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  1. I will for sure..
  2. yup I can see that it's because most people have hidden agenda and stay illegally so it becomes hard for people who just really want to travel and see the other side
  3. thank you. I will keep that in mind .
  4. She is so active in school, one of the best student, member of school council since 7th grade. If this goes through I want to give her a vacation trip to the US
  5. Hello, I plan to have my niece visit me. We don't have plans of making her illegal , she needs to go back to the Philippines to go to school and live her life. I just want her to visit me for a month or so next year. She is 15 but her parents have does not have any financial stability to show the embassy. But I can afford all the travel expenses. I am the one sending her to school, giving her allowance for "baon", school projects etc.Do you think she will have a chance to visit me? I just want her to see the other side of the world and definitely send her back home. Do you think the embassy can give her a visa or not because of her parents' financial status. She is the only one coming if ever.
  6. tnx for all your help
  7. Hello, I plan to petition my older sister. I am aware that it will take 20++ years to do so. Her kids are 12 and 15 at the moment Will the petition include her kids to be with her by the time the petition is granted? And if so this means that these kids should not get married because it voids the petition? Thank you
  8. My friend bought the ex-fiancee a ticket back to Manila but she did not show up at the airport and gave some lame excuse. We advised our friend to never be alone with her and he disconnected her new iPhone.
  9. There was no domestic violence but we were thinking she might tell lies. He is a good person comes from a military family. They had a fight and she run away.
  10. Does he needs to make a police report as well to protect himself and that she cannot claim domestic violence or something... We do not know she is hiding. She just said she is staying with a friend
  11. hello, I have a friend who lives in Hawaii and his fiancee left her. He called the USCIS to reported her. Can she have a loophole to be legally admitted in the US? The wedding is off.
  12. It's better to go to the field office and she if she has more questions. They can close her case number as well.
  13. You won't be able to adjust your status. What you need to do is to have a dissolution of marriage then go to the nearest field office and then do a voluntary deportation and when you get home, go to your US embassy and let them stamp your passport to prove that you went back to your country. Then you may receive your copy of dissolution of marriage from the mail and you will be free to marry again. The stamp and the copy of voluntary deportation is important if ever you will come back to United States and marry again.