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  1. money

    Oh heck no!
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  4. money

    Paypal offers a debit card also. You transfer money to it and she uses the card like any other card. If paypal is in Brazil I'd use that.
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  6. If your fiance is in a coma how do you expect to get married?
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  8. Does Taiwan have a requirement to enter on that passport? I wouldn't worry about no entry stamp in your US Passport. You can easily show your arrival there by using your CC to buy things. Plane tickets, hotel reservations/payments, lunch receipts. Think of things you can do to make up for the lack of a stamp. The fact you are a dual citizen would explain why you enter on that passport.
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  11. money

    I was going to suggest paypal too.
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  13. Is there any chance you can talk to your wife? If so tell her to call the police that she is being held against her will or you will call them. If she can go out for a walk tell her to go somewhere where you can meet her. That is if she wants to go home with you.
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