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  1. Hello everybody! Thank you so much for all the answers! I already told my fiancé about all that and we are so happy to finally know whats going on and not confused no more. Now we can plan everything and you gave us the time frame how long everything could take and very good advice We will get the marriage license soon and do the court wedding. Since I got all your information now, I will talk to my attorney again (I did not hire him yet, he said he can only help me AFTER I got married ), if I feel like he knows less than I know now, I won´t hire him. I think there was maybe just a misunderstanding. I´m just very happy I´m allowed to stay after I filed for AOS. Thank you for the tip about the EAD!! Yes I need that, I want to work after my J1 expires. I didn´t know it takes 4 months, good to know. But so just if my greencard wont be here and we would like to go to Europe for the honeymoon, is there anything I can file so I´m allowed to leave the country for maybe 2 weeks? I read something in the internet, you need to file for a paper and proof kinda you want to come back and have plane return tickets and stuff. When I told my fiancé about it, we didn´t know if we should laugh or cry. First we thought I have to leave and now I´m not allowed to leave. lol Thanks again!
  2. Hey! Thank you so much guys, you are awesome! I do not have the 2 years rule, so I´m the lucky one lol. I could not find any other people they are on a J1 in USA and marry, I googled for couple hours. It´s so good to see I finally found somebody here in this forum who is in the same position like I am. Okay, maybe my attorney meant we only need to file I-130 and I-485. What is okay how I understand. But he said he needs to check the K3 if that Visa is faster and can make me stay while the process is pending. hmmm The I-485 is the AOS right? The attorney said, it´s better to get married very soon so there is enough time left to file the papers and I do not have to leave. I was worried, and told my fiance we need to get married soon or she needs to wait few months until I can come back to USA after I have to leave in February. He said, I technically could stay longer after my J1 expires, BUT if the police catches me, I could be in troubles because I´m out of status (or something like that). I was thinking to go back to Austria after my Visa expires, but I don´t want to leave my wife and her daughter. I want to go back to Austria in May after the wedding, because the honeymoon is supposed to be in Europe But still, I just don´t want to get in any troubles and at the same time don´t want to be away from my girl. I think the best way is to get married soon and start all the paper work, I might be very lucky and I get it before the J1 expires.
  3. Hello everybody! I have few questions and I hope you can help me with that. I entered USA on a J1 Visa (18 months) and it will expire in January 2018. J1 Visa holder are allowed to stay 30 days longer after it expires for vacation reasons. So I have to leave USA latest on February 13th I met a girl almost a year ago and I just purposed to her recently because we would like to ger married and start a family. To make sure everything will work out with my Visa, I decided to hire an emigration attorney. The attorney said we need to do a K1 or K3 Visa and the I-130 and I-485 forms. So now my questions. We would like to get married in March or in May, but my Visa will already be expired by that. So we probably will do a court marriage before so I can stay in USA and we will do a nice wedding later. But my attorney said, even we do a court wedding and file the I-485 form, the process could take longer than February and I am officially not allowed to stay in USA no more. I read in the internet, while the AOS (Adjustment of Status) is pending, you can stay or actually you are "not allowed" to leave USA? So what is true now? I don´t want to leave my girl and wait for papers. We plan to marry in court pretty soon so we have a few months time for the paperwork. Thank you!