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  1. ~~Moved to the Philippines forum, from K1 P&P- As this is Country specific~~
  2. ~~Moved to the Regional forums, from K1 P&P~~
  3. Thanks Nola, I would have went in yesterday but it was sunday. I wasn't at the elephant sitting on my chest part so I thought I could make it another day.
  4. Your fiance will have no issues. Leave his package somewhere safe. That is weird they granted him a visa. They don't give children a visa unless they have proof the child can leave the country.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm awake for a few minutes. I went to the doctors today. I figured 103 fever and 80 puffs of Ventolin in 4 days was time to get looked at. Darn near gave the doctor a heart attack when I told him. Turns out I'm a hot mess. My right ear is all red and infected, my throat red, my chest has some funky business going on. Now to switch out the antibiotic since it turns out I can't take that one either Oh boy what an event that was. 🤒🤢 He switched my steriod. The other one sucks and I told the other doctor that. Now I have Dulera, he gave me a sample to try before writing my a script.
  6. ~~Multiple argumentative and derailing posts removed. Stick to answering the OP's questions or do not post.~~
  7. Stretch has been coughing and sleeping. I'm only awake to go get the Tornado. BTW I'm freezing! I need an electric blanket freezing!
  8. I love that movie. I need to go find it and get the little ones to watch it.
  9. I hate the stuff. Tea is the is worst just the smell makes me want to puke.
  10. I don't drink coffee or tea so not much point going in there. Everything else they have isn't worth it either.
  11. Yes I know, but it was worth a try. I don't go to Starbuck for anything. Im not going to start now.
  12. brat, I swore I saw the right letters being typed. Hillbilly took us to Arby's, I wish he would have left me at home and just took the kids.
  13. I can't stop coughing. I have a tickle in my throat and it's non stop coughing. I've tried honey, couch drops, drinking lots.