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  1. ****hole Immigrants

    I don't know.. definitely not as much as US, since China is NOT a welfare country, giving out freebies or citizenship like toilet papers
  2. ****hole Immigrants

    You sure America is still a great country? Jeez.. America infrastructure ARE falling apart! Some of buildings, facilities are so dated, like in the 70s while we are already approaching 2020 (50 years later). Maybe people here likes to remain stagnant, reminiscing the past... Even some upcoming Asia countries have way better, nicer modern looking buildings, infrastructure. And some Americans thought Mall of America is so great.. Malls like this are dime a dozen in Asia. China OBOR is going leave America behind.
  3. ****hole Immigrants

    Sorry! I don't suffer from white saviour syndrome like some people do..
  4. ****hole Immigrants

    Those 3rd world countries people should migrate to Norway now instead of America.. Look! Norway is the happiest country in world with great healthcare... and their people are so white.. They need to diversify for the greatness of mankind! Please fly to Norway now!
  5. ****hole Immigrants

    lololol.... The Left (mostly the rich, big cities states) have no issues with calling the other half of US population -> inbred, lazy, deep wood rednecks, the famous 'deplorable' ...etc just because they are mostly from the poor red states the country. Suddenly, it is so big hooha to call other countries holes? ha ha ha
  6. OP already stated she has sole custody of her child. The Judge granted visitation rights to ex and has recently removed the previous supervised visits, which is making her very nervous of her special needs child being alone with the ex.
  7. H1B visa

    Shouldn't your employer lawyer handling the visa work for you?
  8. You can visit US while your petition is being processed.
  9. Maybe you can play up the issue that he never takes care of your special needs child before, and you are uncomfortable to have unsupervised visits. Other than that, contact your congressman, senator, even TV stations, on how he is 'allowed' to harass you, making 40+ false police welfare checks, and 5 DHS (child welfare) reports -> wasting public resources?
  10. You are not the only one with the wrong green card date, resident status got terminated. Last week this case:
  11. Yah, US reputation is very bad globally. Strangely, there are still many foreigners trying to get into US, whether legally or illegally...
  12. What is 1st world democracy? Your so-called 1st world democracies are not suitable for every country. So those 1st world countries should MYOB, and stop imposing their views on others.
  13. May I know which state you are in? He is trying to make you look bad that you are a 'unfit mother' and it will be the child's best interest if he remains in US.
  14. Last time I check, the stores are still selling protections.. Why should birth control falls on women only?