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  1. Oh yeah-- I would not even apply for the visa until he was divorced. However, I'm the type of person that wants to plan ahead and know what I should do to make the case look as good as possible when I do apply. I want to include the letter to show proof that this is not a man trying to find an easy way to get into the US. There are legitimate reasons for both of them wanting the divorce--and some of them are NOT his fault. We are literally trying to think of all of the different ways of getting him a divorce--whether it be in the US or in Morocco. Thank you
  2. I wanted to know what the letter should include and wanted solutions on how to mitigate the red flags. I am now seeing how other people on visa journey have had documents written up that explained when couples were separated and what not. People explained how you should front-load the application. I am also not going to stay in Morocco for much longer, which I'm sure that the embassy would understand. There are people, like me, that want to go to graduate school. That should be see as something positive for a relationship--showing plans. Anyhow, please, if you have ideas of how to deal with the red flags besides staying here for an extremely long time, let me know. I refuse to look at my situation in a completely negative light. It's not a matter of me being naive either. There are couples that get approved with the American not having a great understanding of the culture and religion of the people they marry..correct? The CO will be given evidence on the extent of my understanding of the culture and language. My job here is temporary. Thank you for asking that question--I can include information on why he would like to go to the US.
  3. They would consider it quick if he got a divorce by July, for instance, and I filed in December/January? **also, what should the letter include?
  4. I will add details: He never tried moving to the US when he was with her. He wanted to live in Morocco and did not like what she said about the US. She would visit him in Morocco and medical issues I believe prevented her from living in Morocco. Would my job affect things? I think it would. Without going into many details, I am able to speak Darija and have a really good understanding of Moroccan culture.
  5. **I apologize if this post is in the wrong category!!** Hello, I live in Morocco, where I met my Moroccan boyfriend. We are discussing now about the K1 visa. We are concerned about the red flags that could possibly come up during the application process when I do actually file. The reason why we are concerned is that my boyfriend is currently married to an American. She lives in the US and he lives in Morocco. She initiated the divorce over a year ago and he has repeatedly encouraged her (especially after meeting me) to work on getting a divorce. However, she will not file for the divorce in the US because she is adamant about using a lawyer since she doesn't feel comfortable applying for the divorce on her own. She says she does not have money to file for it. He has tried getting her to come to Morocco (and offered to pay a lot of the costs). In Morocco, the fastest way to get a divorce is if the ex is actually in the country. This was confirmed by multiple lawyers. He found another way to proceed with the divorce process. This process will take time especially since he has to save up a lot of money. My questions: -In order to mitigate some of the possible problems with this red flag, we have decided to have a document that discusses when they were separated and why the divorce took a long time. What else should this letter include? Do you think that it will be helpful? My boyfriend has been trying really hard to get this divorce but a lot of things are out of his control. -If he gets his divorce finalized in the summer and I apply in December, will the COs look at that more positively since some time had actually elapsed after his divorce? Thank you in advance.