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  1. Yeah the tier 2 officer said that If I want I can contact Ambudsman office, you think the congressman can help me?
  2. Yeah man, Thats what I said on the post
  3. We sent the EAD with the AOS package everything together
  4. We sent the EAD with the AOS package everything together
  5. We just did the EAD not AP
  6. Hi guys! hope all of you are ok. Blessings I'm new here so let me explain our story briefly. My husband(my boyfriend at the time) came here on Christmas to spend new year with me, I told him to stay so we look for info about the process and we got married and did the AOS process, it was never our intention to do that, that just happened because I didn't want him to leave. After that on June 5th 2017 we submitted our AOS package to USCIS, after that he received a fingerprint schedule same month, we did the fingerprint everything was ok. On July 10th 2017 we received a request for initial evidence, request that we reply next day, they received our response on August 8 2017. After that we have not received any other messages from USCIS, not even in regards of his EAD(one of the most important things for us). We've been calling them and making service request, 3 service request to be exact and the only thing that they have to say is that our case is currently not assigned for processing. We talked to a level 2 USCIS officer and she said something about calling Ambudsman office. Are you guys have another options, what else we can do? we are super stressed. Thanks to you all!