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  1. Denied.

    Yes we got the I 601A while in USA. We had everything done and received a letter for the interview. Requiring us to travel to India. I looked at our case online and it's under Administrative Processing. He entered illegally. No documents. He came to the USA in October of 2010..And as far as working, yes he just worked for himself doing landscaping jobs where he could. I know it's bad that he was working but there is no way around explaining how he survived on his own when he got here.
  2. my husband went in and got the papers on a matter of 20 minutes time. Did you have fingerprinting done? We had an interview with no clue on getting fingerprints done here as well as USA, Therefore having cost us another week of our time. Good luck to you!!
  3. Denied.

    Our lawyer is the one who said to tell them about his landscaping To Help out with bills and helping me at my job with heavy things. Being as I was pregnant the assistance was much helpful. No there is not a large age gap. I am 29 he is 34. As for him coming illegally to USA we got the forgiveness waiver for staying in the country. I found out after a month of talking to him, about his illegal entry. I know what he did was wrong by coming here, but look at all we have gained. We love each other, our daughter has a father to look up to. We now have a son. I just hope a piece of paper does not ruin our lives...
  4. My name is Melissa. My husband and I have been together since December 2013. Married 3 years this past July. We have 2 children. Mallory is 9 and in everyday is Haresh's daughter. He is the only father figure in her life. Her sperm donor did not want her. She calls Haresh daddy and says he is the best dad in the world. We also have a 1 year old son, Arjun. Now our son has a serious medical condition, he's already had surgery once, when he was 6 weeks old. He is due to have another surgery to correct his kidney problems, untangle the urethra tube from around his kidney, cut the extra urethra tube coming from his kidney and resculpt in his bladder where there is excess tissue causing blockages and infections. He has a urologist and is scheduled for surgery in the upcoming month. We initially had our interview for them to tell is they cannot do the interview at that time due to the fingerprints were done in USA instead of India. So we had o reschedule for the next week. Our lawyer even had no idea of the fingerprint issue. So we came back to do the interview the following week. My husband was called and they checked him in for the interview with the consulate of Mumbai. We then returned to our seat. After waiting nearly 4 hours, they called us to the counter. The consulate had a very poor attitude with us. He swore my husband in and then told me I had to leave. Mind you they had everything. Over 100 photos of us with our kids, family, wedding, reception, goofing off, just being a normal family. They had bank and credit card statements. Lease agreements of 3 years. Letters from us, friends, my family, maybe 20 or so. My dad is our cosponsor. Receipts of all our bills, water, electric, car, insurance, rent, internet. All of our legal documents, birth cert, marriage license, all the receipts for nvc, uscis, lawyer.. Now we are currently stuck in India. My job will not wait forever, Mallory has school that started 4 weeks ago. My bills are still due while I am here. As for the consulates questions, he asked. When did you meet your wife? When did you get married? Where does your wife work? When did you say you got married? You were together for only 6 months before you got married? (he seemed stunned and closed the window and was gone for around 5 minutes) How did you go to USA? What boarder did you cross? When did you cross? (he then proceeded to the pictures we brought. 100. He pulled two out.) Who is this? (referring to my dad) then came to a picture of our kids with his sister.) Who is this? (he explained that is his sister) Then the consulate asked, why is this picture in here? Does she live in USA? (no) he then left his desk for another 5minutes! He came back and asked about money, he said that my job is not enough to support the family. And asked Haresh if he works. He said no because he does not have a green card. But he tries to find landscaping jobs and when he can't he comes to my job and helps me stocking coolers and taking our trash(I run a store)..he then left again. And during the interview he just steadily typed on his computer. He came back and handed my husband papers at which time I went to his window. I asked what's wrong and he said we are lacking evidence, I don't make enough money(hello that's what my dad cosponsored us for) and I explained about our sons condition and Mallory's school and work and money and bills and he said "while I sympathize with your son needing surgery, I can't do anything at this time we need more evidence" I asked what kind you have everything. He said pictures(i just handed you 100 how many more do you need?) messages back and forth with each other. (facebook? You want read the hey. Love you be home soon. Hey what are you doing? Been busy TTYL. I'm hungry will you get me a sandwich from town.) As if they are even going to read them, look at what he did with our pictures. Flip through like a moving cartoon flip book... we have all the supporting documents on hand that they had given back to us and we are going to resubmit them as per his request... but if we are denied again I just don't know what to do. my kids without their father. how can I afford daycare on top of bills we have and without his little bit of income from landscaping and such.. I feel like I have been screwed over because the consulate officer we talked to was having a shitty day.. maybe someone pissed in his chi that morning so he wanted to piss all over our life.. well thanks MUMBAI US EMBASSY. I understand you have to be strict because of fake marriages. but maybe he should have talked to both of us instead of being a buttface to us. maybe he should have taken the time to view the pictures,documents,our chemistry together.. I am heartbroken over what happened yesterday...