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  1. Oh nice! Yeah I was thinking the same thing even after hearing all of this talk about needing a lawyer or service, to make sure its done right the first time. I even ended up talking to an american guy who says he lives in Cebu, but has a las vegas phone number, and he assures his service is the best and all the others are scams lol. I figured I'll just try to do the application myself. One other question, as far as evidence of relationship, can you share what evidence or documents you provided to get your first petition approved? I have pictures, facebook messages that can date back to a year, bank statement showing me in philippines at restaurants, recipes from my resort purchases, also flight ticket recipes.
  2. Thanks mam, yeah she doesn't want to apply in Saudi because it could cause problems with the employer she works for as a maid. As of now it feels like the best option is to get the application started her, and have her things sent to Philippines. If she misses the interview due to being in Saudi still, maybe it can be rescheduled or something along those lines. So my next research is to find out what happens if a fiance misses the interview. Much appreciated for your response mam thanks alot.
  3. Wow thats a blessing. So you processed yours just after your wife finished her contract in Qatar? Sounds like you successfully went through the exact same thing I'm trying to. Ok I got it now thanks.
  4. Thanks alot sir for the very good info
  5. Yes you're exacly right, she's a maid in KSA for a Jordanian family. Luckily it isn't a Saudi family. But thanks for that, I will process the petition from here and if she doesn't have to personally go to the embassy for her part, thats perfect. We could have her sisters fill out her part of the application. Yeah Qatar is really the same thing, same environment. My fiance is from Iloilo in Passi. Yes we just met this past february and will be meeting agaian same time next year. You're right about socal its a beautiful place but very expensive lol
  6. Yes you're exacly right, she's a maid in KSA for a Jordanian family. Luckily it isn't a Saudi family.
  7. Thanks alot, what is PCC? Also I just spoke with her about what you suggested. She says even if she doesn't disclose the relationship, her employers would really be questioning her on why she wants to apply for a U.S visa, and wouldn't allow it. Nice, Pasadena isn't too far from me. I live in Costa Mesa.
  8. Thanks alot youguys. Much appreciated.
  9. Nice, thank you sir. Do you know what the minimum income would be to meet the guidlines in California? I believe its 32 or 33k.
  10. Thank you sir, yes I am looking to get her here with the K1 since it's faster than the spousal visa. Thanks for the info about applying in Saudi. It would depend on if her employer allows her to do it. As of now she doesn't tell her employers about our relationship, and has no plans of informing them when she plans to quit working for them. It's due to the strict government laws there and the attitudes of employers when they know their worker plans to quit.
  11. Thanks alot, thats something I didn't think about. Maybe she will somehow have to obtain a criminal history from Saudi Arabia. Not sure how to go about doing that since its a very strict country regarding non marriage relationships.
  12. Hello, I'm new to this and its a pretty complicated situation. I apologize if I'm all over the place. A) Timing I recently visited my finance in philippines Feb 2018. After vacation, she returned to Saudi Arabia to finish her ofw contract. Her contract will be finished in March of next year (2019). Should I try starting the k-1 petition immediately, or wait? Im affraid if I petition now and she receives an interview date, she won't be home to attend it. B) Income My annual income is around 34k working two dead end jobs. I believe its just above the poverty level requirements. I'm contemplating if I should go back into truck driving (cross country) for 1 year so that I can use the experience and get a good paying local driving job with waste management. It would be good especially for when my fiance comes. The problem is if I go over the road trucking now, it would negatively affect my income (for the first year) and I may not reach the income requirement to bring my fiance here. My other option is to continue working my two jobs, wait until my fiance is approved to come here, then pursue the trucking while she is here. Ultimately the plan is to have a good paying driving job for the city, with benifits, which will be great for my fiance and I. Any suggestions, advice, comments or opinions? Thanks