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  1. It took us nearly a year to get the green card for our daughter.. we filed in Feb, the GC arrived in Dec...
  2. Here's the thing, even if you receive your AP, it does not gaurantee you will be allowed re-entry if you leave the country based on your overstay... So, if you leave the county while waiting for AoS, be prepared to be denied entry.. which will then require you to re-apply for admission either as a spouse or fiancee... Very risky...
  3. Melania Trump Stated in various interviews, one most notably was on CNN, where she stated she flew back every few months to "stamp the visa"... I'm just curious if that is a violation of Immigration Benefits, which seems to insinuate she lived here... Not sure which Visa she had, but assuming that is was a tourist visa, and since H1-B Visa doesnt have the 90 day or six month limits, (work visa - limits are based on the company sponsoring her.) I'm assuming she had a tourist visa, which is for visiting and tourism only... so, if she stated she flew back to her country to have the visa stamped, it seems she was actually living here and likely working here as well while on a tourist visa... Either way, if she only flew back to her home country to stamp the visa, is that a violation of her immigration benefits? Love to hear some feed back.. because, if it's not a violation of any sort, I may consider this for our family members as well... Thanks Kenny
  4. In Recent interview with MSNBC I beleive... she stated; “I followed the law,” she said. “I never thought to stay here without papers. I had [a] visa. I traveled every few months back to the country, to Slovenia, to stamp the visa. I came back. I applied for the green card. I applied for the citizenship later on, after many years of [holding a] green card.” Is this a violation of immigration law?
  5. Thanks Sir.... We had so many people at CBP tell us it was not possible, but thankfully they were wrong... Just profound how dependable the "so called" experts are... Kenny
  6. All.... FINALLY!!! Approved the Petition and AOS for our 13 yo daughter!!! Great gift from Homeland Security for the holidays!! Thanks everyone for your guidance and support...