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  1. No dont worry evrything will be fine i promise just be honest pls
  2. We already start process while she was with me in Morocco on may 2017 we started so i think by the end of this month we should recieve the approval from USCIS to start the NVC Thank you friend God bless you for helping me โ˜บ
  3. Thank tou so much my friend just pary for me i will appreciate that. Thank you for giving from your time โ˜บ
  4. Thank you for your attention my friend. We already applied trought an attorney in USA (the Attorney is from my wife's family) on may 2017 whene she was her in Morocco. the approval of the I-130 will be in the near future God welling. Im just looking for more informations to be ready for the interview
  5. Yes we got married here in Morocco. We had tried with the K1 visa but we didnt know that the mean condition for it to be approved is to be at least seen one time during the 2 lats years before applying. But it was a big mistake trought an attorney who jusy want to take our money and it was denied. And then my wife decide to come to Morocco and get married then aply for the CR1
  6. You mean it's a good thing or is a bad thing ?
  7. She visit me one time geting just the coming flight without geting the one of coming back to USA so she stayed with me one year. She became resident in Morocco and the only reason for her to go back to USA is our Son he needs to ne in school it's very important. So she just left 3 days ago. About the biologic father, he doesnt even care he doesnt ask about the son and the boy also doesnt know about him since my wife left him whene she was pregnant. So for him im his father now. He loves me so much we play every day i have so many pics as evidences showing love sharing and being happy. My wife is an veteran (ex millitary) so she doesnt have any probleme to saty in Morocco for one year because she gets a check (24000$) that help her to pay her car over there in USA, pay her insurances...
  8. Thank you friend, that's what im doing now so to be ready to any question that may makes stressed or surprise me. I know i have important evidences but still working on how to express myself on fron of the CO is very important i know im gonna have a hard interview but im gonna pray to God and work for it and believe in our love...thank you so much for making time for my topic ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
  9. Hello family, hope you'r doing good and good luck for every oneโ˜บ I just wanna know if in the interview the CO will look at our big age gap as a probleme ! We have 20 years of difference and she is the petitioner, but we are so happy and we love each other a lot. Well we have some important evidences that can help me. -We know each other one year before she came to Morocco -whene she came she stayed with me one yaer in Morocco -she brought her son (6 years old now) -it was my decision for her to go back to USA because i love this boy and i dont want him to miss school. -we have a lot of conversations saved and pics with family celebrating Hallydays (moroccan Hallydays chrismas, thanks giving, our son birthday...) I hope you help me with more informations so i can have a big idea about this day. I miss them so much we even cried in the airoport...i'm just praying to God every day to make things easy for us and help her get things right back in the USA with job and house. she just left tuesday ! And good luck for evrybody โ˜บ
  10. Yes friend we can ๐Ÿ˜Š just be positif and trust in God. With love we can do it
  11. Thank you so much Jeanne. But my wife came on 2 february 2017 and she's leaving in 9 junuary 2018, so it's one year together in Morocco and she came with her son (5 years old) which is my son now + a lot of memories and pics of many occasions and traveling together with family. So i hope God make it easy for me to join her quickly to US because it's very hard to be far away from each other
  12. That's good thank you friend. She came on 2 february 2017 and she's living next month 9 junuary 2018 so it's one year spent in Morocco. She has a regular salary that she get from the military because she is veteran so for the sponsoring will be able to present this incomtax as a proof to the NVC ? Because she didnt work during this year.
  13. Thank you very much for ur quick response ! I would like to know if they also take in concideration the duration that my wife stayed with me in Morocco ? Thank you very much for ur quick response ๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. Hello evrybody, we got married on march 15 2017 in Morocco and we started aplying for CR1 in April 26 April. We got the first message from USCIS on 8 may saying that they recieved our case and they are processing. It has been moving so slow these two last months, when i visit the official USCIS's website, until i discovered this amazing website that shows more informations through other people's experience and also the website is able to give me an estimation of our I-130 adjudicating as of (between 10 february to 22 february). My questions is, can i depend of this estimation ? After the I-130 how long will the NVC take ?