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  1. No, each I-130 requires $535 fee.
  2. Google cbp deferred inspection offices and call one of them if you can’t go to the airport that processed your immigrant visa. Why have you waited 6+ months to follow up?
  3. Unless DV lottery gets removed, niece can enter it in October.
  4. You need an I-130 for stepdaughter. Without fee ($535) included you’ll just waste postage fee as they’ll send it back. Read the Guides at the top of the page.
  5. Need Advice on Spouse Visa

    Sounds like they’re looking to get visa for Australia.
  6. Update on Tourist Visa Applicaiton

    You won’t be able to sit in on her tourist visa interview. It may be allowed on K-1 but you most certainly won’t be allowed in for a tourist visa interview. You can stand outside the embassy but that’s it. If nothing has changed since last interview that’s a guaranteed denial (gotten married for example).
  7. No, time for follow to join (if wife came on k-1) has passed. You as the USC stepfather can file I-130 now. It will take around a year until visa in hand so better find a family member to take in the child until then.
  8. Filing taxes during AOS

    1) yes 2) and 3) ask your tax accountant versed in foreign taxation There’s also the question of filing FBAR for bank accounts overseas - google it.
  9. US citizen FATHER, immigration denied to daughter

    Why can’t your child’s father (fiancé or husband) petition you? Your father’s petition seems to have been abandoned.
  10. No, it doesn’t :-) That was why I went the passport agency route (and expedite fees) to not have to wait for them to mail the certificate back.
  11. Or the main State number for passport processing updates.
  12. Should be only couple of days after passport. Definitely call and check on it.
  13. First, intending to come on a non-immigrant visa and AOS is visa fraud. Your stepmom can file for you now - will be two years to get a visa. Wonder why she hasn’t naturalized in 7 yrs ? Was she an LPR when she married your father?