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The tenor of the site owner has changed after yet another handoff . yuk.
Today, 07:53 PM


eh - FYI - the current site owners ARE in some eastern-bloc country, alas.
Today, 07:47 PM


Suggest you get an Immigration Liason Staffer involved this week and next.
Today, 12:35 PM


Merging request is easy, but must be done ONLY when the child's casefile gets a consular casefile # from NVC. Wait a bit, call in 15 days and inquire about it (at NVC).
Today, 12:29 PM


re-entry permit
Today, 10:33 AM


Good day Vjers. I need you guys to help me with a question that i have here. I have been with my other half for over five years now. After i migrate i am planning to come back to my country and get married to him. My question is how long after i am in the country can I file a petition for my spouse? Do I have to have certain criteria and working a certain amount of money to do so? Thank u for your quick response to my query.
Today, 09:47 AM


when i choose agent and submit i try to pay 120 i did it shows processing is that mean i paid
Today, 09:19 AM


After 5 months of AP for additional proofs we are issued ♧
Today, 06:07 AM


Am from Africa us citizen holder. I sent I-130 for petitioning my son on April after 3 month USCIS send me letter requesting me More evidence about my son (1) Collage, medical, insurance statements also they give option 4 Volunteering doing DNA. I chose DNA option DNA went through last month uscis send email notification that my Case Was Sent To The Department of State On Sep 29/16. we sent your case, Receipt No. 1xxxxxc, to the Department of State for visa processing. Please visit our websit...
Today, 03:08 AM
  • fnkim's Photo
    My question anybody know how long will take for visa Processing, DO I also need to send more evidence like school payment and insurance payment statements. What is the next process?
    Today, 03:29 AM


Biometrics on Oct 12!
Today, 01:29 AM


How to post topic
Yesterday, 07:45 PM


with the GUZ casefile #, you can set up a new entry at ustraveldocs.com/cn . Try it today, post results back in your topic.
Sep 28 2016 09:28 PM


The evidence you have is good, but you need to write up 1] letter of attestation and 2] letter explaining the evidence timelines and timetic.ks. include both with the evidence pack. For USCIS? get appointment at local office, ask to see the FDNSr
Sep 28 2016 09:23 PM
  • Darnell's Photo
    officer - then it's POSSIBLE this gets added into her A-File with derogatory comments and a tag for no future VISA. IMO, visa fraud is usually a CIMT - but hard to get Federal Designation on this type of CIMT.
    Sep 28 2016 09:24 PM


here is a facebook sgp group for houston - https://www.facebook.com/groups/msahouston/ - there's some activity coming up in October.
Sep 28 2016 07:12 PM


Then next week - go to the closest USCIS office - tell the guards you need to put something into the drop box - and drop off the same letter of withdrawal of the I-864. Then the week after, file for divorce (not need a lawyer to file initial petition).
Sep 28 2016 06:41 PM
  • Darnell's Photo
    re: USCIS telephone call - sorry - those people are clueless, and it's NOT the way to withdraw the I-864. You MUST write, postal mail. There's an easy formletter for it, as well. Hurry Hurry. Get registered mail, minimum, from usps - as that withdrawal becomes effective the date of the USCIS receipt. But you have to be pro-active, Dude.
    Sep 28 2016 06:52 PM
  • Darnell's Photo
    Merrytooth got it in One - http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/610846-extortion/?p=8318767 - Those are the exact steps I tell folk here, over the years that I've been posting. A Telephone is useless, even a Tier 2, as no one will talk TO YOU at USCIS hotline via telephone. Go Postal, Seriously !
    Sep 28 2016 06:54 PM