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  1. I filed October 4th, 2016. The interview was July 12, not heard from them in regard to the oath.
  2. Hot this morning early, and getting hotter all day no doubt. The "feels like" temp is already at 110. I have a long day ahead. Laundry and I have to walk the fence line to work out where that darn dog escaped yesterday and block it up. I need to shop, vacuum and wash the floors, and make up the bed in the guest room. I have all day to do it, and into the night. My friends from NZ are arriving at 03:02 in LR Saturday morning, so I'll just stay up. We are driving up to Branson on Sunday, and staying there until Tuesday afternoon. They leave again at 03:04 Wednesday morning. I have found a CRN to stay with the MIL, which she initially agreed to and quite liked the person, and now has changed her mind. She's been fine up until this morning, and now she's cranky about it. And I don't give a fiddlers if she is. We're off, and her bad mood only makes us more likely to go, not less. It's the first time I have had company in 7 years, and I think I ought to be allowed to have some friends to stay, it's only the once. So she's misbehaving. Wandering off without her walker, trying to clean cupboards, climb down the steps to the patio because 'someone' has to water the poor plants, complaining I shouldn't go because she feels 'puny', that I'm heartless, yadda yadda. It is almost like watching a small child play up when the parents want a night out, and the babysitter is about to arrive.
  3. You've done very well to get that all together, and it looks all good to me. I hope you hear something back from them soon. I'm sorry they gave you such a hard time.
  4. Hot today. Heat wave warning for tomorrow. I have to go into LR tomorrow, great.
  5. I don't think Billy Bob (or whatever) is very clever. I mean you didn't call him out there because you wanted his scintillating company.
  6. But it isn't working, so somethings wrong.
  7. Well, have a wonderful time. I'd suggest after the last few months you've earned it Be great if your letter came before you go, but if it doesn't it will be there when you get back
  8. Have a great time at home How long are you away?
  9. I hope he manages to fix it. Hot today, hotter all week.
  10. Texas. Oil people. Our medical team delivered them from Auckland to their own front door.
  11. I've known a couple of people who are similar. When I worked at Pacific Air Ambulance, where we did retrievals from the South Pacific into NZ Hospitals, it seemed like every patient was the male, and every one of their wives had no idea. I remember one elderly woman who had never so much as written a check. Her Daddy did that sort of thing, and then her Husband of 60 years. She had a credit card, but no idea how much she could spend. We guaranteed payment for her all over town during her 6-week stay, to find out, in the end, they were multimillionaires, and her card didn't have a limit. I've never forgotten her. Bobby Ruth, and her Husband Bubba.
  12. That is sure a mess. I hope they let you sort it out. Especially as she can't.
  13. Oh boy, maybe he signed for her.
  14. I am lying in wait today for the MIL's PT guy. What a twerp. He claims he was here yesterday at 13:00 and rang the doorbell, but as no one answered, he left. That darn bell is so loud you can hear it all the way out to the back yard. No way did he ring that thing. I'd have heard it. He never rings it, he taps on the door. In a house the size of this, you wouldn't hear him unless you were standing on the other side. I've told him that, more than once. So today, I am giving him lessons on the function of the doorbell. Got a sitter to stay with the MIL Thursday as the Husband has a follow-up in LR with the sleep study. I have friends arriving from NZ for 4 nights Saturday morning early. As in 03:02 early, and I'm meant to uplift them from the LR train station. I am delighted to go into Fort Apache LR at that hour of the day. They just don't know any better. Tuesday morning at 03:04, they leave from the same place. Another fabulous idea. There were three shootings in LR/North LR yesterday alone. Great idea. I have a sitter to stay with the MIL for two of those nights, they want to go to Branson. I'll be running around like a mad woman the rest of the week.