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  1. Family member is sick but has a Tourist Visit

    I'm sorry about your Aunt's diagnosis. Stage 4 is not good and means the cancer has spread to other organs. I hope your family finds the answers they need to make the best decision.
  2. Is it just the boy that needs AP? If so does she realize that she will have to leave him there when she returns? Does she have a plan on who he will be living with during this time? Does he know what is going on and how he will be left behind? It will probably take a year before he gets back to the US. She needs to be informed what her plans mean for her son.
  3. Rantingjay

    Wow, I find it hard to believe so many ppl can believe her #######.
  4. ~~Moved Effects of Major Family Changes, From ROC - As this is not your basic ROC and similar threads are discussed here.~~
  5. Bringing cremated remains from US to Philippines?

    ~~Three year old thread locked to further replies.~~
  6. We would do the K1 again. I had 4 K2's and getting married before would have caused me all sorts of issues back in Canada. Also I had a 16 yr old at the time and a spiteful ex. We didn't know how long things would take. With a K2 you have until the kid turns 21 not 18 like the CR1.
  7. ~~Moved to Effects of Major Family Changes, from AOS From Work, Student and Tourist Visas Updates. - As similar topics are discussed here.~~
  8. ~~Off Topic and N400 discussion posts have been removed. Yes many members are in the process of both but this thread is solely for ROC. Do not discuss anything other then ROC. If you would like to discuss, update or anything for the N400 take it to the appropriate forum.~~
  9. ~~Moved to US Immigration News and Discussion, from US Citizenship General Discussion- As this post is not asking about the N40 process.~~

    ~~Moved to Tourist Visas, from K1 P&P - as the OP is wanting to visit using VWP.~~
  11. Rantingjay

    TH Tornado feel asleep about 3pm and slept till 6. So now we're going to take her to see Thor. She doesn't know yet and will be so excited when she finds out.
  12. ~~Reminder that in the Upper Forums it is English only. Please keep all other languages in the regional forums.~~
  13. ~~Moved to AOS FAmily. from K1 P&P - as the OP is starting the AOS process.~~
  14. Establishing Residency in your home country and paying taxes as a resident using the health care system that is for residents only is a good way of showing you are not a US resident.
  15. ~~Moved to General Immigration from Off Topic.~~