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  1. So the wife went home without AOS and Advance Parole I-131 being filed? If yes, then your friend has to file I-130 and the wife has to go through consular process in her home country for CR1 / IR1 visa.
  2. Read this guide for SSN application One can file for EAD before marriage as a K1 entrant, however it expires when the I-94 expires, which is 90 days after arrival in the country. Incidentally, once you apply, it takes about 90 days for it to be approved and processed. So, it's pointless, and cost you $410 filing fee. It's free when you file EAD together with AOS.
  4. So if you need medical help, who should pay for you? Go home and wait to die?
  5. Yah, OP must receive more than half his annual support from the ex, to be claimed as dependent.
  6. I-131
  7. Read here:
  8. I-129F Part 3 Questions 2a, 2b, 2c ask for the crimes committed. 30+ criminal records - is the USC able to hold down a stable job? Will your friend (given her conditions Austism, Heart Issues) be able to survive on her own in US should anything happen -> relationship breaks down? I would suggest to proceed with caution.
  9. IMHO, unless you are paying monthly bills from the credit cards, I would only include credit card account statements showing the joint cardholders/ authorized users names.
  10. Your list looks good to me. Remember to send in the bank statements spanning the whole 2 years. E.g. every quarterly statements.
  11. If you have enough evidence of bona fide marriage (mainly co-mingled financial stuff), then you don't really need to send power of attorney stuff.
  12. Similar issue. You should get the name corrected, otherwise the green card could be issued in maiden name instead of married name.
  13. What strong ties does he has to India? Stable job employment, enough money of his own to finance the US trip?