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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. I keep telling myself "any day now!" as we're also coming up on the 6-month mark, but I know it's probably going to be quite a lot longer. Keeping my father-in-law's spirit up is the hard part (the beneficiary). He has no family and nothing left there, just ticking away the days...
  2. mcangel75, we also filed mid-July and got NOA1 on 7/27. We're also still in the "Case Was Received" stage - no updates or anything since NOA1. I'm expecting a long and slow wait based on what I've read from others who filed earlier in the year... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Hey, I'll join you! My husband became a USC last March, so we've just filed to bring his biological father (living in Netherlands, widowed) to live with us. We mailed the I-130 on July 14th. It was marked received on the 18th, and check was cashed on the 21st. We included Naturalization Certificate, husband's birth certificate, parents' marriage certificate, mother's death certificate, and $535 check. Hoping for a speedy process!
  4. Completed the I-130 for Arnold's father today, mailing tomorrow. Here's hoping for a smooth and quick process to get him over here with us ASAP. B-)

  5. Hey all, Finally checking in to report that we've received our Oath Ceremony letter. Arnold's ceremony is scheduled for March 28th. This falls exactly 120 days after his interview. It's a curious coincidence considering that 120 days was the "waiting period" post-interview before we could request the case be looked into, expedited or whatnot. (And just over 11 months since the day we mailed the packet last April.) As a side note, a few weeks ago I sent a request to our Field Office to ask the reason for the delay. They replied the next day via email with a statement that the case was still in background checks. I believe it's due to the IOE / ELIS system situation, as the interviewing officer had issues with the "new system" during the interview itself back in November. Regardless, we are extremely happy and thankful to FINALLY be at the finish line. Coincidentally, we have a little vacation scheduled for later that week, so it's purely awesome that the ceremony falls right before vacation... Makes vacation even more special. <3 Best wishes to everyone still hanging in there! The wait is worth it. I'll check back in and update the timeline once we're finished.
  6. Just dropping in to say 'hi' and see how progress has been moving along. Looks like quite a few more folks have been successful in the process over the past couple months, awesome! We are still waiting on an oath ceremony letter (or an explanation as to what the hold-up is about...). Today marks 2 months since his interview (which went well, or so we've thought), and 9 months since we initially filed. I am so fed up and impatient with the whole mess I've pretty much stopped thinking about it for the past couple months. Hope I will have some good news to report one of these days... Just hanging in there until then.
  7. Hey gang, hope everyone is faring well on the journey. Arnold had his N-400 interview yesterday in Charleston, SC. We are an IOE case, "Priority Date" April 28th, so from filing to interview was just over 6 months, and we had no notices or updates between biometrics (5/20) and interview appointment letter received (10/29). We took all ID pieces with us, as well as a folder of all originals - birth certificates, bank statements, tax returns, marriage certificate, and my previous marriage / divorce docs. It felt good to be prepared, but Arnold did not have to present any of our originals. The Charleston Field Office** was quick and efficient in processing. There were only a couple other people there. His appointment was scheduled for 11am; we checked in at 10:30am (the letter asked not to arrive earlier than 30 minutes prior to appointment). He was called in by the IO around 11:20am, and was done and back out by 12pm. Arnold's recount of his interview: The IO was polite. He started the interview by mentioning right off that he would be working with the "new system" and seemed somewhat apprehensive, or as if he wasn't sure what to expect. He noted that it might be a long process, or might be a short process, seemingly depending on how the new system was behaving. They started with the test. His civics questions were read from a paper (stated as they were in the study guide, not re-worded by IO): During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the United States? There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote. Describe one of them. Who is in charge of the executive branch? What is one reason colonists came to America? (He was nervous and can't remember the other two.) He got all 6 right, so they moved on. He was asked to read "Who is the father of our country?" The IO dictated "Washington is the father of our country." which Arnold wrote. Then they went over the entire application. There were a couple things that Arnold had to clarify. The first was my employment, for which we had written "Self-employed" but the IO wanted more detail of my field, and added that information into the computer. The IO asked if we live together, yes, and what was our living situation. Arnold stated that we live with my parents. The IO wanted to know why, so Arnold explained that we share a duplex-style home because I help take care of my disabled father. IO added information to the computer. IO noted that we moved from Michigan in 2015 and asked if we still owned the house at that old address, yes. Then they went through all the yes/no questions. Arnold had to sign (iPad), and also select something about the Oath Ceremony (how it's "announced"?). Then the IO mentioned that everything seemed to be in good order, no red flags, should be good to go... but the computer system wouldn't allow him to save or submit or whatever the last step is. He didn't know why. He assured Arnold that everything should be fine, but this was apparently a glitch with the new system. The IO stated that we would either receive the Oath Ceremony schedule letter OR some other correspondence with an update on the case at some point in the future. (Which I assume can be anywhere up to 120 days from now as stated on the bottom of the N-652 - argh!) So although the interview seemed to go very well, we are pretty bummed that we left with the N-652 paper with a check in the box for "A decision cannot be made yet about your application." instead of a recommendation for approval. And it seems the blame can be placed on the "new system." Now we wait again... **(For our region's folks, keep in mind this office is NOT the same place as the biometrics Application Support office in the strip mall down the road, even though both addresses are Sam Rittenberg Blvd. There is plenty of seating in this building's waiting area, so don't be afraid to go in with your spouse.)
  8. FINALLY we are able to update our Timeline. Interview appointment notice received today, just over 6 months from Priority Date. (Yes, we are IOE.) ====================================== USCIS Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox ====================================== UserName........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office paulinespens....|11/17/08|03/28|--/--|04/12|05/04/16|05/06/16.|05/19/16.|06/21/16.|08/12/16.|Louisville, KY LuvMyDirndl.....|03/--/07|04/01|04/12|04/14|05/09/16|07/05/16.|07/14/16.|08/15/16.|09/13/16.|Washington, DC txl344655.......|07/01/11|04/02|04/06|04/04|04/26/16|06/01/16.|06/09/16.|07/18/16.|08/26/16.|New York, NY kiwibean........|08/29/06|04/04|04/13|04/08|05/05/16|05/09/16.|06/20/16.|07/27/16.|08/18/16.|Boston, MA love&cinta......|--/--/--|04/11|--/--|04/14|05/09/16|05/14/16.|05/23/16.|06/28/16.|07/22/16.|Philadelphia, PA thatannegirl....|10/22/12|04/13|04/19|04/18|05/11/16|--/--/--.|07/08/16.|08/11/16.|09/22/16.|Orlando, FL babyjk..........|--/--/--|04/13|--/--|04/18|05/13/16|05/19/16.|07/28/16.|09/02/16.|10/07/16.|New York, NY N400-Dream......|06/21/11|04/14|04/19|04/20|05/16/16|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Long Island, NY Alecita King....|01/13/13|04/16|04/21|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|New York, NY PMartin37.......|07/13/13|04/18|04/25|04/26|05/20/16|06/13/16.|07/11/16.|08/11/16.|09/16/16.|Atlanta, GA IslandLady......|06/28/12|04/18|04/25|04/22|05/17/16|--/--/--.|07/27/16.|09/08/16.|09/29/16.|Oakland Pk, FL Aschenbecher....|12/18/12|04/18|04/26|04/26|05/20/16|--/--/--.|08/01/16.|09/08/16.|09/30/16.|Philadelphia, PA ZamoTrance......|07/18/11|04/18|04/22|04/22|05/18/16|06/20/16.|08/04/16.|09/13/16.|09/29/16.|Oakland Pk, FL ZeezaWrydan.....|07/11/11|04/18|04/25|04/28|05/10/16|--/--/--.|08/16/16.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Jacksonville, FL IndyQuad........|06/15/11|04/20|04/27|04/27|05/25/16|--/--/--.|09/17/16.|10/20/16.|10/20/16.|Charlotte, NC tsekub..........|07/17/13|04/21|05/03|04/28|05/19/16|10/22/16.|10/28/16.|11/29/16.|--/--/--.|Brooklyn, NY Codon1..........|02/28/13|04/22|05/03|05/03|05/18/16|09/12/16.|09/16/16.|10/25/16.|--/--/--.|Long Island, NY gaby08..........|11/16/12|04/22|--/--|05/03|05/19/16|09/29/16.|10/06/16.|11/07/16.|--/--/--.|Houston, TX kiran&salman....|07/24/13|04/25|05/02|04/27|05/18/16|09/29/16.|10/14/16.|11/08/16.|--/--/--.|Houston, TX Petareño........|07/27/11|04/26|05/03|05/03|05/18/16|06/27/16.|07/05/16.|08/02/16.|08/05/16.|Atlanta, GA Maranda.........|11/09/11|04/26|05/03|05/02|05/20/16|--/--/--.|10/29/16.|11/29/16.|--/--/--.|Charleston, SC xqw.............|07/25/11|04/26|05/02|04/29|05/18/16|--/--/--.|09/22/16.|11/03/16.|--/--/--.|Long Island, NY winn55..........|02/09/06|04/28|05/08|05/09|05/25/16|10/16/16.|10/21/16.|11/21/16.|--/--/--.|New York, NY Cooc............|07/25/13|04/28|05/02|05/06|05/27/16|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|New York, NY manhattansinatra|07/25/11|04/28|05/04|05/06|05/25/16|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Houston, TX ================================ USCIS Phoenix, Arizona Lockbox ================================ UserName........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office moe7............|07/21/09|04/05|04/13|04/08|04/28/16|05/03/16.|06/22/16.|07/27/16.|--/--/--.|Chicago, IL TommyF..........|06/24/13|04/06|04/13|04/12|05/13/16|05/23/16.|06/13/16.|07/09/16.|--/--/--.|Denver, CO Ben&Janna.......|03/17/11|04/06|04/11|04/11|05/02/16|05/06/16.|07/06/16.|08/09/16.|11/01/16.|Chicago, IL bellaling.......|07/12/13|04/11|04/16|04/16|05/13/16|06/13/16.|06/24/16.|08/01/16.|08/01/16.|Seattle, WA Tony and Daisy..|12/01/15|04/12|04/20|04/18|04/12/16|--/--/--.|07/19/16.|08/08/16.|08/10/16.|Honolulu, Hi Waheed and Kris.|08/02/10|04/12|04/18|04/13|05/12/16|05/16/16.|07/16/16.|08/16/16.|09/01/16.|Chicago, IL ameraslam99.....|--/--/13|04/14|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|??, ?? SLD.............|04/11/13|04/15|04/21|04/20|05/20/16|05/24/16.|07/06/16.|08/10/16.|08/30/16.|Sacramento, CA mvn.............|??/??/??|04/18|??/??|04/26|05/18/16|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Las Vegas, NV gangan_2000.....|08/10/10|04/19|N/A |04/21|05/19/16|05/24/16.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Seattle, WA casperghost.....|06/--/13|04/22|--/--|--/--|--/--/--|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fresno, CA rrac23..........|07/10/13|04/23|04/29|04/28|05/17/16|09/06/16.|09/13/16.|10/20/16.|--/--/--.|San Francisco, CA agrabs..........|07/05/13|04/25|05/08|05/04|05/27/16|06/08/16.|06/09/16.|07/18/16.|08/11/16.|Kansas City, MO filler..........|06/06/13|04/25|05/02|05/05|05/16/16|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Los Angeles, CA raghu2383.......|06/10/12|04/25|04/29|04/28|05/18/16|--/--/--.|09/29/16.|11/10/16.|--/--/--.|Phoenix, AZ Hoody...........|03/28/13|04/25| N/A |04/29|05/20/16|09/21/16.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|St. Louis, MO ca2wa_dude......|07/21/11|04/24| N/A |04/29|05/19/16|--/--/--.|09/13/16.|10/18/16.|10/25/16.|San Diego, CA gaurav85........|07/09/13|04/12|04/18|04/21|05/12/16|07/09/16.|09/01/16.|10/13/16.|--/--/--.|Des Moines, IA =========================================================================== USCIS Lincoln, Nebraska Lockbox (Filing Under 319b, 328, or 329 of the INA) =========================================================================== UserName........|GC-Date.|Sent.|Cashd|NOA..|Fprints.|In Line..|Int Ltr..|Intview..|Oath.....|Field Office Heidi...........|01/05/12|04/06|04/12|04/14|05/12/16|05/16/16.|05/23/16.|06/21/16.|07/29/16.|Memphis, TN Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list: 1. DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. 3. Please make sure you are using Rich Text Editor as your message setting. 4. Click "Quote" on the most recent/updated posting version of this list. 5. Remove the "Quote Coding" at the top and bottom of the list. 6. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] 7. Make changes and Add Reply. 8. Red Font="I'm A United States Citizen"! Legend: GC-Date: The 'Resident Since' Date located on your first green card Sent: Date N-400 was mailed to USCIS Cashd: Date your check was cashed by USCIS NOA: Receipt Notice Date Printed on your official I-797 notification Fprints: Date assigned for fingerprinting (Bio-metrics). Underline indicates early walk-in. In Line: Date you received e-notification about the start of your interview scheduling Int Ltr: Date you received the official letter in the mail regarding interview Interview: Date of your interview Oath: Date Oath taken Field Office: Your local USCIS office where you will have the N-400 interview
  9. LOL, thank you! It's sad (and a little scary) that the system is glitchy like that. I'd like to say I'm relieved that we don't have to deal with any of this ever again after Arnold's citizenship is done, buuuuuut as soon as he's finished, we'll be starting all over again with petitioning for his dad... haha
  10. I'm so glad to see some movement for the IOE's finally. I'm really frustrated that we have not heard anything yet. Though I'm not sure if it's an IOE problem, or a slow field office problem at this point. I've stopped checking it. The old Case Status page doesn't seem to show progress for IOE's from what I've read, and when I try to log into the new 'My Account' thing, that just takes me to a generic https://my.uscis.gov/ homepage. (It USED TO work and actually take us to our case details, it doesn't anymore.) I'm trying to plan a vacation for late October, and I'm hesitant to book any tickets because I just know as soon as I do, that Interview letter will finally show up and mess up our (non-refundable) plans. I certainly wish we would have filed earlier this year (even a couple weeks earlier would have made the difference between getting NBC instead of IOE!). Ugh! Sorry, just needed to vent for a minute. You guys are the only ones who 'get it.'
  11. Hey there, It looks like Des Moines might be one of the slower field offices. If you check at https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processTimesDisplayInit.do - select Des Moines from the top drop-down box - as of June 30th, they are still processing N-400 applications from October 15, 2015. I feel your pain. I thought Charleston was bad. They're currently processing from January, and that's sped up since I first started watching it a few months ago. However, my husband has the notorious IOE application, so at this point I can't tell if we're lagging so badly because of the IOE delay situation, or because the field office is slow. Hang in there!
  12. Please keep us updated. My husband is also IOE and biometrics was 5/20, and we are in the same no-progress situation.
  13. Hi Beth, Our timelines are only a few days apart. There are a lot of us in this situation right now, with hearing nothing since biometrics. There's some speculation (with good reason) that USCIS implementing a new system is causing some serious processing delays. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait it out. Please consider adding yourself to the timeline chart while you're here and keep in touch! :-)
  14. Aha! Our timelines were very similar in the beginning, but we have IOE number (from using the newer forms, unfortunately). IOE's seem to be stuck in some sort of indefinite processing limbo. I'm glad you got lucky with an NBC!