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  1. i don't think he knows much about bernie's policies, just that he can't support support him because he's 'extreme'.
  2. there are people who don't believe that there are any victims in mass shootings, because the mass shootings are performed by actors. *cough
  3. i agree, most people i know who struggle with empathy were not shown much empathy as a child or were shown empathy by their family but not taught the benefit in empathizing with outsiders (had a reclusive upbringing, "stick to your own" "do not trust others").
  4. there is nothing more satisfying than paying your insurance premiums dutifully for years upon years and when you finally need to cash in your chips, all that money paid in means nothing but a meager percentage of the cost incurred. stay sick and struggle, bankruptcy is always an option, do not pass go, no $200.00 for you.
  5. agreed. also, remember the little girls in princess attire dropping the fbomb for feminism?
  6. this list is a good place to start.
  7. lots i want to vote for right here..
  8. i keep all condiments in the fridge once opened. my husband leaves ketchup/hotsauce out and i'm constantly putting it back in the fridge. is that a canadian thing or a valerie is crazy thing?
  9. mmmkay, but i'll pass on roy's greens. i am, getting over shake and bake chicken twice a week was the most difficult childhood trauma i've overcome thus far.
  10. ham hocks and bacon grease aren't the same thing. i mean, i've never replaced one with the other.. please don't eat dog doo.
  11. i don't remember ever even having a bottle of hot sauce in our fridge growing up. but then we had our mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs. a casserole fit for a king.