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  1. Rantingjay

    The puppy did too.
  2. Rantingjay

    Well cookies are worth logging in
  3. ~~Please refrain from making more then one thread for related topics. I'm not going to merge this one with your older thread as it's is long. Much of your questions are indeed answered in it. So please go back to it as it can help you. I am linking that thread for yourself and other members to allow you and them to see what has already been said.~~ For reference:
  4. ~~Moved to IR1/CR1 Process and Procedures - As the OP is married and not chasing after a K1.~~
  5. ~~Related threads merged. As these two threads are concerning Ouss, they are combined to help minimize confusion. @Coly thank you for helping your friend but as @Ouss has his own account please allow Ouss to post concerning his questions. Posting on behalf of an existing member can cause some major confusion.~~
  6. Rantingjay

    Haha you would not believe how many ppl dress their chickens. I know I spoil mine and they are very fun to play with, but no way will I dress them up or let them run around in the house.
  7. Rantingjay

    1 cup of PB, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of sugar. Bake 350, about 7 mins depending on your oven. They stay really soft so don't try to move them to the cooling rack till they cooled some.
  8. ~~Moved to AOS Family K1/K3, from K1 progress reports. As the OP's question is about the AOS process not a K1 visa process or update.~~
  9. Rantingjay

    Thanks, they are super good. I keep making the flourless kind because they stay super peanut buttery and soft and chewy. Literally melt in your mouth when then are still warm.
  10. Rantingjay

    Here's a Tutu My older daughter's favourite chicken looks just like this one. (Rhode Island Red) She did get a tutu on her but she didn't get a good picture yet.
  11. Rantingjay

    Haha no they were cooled down and put in a ice cream pail in the freezer by the time I started sanding.
  12. ~~Moved to AOS Family K1&K3 - As the OP's question is about AOS not K1 visa processing.~~
  13. Rantingjay

    Ok squeezed in a 3 batches of Flourless Peanut butter cookies. I'll make more later when I get stocked up on PB. Now to get the room prepped to sand.
  14. Rantingjay

    Haha my older daughter bought a tutu for her favourite chicken. She also wants to make chicken diapers so she can bring her in the house. That won't be happening.
  15. ~~Moved to AOS Family K1/K3, from K1 P&P - As this is no longer a visa processing question but an AOS question~~