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  1. My question would be why didn't you get married by now? Makes more sense than K1
  2. You should probably wait until 15 years have passed (so 2023?) and stay out of trouble. Your mother can petition you now as you're over 21 it will be a while to get visa number available and by that time you should be fine with the hardship waiver.
  3. Hopefully you're doing DCF in London, much faster process. You're his primary sponsor and nothing is ever going to change that. Any USC or LPR with job or assets in the US can be a sponsor. Please read If you absolutely can not find anyone to co-sponsor then you'll have to move to the US ahead of time and get a job. I'm also moving this topic to DCF forum as you qualify and hopefully will be using that in London.
  4. You can find that info on the monthly visa bulletin on
  5. Average may be 5 months but that's when a USC files it. When LPR files it it can take much longer simply because there's no rush and there will be waiting time for a visa number to become available. Now what was the reason I-130 was denied and why aren't you simply filing a new I-130?
  6. Think of it as a mini-ROC and you'll be fine. Updated taxes (if that time of year) and medical insurance, car insurance paperwork, bills and similar.
  7. There will only be one tax return for your parents. In your case your father is listed as primary and your mom as secondary. There isn't another tax return with switched data. Copy that if you want. Kind of of wondering why you wouldn't go over the I-864 (and I-864a if submitted) to make sure it is correct.
  8. What are you talking about? What will expire? Sit tight and you'll get your interview eventually.
  9. July 2020 minus 90 days is when you can file for citizenship.
  10. Why not contact your new state congressman/senator's immigration liaison to sort this out for you? Find who the person is, complete privacy release form and bring it to their local office. They have direct line of communication with USCIS (phone, email).
  11. Good that you found it! We also had a missing GC but that was back in 2006. Did the I-90 first (attempted no-fee) but USCIS rejected it for non-payment. Infopass was useless as they couldn't prove they actually made the card let alone sent it out. That is when we involved our local congressional immigration liaison and without paying got the card. I think couple years later they started sending them out with tracking info.
  12. She doesn't have one yet. You can put I-130 filed and date.
  13. Why do you need extension?