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  1. No Co-sponsor

    I def said thanks to everyone for their opinion and or advice, but i wont let anyone call me out of my name and place negativity in my life. That just doesnt fly with me. Thanks.
  2. No Co-sponsor

    Oh wow, well i hope you are good to go now, and you can work!! but this is def something to consider.. we have had conversations about the working situation, so he knows and is prepared for anything at this point... i think if one can stick out waiting for NOA2, they can go through anything lol
  3. No Co-sponsor

    Ok cool, I have my returns from the previous 3 yrs, but just in case, i will gather more info. Thank you!! Ah! ok gotcha... well we have discussed that matter, but if we get married sooner, we can move the process along quicker... we'll see once i cross that bridge.
  4. No Co-sponsor

    Thank you Thank you The petition has been already submitted. I have about 3 more months until NOA2
  5. No Co-sponsor

    Absolutely, I'm def considering getting a new gig or a second gig...i truly don't want to have to ask anyone to sponsor... do you think they will ask for this yrs returns or next yrs (proof of employment etc) ...
  6. No Co-sponsor

    indeed. honestly i just want to get married so that we can work together, and also, i don't want him to feel bored sitting home for 90 days ... Hoping that the Dominican embassy doesn't mind much but i'll make sure I'm good before i cross that bridge...
  7. No Co-sponsor

    Ok good info and thanks for clarifying that, and i believe when i get to the AOS, i'll be in a way better position... shouldn't have said I'm afraid, but i know how my folks are about being "responsible" for someone else... So being that the I-134 is not enforceable, this means that if i make less it will be approved? just want to make sure i have the correct clarity on that.
  8. No Co-sponsor

    For sure, but if i hold off on the interview, won't that affect the petition?
  9. No Co-sponsor

    Sounds good, I think i will use the little assets that I have and hopefully it will work... a little afraid to ask for help with sponsoring because then the sponsor will be responsible for the beneficiary for 10 years should something go wrong... not too many people like to hear that... all in all i appreciate your reply.
  10. In a little bit of a pickle, i may not have a co-sponsor for my K1 visa... anyone have suggestions? My petition isn't scheduled to be approved (being that the going rate is 6 months) until March-ish , and i may have not made enough money this yr to prove the income requirement... pretty nervous, but i have faith there is always a solution to every problem... any advice will help. Thanks all and God bless!
  11. send her ### back. she played you. why should you question it? whats fair is fair, whats not is not. EXACTLY!
  12. patience is key in this process. keep yourself busy, and go visit him/her in the process. 6 months is the waiting rate for NOA2 right now, if there isn't an RFE. We are all going through it... the best thing for me is working my butt off and the time passes quickly.... i was always taught "A WATCHED POT NEVER BOILS"
  13. investigate something about a waiver, or hardship... call USCIS or talk to a lawyer... you never know. have faith. Good luck!
  14. September filer here too! I SO wish they were handling Sept petitions, however..... I honestly try to keep busy and not think about it too much. It'll happen when it will happen. Good luck to all !