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  1. The Rant of Our Discontent

    I've had a nastygram, lol, by way of an email from a friend of the MIL. One of her charming church ladies. She's mad at me because I wasn't watching the MIL well enough, and she fell and broke her hip. Again. The same hip even. Apparently, I am meant to be watching her all the way from AR to VA. I am a very uncaring, unfeeling and not very suitable caregiver she says, and if I had any sense at all I ought to be ashamed of myself. Story is, actually, that her daughter is here in AR finishing up sorting her Mother's life out. She's annoyed that she has to be here to do that, because her mother didn't do a thing by way of packing and sorting. The sister in law's Husband was out of town, so the MIL has been staying at their house in VA, to look after their dog. That they left her alone is problem enough, because everyone from the Doc on down has said she isn't to be on her own, but they also left her to look after their big dog. Anyone could have seen this one coming. She went out to look for the dog, as she let it out and forgot all about it. The dog, as they do, went walkabout, and hours later, by her own admission, she headed out into 6 inches of snow to look for it, without her cane and not wearing a coat. The only reason anyone found her at all, was that the mailman had to come all the way up the drive to leave off a package. It's a very secluded and 'exclusive' property she has always said. She has no idea how long she laid there, but she was treated for hypothermia. I'm going to wait until I'm not ready to rip this persons' head off before I reply. This is no longer my circus.
  2. The Rant of Our Discontent

    My oldest was born 7 weeks early on my birthday, and the youngest was also born 7 weeks early, on his Father's birthday. Extra baking would have been good, it's hard to leave them behind at discharge. Fingers crossed!
  3. Canada and Western Europe new procedures

    I am not from a high fraud area. I am in fact a Canadian Citizen, who was resident in New Zealand. They held us up on our K1 at NVC for the best part of two months, and at the interview, I was told it was random.
  4. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Haooy Birthday, Nola. Sorry you have to spend it being sick.
  5. Canada and Western Europe new procedures

    You mean to say, those nations that do not meet adjudication standards under USCIS Immigration law. It isn't the fault of western countries, or Canada, who do have standards in place to allow accurate vetting. I don't see the process changing anytime soon. Even for those who by accident of birth are in a situation where they are close enough to visit. Sure the process can be viewed as interminable, and unfair, but for the moment, it is what it is. I've never seen people from Spain or Italy complete the process in that time frame. Where are you finding that?
  6. A Canadian can have citizenship both countries. You can only be resident in the one.
  7. The Rant of Our Discontent

    I can't imagine how hard this is. I'm sorry
  8. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Man, given that list, it doesn't seem there is much you can have. How is a person supposed to exist on that little bit? I mean, you have to eat something!
  9. The Rant of Our Discontent

    I'm not bothered by death. I worked for years in an ambulance and in hospitals, and on the whole, I got used to it. Kids, not so much. I'm sorry you found out about your house, I know it can creep a person out
  10. The Rant of Our Discontent

    TB doesn't survive all that long outside the host. Hours most likely. At 100 years, I think it's licked.
  11. The Rant of Our Discontent

    In NZ, they used to have Nurses in school dental clinics. Called aptly, the Murder House.
  12. The Rant of Our Discontent

    That looks torturous
  13. Update on Tourist Visa Applicaiton

    Great little scenario you've got planned there. Be aware it may just blow up in your face, as well. Your presence attempting to oversee her interview, and step in to attempt strong arm a CO won't win her any prizes. Or a Visa.
  14. The Rant of Our Discontent

    It's scary for sure. Mine got around that little thing, she needed to just renew it, but it was 10 years expired.She should have had to take the class again, but she sweet talked the local Sherrif, who is in her church group, and he just rubber stamped it. Quite pleased with herself about that. All I could do in the end was disarm her, in the only way I could work out how. It reminded me of an old Golden Girls episode. Rose, for some reason, possibly neighborhood burglaries, had got herself a pistol. Blanche came in late with one of her dates, and Rose hearing a noise at the door fired in the general direction and hit an expensive vase. Sophia, bless her, said "Some night I'm gonna pass gas, and Stable Mabel there is going to blow my head off'. Indeed.
  15. The Rant of Our Discontent

    Oh dear. Mine has a CC permit and was convinced the hospital had given her permission to carry while volunteering. They hadn't, in fact, she was told that in a meeting with all of the other volunteers. The following week she was actually showing it to people, telling them not to worry she was armed and was quite happy to shoot any bad guys that came into the lobby. The other volunteers freaked and made a complaint to the head, and I had a call from the administrator while she was away for a couple of weeks. I was told she could either not bring her pistol out there, and if she did again she would be canned. I had a conversation with the Ministers wife as well that week, saying the MIL had shown it to her in church. Good night nurse. So while she was away, I took it out of her bedside table, and locked it in our safe, and convinced her she'd misplaced it. I still have it. Good for him, not falling for her nonsense. The last thing she needs is to be armed. Probably the last thing any of you need.