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  1. Thank you all so much for your kind words. They are truly appreciated!
  2. We just got home from the interview! It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk around the city for a little while afterward. I think it went as well as can be expected! Here's a rundown of the day! We arrived at 26 Federal Plaza at around 11AM. We went through the standard "airport" security procedure and headed up to the 8th floor. We checked in at the front desk where we presented our original letter that we received with the interview information. My husband was asked for his green card. He said we lost the card in the hurricane. The woman paused and looked at us as though she was thinking "uh oh". She gave us the paper again and asked us to step aside to the next window where we would receive our ticket. Once we received our ticket, we took a seat and waited. We watched people come and go and basically sweat through our clothes as we waited to be called. A couple sitting in front of us were separated, and when the man came out, he was shaking his head and looked on the verge of tears. His wife went in and the man sat trying to compose herself. My husband and I felt terribly for this man. The wife was in there for about 40 minutes before the husband was called back in with her. We were then called in before the couple came back out. I don't know what happened to them, but I just want to say that I wish them the best and hope that things went well. We were called in by the interviewer. She was a very friendly woman who walked us back to her office. She asked us for our identification and my husband's green card. We told her that his GC was lost in the flood. Her mouth dropped open and she looked very sympathetic. She said she was so sorry to hear this and asked why we didn't get a replacement card. We explained that we just didn't have the money to replace the card in the wake of the storm and by the time we were on our feet, we figured his 10 year card would be along any day. She nodded and said she understood and was again sorry for our loss. She made a note of this in our file. Then she said she was going to flip through our filed (which was very thick lol) and ask me a series of random questions about my husband. She told him not to say anything. She asked: 1. What is your husband's full name? 2. What did your husband study in college overseas? 3. What are the names of your in-laws? 4. Where do they live? 5. Where did your husband live overseas? (meaning addresses) 6. How and when did you meet? (When we told her we met in April 2000, when we were just 17, she said she was amazed we had known each other so long and had a quick conversation with us about that in a very friendly way) 7. Describe the meeting. 8. Where did your husband work overseas? 9. Does your husband work now? (This is where it got scary. When I explained my husband wasn't working, and hadn't yet worked in America, she lifted a red pen and started writing in our file. She also looked very uncomfortable. Then my husband explained about the concussion and gave her documentation from the neurologist he had seen. She smiled and looked relieved that he brought that paperwork with him. She made a note that he had suffered a medical issue and that he brought supporting documentation. I think she shaved about 5 years from my life when she lifted that red pen, but all is well that ends well lol) She asked my husband: 1. What is your wife's full name? 2. What is her date of birth? 3. Where does your wife work? 4. What does she do there? 5. Where did she live when you met? (when my husband gave my address in Brooklyn, she said, I knew you were from Brooklyn, which part? When I told her, she said she was from the same neighborhood, and she had a feeling I was too because of my accent. We then had a brief conversation about the neighborhood, etc.) 6. Where has she lived since? 7. What other places has your wife worked? 8. What are your in-laws' names? 9. Which company does your wife have life insurance with? (He didn't know the answer to this. He said "I'm not sure which company it is, but she's covered through work". She laughed and said, "It's ok, as long as you know it was through her work." I said, "I actually don't know the name of the company either" and she laughed at that as well) 10. What are the names of your landlords? 11. What is the name of your auto insurance? (We actually don't have auto insurance. We have renter's insurance through Geico and she assumed it was auto insurance.) Those were all the questions but she asked me a few, then my husband a few, then back again. She said, "Well, you two obviously know each other very well if you can answer even the most random questions about each other from so many years ago" (we had given each other's addresses from over 10 years ago). She then told us that we were called in for an interview because we failed to send our 2011 tax returns. I explained that was because we didn't have them because of the flood. She said my 2012 records were there but that there was a form missing from them. That's the whole reason we were called in!! Thankfully, in NYC, the IRS building is right across the street from 26 Federal Plaza. So she said, "I hate to do this, but I have to ask you to do one more thing." She said "you should be fine, but we just need those documents for the file". She asked us to go across the street and request our IRS tax statements from 2011 and 2012 and bring them back to her. We told her we would, and she said to my husband, "You should be fine. You will get your green card in 30 - 60 days." We ran across the street, got the forms, and were back within the hour. She came out to the front desk when we came back and looked at the documents. She said "this is perfect" and again said that we should be fine. We thanked her and shook her hand and were on our way. Considering the fact that my husband didn't even have his green card on him, and isn't working, I don't think it could have gone any better. I was also very relieved to hear that we were only called in because of those missing forms, which they now have. It helps to know that they never questioned the validity of our marriage. Thank you all so much for all of your support throughout this journey. I won't be 100% relieved until he has that GC in his hand, but I think we'll be ok. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give all information in case it helps anyone else. Thank you again!!
  3. OK, thank you everyone. We will be leaving shortly for the interview so I will post an update once the interview is complete.
  4. Thank you very much for the advice and for the sympathy for our loss. My husband submitted a statement explaining why we didn't have the GC. I will definitely try to print some previous VJ postings. I don't think we have time to get a POA notarized, but that was a great idea. I should've posted here sooner. In all honesty, I have been in a mental fog since this storm. We were home at the time and we were very nearly trapped and killed. I think the shock of it all is only recently wearing off...and it has been almost 3 years! It was a nightmare experience. I didn't know I could obtain a copy of the ML online. Do you know where I go to do that?
  5. My husband and I met online 15 years ago. 4 years later we developed a relationship and have been together ever since. In 2011, we filed for a K-1 visa which was approved. He came to America in August 2011, and we were married on 10/7/11. We did not have a big wedding ceremony because we needed to save money for it. We were hoping to have a church ceremony within a couple of years. I didn't change my name and we didn't exchange rings because we were planning to do all of that at the church ceremony. All of our plans were derailed when we lost everything in Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012. Our apartment was flooded to the ceiling and everything we had was destroyed. We needed all the money we had to find a new apartment and replace everything we had. My husband also lost his green card, social security card, and we lost our marriage license. We tried to replace his GC but it was $600, and we couldn't afford it at the time with everything else that was going on. By the time we were on our feet, my husband assumed he would be getting his 10 year card any day, so we never replaced it. We received an RFE, so we submitted a joint bank statement, joint credit card statement, joint rental lease (which is expired, my landlord never requested a new one), joint medical insurance policy, affidavits, photos, joint tax returns, and life insurance policies. It still wasn't enough because we received a letter asking us for an interview for tomorrow. My husband and I have a legitimate relationship and marriage. We've been together for 11 years. I am worried about the interview for the following reasons: 1. He doesn't have his green card 2. We don't have wedding bands and I haven't changed my last name 3. We don't have children 4. We don't have any utility bills in both of our names because we didn't think it was necessary 5. We don't have our marriage license (I thought I had a copy in my office but I guess all the copies were in the apartment at the time of the hurricane) 6. My husband hasn't worked in the 4 years he's been in the U.S. First he had a medical issue and now he's having a hard time finding work. So although I know everything there is to know about my husband and he knows everything about me, and even though our relationship is 100% genuine, I am worried about this interview tomorrow. I'd love any feedback that anyone might have. Thank you!!