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  1. Advice needed!

    Thanks so much! At least it gives me something more specific to look into.
  2. Advice needed!

    Ah, sorry I didn't know that. I'm still really new to all this. I think I'll just go find some information about the J1 first. Thanks for all the information though! Just wondering, how long would a J1 take in case I actually would end up finding a company? Best case scenario?
  3. Advice needed!

    That 'job' does sound interesting! I'm not saying it's too short. I mean I already know that I want to be with this guy. To me it's way easier to just deal with it and choose between k1 or cr1. It's mainly my partner. My main problem with the 6 months is that I wouldn't have an income that will pay for my house in NL. And it's too short to me to actually sell the place already since I'll need a place to live when I come back. And renting is not easy here.
  4. Advice needed!

    Well I could always talk to my partner abo ut sponsoring me while I live there. That's wouldn't be the biggest problem. But I really don't feel comfortable with selling my house and the risk of having nothing to come back to if the b1 would be denied the 2nd time. Nor do I want my partner to pay for my mortgage and everything. Ooh that last part is true too. I would never have thought of that. I'll go look into the J1, I didn't read too much about that one yet.
  5. Advice needed!

    Thanks. I've been using my esta for visiting in 2016 and will reapply in 2018 to go visit again. So it's better to not apply for the B2? And only B1 for volunteering if that's what I wanted? I Do feel like the b1 is kind of a risk too since it's still pretty short and at the moment I still own a house and a car that also need to be paid for.
  6. Advice needed!

    So if I understand correctly this is for a maximum of 6 months? Or is it possible to reapply? And would this not affect the process if after the 6 months we would apply for either k1 or cr1? And may I ask you which organisation this was?
  7. Hi all! I really hope I'm posting this in the right group, and that anyone can help me with me current situation since it's getting kinda stressful (already!). So I am from the Netherlands and in January 2016 I met my partner who is an American citizen. In March we'll be together for 2 years. In those 2 years we met a good amount of times, he visited me and I visited him too. In 2017 he moved to the Netherlands, since it was easier for him to get a temporarily visa in my country. We wanted a chance to live together to see if things would still work out between us. We are fine, but he couldn't settle in this country so recently he moved back to the USA. So now we want to see what our options are for a visa for me. After reading a lot about it I feel like the K1 of CR1 would be the best for us. I feel like we would have to get married way earlier then we both wanted, but I can live with it. I've been in an almost 10 year relationship before and was already used to the idea of settling down anyway. My partner on the other hand is having a hard time with this. He really would want me to apply for a different visa, one that doesn't require us to get married this soon. Something like a work visa. The only problem is I don't have anything 'special'. My job won't transfer me to America and apply for a visa for me. I don't have any kind of great bachelor's or master degrees. I was looking at student visas, but for what I found out I need to prove that I have enough savings for both the school and living costs. Unfortunately I don't have that either. I wonder what our options can be? And our relationship is everywhere, all over our Facebook, social media etc. Wouldn't that be a problem? I really don't want to get married just for the visa. I just want to be with him, but I do want to do this in a legal way that doesn't cause any problems. Since I've read that applying for a work visa and later on a K1 or CR1 could be a problem? Does anyone have some good advise on this? Thanks in advance!