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Immigration Timeline

  1. Hi there! I was married 2014 and went back to my mother country the same year I flew in the US.. I met my boyfriend (my now fiancé) several months after I got divorced on 2015 it was 2017 when we first physically met. He visited me few times and now we have a baby on the way..
  2. @Mollie09 I got the 11/30/2014 on the top right it says Expiration date so I’d thought it’s the visa expiration date.. by the way thank you very much as well for answering my questions you too is a big help..
  3. Hi! Yes I am completely aware how it is calculated because someone have explained it to me.. if you could read my first post the relationship didn’t work though we tried and we decided to part ways.. if I wanted to get a green card I should have stayed there and pretend the marriage is ok but I did not because we are both know the relationship won’t work and it’s best for us to parted ways so I came back to my country because I know it is the right thing to do.. and I’m confidently can prove that my now relationship is real and genuine..
  4. @geowrian thank you very much for making yourself free to answer all my concerns you are a big help to me.. thank you
  5. Hi Geowrian! Thank you for your response I have here my I-94 and it says the expiration date is 11/30/2014. And I left the US December 2014.. I took a picture of it you might want to take a look at it.. is this enough evidence that I can bring on my interview?
  6. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.. if it happens that I didn’t accumulate the 180 days? Say 158 days, I’m still ban for 3 years?
  7. I really do appreciate you for taking time to answer all my questions and it helped me a lot.. I can understand that on my interview process the consul will ask me about my previous marriage and I’m going to be ready for that and be truthful with anything.. and I am confident and I can prove that my current relationship is genuine..
  8. I just looked on to my old visa and it said: ISSUE DATE: April 7, 2014 EXPIRATION DATE: September 4, 2014 And as I calculated it I overstayed for 3months and 5 days because I got back December 9, 2014.. I hope @geowrian could get to read all of it and is able to help me..
  9. How am I supposed to know if I receive that potential ban? I have not receive any letter stating that I am ban for a certain time.. should I call the USEM in my country and tell them about it? I am very worried now
  10. Hi! Thank you for the reply.. but no we decided not to continue to apply for the AOS.. we got married April 2014 before the 90 days.. and i left the US came back to my country December of 2014.. we filed the divorce on April of 2015 and finally got divorced July 2015.. was I overstaying?
  11. Hi there! Is there anyone here who is applying for k1 visa for the second time? I am the beneficiary and was previously married but got divorced? I’ve had applied my first k1 visa on March of 2013 but was granted the visa of April 2014.. i flew to the US on April 2014 and got married July 2014.. To make it short the relationship didn’t work out though we tried work and save our relationship We decided to end it and I went back to my country on December of the same year.. we finally got divorced on July of 2015.. An on September of 2015 I met someone online and chatted for over a year became good friends and continued talking and became really close until we decided to meet in person.. he came to visit for the first time August of 2017 grew more closer with each other.. and came to visit me again on December 2017 and proposed to me on New Years Eve.. and now we have a baby on the way.. We applied for K1 visa again sent our package last Feb and have our NOA1.. Is my previous k1 application will affect my current k1 application? I have been worried about it 🙁
  12. Hi there also February filler and baby on the way.. sent our packet last February 6 and got our NOA1 last feb 12..