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  1. You're not eligible for naturalization until you have successfully removed conditions. Do the RFE and respond fully for I-751. In the meantime you can apply for N-400.
  2. Well if it's two months before you it means you'll file at the tail end of his eligibility period together with yours (yours would be only couple of weeks into eligibility period).
  3. Provide them what they asked for. You did tell your fiancé you had a child?
  4. Really? Send.the.letter.withdrawing.your.application. You were told told to do this back in March and you're still asking what to do?
  5. Since you're both in Germany get married asap and file dcf in Frankfurt. He only needs to be there to file, you'll handle the rest on your own.
  6. Not true. Denial of non-immigrant visa has no effect on your immigrant petition.
  7. I'd rather wait out the immigrant visa than L1. By your timeline interview should be coming up soon. You can try expediting cr-1 through London for a faster appointment.
  8. Not possible. Her pd is August 2004.
  9. We changed our DLs from IN to IL in the first month of moving knowing we'll be asked about it at my naturalization interview. Go change the DL now. And, new IL DLs are now good for air travel in the US (and access to federal buildings). Wasn't so before.