to AOS to a cr1? Will this be denied & i get deported? I have some money with me to last until i get an EAD & my partner works a well paid job. My mother in law is willing to help us with any references or money should this become an issue. I'm very new, and am not sure what rights i have, if any?! I can comfortably pay for my car and credit cards whilst here & pay my way here. I haven't much clothing however my partner says he will take me shopping & my parents back home told me they can send all my belongings including my dog should i be staying. I know i can return home & save money whilst waiting for a CR1 visa to be processed over the next year however i don't want to spend the first year married but apart, as i can only have a certain amount of time off work & the flights amount to a lot of money over a year! I also do not want to be restricted as to how long i can stay for each visit & having to prove i'm purely visiting whilst a cr1 visa is currently being processed. Can someone help me? I am very scared and do not know what to do! We both know we should of just processed a k1 visa, however we was not aware of the visa processes & never researched them as we have only been dating for 6 months. I hope someone can help us! Thank you!! x
  13. Hi guys, First off an apology if this question has been answered elsewhere and would greatly appreciate any signposting regarding how and what to file for the 2017 tax year. Our situation 1) I am a UK citizen currently undergoing adjustment of status (AOS) following a K1 visa and marriage to my (US citizen) spouse 2) Point of entry was 04 July 2017 3) The AOS process is going well and I have a work permit and advance parole document, just waiting on the interview to be scheduled. 4) I believe I class as a resident alien for tax purposes for 2017 under the substantial presence test: Calculations in italics according to the IRS formula - I have been present in the US this year for more than 31 days - present in 2017 for 190 days (by year end) - present 2016 for 23/3 days equals 7.66 days - present in 2015 for 20/6 days equals 3.33 days Adding these figures up gives 201 days which is more than the 183 days required for substantial presence. 5) I have had no income in the US and my income from my job in the UK has been deducted through payroll. So I have a few questions: a) Am I correct in assessing myself as a resident alien given that my presence in 2015 & 2016 was as a tourist? b) Is the best thing to file jointly with my wife for the 2017 tax year? c) I have some investments that are based in the UK - I have heard that these are heavily taxed in the US. Is this true and what is the best course of action? Thanks for any help guys! H
  14. When sending out the package for AOS, does my husband need to send court records and a police report? My husband gave the consulate his police certificate and court records but the only thing he got back was the police certificate. Is he going to need the court records for this process? He tried contacting his local court which is only open on a Thursday and they haven't been answering their phones. He has also emailed them, so I'm not sure if its even possible to get his court records. Can someone help me out. I'm a bit stressed out with this. Thanks to those who have any information. I also don't see anything in the guides for AOS about sending a copy of court records but I seen something in the i-485 instructions about it.
  15. On the form I 864, (I am the petitioner/sponsor for my spouse) on part 6 i know I address where I work and my current individual income(I know my taxes and proof of income is required), and then there is the part where it asks "Income you are using from any other person who was counted in your household size, including, in certain conditions, the intending immigrant.(....) Please indicate name, relationship and income." Part 6 item #3. Me and my husban have combined our financial sources, and he works. Do I have to put down his income? If so, am I required to also prove it with previous taxes, because he didn't do his taxes for the two past years, but we will try and get a letter of employment from his boss, would that work?
  16. Hi everyone, I am currently on F1 OPT status and my EAD expires 6/27/2017. I would have filed for a work visa through my employer but I met and married a US citizen so opted to file for AOS through my US spouse. My packet was received on 5/12/2017 and I received my NOA in the mail dated 5/17/2017. In my packet, I included a request for expedited processing of my I-765 renewal. I am worried because I only have a little over a month left on my EAD and being out of a job for even just a month is scary. In my request for expedited processing (included in the mailed packet), I provided my salary information, proof of rental payments, proof of monthly student loan payments, and proof of health insurance through my employer. I have reached out to my local congressman and was told that he submitted an inquiry to USCIS. I also filled in the ombudsman form online requesting further help with my expedition request. I called USCIS customer care and was told that because I already filed for expedited processing with my packet, I am unable to request again through them. I have my infopass appointment scheduled for 6/6/2017 (21 days before my EAD expires). Right now, I am just freaking out. Anyone have any experience with this? Any advice? Thanks! P.S. I know the packet was filed late but I was told by an attorney (who I ended up not retaining) that as long as I file before my EAD expires I should be fine. I think he ignored the fact that my current EAD is class C3B while my class requested is C9. This makes me ineligible for the automatic 180 day extension. He also told me it would be worthwhile waiting to file my taxes before I send in the packet which made sense considering USCIS would have likely required evidence of the tax filing anyway, but at least by then, they would have been working on my EAD.
  17. OK, so in a nutshell, my wife came here on a K1 with her son. We were married within the 90 days. I filed the I-485 and advanced parole, but she has a family emergency and needed to return to Colombia before either of them have been processed. We tried doing an Infopass appointment and get an Emergency Advance Parole, but was denied as it is not an immediate family that has the emergency. (grrr.) This is very frustrating, she was all set for the AOS, but had to leave the country. We are very much in love and our US marriage is fully legal. She is also pregnant with my child.... So, right now, she has already returned to Colombia. I am starting the VISA process over under the I130 for both her and my step son. My questions are: 1. Since I already filed the 485, should I send in an official withdrawal of the 485 for both of them? 2. Do I need to withdrawal the original K1 Visa???? 3. On filing the new I130, I am including a letter outlining the situation but realize it will take another 12-15 months to get them approved. Is there any other options that the community knows about??? Any Help please
  18. Starting new thread for January 2017 AOS Filers in proper standard VJ format.. MONTH YEAR AOS Filers Happy New Year... Enjoy!
  19. I didn't see AOS for November yet.. I'm sending my package out tomorrow so I decided to start the topic to see who else is in the same boat as me. Hoping this part of the process is faster
  20. Hi all, I've been in the US on and off the past 3 years on an O-1 visa which expires in Mar2018. I am a UK citizen. I've recently married and my last entry to the US was June 29, 160 days ago. I am currently filing the paperwork for an AOS. My wife and I had booked to travel to the UK for Christmas and return. We would be away 10 days, but now I'm hearing that if I leave the States and apply for my AOS upon my return, there may be issues with the application as it will be within 90 days of my last arrival to the States. This seems crazy to me that there would be an issue given that I've been in the States the majority of the 3 years of my visa. I can't wait 90 days upon my return to apply as then my O1 visa will have expired. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? Either apply now and don't go away and lose the cost of the flights etc. or apply upon my return. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Does anyone know if we have to pay and go through biometrics (for AOS) if you have paid and done it with a previously submitted AOS (which was later rejected)? Many thanks.
  22. Hi everybody, My spouse and I currently live in DC metro (local office is Baltimore) and are processing my AOS here. We would love to connect with other people in the area who are doing the same thing - either waiting for an update from AOS application, or if you have gotten your green card already anyone from the area want to chat and share stories?
  23. I have submitted my AOS and my husband has a friend who is hosting a Concealed Carry License class. I want to get mine and I am wondering if anyone knows if I can do it while still awaiting my Green Card and AOS. The TxDPS website states that; ”Yes. Subject to the requirements of federal firearms law, and if not otherwise ineligible, resident aliens and certain nonimmigrant aliens who are legally present in the United States may obtain the license.” But I just wanted to know if anyone else has done or tried to do this?
  24. Hi everyone, a few days ago we got an RFE regarding the i 864. On it it stated I (the petitioner) am supposed to file the i 864 as well even if we have a joint sponsor (which we do). Then it said the joint sponsor'd income wasn't meeting the requirements for the 125% poverty guidelines, which he makes way above the required minimum . And finally it said that the household number was calculated incorrect "The joint sponsor must correct the and/or complete page 4 of the form I-864." My questions are: 1. I wont be able to qualify for sponsor, do I still have to try to meet the required minimum (using assets) even if we will get a joint sponsor or it doesn't matter? 2. Could the miscalculated household size trigger the system to say that the joint sponsor doesn't meet the requirements 125% Poverty Guidelines? 3. When calculating the household size does the principal immigrant count in as well? (For example: joint sponsor has a wife and three children and will be sponsoring my spouse)