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  1. What Country? You don't have anything information for other to be able to help you. If you list where I can move your thread to the right location.
  2. I don't know, I guess only time will tell if we ever hear back from ppl who have done this. We've had members who have divorced and been ask to provide details and proof they entered the marriage in good faith. They were surprised they had to do this. They also wanted above and beyond what was supplied at ROC. So anything is possible.
  3. ~~Moved to Off Topic, from K1 P&P - The OP is not asking about filing process and better suited for Off Topic.~~ ~~Duplicate thread removed. Do not start more then one thread for the same topic.~~
  4. Sometimes they do look at the duration of marriage and what part of it they lived together. They may question but unless they see fraud it wont stop the process.
  5. ~~Moved to Effects of Major Life Changes, from ROC - As similar threads are discussed here.~~
  6. Sounds like a great trip planned and what a great reason to go on it.
  7. Kids actually let me sleep in. It wasn't till 6:30 did the Jedi wake me up. The Tornado slept till just after 7.
  8. ~~Post removed. Thread rule #8 No politics.~~
  9. ~~OP edited to removed attachment. Please be careful to redact personal information on items posted.~~
  10. 1. yes it should be 2. not going to happen
  11. THe you get what you pay for comes to mind here. 1.Exactly 2. No I won't subject VJ to her pic, she looks like she was hit by a mac truck. Sadly that gene seems a strong one and has been passed down to her child and grandchild. Oh no hope it's just allergies.
  12. Please tell me you don't actually think you need a rooster to get eggs?? Sadly I have a friend who thinks suregery is the answer to all. She will go from doctor to doctor till she gets it. She was just digging a hole last night I didn't see much going on other than that. I will check if she comes back tonight. Maybe do a live stream but wont be putting the link in here it's rule # 2
  13. Ok so your address her name. Do a return to sender wrong address of person.
  14. Sorry I edited my post but not before you read it. Was the address your address or is that the address wrong too? If you think it is her address and you can drop it off, do that.
  15. ~~Title Edited to removed personal information. Do not post other ppl's names, VJ is a public forum and anyone anywhere can read it.~~ Is the address right? Send the mail back as the name may not be the only thing that is wrong with the letter. You do not know what they put inside the envelope, it can be addressed to one person and the papers inside can be of someone else.