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Immigration Timeline

  1. How can i prove are marriage is a bonafide marrage i read it only but it says i need thing in both are name etc what is the easy way?
  2. Would of i dont have a job? Will i be ok as long as i have a joint sponser
  3. I dont have a job right now bc im with my wife. so as long as i have a joint sponser? who meets the requirements will i be ok with haveing no job ? In other word can the joint sponser cover for me while i have no job
  4. Does the person fileing the pettion for cr-1 have to be the sponser?
  5. Can i send the IR-1/Cr-1 and I-130 etc all one time
  6. Yes so i need to apply for I-130/I-130a, G-1145 and the cr-1 visa because we are married less then 2 years also can i file these all at once or does the cr-1 visa need to be separate from all
  7. Is that what you say to everyone the need answer about getting into the us I this your the one who is spoon feeding
  8. What is the difference between IR1/CR1 and K-1
  9. And whould about the advicate of support? Do the spouse visa include the when i file kt when does it come into play also do i need to have a job in america what to i need to do to be a sponser
  10. Do i need to be in the us to file the i-130
  11. Im a us citizen tryin to get my wife in to the us which is not a us citizen after fileing the I-130 and i130 a whts the next step
  12. how do i file a spouse visa where to i go what forms do i file also do i have to be in the us?
  13. Tourist visa

    What do u mean by jakarta it tough?
  14. Tourist visa

    Ive heard people say once they land whoever stamps the passport determines how long you can stay is tht true?
  15. Tourist visa

    I am a indonesian citizen wondering what is the process to apply b2 visa to the us? How can i improve my odds of being accepted? If accepted when i land in the us do i have to apply for another visa?