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  1. Visa pickup

    Thanks alot. I picked it up ystday.
  2. Did u eventually create the profile or not. I can't seem to get mine done.
  3. Visa pickup

    Hi everyone, I had my interview yesterday at the Lagos consulate and it was awsome. My qstn is I haven't been able to register on the visatravels site. I checked CAEC status changed to issued, how do I get notified about the pickup date. Thanks
  4. I need help

    We concluded to leave her with my mum while d process continues.thanks
  5. I need help

    It means we have to begin the filing immediately. There's no way I think we cud postpone the interview cos medicals expire in 6 months.
  6. Thanks it's helpful but I guess the site has alot of people working on it. Cos it keeps telling me captcha cannot be verified.I guess I have to keep on trying. All the same i appreciate
  7. Thanks Ebony1. Can u please put me thru cos d sight is frustrating.
  8. Please what site did you register on? Cos have been trying to register there is no place to sign in.
  9. I need help

    Our intention isn't for her to live permanently. My hubby travels to our home country every 6 months. All we intended is for our baby to stay with us while we petition her then come back home for d consular interview.
  10. I need help

    I have concluded my medicals already. To interview by 6th of dec. My category is cr1 I appreciate the response. Do u mean they approve i130 for children faster? If so then it means we wud have to stay back after our interview.
  11. I need help

    That's just d difference. She wasn't assigned a number for payment.
  12. I need help

    Even right now her name is still on CEAC as accompany but there's no way we can pay for her iv
  13. I need help

    I was petitioned while my husband was Lpr for f2a category in Feb 2016. I had our baby Feb 2017 we included her immediately. May 2017 hubby became citizen and my case was moved to nvc in may category upgraded to cr1.
  14. I need help

    That's the problem have concluded my medicals
  15. I need help

    Thank you