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  1. Wow! things really changed been forever since I been on here.Where are my friends I had added here?!

    1. RFQ


      Life sure has changed. We're now ready to tackle naturalization!

  2. My husband is in Egypt and now again permission from the army to come back!!!!????

  3. My husband left to Egypt to visit his family.Has been 2 years since he left Egypt

  4. After my husband's interview we had a document to send.Sent it within 2 to 3 weeks My husband was on AP almost 9 months.It depends it could be right away or take months to get it.They will call you.
  5. We would like to express our sincere condolences to you and your family. (F)
  6. My husband and I been through it in Egypt, all you can do is email them and make calls.I emailed almost everyday . It could take weeks or even months . Pray and keep busy Good Luck
  7. wow My husband and I went through a lot.There was many times we fought he would say just come live here in Egypt and forget about me coming there.It's never going to happen Rina!!I was patient,I knew in the end it would happen and also I knew he was leaving his country and all his family to be here with me would be hard.It's not easy to do that but time makes it easier. Took us 2 years to get the Visa but in the end we are TOGETHER and that was what we wanted.He's been here now 1 yr and 6 months and he's fine.I could go on and on and all of us could give you our stories but we all our different people and different relationships.You must look closely and see what you can do to open communications with her. Ask her to be honest with you. Maybe she is scared. who knows
  8. Just my opinion, I Think she should divorce first. It will save you alot of BS.
  9. We brought fruit. I even brought a cheese I liked from there.My mother in law made pickled eggplant also.Even other things I just put them in the suitcase I checked in and when I arrived I wrote down what I had and went through agriculture inspection and I was good to go. Everything was package good. I forgot to put the eggplant in check in bag it was in a bag I had on the plane and nothing happen.Only thing when I arrived in Miami airport and was getting my luggage the dog kept on coming up to me because of the smell of garlic omg Poor man next to me had to smell it all the was back to Miami
  10. I did the same, printed them on paper and sent them in
  11. My husband had this also, Our co sponsor made enough but was on the dot. I guess they needed someone who was way above what they asked for. We just sent in the new co sponsor but still my husband was on AP 9 months and than he recieved the visa.But in the end we are TOGETHER.
  12. Ayman put his first name and 2 middle names and than his last name.All 4 and his SS And drivers license has all 4
  13. My husband and I would try to keep skype on always even if we weren't home. Cams running, we had a 7 hour difference so between work and other things was hard but we kept it together .We also had magicjack so we could call always.We would have tea cam to cam lol . We been together 7 years and married almost 5,he came Jan 16, 2014 almost 4 years living in different countries.There was times believe me when we were just agravated with the system but We knew in the end we would be together and that is what kept us going.Good Luck in your Journey Love can make it through anything
  14. Happy Happy Happy <3