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  1. And so did they. Apparently that is not what they meant.
  2. It's a one off assessment to see what gear she might need. There is no caregiver component.
  3. It turns out to be someone who is coming to the house, at some unknown date, so see if she needs stuff like a walker, or a lift chair, bits for the house. Nothing at all do do with any care.
  4. She's already called to tell me they are sending her home. New addition, something called Home Health Care. I've no idea what that means, and she can't tell me. It will be a while, I have only just woken up. Long stormy night, and at 0130 we had to go and sit for half an hour in the hidey hole, there was a radar indicated rotation not far at all from here. Crappy night's sleep just with all the thunder. There is one tree down next door, but it fell on the lawn, which was good luck for them.
  5. Just back from ER. The MIL had another collapse, and I only just caught her before she hit the deck. Totally unconscious again. I had to drive out there through the middle of a warned storm, hail and the whole nine yards. The place was heaving with people, screaming kids, swearing adults, and three cops trying to eject somebody who was having an epic tantrum. Magic words, chest pain, get you right through all that bull. She's had more labs, her pacemaker has been interrogated again, she'd has a chest xray and a CT. They've hung an IV, given her nitro, and they have got her for the night. Lucky on the way back, not even raining, but just as I drove in the yard the next bout hit, and it's pretty bad again. At this stage, I just want to go home.
  6. Canada isn't part of the Visa Waiver Program. Canadian passport holders do not need and cannot apply for ESTA.
  7. You need to mentally picture that he was instructed to fold the suitable copy of her graduation paperwork so it's all sharp corners first. Congratulations to Mrs TBone!
  8. Our thirtieth Uni reunion is coming up this October. There won't be one though. There were only 7 of us, the others are all blokes, and they are everywhere. NZ, AU, off shore UK, scattered in every direction. High school, well this spring is our 46th, and more than half the people are no longer among us. I'll pass.
  9. Were it me, I'd stay put in party city, and head out early in the morning.
  10. I take a little comfort in the old 'if you can remember it, you weren't there' philosophy.
  11. Reasonably good followup with the doc. And five others, ENT being well represented. It's always a little off-putting for him, when they show up in their numbers, it makes him feel a bit of a prize pig on display. It seems old head and neck's are a bit thin on the ground. I think they were very good with him though. They had a lot of questions relating to his remote surgery, and also in regard to his transplant surgery. The plan is no CPAP for now. Instead, they want to try supplemental O2 at night. He had 78 respiratory episodes in an hour and a half. Obstructive Sleep Apnea appears severe in mixed apnea form and he failed to respond to PAP due to persistent leak with all 3 types of interfaces due to facial/ jaw defect.
  12. Congratulations to you both! I am looking forward to being all done with Immigration myself. One day
  13. Honestly, I do not remember. That goes for late 60's early 70's. Its really a wonder I have enough remaining brain cells to know how to tie my own shoes. Who knew I'd need them after
  14. Welcome katnatd, and thanks for chipping in! I've added you to the chart, and I'm glad to hear you are expecting your interview letter. I'll add that date when you let us know.