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  1. It's one of these threads where we just need to find the best spot for it. Waivers fit this criteria atm.
  2. he just needs it trimmed to get it out of his eyes
  3. ~~Moved to AOS Family, from What Visa Do I Need - As the OP is filling for aos of a k2.~~
  4. ~~Moved to K1 P&P from AOS - as the OP is asking about a new K1~~
  5. 8-9 is great my kids start at 5am and no matter what I do they will not sleep in. Hahaha yes a little too much to drink will make things worse
  6. Yes he is. There are very few times we can tell he still has a bit of muscle weakness but most ppl don't notice it.
  7. Thanks Niki, the Jedi is doing amazing.
  8. Got my chicks today Here's some of them
  9. This has happened to another Canadian. I don't remember what State she went too.
  10. Not yet, I'm trying to get certain types all around the same age so it's taking me a bit to find them. I know where to get them now though rather then TSC so that will make it easier. The hard one is the silkies, they can't be sexed so I'm going to need to get 4 and hope to get a female or two. Then I'll sell the males since they wanted it should be easy.
  11. Hope you can make it through the weekend and get it figured out soon. My friend's doctor thinks all her reflux and heartburn is from her gallbladder.
  12. Yes get a job offer, they are more likely to expedite for a job then a buying a house. Also don't count on transferring your credit, you're going to have to start new.
  13. Canada requires the stamp of the photographer and they need to date and sign it. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/passport/apply/photos.asp
  14. Those are not accepted for Canadian passports