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  1. ~~Post and related replies split from zombie thread.~~
  2. You didn't bring it up or bring in updated forms. You lied by omission.
  3. ~~Three threads merged. Please only start 1 thread for all related questions. It's easier for members to see all your questions in one thread.~~
  4. ~~Post split to it's own thread. Please do not post your question(s) in other members threads. It can cause confusion to the thread. When it comes to immigration and all aspects to it, it's best to keep your own questions to your own threads and related questions together. It helps members give the best possible answer.~~
  5. No the butthead went to bed before while I was out there. After I rehome the little roos I will have 20.
  6. OMG th Hillbilly never got gas for the lawnmower. I manage to cut two part of the yard before finding this out! Oh and the last of my roosters will be gone Thursday. The new 6 babies we got were sexed before shipping, They say they have 93% accuracy.
  7. One for ROC and 1 for the N400 if you go for Citizenship.
  8. Get multiple certified copies of the court records you will need it for every step. They will not give them back and will request new ones.
  9. ~~Moved to Bringing Family of USC, from General Immigration~~
  10. ~~Moved to the India forum, from The Canada forum. - As the post is not about a Canadian hospital.~~
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  13. ~~The OP's questions have been answered. Thread locked to further discussion as the OP is not here for a lecture.~~
  14. ~~Post Split off to it's own thread. Please do not post your own question in other members threads. It can cause confusion to the thread.~~
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