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  1. Good God, Man!! Don't do that!! It was almost impossible for me to read that super tiny print. I'm getting old.
  2. I'm just happy that somebody else gets confused by the things she says. Big words hurt my brain.
  3. This is actually not a bad position for Perry. Energy is a very big industry in Texas, obviously oil and gas, but Texas is also a leader in wind energy.
  4. Trump isn't in office yet, but so far, I can't complain about most of the things he has done. I really hope he's able to create some kind of goodwill between him and Duterte.
  5. Once again, I'm very familiar with Davao and Duterte. We're talking about him as President and he is targeting drug dealers/users. And he is very anti-American. Go back to when he was denied a visa to the US. Go back to the "treasure hunter" and the explosion in Davao. Go back to his statements on US colonialism. You need to do some research. I do hope that because he likes Trump that his attitude towards the US will change. That would definitely be good for the Filipino people. It does them no good to be associated with China and Russia instead of the US.
  6. Trump is an isolationist, which is too similar to Ron Paul for my tastes. Hillary is much more of a hawk than Trump. My primary issue this election cycle was China's aggression in the West Philippine Sea. Only Hillary had expressed any opinion on this and I agreed with her. I'm just happy Evan McMullin entered the race so I could vote for someone I agreed with on more than one issue. I want the US foreign policy to be one where we are a leader throughout the world. Where we are a world-wide influence in all manner; politically, economically, militarily. Sadly, Trump seems to be of the opinion that we should just hide in our corner of the world and maybe everybody will just leave us alone. You tell me which one is the snowflake. I very much dislike Duterte. I disagree with the idea that the police should get to just kill anybody who uses or sells drugs. However, that is what the people voted for. I also believe he is way out of his league when it comes to foreign policy. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid when it comes to the West Philippine Sea. I also have issues with his very anti-American attitude. This was known before the election but not many paid attention to it. He has been a communist since college so that probably has something to do with it. I also disagree with him allowing Marcos to be buried at Hero's Cemetery, but that was part of the deal he made with the Marcos family. He is starting to seem too similar to Marcos for me to have any faith in him. And I had very little faith to start with.
  7. Stop it!! I'm happy with my opinion. Don't mess it up. Seriously though, that is a real issue. I'll settle it. Let say we end both executions and abortions.
  8. I didn't support Hillary but I was very anti-Trump. My biggest issue right now is China and their aggressive actions, especially in the West Philippine Sea. Trump had no real statements on China's actions and I'm not sure he knew what was going on. Say what you will about Hillary but she is kind of hawkish. China definitely can't stand her and the fact that she has criticized them. I do like that about her. It was almost enough to get me to vote for her. However, once I found out about Evan McMullin, I was able to vote for him with a clear conscience. And it's pretty easy to do that in Texas. There's not much doubt which way we're going to go, just by how much. And it was nothing close to the Wendy Davis beat down. Those were good times.
  9. I guess you don't know so much: I'm pro-life. I'm pro-death penalty I'm against affirmative action. I'm for lower taxes and lower spending. I'm for increased oil exploration. I'm pro-second amendment. I'm against Obama care and any single payer policy. I'm pro-legal immigration and against illegal immigration. I'm pro-private property and against eminent domain being used so often. I'm very Christian. I'm against same-sex marriage. I'm for social security reform. I'm very much a foreign policy hawk. Any questions, snowflake?
  10. I really don't post much anymore. I'm pretty far right compared to most but I'm just not angry about it. I don't know when it happened that all us conservative became angry. Kind of weird. There's a few of you guys I like. I like you, Teddy, JayJay, Ready4one, and some others (I'm also scared of Maven). You're all wrong, but I still like you.