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Waiting for an Interview date for almost a month...
Yesterday, 02:14 PM


So we just booked a trip to Florida today for Mid April. Hoping you will make it out there by then too!!
Yesterday, 01:52 PM
  • Andie's Photo
    Well I hope so but who knows.. they are so damn slow its depressing. Trying to stay positive at this point. I am doing the fine tuning so I am ready to go as soon as I get the go ahead with nothing to slow me down. Very stressful and seems there is no chance of TSC speeding up but at least the medical and interview are quick here. Sounds like you guys are doing well :)
    Yesterday, 01:59 PM
  • SweetDelish's Photo
    Thats what I figure, when it gets to NZ, its fast, doesn't feel like it at the time, but it is! So that part could be all said and done in 4 weeks. At least they are starting on July. I'm still in shock you have your NOA1 :) eesh, weekends suck pretty bad when you are waiting. I know you are probably well up to speed, but if you need anything, let me know.
    Yesterday, 03:46 PM


AraJit, is that you ? or is you Kip? How's the fishing?
Yesterday, 01:10 PM


where is my NOA2????? NSC
Yesterday, 12:52 PM


For those of you beginning this journey, please understand that it will eat up years of your lives, lots of your money and plenty peace of mind. Yesterday we mailed off one more packet. This time the application for the permanent, permanent Green Card (which, btw, is NOT permanent...it's 10 years!) Ah, don't you love oxymorons???
Yesterday, 09:56 AM


hi. izvini jer pisem samo me zanima jesteli dobili datum za intervju, ja cekam vec skoro 2 mj?posto smo ista ambasada, znas li koliko se maximalno ceka? hvala lijepa.pozdrav
Yesterday, 04:35 AM


Yay! EAD/AP approved!
Jan 26 2015 11:36 PM


Crossing my fingers, just sent of I-129F today.
Jan 26 2015 06:00 PM


Still waiting for the biometrics letter... two calls in to USCIS and they keep telling us to wait for the 30 day mark. ::sigh::
Jan 26 2015 03:59 PM


Awaiting NVC 60 days,trying to be patient....
Jan 26 2015 07:27 AM


In Amsterdam, on my way to Minneapolis :)
Jan 26 2015 06:45 AM


I've been waiting on my Noa2. we filed in Feb. 2014... I keep getting the same answers from the call centers and via email..Also the congress got involve and called CSC, their response were the same of what they told me background check , security check !!!! Should I call them once a week to bug them about my case? No RFE Last email from them was sent January 24, 2015: Thank you for sending our office your inquiry. USCIS computer systems show that you constituents peti...
Jan 26 2015 03:57 AM
  • stef_curls's Photo
    Write in to one of your State's congressman or senator. Or all of them. Here is a blank letter to base it off ofhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1_6zX0T7LHrJA7dWgiwbmyxtOAe7YksWXTc0Bnpp8mTs/edit?usp=sharing . Send with their privacy release form if you can find one on their website. You absolutely deserve answers, going on 11 months that is RIDICULOUS. RAISE HELL! Good luck!
    Yesterday, 09:12 PM
  • stef_curls's Photo
    Oh I see you're in contact with Congressman already, get back in touch with them and demand they address the situation differently and not accept USCIS' vague answers.
    Yesterday, 09:13 PM
  • churvalolo's Photo
    Hello Steff yes we already contact the congress, last september we receive email from uscis said that our appliacation is on hold pending process because of security check, then this month my fiancee call the uscis and congress again. USCIS send email to my fiancee with the same reason. Then the USCIS send letter to the congress that said, that our petition is still pending consideration. the processing of the petition has been delayed. All petitions received by uscis are requires to have rou...
    Yesterday, 09:23 PM


After 11 months we got mail form USCIS said. All petitions received in uscis are requires to have routine security checks. this is resulting in delays of the adjudication of petitions . we have no longer control over how long there security checks will take, we cannot determine when they will be completed..Is it means that they already doing my security check? Im the beneficiary..
Jan 25 2015 10:57 PM


My Priority Date is Aug 2000 and still in Ap How much they Take time ... Us Embassy Pakistan
Jan 25 2015 08:57 AM


please me and my fiance need to have a sponcor for the k1 visa process cause shes not qualified for it so i wanna know what the sponcor need to fill as a application and what is the other papers need to give it to us to proove it in the embassy in the interview day anyone can help me please i will be appreciating for this and thank you so much
Jan 25 2015 02:21 AM