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  1. I don't know why, and I've no idea either what most of that means, but it does crack me up when I read it.
  2. Same here. Picking away at it, but not going to go all out on the names until the dust settles. I'm plenty occupied; just got the MIL home from the hospital yesterday, she had a minor stroke, and today spent the afternoon back there. The Husband now has bronchitis, so between them I am distracted.
  3. There aren't mobs of Kiwis for sure! I was a K1 Visa applicant, so not the same type as yours. My issue was my Canadian police clearance, which arrived months sooner that expected. Meaning, as we were stuck in AP at NVC, I was worried the 6 months limit on the foreign clearance meant they wouldn't honor it. I emailed the consulate, and they were pretty quick to respond. I'm not sure how you are attempting to reach them. I never had occasion to call them, but the email worked well for me. Hope you get this sorted soon.
  4. Won't it be wonderful to finally be done with all this carry on!
  5. Wow, I must be slacking off here. I've past the 7th anniversary, I am clearly not panicked enough ! 😂
  6. That's a good question. I am looking at an Air NZ seat sale that is ending in two days, trying to decide what to do a as well. My problem is more to do with picking travel dates, as I would prefer to go in the summer, so now or at least before the end of May, rather than in the winter, which starts around June. I would bet money on those travel days being just when they decide to schedule an appointment. I think I am going to have to miss out on this one, pity, as the sale is $600 off per ticket. Bah. As far as the name change, I am not sure what you do about that. There is a thread on here about doing the name change, have you seen that one? Maybe ask on that thread?
  7. Congratulations! Valentines day and all
  8. You need to focus on your present situation. Your k1 will be sent back, and expire. That is a fact. She can make another trip back there, and you can marry and then try the CR1, but it will be denied as well. At that point you can attempt a waiver, but honestly your chances are pretty slim. She can take her kids out of school and move to you, if their father agrees. Those are the consequences of the misrepresentation. No rainbows, no sparkles, no there-there-things-will-be-just-fine , the facts.
  9. Which would be fine if he had done that. But, he didn't. Did not.
  10. It's still a lie. Your excuse does not change that. People from your country who have tried to pull such tricks are the reason you are known as a high fraud country! How do you think they got that reputation? And, you are wrong. Many many people on Visa journey have met online. That isn't unusual in this day and age. People don't get K1's denied because they 'haven't met face to face"! You have to have met face to face to file! Those that haven't met in person in the last 2 years are denied. The problem is your country is also seen as the worst place for scam artists in the world. So that is why the denial of tourist visas, and all the extra scrutiny. How you though under those circumstances a lie would be a good thing, I do not understand.
  11. I agree. She went there to accept an award, for acting, which is the reciting of words other people have written. Her 'celebrity status' doesn't give her any degree of political acumen in the least. And really, what did her little turn in front of the mike actually achieve? I mean other than making her the darling of elitist Hollywood. She also disrespected her industry and the viewing public by using the Golden Globe Awards' ceremony to share her 'opinion', as if what she had to say was so urgent and momentous, that America ought to fall at her feet and straighten up and fly right. The hipocracy of some of what she said beggars belief.
  12. It was considered, because it is a misrepresentation. It will always be on your record. Always. You cannot unring the bell. You have no credibility left. USCIS can never trust your word again. Simply telling the truth after the fact cannot not undo what you have done.
  13. Flight was Alaska-Minneapolis -Florida. Nothing at all to do with Canada. The handgun was his only checked luggage, which he took into the bathroom to load. He was discharged for failure to perform in his duties, General Discharge, so less than Honorable, was AWOL several times. Meant to be in court in Alaska in March on some sort of mischief charge., the charge for assault was dropped.
  14. Congratulations Sud Yaud! Looks like the Phoenix Lockbox and Seattle are busy busy