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  1. Just beginning

    Thank you for the information... I will definitely reach out in the future if needed... I really appreciate it
  2. Just beginning

    Thank u very much...
  3. Just beginning

    Ok thank you... Im considering visiting again before filing Thank u
  4. Just beginning

    Im considering another visit 2018 before filing. Thank u for replying
  5. Just beginning

    Thank you very much... I will visit the link
  6. Hello all, newbie here... So after about 6 months of video chats and voice calls, I finally met the man of my dreams. Yet we spent such short time together, i feel like ive known him a lifetime. During my visit he proposed day 7... I am so anxious to have him by my side (if i could've packed him in my suitcase and brought him back i would've done so lol). He currently resides in Ghana. I want to begin the preparation for k1 visa. Just curious, from what i been hearing from others is that Ghana visas are almost always denied. Is this true? Is there any particular forums here that focus more on Ghanaians and obtaining visas? And just for clarification... For k1 visa packet i need to include the following with the petition form: proof of intent to marry (from both of us), passport photos, copy of my passport (for proof of citizenship), evidence of our meeting one another (pictures, boarding passes, all receipts), is it necessary to add chat and call logs? Did i miss anything? All advice, tips, and help is appreciated. Thank you in advance. *I'm sure i will have more questions arise as we continue this journey