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  1. ages issues

    thank you so much you gave me a good push . i appreciate you words
  2. hey everyone me and my visa has applied for k-1 visa we get approved and we are headed for interview in morocco . i want to ask everyone here had interview in casablanca in morocco about their experience do i need to choose my native language or english . share with me some experience . thank you
  3. ages issues

    thanks all of you . for all information i appreciate that
  4. ages issues

    is there a chance to make it ?
  5. ages issues

    thanks for all of you thats really help <3
  6. ages issues

    we spent one week together in person . we could not have more because of her work . so pictures and conversations and ring are not enough prove for genuine relationship ?
  7. ages issues

    we have been together one year we meet in person one time in february our relationship is really genuine . we have have pictures with family and all around the country we have conversations we have rings . is that not enough to be prove for our relationship ?
  8. hey me and my fiancee has filled form i129f for k-1 and we got noa1 on 25 april but we think age can be issue for us even our genuin relationship we have 20years space between us shes 42 yo and im 21 . is that can be a problem for getting deniel ?