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  1. He only said it's gonna take a while, I asked if i'm going to hear from them before January, he said No it's going to take a while longer
  2. Medical exam is good for 6 months.
  3. we contacted a congressman still waiting for reply. I think we will wait a couple until my medical exam expires then try our chances with CR1 since she can't move here with me.
  4. Yes, they take everyone's fingerprints in Egypt too
  5. Looks like the post has been removed They took my fingerprints but didn't keep the passport
  6. Would you still recommend getting married and applying for CR1 with those red flags we have (age difference, religion difference)?
  7. I already answered all those questions about her because I know her for over 3 years so I answered them correctly. And I also stated that I'm not interested in having kids and told him that my parents are dead But he didn't ask me for a family registry. We are thinking to wait until April or May maybe by then they'd contact us or the it expires then we will get married Insha'allah
  8. I'm sorry I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean.. We only contact the congressman after the application expires not before? And then we get married and she keeps visiting me for 2 years then we apply for CR1/IR1? If I understood this right then the process will take about 4 years!
  9. I read in the forum some posts that said he won't ever deny it but will just keep it under processing until it expires
  10. I had my interview today and they put me on AP. The only evidence I was asked for was pictures and I provided them. I was told that case will be processed and that it will take A LONG while. then I was given my passport and no white paper or anything. There's a 15 years age difference. I know my fiancee for 3 years and she visited me twice (each visit was for 1 month). We're not on same religion. Should I wait for case to expire and then try IR1? We can't do CR1 because she has kids and can't come to live here with me. The interviewer wasn't nice at all, kept asking questions quickly and kept going back to the file so it was clear that he didn't even read it at the beginning. All the questions were like a quiz about her, didn't ask me for call logs or emails. Just questions like her bday, her job, where she lives, was she married before, etc. Didn't ask any questions about me except if I was religious. What would you advice me to do?